Best Dental Hygiene Schools in Florida 2023

Best Dental Hygiene Schools in Florida: There are many options to choose from the list of hygienist and dental assistant schools Jacksonville and South Florida.

If you’re looking at joining the league of oral healthcare professionals in Jacksonville Florida, then you need to understand why you need to enroll into any of the best hygiene schools in the city.

A dental hygienist is responsible for taking care of a patient’s oral health care needs, diagnosis and identification of oral disease and passing it on to a dentist for further treatment.

To be able to function in this capacity effectively, prospective hygienists have to be trained by the best hands with up-to-date state-of-the-art facilities.

Undertaking basic undergraduate courses in dental hygiene will train you to gain an associate or a bachelor’s degree. 

But that will grant you access to practice.

To be able to practice as a dental hygienist in Florida,, you will need a license.

A license will be granted to you if you graduated from any of the accredited dental hygienist schools in Jacksonville or any other county in Florida.

Therefore in this guide, we have done our research and came up with a list of the best dental schools in Florida.

Our choice of institutions was based on the state of the school accreditation, tuition cost and academic excellence.

Also, we have made sure you know the factors to consider before you settle for a school of dental hygiene.

Going further you will find answers to a lot of career questions in this field that will help you if you want to study and become a dental hygienist in Florida.

Let’s get you started!!!

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Are There Dental Schools in Florida?

Florida is one of the States in the USA with institutions of higher learning recognised globally for its outstanding educational curriculum.

Most of the schools in Florida offer dental hygiene programs that prepare students to be one highly sought professionals in the field.

Although there are no statistics to state exactly how many schools for dental hygienists are in Florida, below, we have made a list of the best picks for you.

Schools for dental hygienists in Florida ensure students are trained to access the top-notch career opportunities upon graduation. 

Hygienists from Dental schools in South Florida are ready for entry level jobs immediately after they finish their program. 

Also, they are equipped to pass the state, national and regional Licensure exam and get their license.

What Courses Are Offered in Dental Hygienist Schools in Florida?

Once you enroll for a dental hygienist program in Florida schools, you will be scheduled courses spread across semesters until you graduate.

Majorly, the dental hygiene programs in FL will cover a variety of courses such as 

  • Radiology.
  • Periodontology
  • Dental anatomy
  • Communication
  • Dental Materials
  • Preventive dentistry
  • Dental Instrumentation.
  • Community dental health
  • Anxiety and Pain Control
  • The Dental Hygiene Theory
  • Basic health sciences and biology
  • Dental practice management and leadership.

What Are the Factors To Consider When Choosing a Dental School in Florida?

Just before you launch out to choose from any of the best dental schools in Florida, you need to consider factors such as how much dental hygiene school will cost.

There are other pertinent considerations that you must put into perspective before choosing to study in any of the dental hygienist schools in Jacksonville or other states in Florida.

We have put together a list of factors that will help you make a choice of the beat school for you. 

However , keep in mind that all of these schools have their degree specialty and your choice should be based on your academic needs.

Here are the factors to consider about schools in Florida for dental hygienist programs;

#1. What is the School Academic Record?

Before enrolling into any school, you must find out if the school has a track record of academic excellence.

You wouldn’t want to go to a school that does not have a record of how well they teach your course of choice.

Therefore, your focus should be on schools that provide you with the quality education that will help your career journey.

To have a fair knowledge of any school in your list, check out Alumni reviews.

#2. How Flexible is The Dental Hygienist Program?

Most dental hygienist courses in some schools allow you to do an online course.

Some on the other hand allow for weekend and night programs.

Find out how flexible the program is for you. 

If you’re enrolling in an RDH-BSDH degree program, you may possibly take it online. 

Does that suit you?

You have to ensure the dental hygienist program you’re enrolling for in Florida schools is flexible for you. 

#3. How Long is the Dental Hygienist Program in The School?

The Dental Hygiene Programs in Florida come in two career pathways at undergraduate level.

Each one has a different duration to complete the program. 

For instance, an associate degree takes 20 – 30 Months to complete and a bachelor’s degree takes 4 – years to complete.

If you want to take your career up a notch, you can take on a Master’s Degree which takes 1 and 2 years to complete.

You need to know which path you’re going for. 

This factor is important when choosing a school for dental hygienist training because it also determines how much you get to spend on tuition.

#4. What Sought Of Dental Hygiene Program Do The School Offer?

Just like we have stated above, what program are you going for?

