Top 10 Dental Hygiene Schools in Georgia 2024 | How to Apply

Becoming a dental hygienist in Georgia will require attending a dental hygiene school and taking up dental programs to become a professional.

If you have a passion for oral health or get uncomfortable with bad breath, as everybody does, you may need a career in dental hygiene to help save the world from bad breath.

Dental hygiene is a course program in many universities worldwide that helps salvage the situation of bad oral health by training students interested in becoming professionals.

As a state in the USA with a track record of academic excellence, Georgia also has excellent schools with good study programs in dental hygiene.

Dental schools in GA are not just known as the best due to the level and quality of education offered. 

Most of these schools are equipped with up-to-date state-of-the-art facilities and modern equipment in dental health that helps students have hands-on training in offering dental services as hygienists and dentists.

Therefore in this guide, we have researched and developed the top ten dental schools for students who want to study and stay a dental career in Georgia.

Here also, we have answered questions that will help you start a career in dentistry if you ever wish to start a practice of your own.

Let’s get you started!!!

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Being a Dental Hygienist in Georgia: What is it Like?

First, you must know that a dental hygienist is not a dentist.

While both may look like the same profession, their roles are different and do not superimpose.

By way of job roles, a dentist is a doctor in the dental world, just like a surgeon in the medical world. They oversee the diagnosis and treatment of oral disorders.

On the other hand, by way of job role, the dental hygienist is the nurse, just like the registered nurses in the medical world.

Dental hygienists do not diagnose or prescribe medications; that’s the job of a dentist. 

However, their job description includes performing prophylaxis, applying topical anesthetic and fluoride, and replacing and removing oral sutures.

The exact duties apply to both professions in Georgia. 

Being a dental hygienist or a dentist in Georgia requires attending the best dental hygiene schools with accredited programs.

Therefore, this is the first step in becoming a dental hygienist or dentist. Next, you will get your dental license and authorization to practice in Georgia.

Are there Dental Schools in GA?

Again, there are many schools for dental hygienists in Georgia.

Currently, over 20 schools in Georgia offer dental hygiene programs that equip students with the best training to become highly sought professionals in the field.

But not to worry, this guide will help you have a list to choose from out of the many good Georgian schools for dentistry.

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What Courses are in Dental Hygienist Programs in Georgia?

Every program has specialty and mini-courses that effortlessly fashion you into a professional.

Dedicating to these courses held by semesters across two or four academic years will sharpen you to become a dental hygienist depending on your chosen program track.

In Georgia, programs in dental schools will train you to have a firm grip and foundation with courses such as;

  • Basic Sciences: chemistry, biology, microbiology, anatomy, and physiology. 
  • Dental Courses: dental anatomy, oral pathology, and community dental health. 
  • Skills For Specific Procedures: Remove plaque, tartar, and stains from teeth. 
  • Courses On Client Education: counseling and patient management classes. 
  • Clinical Rotations: fieldwork with actual patients under the oversight of a practicing dentist.

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What’s the Duration of Dental Hygiene Programs in Schools in Georgia?

Studying for any of the professions in the dental department in Georgia requires you to complete specific courses over several years.

Because the programs in dental schools differ, the duration of programs also differs. 

For instance, an associate degree in dental hygiene requires 20 to 30 months of study in a technical school. In contrast, a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene requires 4 years of study at a university.

Also, a master’s degree program in dental hygiene schools will require one or two years to prepare for administration, public health, research, and tutoring.

On the other hand, dentistry requires 5 years of undergraduate study and 1-2 years of clinical in Georgia.

Becoming a dental assistant may require you to attend a trade school which will take 1 or 2 years to be certified.

For either career path in dental health you choose, the duration will be slightly different from the other.

And each training will fashion you out as a professional in the designated path.

How Much Do Dental Schools Cost in Georgia?

The cost of dental schools in Georgia will differ based on the program and career path you choose, just as we stated above. 

An associate degree program in dental hygiene that prepares students for entry-level positions will cost about $3,540 – $39,370 in Georgia dental schools.

However, a bachelor’s program in dental hygiene will cost between $16,420 – $72,010 to get a degree.

For those willing to go on to a master’s degree program in dental hygiene, an additional cost between $21,410 and $66,110 is required.

On the other hand, Dentistry will cost $4,200/year in Georgia schools of dentistry.

However, remember that the exact cost you will have to pay will depend on the school you get admitted into. 

Other factors may also influence the cost of tuition in dental schools in GA.

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Top 10 Dental Hygiene Schools in Georgia 2024

Here are the dental hygiene schools in Georgia; 

#1. Central Georgia Technical College

  • Location: Warner Robins & Macon Campus
  • Dental Program Offered: Associate Degree

Central Georgia Technical College is the school you need if you’re looking for a dental school with an up-to-date curriculum consistent with the latest industry trends.

To graduate, you will need 83 credits spread across the various primary and dental courses in 2 years. 

Upon completion, students are ready to take the state and national licensure exams, after which they can pursue entry-level positions as dental hygienists.

#2. Clayton State University

  • Location: Morrow
  • Dental Program Offered: Bachelor’s and RDH-BSDH Programs

Clayton is not one of the dental schools of repute in GA; it’s known for its affordability and flexible study options.

After completing an associate degree in dental hygiene, you can take an RDH-BSDH track to become a registered dental hygienist. 

Also, taking an additional ten courses and earning a dual degree of a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management + Dental Hygiene at Clayton State University is available.

