Top 10 Dental Hygiene Schools in Texas 2024 | How to Apply


Dental Hygiene Schools in Texas: To become a dental hygienist in Dallas or Houston, you must attend the best hygiene colleges in Texas.

Being a professional course, dental hygiene requires you to be trained by the best hands, even if you’re taking the basic courses as an undergraduate.


Also, because you will need a license after your undergraduate or graduate degree, you must ensure your choice of dental school in Texas is accredited by the dental board of Texas.

Attending a school that has not been accredited simply means you wasted your time and efforts because if you do not attend any of the accredited dental schools in Texas, you will not obtain a license to practice in the State.


Therefore, in this guide, we have done our research and come up with a list of the best dental schools in Texas.

Our choice of institutions was based on the school’s accreditation, tuition cost, and academic excellence.

Also, we have made sure you know the intrinsic factors to consider before settling on a dental hygiene school.


We have also answered a lot of career questions that will help you if you want to study and become a dental hygienist in Texas.

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Let’s get you started!!!

Are there Dental Schools in Texas?

There are dental hygiene schools spread across counties such as Dallas and Houston in Texas. 

Also, schools for dental hygienists in Texas afford students one of the best career opportunities to train and promote outstanding oral health care. 

These schools focus on making students job ready and also ready to pass the state, national, and regional Licensure exams effortlessly.

What are the Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dental School in Texas?

Texas has a lot of schools that offer dental hygiene programs. 

Making a choice can be pretty difficult because all schools present academic excellence in dental hygiene.

However good each of the dental programs spread across the vast state of Texas, not all of them provide you with the quality education that best prepares you for your career.

Therefore, we have put together a few pieces of information that will serve as a guide when you’re making a choice of dental hygiene schools in Texas.

Here are the factors to consider about schools in texas for dental hygienist programs;

#1. What is the Educational Prowess of the School?

You wouldn’t want to be trained by a school with no track record of academic excellence.

You should look out for schools that provide you with the quality education that best prepares you for your career.

Therefore, look out for Alumni reviews and what people say about the college.

#2. How Flexible is the Dental Hygienist Program At The School?

As much as you want to pick a school that offers you everything you need to succeed, it would be best to consider how flexible the program is.

For a student going for an RDH-BSDH degree program, most schools of dental hygienists offer it online. Does that suit you?

Find out if the course schedule is flexible. 

  • Are there access to online courses?
  • Do clinical rotation locations require long commutes?

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#3. How Long is the Dental Hygienist Program in Your Preferred School of Choice?

Some dental schools in Texas run a program for 2 years, while others run theirs for 4 years.

Which do you prefer?

This is an important factor when choosing a dental hygienist training school. 

Also, this factor will determine how much you get to spend on tuition.

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#4. What Sought of Dental Hygiene Program are You on the Lookout for?

A career in dental hygiene will lead you to either earn an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree at the undergraduate level.

Registered dental hygienists often go for an RDH-BSDH degree program to take their license up a notch.

A master’s degree program is also available for people who want to go into research and tutoring.

So, which path are you on? 

Answer that question before making a choice of the best dental schools in Houston or Dallas, Texas, and apply according to their requirements.

#5. What’s the Cost of Tuition at Dental Schools in Texas?

Another factor to consider when choosing from the list of dental schools in Texas is the tuition cost.

Is it cheap? Can you afford the tuition?

Ensure you factor this into perspective before choosing from the list of dental hygiene programs in TX.

What are the Programs Offered in Dental Hygiene Schools in Texas?

Just like we have pointed out earlier, there are many career paths to becoming a dental hygienist in Texas.

To go on that journey, you must attend a school with the appropriate programs to teach you in theory and practicals.

How do you know which program to choose? 

First, you need to know the programs available in dental hygiene schools.

Undergraduate and Graduate programs available in dental hygienist schools in Texas are;

  • Associate Degree: Available in Technical and Community Colleges.
  • Bachelor’s Degree: Available in Universities.
  • Master’s Degree: Available in Universities.
  • RDH-BSDH Degree: Available in Universities

Each of these programs prepares you for a career in dental hygiene thoroughly. 

Although we often recommend the bachelor’s degree at the undergraduate level, you don’t have to apply for an RDH-BSDH degree program after you have started a career using your associate degree.

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What’s the Duration of Dental Hygiene Schools in Texas?