An associate or bachelor’s degree at the undergraduate level?

Would you like to go for a master’s degree program?

Also, there is an option for Registered Dental Hygienists to go for a RDH-BSDH degree program to take their license up a notch.

You need to factor this into perspective to know what dental school you will be enrolling for.

#5. How Much Does It Take To Attend Any Of The Dental Schools In Florida?

Another factor to consider when choosing a school from the list of dental schools in Florida as we will state below is the tuition cost.

How much will it take you to complete a degree in dental hygiene in school in Florida?

If you’re going for an associate degree, how much will it cost?

If you will go on to get a master’s, how much will it cost?

Ensure you factor this into perspective before choosing from the list of dental hygiene programs in Florida.

What Are The Programs Offered in Dental Hygiene Schools in Florida?

There are many career paths that will train you to become a dental hygienist in Florida.

Here are the undergraduate and graduate programs available in dental hygienist schools in Florida are;

  • Associate Degree: Technical and Community Colleges.
  • Bachelor’s Degree: Universities.
  • Master’s Degree: Universities.
  • RDH-BSDH Degree: Universities

Each of these programs prepare you for a career in dental hygiene. 

An RDH-BSDH degree program is for those who have an associate degree who want to take their career up a notch.

What is the Duration of Dental Hygiene Programs in Florida?

An associate degree in dental hygiene at technical and community colleges in Florida will take 20 – 30 months to get a degree. 

On the other hand, a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene in Florida dental schools  lasts for 4 years. 

Also, if you want to go into dental education and tutoring, a master’s degree program in dental schools and colleges takes 1 to 2 years to round off.

All the courses offered within this period are spread across semesters to cover this number of years.

How Much Does It Cost To Attend Dental Hygiene Schools In Florida?

The tuition cost of dental hygiene schools and colleges in Arizona varies due to factors such as

  • School. 
  • Dental program.
  • Location of school.

A bachelor’s degree program in dental hygiene costs more than the tuition cost for an associate degree for undergraduate studies.

An associate degree will cost between $3,840 – $42,590 while a bachelor’s degree program $17,770 – $77,900.

A master’s degree in dental hygiene will cost $23,160 – $71,520.

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Best Dental Hygiene Schools in Florida 2022

Here is a list of dental hygienist schools in Florida, the programs they offer, tuition and the requirements to apply;

#1. Miami Dade College

  • Location: Miami 
  • Dental Program: Associate Degree
  • Dental Program Duration: Two Years.

Miami Dade College is a dental hygiene school of repute in Florida. 

Students get to take their lab sessions at a fully-equipped dental clinic.

Studying at Miami Dade will get you ready for entry level jobs with the required skills and knowledge upon graduation.

Enrollment into Miami Dade for a dental hygiene program is usually in August each year and classes and requirements 88 credit units to complete it.

#2. Santa Fe College

  • Location: Gainesville 
  • Dental Program: Associate Degree
  • Dental Program Duration: Two Years.

Santa Fe College is one of the dental hygienist schools in Florida dedicated to offering students hands-on learning experiences at the college’s dental clinic. 

The associate degree program at Santa Fe College is quite unusual due to the rigorous science based curriculum that requires 35 to 37 class hours each week. 

Once you complete your program, you will be ready to take the required licensure exams as well as the administration of local anesthesia certification exam.

#3. Eastern Florida State College

  • Location: Cocoa 
  • Dental Program: Associate Degree
  • Dental Program Duration: Two Years.

In the list of dental schools in Florida, Eastern Florida State College is listed among the best. 

As an extra to the curriculum, Eastern Florida State College allows her dental hygiene students to serve the community through annual public dental service events.

Also, study is full-time.

However, the Eastern Florida State College only accepts 12 students each year who have a minimum grade of “C” in the prerequisite courses.

#4. St Petersburg College

  • Location: Clearwater 
  • Dental Program: Associate  and Bachelor’s Degree
  • Dental Program Duration: Two Years.

One of the dental schools in south Florida is St Petersburg College. 

St Petersburg College has a track record of over 50 years in training exceptional dental hygiene students.

The students of St Petersburg College do not only excel in their jobs, they also perform well in state and national licensure exams.

#5. Broward College

  • Location: Fort Lauderdale 
  • Dental Program: Associate Degree
  • Dental Program Duration: Two Years. 

If you need financial assistance for tuition while you study dental hygiene in Florida, then your school of choice should be Broward College.

Broward College has a long list of financial aid and scholarships for dental hygienists.