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#3. West Georgia Technical College

  • Location: Waco
  • Dental Program Offered: Associate Degree

At West Georgia Technical College’s dental hygiene department, students are trained to become proficient professionals. 

In addition to the theory courses, students acquire vital skills and knowledge to work as entry-level hygienists.

The hands-on clinical experience is an essential component of the West Georgia Technical College dental program hence why it is referred to as one of the dental hygiene schools in Georgia.

#4. Savannah Technical College

  • Location: Savannah
  • Dental Program Offered: Associate Degree

As one of the dental schools in Georgia, Savannah Technical College is equipped with modern state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated tutors that produce positive academic outcomes.

Learning for five systems will aid you in completing the 83 credit hours required for graduation.

And upon graduation, you will be ready to take the national and state licensing exams and perform dental hygiene functions in designated areas.

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#5. Augusta University

  • Location: Augusta
  • Dental Program Offered: Bachelor’s and BS-DH Program

Augusta University is one of the dental schools in Georgia that offers two tracks in the Bachelor’s Degree program.

The Bachelor of Science with a Major in Dental Hygiene Program equips students for the dental hygiene profession.

The course lasts for 4 years and requires 65 credits in the last two years of the program, while the first 2 years require 60 credits.

On the other hand, the BS-DH Degree is for those with an accredited associate degree in dental hygiene.

This program is flexible. You can study part-time or full-time.

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#6. Atlanta Technical College

  • Location: Atlanta
  • Dental Program Offered: Associate Degree

Getting an associate degree from Atlanta Technical College will require a completion of 84 credits from courses spread across 5 semesters.

The on-campus clinic is a ground for clinical training to help students hone their skills.

Remember that the Atlanta Technical College program is full-time, and admission is highly competitive.

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#7. Athens Technical College

  • Location: Athens
  • Dental Program Offered: Associate Degree

Athens Technical College is a dental school in Georgia with a curriculum that trains you to be job-ready.

Although it takes 2 years, students must complete 49 dental hygiene courses, 12 credits in behavioral and biological sciences, and 22 credits in general education courses.

#8. Lanier Technical College

  • Location: Gainesville
  • Dental Program Offered: Associate Degree

Lanier Technical College is suitable for consideration if you’re looking for a school that prepares you in theory, technology, and skill-wise for dental hygiene programs.

Remember that this program takes 21 months to complete 38 credit units. 

Also, the school only admits 15 students per session. Upon graduation, students can take up entry-level positions. 

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#9. Columbus Technical College

  • Location: Columbus
  • Dental Program Offered: Associate Degree

Columbus Technical College is exceptional because its small classes breed personalized attention.

This program runs for five semesters with theory and lab sessions in clinical dental hygiene and radiology.

Graduating from Columbus Technical College will help you communicate and educate patients about proper oral hygiene and health.

#10. Georgia Highlands College

  • Location: Rome
  • Dental Program Offered: Associate and RDH to BSDH program.

Georgia Highland College’s dental hygiene department runs an on-campus dental clinic that allows students to practice and perform oral hygiene procedures on a diverse patient population.

Through its two dental hygiene program tracks, students are job-ready upon graduation.

The Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene takes 5 semesters across 2 years to complete, and only 14 students each year are admitted.

On the other hand, the RDH to BSDH Program is for registered dental hygienists who have completed their associate degrees and seek career advancement.

Also, you need to complete 30 credits in the bachelor’s coursework online.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Schools in Georgia

Are Dental Hygienists in Demand in Georgia?

The demand for dental hygienists in Georgia is expected to grow by 13% by 2028. 
This can be traced to the city’s need for preventative dental care services.
Also, we have seen that by 2030, 20% of Georgia’s population will be over 65. 
And this invariably means more need for dental hygienists that will cater to their oral health, which will require regular visits to a dental hygienist is one of the best ways to do.

Where Do Dental Hygienists Work in Georgia?

There are about 5,690 dental hygienists in Georgia. These hygienists in Georgia work in 
Offices of Dentists
Offices of Physicians
Government Establishment

How Much Do Dental Hygienists Earn in Georgia?

If you have your license and can practice in Georgia, the average salary of a dental hygienist is $66,330 a year; this accounts for $31.89 per hour and $5,530 per month.
For this pay, you will have to work 20 hours or less.
Also, remember that the pay will depend on the years of experience of the dental hygienist.

What Cities Pay the Most in Georgia?

Cities in Georgia have varying pay for dental hygienists; some cities pay higher than others.
Here are the cities that will pay you more as a dental hygienist;
Dalton $65,560
Rome $74,400
Brunswick $62,160
Gainesville $61,330
Valdosta $58,640
Macon $54,590
Albany $60,940
Columbus $58,720
Savannah $59,410
Warner Robins $67,820
Athens-Clarke County $88,610
Augusta-Richmond County $59,740
Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell $69,000

Which Organization Can I Join as a Dental Hygienist in Georgia?

Dental hygienists working in Georgia should identify with the Dental Hygienists’ Association (GDHA)
The Georgia Dental Hygienists Association allows you to subscribe to the Journal of Dental Hygiene and access continuing education classes and an active job board.

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Becoming a dental hygienist in Georgia is a good decision, but to make that journey a reality, you need to study in the best dental schools in Georgia.

Please choose from the list of schools for dental hygienists in Georgia we have listed above.

Good luck


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