Dental schools in Texas for dental hygienist programs often have different academic calendars that determine how long a program can take.

An associate degree at technical and community colleges in Texas takes at least 20 months of study to get a degree. 

On the other hand, bachelor’s degree programs in dental hygiene in Texas last for 4 years in universities. 

A master’s degree program in  dental schools and colleges in Houston and Dallas, Texas, takes 1 to 2 years to round off.

All the courses offered within this period are spread across semesters to cover this number of years.

How Much Will I Spend Attending Dental Hygiene Schools in Texas?

Whether you are attending a school in Houston, Dallas, or any other city in Texas, dental hygiene schools and colleges in the Lone Star state is different. 

On average, tuition at dental schools in Texas costs between $3450 – $150,000 in total, depending on the educational path you choose.

Further, a breakdown; an associate degree will cost between $3,540 and $39,280, a bachelor’s degree will cost between $16,390 – $71,850, and a master’s degree will cost between $21,360 and $65,960 in Texas.

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Top Dental Hygiene Schools in Texas 2023

Now you have all the information you need to start a search for dental hygienist schools in Texas, here are best colleges in Houston and Dallas, Texas, and their requirements;

#1. Texas A&M University

  • Duration of Program: 2 Years
  • Dental Program: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Location: Dallas-Fort Worth area, College Station.

Unlike most Texas dental hygiene bachelor’s degree programs, Texas A&M University offers a 2-year bachelor’s program against the standard 4 years.

One outstanding thing about Texas A&M University is that dental students get to learn in an environment where they can collaborate with students from other specialties.

Completion of the program requires you to smash 60 credits across your courses.

The Texas A&M University dental program is a full-time option, but a part-time option exists in the first year.

#2. Midwestern State University

  • Duration of Program: 2 Years
  • Dental Program: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Location: Gaines Clinic, Wichita Falls.

Midwestern State University is one of the dental hygiene schools in Texas that allows students to have a diverse patient hands-on experience.

Also, just like Texas A&M University, Midwestern State University bachelor’s degree program lasts for two years.

The first year focuses on prerequisites and the basic core courses, and the second year is dedicated to dental hygiene coursework.

Midwestern State University is very selective and accepts just 18 students and completes 120 credits for graduation.

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#3. Concorde Career College

  • Duration of Program: 17 months
  • Dental Program: Associate Degree
  • Location: Dallas & San Antonio, Texas

Attending Concorde Career College will mean you will be job ready upon graduation.

You can be sure of the quality education and job-ready skills students undergo in clinical training at the school’s affiliated sites.

Its associate degree program is accelerated but provides a well-rounded education that influences your critical thinking, decision making, and communication skills.

Hence, why is one of the best dental schools in Dallas, Texas.

#4. Tarrant County College

  • Duration of Program: 2 Years
  • Dental Program: Associate Degree
  • Location: Fort Worth, Texas.

You will need a GPA of 3.5 to apply to Tarrant County College dental school. 

Because Tarrant County College is very competitive, your application has to stand out exceptionally.

To graduate, you must complete courses across 68 credit units in two years.

You can be sure of quality education because Tarrant County College has a curriculum that incorporates broad topics that creates proficient graduates who can face real-world challenges.

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#5. Texas Woman’s University

  • Duration of Program: Varies
  • Dental Program: Pre-Dental Hygiene, Professional Entry-Level, RDH-to-BSDH, Dual-Enrollment Dental Hygiene, and MS in Health Studies – Dental Hygiene Focus.
  • Location: Denton, Texas.

Just so you’re clear, Texas Woman’s University is a school for women.

The university offers varying dental hygiene program options for students in patient care, public health, research, education, and entrepreneurship.

Also, the Pre-Dental Hygiene at Texas Woman’s University requires 60 credits and takes two years to complete. 

On the other hand, the professional entry-level also lasts for 2 years and leads to a bachelor’s degree. 

The RDH-to-BSDH is for registered dental hygienists keen on advancing their education. It requires 120 credits.

Also, the Dual-Enrollment Dental Hygiene program at Texas Woman’s University leads to a bachelor’s. It is open to students registered for an associate dental hygiene program at any of the university’s partner colleges. 

Texas Woman’s University MS in Health Studies – Dental Hygiene Focus is for students seeking higher positions in education and public health.

