10 Best Driving Schools in Colorado 2024 | How to Apply

By picking from any of the best driving schools in Colorado, you can ensure that you are a safe driver (and pass your behind-the-wheel test), whether you are a new driver or need to brush up on your abilities. 

To save you time, we’ve looked into the top driving schools in Colorado.

Before a new driver in Colorado can get a permit or license, they must fulfill several conditions. Both in-person and online driver education is acceptable in accordance with state regulations. 

The standards are extremely stringent for new drivers, including 30 hours of instruction and 50 hours of driving.

How Do I Choose the Right Driving School in Colorado?

You should select a driving school that has positive reviews and skilled instructors. Take into account your learning objectives as well. Are you primarily concerned with passing the driving test, brushing up on your skills, or becoming more at ease with a certain issue?

Choose a school that specializes in the subject you want to learn. Continue reading for a ranking of Cincinnati’s top driving schools and their specialties.

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How Much Does Driving Schools Cost in Colorado?

You might be curious about the cost of driving school if you consider getting your driver’s license in Colorado.

After all, Colorado requires that all individuals under 18 complete driver’s ed. 

Therefore, you must be aware of the costs to get your license.

In this article, we’ll go over the costs of attending driving schools in Colorado and the costs associated with getting a driver’s license there.

You must complete the 24 hours of prerequisite classroom instruction to earn a Colorado driver’s license. Several Colorado driving schools with BMV approval provide this course online.

Colorado’s driving schools normally charge roughly $100 for a 24-hour course of instruction, although occasionally, there are discounts available that let you attend your driving education course for less than $50.

What are the Best Driving Schools in Colorado?

There are many driving schools in Colorado, but the 10 listed below are the best among them:

1. First Gear Driving Academy 

First Gear provides safety instruction, especially in skid training. Their staff of instructors provides training for ordinary and CDL licenses.

They provide driver training for new drivers, corporate and business fleets, and independent drivers.

Most of their training takes place behind the wheel of the SkidCar TM. This cutting-edge vehicle has been modified with conventional technology to allow them to simulate dangerous driving situations in total safety (think of it like driving with training wheels).

The Adams County Park and Regional Fairgrounds Complex in Brighton, Colorado, is where they usually conduct their training. Even so, they can travel anywhere in the United States to offer you their personalized training to you.

Here are the reasons to Choose FGSS:

  • Individualized training sessions
  • They provide driver training for new drivers, corporate and business fleets, and independent drivers.
  • Get out of the classroom and behind the wheel to learn more quickly and with “muscle memory,” with private training sessions offered anywhere in the US.
  • Drivers with a high percentage of “at fault” accidents should receive unexpected circumstances training.

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2. Strategic Driving School

For adults, teenagers, and international drivers, Strategic offers behind-the-wheel training in various driving styles. In addition, they provide a course for anxious drivers.

More than 90% of collisions result from driving mistakes, frequently brought on by distractions. Every time they drive, they run the possibility of being in a collision, making driving the most dangerous everyday activity they engage in.

At Strategic Driving School, they want to help you become and become a collision-free driver for the rest of your life by providing you with the greatest driving information, abilities, and techniques.

Strategic can assist you if you want to develop into a safe and confident driver. They’ll demonstrate how learning to drive can be simple and fun. Their kind and knowledgeable instructors will develop your knowledge and abilities, enabling you to become a confident and accident-free driver for the rest of your life. 

They can help you comprehend the driving rules and driving culture in the state, whether you’re in Colorado temporarily—for school, a job assignment, or as an au pair—or have just relocated there permanently.

For more than 35 years, Strategic Driving School has been teaching clients from abroad. They are here to help you while you learn to drive, develop your confidence, and get your license.

Their Driving Therapy program can assist you in returning to the road with confidence if you experience driving anxiety. With this training, you will learn how to regain your driving confidence, regardless of whether you are afraid to drive in traffic, on the highway, or even by yourself.

Also, you can develop a secure driving style. You no longer need to experience prison-like conditions. Driving treatment will assist you in gaining the independence that comes simply with being able to drive anywhere you desire.

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3. Master Driving School

Teen and adult drivers can receive instruction at Master Driving School. They provide a range of programs to meet the requirements of students and licensing exams.

The professionals at MasterDrive have been assisting new drivers in obtaining their licenses and obtaining the in-depth training and practical driving experience they require to do so safely for the rest of their lives.

Other driving schools offer the bare necessities. With the intensive training provided by MasterDrive, your teen driver will be equipped with the knowledge and abilities necessary to drive safely and confidently in all road conditions.

They have specialized skid pads and other equipment to help trainees learn hands-on skid control and crash avoidance. Like learning a new sport, learning to drive a car demands developing new skills.

It needs to be done repeatedly. With the repetitions required to make safety second nature, their programs offer new drivers the chance to practice skills like skid control in a safe yet realistic environment.

