What is the Job Description of a Delivery Driver?

The job description of a delivery driver involves distributing items as fast as possible. And also taking the log of every item delivered and to what destination it was delivered to.

They deliver goods to both Individuals or other organizations.

Some companies or businesses usually have a delivery vehicle which the delivery driver uses to deliver their products.

Whereas, others do not. The delivery driver may have to make use of his own vehicle.

Whichever way, you will need a good knowledge of driving and also master  different routes to arrive at different destinations to deliver items timely.

A delivery driver’s job description also requires that you observe all necessary safety precautions in order to avoid accidents which could result in loss of goods and human life.

To create a good resume, it is very important that you have detailed understanding of the job description of a delivery driver.


What are the duties and responsibilities of a delivery driver?

A delivery driver’s duties and responsibilities is dependent on the type of business you work for.

Here are some of the typical duties and responsibilities:

  • Deliver products to different destinations timely.
  • Carry out Inspection of the delivery vehicle.
  • Load items into the delivery van.
  • Fill logs and take record of all goods handled over to him or her for delivery.
  • Inform customer about new products or services they may be Intrested.
  • Know and observe all driving rules and regulations .
  • Carry out vehicle maintance.
  • Receive payment when required.

Your duties and responsibilities may be more or less than these depending on your employers requirements.

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What qualifications do I need to become a delivery driver?

A high school diploma and a driving license are the basic requirements for becoming a delivery driver.

Educational requirements may vary depending on what you have to transport.

Whatever it is that you have to deliver, it is important that you follow all safety rules and precautions.

For drivers who may have to drive more technical vehicles, you must have a good knowledge of how to operate them.

Records of traffic violation can outrightly disqualify you from getting the job.

Just like every other job, most employers prefer employing those with experience.

Therefore any kind of experience in delivery or driving you have will be a plus.

What skills and personality suit a delivery driver?

Delivery is not like the regular everyday job, as a result there are some skills and attributes a good delivery driver had to posses.

1.Time management skills

A good delivery driver should be able to mange time properly. That’s the only way you can meet up with deadlines.

Delay can result in losing the trust of your customers, which is not good for business.


The importance of honesty cannot be overemphasized. You will be trusted with goods worth a lot of money and you have to be faithful with them.

Honesty is not just important because it is a good representation for the company, but also for the drivers good.

3.Organizations skills

The job description of a delivery driver requires that he or she has to be organized.

This is important to ensure proper handling of items.

4.Technical know how

Good technical know how is necessary to be able to operate the required vehicle.

Vehicles in use may be a truck, motorcycle or van.

5.Physical sskills

A delivery driver must be agile enough to carry heavy items and work for long hours.

Good eye vision is also important. In order to avoid accidents when driving or delivery the goods to the wrong destination.

Where do delivery drivers work?

There are so many business that require the services of a delivery man.

A lot of people have so many engagements, and delivery men help make buying or movement of things easier.

Some of the typical employers of delivery men are:

  • Logistics companies
  • Restaurants
  • Private businesses
  • Manufacturers
  • Super markets

A good example of a company that always require the service of a delivery driver is Amazon.

How much do delivery drivers make?

On the average, a delivery driver makes about $12.52 per hour.

Therefore, you overall monthly pay is dependent on how many hours you work in one month.

Payment may vary depending on location and employer.

The type and size of firm may also determine your pay.

Delivery drivers who work for bigger companies are likely to earn more than their colleagues who work for smaller businesses.

Sometimes, the job description of a delivery driver that your company works with may also determine your pay rate.

Taking up a job as a part time delivery driver may be a good choice for college students.

Most high school and college students pick up a part time delivery job for after school or during holidays.

What should I include in my delivery driver job resume?

When creating a job resume, you may want include everything that will convince an employer that you are suitable for the job.

Some of the things you should include are:

  • Years of experience
  • Skills
  • Qualification
  • Knowledge of the job

Do not hesitate to make use of this guide on the job description of a delivery driver to create that perfect resume.

Is the job of a delivery driver dangerous?

Delivery drivers are vulnerable to robbery at any time, especially during working hours.

In some countries, delivery drivers who make use of their own vehicles and are licensed may be allowed to carry guns.

But, most companies who have their own delivery vehicle may not allow you carry a gun during delivery.

Sometimes, delivery vehicles are accompanied by police or security men.

In general, the job of a delivery driver may be risky, but if you are accompanied by a level of security, you may have nothing to worry about.

Conclusion: delivery driver job description guide

Sometimes, delivery drivers do not need an form of experience to get a job. This makes it appealing to most people.

During Interview, some of the skills that may be tested includes:

  • Human resources skill
  • Technical know how skill
  • Management skills

You may be asked questions like why you choose the proffesion and what you would do if  accidents occur.

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