#6. Pima Medical Institute

  • Duration of Program: 2 Years
  • Dental Program: Associate Degree
  • Location: Houston, Texas

Pima Medical Institute is one of the dental hygiene schools in Texas. 

Pima ensures students are job ready upon graduation using a well defined and structured curriculum. 

Learning at Pima Medical Institute comes with an internship at varied affiliated hospitals and dental clinics. 

The coursework requires a total of 90 credits for graduation, spread across six semesters.

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#7. El Paso Community College

  • Duration of Program: 2 Years
  • Dental Program: Associate Degree
  • Location: El Paso, Texas

El Paso Community College is equipped with modern state-of-the-art facilities and small-sized classes.

Also, each year, El Paso Community College only admits 18 students. 

Your application has to be at its best to secure admission to El Paso Community College.

Upon completion of the program, you will be eligible to take the national and state licensing exams.

#8. Amarillo College 

  • Duration of Program: 2 Years
  • Dental Program: Associate Degree
  • Location: Jones Hall, Amarillo, Texas.

Amarillo College is one of those colleges in Texas that offers quality dental hygiene education in its on-campus dental clinic.

Students in Amarillo dental school practice on live patients, enhancing their professional skills in the dental clinic.

An associate degree takes two years to complete at Amarillo College.

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#9. Del Mar College

  • Duration of Program: 2 Years
  • Dental Program: Associate Degree
  • Location: Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Del Mar College’s dental hygiene curriculum and teaching pedagogy is spread across four semesters, which will lead to a completion of 68-credit coursework.

The dental program at Del Mar College is well rounded and prepares students for entry-level positions upon graduation.

#10. Texas State Technical College

  • Duration of Program: 2 Years
  • Dental Program: Associate Degree
  • Location: Harlingen, Texas

Texas State Technical College offers a dental hygiene program that prepares students with job-ready skills.

Students gain an Associate of Applied Science degree upon graduation. 

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Other Dental Hygiene Schools in Texas include;

  • Blinn College.
  • Austin Community College.
  • Howard College, Big Spring
  • Lone Star College, Kingwood
  • Coastal Bend College, Beeville
  • Collin County Community College
  • Lamar Institute of Technology, Beaumont
  • The University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston
  • Coleman College for Health Sciences – Houston Community College System.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Hygiene Schools in Texas

Where Dental Hygienists Work in Texas?

Out of the 13,230 currently employed dental hygienists in Texas, 94% work in dentists’ offices, both private and shared practices. 

6% work in doctors’ offices or for the local, state, or federal government. 

How Much Do Dental Hygienists in Texas Make?

Basically, the average dental hygienist in Texas earns $77,590 a year.
However, depending on your experience level, degree, and location in Texas, you may earn higher or lower.

For instance, dental hygienists starting in the career earns about $62,440 while those with 20 years or more experience earn $97,940 in Texas, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Are Dental Hygienists High In Demand in Texas?

With the increase in the population of Texas residents, there is more need for health professionals, including dental hygienists.

Dental hygienist jobs will experience job growth of 34.98% between 2008 and 2028.
This will create about 4,960 new positions for dental hygienists in Texas. 

Which States Pay Dental Hygienists More in Texas?

Location largely determines how much you earn as a dental hygienist in Texas.
To earn more, you should look out for jobs in cities such as;
Tyler    $69,730
El Paso     $65,130
Longview   $64,460
Killeen-Temple    $73,620
Austin-Round Rock    $78,920
Beaumont-Port Arthur   $68,910
San Antonio-New Braunfels    $73,360
Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington    $83,080
McAllen-Edinburg-Mission    $77,980
Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land    $77,640

What Dental Hygienist Organisation Are in Texas?

Dental hygienists should join the Texas Dental Hygienists’ Association (TDHA).

How Much Does a RDH Make in Texas?

The RDH dental hygienist earns about $77,590 on the average.

Is Being A Dental Hygienist Hard?

Dental hygiene can be a demanding career physically, and if we do not look after our bodies, all that scaling can begin to take a toll. 
Remember to do some stretching and muscle strengthening to help with posture.


Dental hygienist schools in Texas are equipped to train students to get the appropriate license using the right requirements.

Your choice of school should be based on your educational needs.

Ensure you visit the school website to find out the requirements for applying.

Good luck!!! 


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