MasterDrive is fundamentally distinct from other driving schools. Because MasterDrive was established due to a devastating loss, they try to teach every student how to stay safe. Their company’s founder, Ronn Langford, lost his teenage daughter, Dorri, in an accident caused by a drunk driver. 

To save lives and spare other parents the agony of losing a kid in an auto accident, he resolved to establish a driving school. This promise is at the heart of everything they do.

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4. Community Driving School

The community provides behind-the-wheel and online instruction for teen and adult drivers’ education for various needs. They also provide tests for licenses.

Thousands of Coloradans have received driving instruction from their seasoned driving school over the past ten years. There are three driving schools in the Denver area, so you can pick one close to you.

In addition to getting you ready for your written and driving tests, they also ensure you can be a careful driver on the road. 

They offer:

  • 30 hours of class Driving School, both in person and online, in a self-paced structure
  • Driving the vehicle two, four, six, or more hours of exercise
  • They are a third-party testing agency authorized by the State of Colorado for adult driver training, written tests, and driving tests.
  • Their teachers have training and expertise. They will patiently assist you in obtaining a driver’s license and maintaining a safe driving record for a very long time.

Also, they provide thorough, competent, and productive driving instruction. They instruct their students in all facets of what constitutes a safe, defensive driver in Colorado, from the fundamentals of driving to advanced instruction. They are devoted and committed to offering their clients top-notch services through their professional approach.

At Community Driving School, they have highly skilled and knowledgeable staff. Whether a teen or an adult, you are properly qualified to teach your students most effectively and guarantee success when learning to drive.

Also, at Community Driving School, they place a high value on their clients’ comfort and convenience. Therefore, they provide flexible and convenient scheduling alternatives with qualified, experienced, and professional driving instructors seven days a week. They frequently have no problem fitting their customers’ schedules and preferences.

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5. Excel in Driving School

Excel in Driving provides driving lessons, courses, and license exams for adults and teenagers.

Denver, Colorado, is home to Excel in Driving. The three certifications this institution offers training in are our driver’s license, commercial driver’s license (CDL) class A, manual, and Department of Transportation (DOT) medical card certification, which are the most often reviewed certifications. 

Depending on the qualification, this education course might take between 36 hours and 2 weeks, with a median completion time of 2 weeks. Attending Excel in Driving will set you back $2,500. 

Hands-on training and a positive environment are two of the most frequently cited advantages of attending Excel in Driving. Still, respondents also called out “good teachers” and “helpful career services” as noteworthy advantages. Five reviews of Excel in Driving have been published with an overall rating of 4.60. 

Also, you may become a safe and responsible driver with the help of Excel in Driving’s top-notch classroom training and practice driving.

They are committed to helping minors under 18 pursuing their first driver’s license, adults looking to advance their driving knowledge and abilities, newly licensed adults, and seniors looking to modify their driving techniques to fit their physical limitations.

Excel in Driving has been in operation for ten years and is built on a solid basis of academic expertise. The owner and creator of Excel in Driving, Dick Moritz, has 33 years of experience as a teacher in the Denver Public Schools. 

Dick has 35 years of experience teaching in the classroom and coaching various sports for children between the ages of 6 and 18. Dick has taught numerous drivers throughout his adult life, and in 2005, he began driving for a living as a Colorado-certified driving instructor and tester. 

According to Dick, kids at a driving school should feel secure. The teacher must understand and deconstruct the abilities that the pupil must master. A cutting-edge and practical method for delivering Driver’s Education should be an important part of the school philosophy.

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6. Colorado Driving Institute

For both adults and teenagers, Colorado Driving Institute provides driving instruction. They also have driver’s license exams along with classroom and in-car education.

Anyone with a current State permit may take the Colorado State Driving Exam through the Colorado Driving Institute, which is licensed by the state.

Since its founding in 1993, Colorado Driving Institute has provided high-quality driving training for 25 years.

They are a small local company that focuses on providing high-quality instruction with state-certified teachers to make our roads safer. Their training emphasizes risk management.

They have a wide choice of hybrid and electric vehicles because they think it’s important to plan for the future.

Also, a sustainable fleet is something CDI is working toward since it believes in planning for the future. They have a hybrid, gas, and electric vehicles in their fleet.

CDI is constantly looking for people that want to change the world and make their roads safer.

Any Colorado citizen who has a current Colorado State Instructional Permit may take the State Driving Exam through Colorado Driving Institute with permission from the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles. In most circumstances, they have times available sooner than the DMV, plus you don’t need a car or insurance.

However, a valid Colorado Instructional Permit is required for every driving test.

Additionally, you must bring your phone with the mycolorado app loaded on it or the plastic card, paper temp from the DMV, or both.