Although dental hygiene is a two year program, it is split into two years: first year for dental assisting and the second year for dental hygiene. 

However, only 16 students are admitted each year..

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#6. Valencia College

  • Location: Orlando 
  • Dental Program: Associate Degree
  • Dental Program Duration: Two Years. 

Students hygienist who graduates from Valencia College are known to be successful clinicians and hygienists in Florida.

This is so because students are trained in a high state-of-the-art fully functional dental clinic on-campus.

Also, they get to sharpen their skills during the six semesters they have to study. 

Upon graduation, dental hygienists from Valencia College are competent enough for entry-level positions.

#7. Gulf Coast State College

  • Location: Panama City 
  • Dental Program: Associate Degree
  • Dental Program Duration: Two Years. 

With a well-equipped state-of-the-art dental clinic, Gulf Coast State College has made a name for itself in the dental hygiene field since 1996.

Within two years of study, students are job ready and equipped to pass the state and national licensure exams.

With such a curriculum, Gulf Coast State College is very selective, admitting only 16 students each year who are to complete an 88-credit coursework.

#8. Florida State College

  • Location: Jacksonville 
  • Dental Program: Associate Degree
  • Dental Program Duration: Two Years. 

One of the best dental hygiene schools in Jacksonville is Florida State College. 

As one of the dental hygienist schools in Jacksonville, Florida State College is known to lead students to pass the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination.

Keep in mind that the dental hygiene program in Florida State College requires a 16 credits pass in general education courses, 12 credits in sciences and 60 credits in the dental hygiene coursework. 

#9. Tallahassee Community College

  • Location: Tallahassee 
  • Dental Program: Associate Degree
  • Dental Program Duration: Two Years. 

Tallahassee Community College dental hygiene program takes 15 hours each six semesters to complete.

Also, students are involved in theory class sessions, lab experiences and clinical rotations. 

Once they complete their program, Tallahassee Community College dental hygienist graduates can take up entry-level positions.

#10. Hillsborough Community College

  • Location: Tampa 
  • Dental Program: Associate Degree
  • Dental Program Duration: Two Years. 

Hillsborough Community College is well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities where dental hygiene students carry out their program.

An associate degree in dental hygiene in Hillsborough Community College takes 35 to 40 hours spread across five semesters to complete. 

Other Dental Hygiene Schools in Florida include

  • Palm Beach State College, Lake Worth
  • Indian River State College, Fort Pierce

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Hygiene Schools In Florida.

Where Dental Hygienists Work in Florida?

Dental hygienists in Arizona work in 

  • Doctors offices
  • Nursing Homes.
  • Pediatric Homes.
  • Offices of Physicians.
  • Local, state, or federal government. 
  • Dentists’ offices both private and shared practices. 

What is the Salary of Dental Hygienists in Florida?

Dental hygienists in Florida earn an average salary of $67,870 a year.

But depending on your location, the facility where you work and level of experience, your salary may be higher or lower than that.

Are Dental Hygienists High In Demand in Florida?

With the ever increasing population of Florida residents, there is more need for health professionals including dental hygienists.

The job outlook for dental hygienists in Florida between 2018 and 2028 will grow 16.67%.

Therefore from this statistics, will create an additional 1,900 new job opportunities across the state.

Is Being A Dental Hygienist Hard?

Dental hygiene can be a demanding career physically, and if we do not look after our bodies, all that scaling can begin to take a toll. 

What Cities in Florida Pay Dental Hygienists More?

If you want to be paid more as a dental hygienist in Florida, here are the cities to look for jobs;

  • Jacksonville
  • Gainesville   
  • Port St. Lucie   
  • Cape Coral-Fort Myers   
  • Pensacola-Ferry Pass-Brent   
  • Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island
  • Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford   
  • North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton
  • Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville
  • Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater
  • Deltona-Daytona Beach-Ormond Beach   
  • Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach   

What Dental Hygienist Organizations in Florida Can I Join?

Here are useful association for dental hygienists in Florida;

  • Florida Dental Hygiene Association (FDHA)
  • Northeast Florida Dental Hygienists Association (NEFDHA)


We hope you found this article very enlightening

So whether you’re in Jacksonville, or any other city in Florida, any of these Dental Hygiene Schools will groom you to become a dental hygienist.

Upon graduation, you can get your appropriate license using the right requirements.

Remember your choice of school should be based on your educational needs.

Also ensure you visit the school website to find out the requirements for applying.

Good luck!!! 


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