There will be no photos of your permit. A physical copy or a digital permit obtained through the myColorado app must be used.

There is an exception if you have a license from another state and are under 18.

Although appointments are made in blocks of 35 minutes to allow for confirming your permit and completing the paperwork needed before and after the exam, all driving tests last 20 to 25 minutes.

The cost of driving and motorcycle tests is $80.

Retests are $60 (with promo code)

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7. American Driving Academy Inc

The permit test, 30 hours of classroom instruction, plus 6 hours of instructor-led driving practice make up their complete curriculum. Their course is $455 in price. 

They offer:

30-Hour Class: In addition to weeklong programs, they also offer classes on Saturday and Sunday. These courses cover various vital driving-related subjects, including defensive driving, alcohol and drug use, and many more.

Permit test: Students will be offered the permit test during the fourth week of class. Up to four permission tests may be administered to students. If the student does not meet a prerequisite for the test, they are welcome to take the test with them when the requirements are met.

6 Hours Behind the Wheel: Three 2-hour lessons will be delivered to the students. A patient will take these courses from an amicable instructor approved and regulated by the authorities. Each lesson is conducted in a vehicle with dual controls.

Pueblo driving school students who pass their permit exams can begin driving on the day they turn 15 (with supervision from an approved adult). Students can become safer drivers for years to come on the road by learning to drive earlier. Insurance companies might acknowledge the value of educational programs. 

Young drivers who have completed driving school may qualify for premium savings. Participants at American Driving School don’t require a trip to the DMV to obtain their license or permit because testing is handled by trained driving instructors on-site.

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8. Freedom Drivers Ed

They are a driving school committed to improving the present driving statistics. Teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19 are most frequently killed in automobile accidents. By improving skill levels and attitudes among drivers, our training is assisting in changing this statistic.

They think that their behaviors reflect their values and that their values influence their values. What do they value, then? They appreciate a good education, student lives, safety, and assisting them in securing their future. 

Their experience comes from training in law enforcement. Police officers receive significant training on preventing crashes and what habits and skill sets reduce crash risk. These beliefs and their experience were the foundation for our drivers’ education programs.

Also, their founders have conducted several investigations into catastrophic auto accidents, spent years training law enforcement drivers, and were inspired to provide excellent training that saves lives!

Their Services Include:

  • Comprehensive instruction reduces the chance of accidents and tickets
  • Training that uses auditory, visual, and tactile learning methods
  • Extensive review and practice tests for the permit test
  • FREE pick-up and delivery at home, school, and place of employment for driving lessons
  • Thoroughly vetted, professionally educated, and rigorously trained instructors
  • Personal consultations are held in our more recent IIHS Top Safety Pick automobiles that have smart cameras mounted
  • The convenience of scheduling all sessions on your own
  • Physical examination for driver’s license requirements
  • Parent-teen collaboration is the best way to guarantee the best learning environment for lifelong safe driving practices.

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9. Top Cops Driving School

At TopCops Driving School, each instructor in the classroom and every driver is a career police officer.

They’re dedicated to educating your teen on the fundamentals of safe driving and its value.

Through engaging lectures, debates, games, and activities, their teen driver education curriculum covers all traffic laws and prepares students for the permit test. Your kid will also learn how to change a tire, drive through a tire blowout, what to do when they are pulled over, and more!

There will be a brief parent orientation before the program begins with instructions on how to be a home driving instructor for your adolescent.

Also, they provide your kid with all of the driving education services required by the state of Colorado to get their driver’s license. 

These include:

  • Choose between in-person instruction, virtual instruction using Zoom, or online modules for self-paced learning for the 30-hour driver education course.
  • They provide IEP and 504 testing accommodations for the written permit test.
  • Drive Test After 6-Hour Behind-the-Wheel Driving Instruction
  • For newly licensed drivers seeking a more in-depth driving training experience, TopCops Driving School also provides a Defensive Driving Course in addition to these services.

What To Expect At Top Cops Driving School:

  • Police officer-led training alone
  • Radar gun use, simulations of driving while intoxicated, and steering skill practice
  • Services for the Drive Test and Behind-the-Wheel Driving Lessons
  • Learn advanced driving techniques including hazard management, driving in hazardous weather, and making tough decisions.
  • Time windows that are convenient for your busy schedule and that of your teen
  • Online behind-the-wheel driving lesson registration

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10. Mile High Driver Training

They offer dependable, excellent driver education and the adaptability modern, busy families demand.

They provide:

  • Programs authorized and governed by the Colorado State Government and the Motor Vehicle Business Group.
  • Safe, knowledgeable, and compassionate educators committed to patience and professionalism
  • A flexible course schedule is offered, including nighttime classes and weekday and weekend options for Behind the Wheel.
  • Exam preparation education in a weekend classroom
  • There are numerous educational options to suit your needs and age requirements, such as comprehensive teen driver education packages with “No Wait” written and behind-the-wheel testing and BOST school certified by the state of Colorado.

Mile High Driver Training is the biggest independent testing facility and driving school in Denver, Colorado. For kids and adults, their driving school offers reasonably priced driver’s education programs online, in a classroom, and on the road. Make a call right away!

They are here to help you and provide the best possible instruction for your new driver. They are not a franchise or a business operated by a corporation. Three generations of one family run a family-run company, Mile High Driver Training. They all have children or grandchildren, so they recognize the significance and necessity of teaching new drivers how to drive safely.

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What are the Driving Schools in Denver, Colorado?

Denver is a popular Colorado city with a couple of driving schools. The list of driving schools in Denver, Colorado are:

  • First Gear Driving Academy
  • A Plus Driving School
  • Master Driving School
  • Colorado Driving Institute

What are the Online Driving Schools in Colorado?

In addition to the major online driving schools accepted in other states, many companies in Colorado offer online versions of their courses. The state keeps a comprehensive list of local companies here.

Online courses offered by most of these companies consist of videos, cartoons, and graphics that help to explain concepts such as how to react around a school bus and how to parallel park. 

Although the rules and instruction goals are the same, each company has created its online course. Some are much better than others. But how can you tell which is best?

We searched the available reviews and found that some rise to the top of the heap. Here are the best online driver’s education programs,

  • FirstTimeDriver.com
  • iDriveSafely.com
  • DriversEd.com
  • DriveSafeColorado.com
  • SafeMotorist.com

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What are the Truck Driving Schools in Colorado?

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a truck driving school in Colorado. It’s critically important that you take the time to understand exactly what each school is offering and what sets them apart from the rest, such as:

  •     Cost of CDL Training In Colorado
  •     School Locations in Colorado
  •     Time Behind The Wheel
  •     Instructor-To-Student Ratio
  •     Job Placement in Colorado
  •     Quality Of The Instructors

The truck driving schools in Colorado include:

  • Colorado Transportation School, LLC
  • AIT Truck Driver Training
  • United States Truck Driving School
  • Northern Colorado Truck Driving Academy
  • Springs Truck Driving School

What are the CDL Driving Schools in Colorado?

Commercial Driver’s Licence (CDL) training in Colorado opens doors in the trucking industry across North America. The average truck driver’s salary is more than $60,000 a year, and CDL can be completed in as little as three weeks, making it a quick career path to a stable income. 

Here are the best schools that offer a career as a commercial truck driver from Colorado. 

  • Sage Truck Driving School
  • Springs Truck Driving School
  • United States Truck Driving School
  • Northern Colorado Truck Driving Academy
  • Careers World Wide CDL Driving School

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What are the Performance Driving Schools in Colorado?

There are a good number of performance or racing schools in Colorado. Some of them include the following:

  • Sarian Motorsports
  • High-Performance Driving Techniques
  • MasterDrive of Colorado Springs
  • MasterDrive of Colorado Springs

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What are the Driving Laws in Colorado For Teens?

For Teens with Licence

For the first six months, no passengers under 21 unless a parent or other licensed adult driver over 21 is in the vehicle.

For the next six months, one passenger under age 21.

Medical emergencies are exceptions.

At any time, no more than one passenger is allowed in the front seat.

Mandatory seat belts

By law, ALL teen drivers and passengers must wear seat belts (no sharing!).

Cell phones and texting banned

Teens under 18 are prohibited from using a cell phone while driving. Teens can be fined and may risk losing their licenses. Exceptions include emergency calls to the police or fire department.


For the first year as a licensed driver, your teen must abide by a curfew—no driving between midnight and 5 a.m. unless accompanied by an instructor, parent, or legal guardian. Exceptions include driving to/from school/work (a signed statement from school or work is required), medical emergencies, and emancipated minors.

Curfew laws may vary by city or county. Please confirm restrictions with your local government to follow the curfew in your area properly.

Zero Tolerance for Drunk Driving

Eight young people die every day in the U.S. in alcohol-related crashes.  Talk with your teen about the dangers of driving drunk or riding with someone who has used alcohol or drugs. Driving under the influence of alcohol—even a trace of alcohol on minor drivers—is punishable by law.


The driving schools in Ohio are all excellent, but the ones mentioned in this article are regarded as the best.

You can thus check out any of the driving schools listed in this article if you live in Ohio and are seeking a decent driving school to learn from or improve your driving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do Drivers’ Education online in Colorado?

Yes you can

How much does driver’s ed cost in Colorado?

$525 to $950 per student

Can I take my permit test online in Colorado?

Yes you can

When can you drive in Colorado?

The steps required to get a license vary depending on when a teen starts the process. If her goal is to get her license on her 16th birthday, she’ll need to start driver’s ed at 14 ½.



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