10 Best Driving Schools in Florida in 2022

According to a report, there were over 700 pedestrian fatalities on Florida’s highways in 2019.

However, Orlando is the most dangerous driving area in the US, with six Florida cities ranking among the top 10.

Drivers must develop the necessary skills and knowledge for safe driving.

Drivers, especially new ones, will learn how to be safe on the road both as pedestrians and as the ones operating the vehicle in a proper driver’s education course.

But how can you pick a driver’s education program when so many institutions claim to offer the greatest instruction?

We’ll look at the top 8 driving schools in Florida for 2022 today. Keep on reading if you want to learn more.

How Do I Choose the Right Driving School in Florida?

You should choose a driving school with good reviews and experienced instructors. Consider your learning objectives as well. 

Are you primarily interested in passing the behind-the-wheel test, brushing up on your skills, or becoming more at ease with a particular issue?

Pick a school that focuses on the subject you want to learn. Continue reading for a rating of Miami’s top driving schools and a description of their areas of expertise.

How Much Does Driving Schools Cost in Florida?

Driving school fees are a concern for someone who has to learn to drive. The average price of a driving school differs significantly between states and locations and is influenced by the price of gas. 

Driving school costs often range from $30 to $180. Actual road training sessions cost $50 to $150 each. The average all-inclusive package offered by driving schools costs between $200 and $800.

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What Are The Best Driving Schools in FL?

Distance learning is not for everyone. 

Although online schools are more convenient, some people may still prefer to take a driver’s ed course in a traditional classroom setting. 

Here are in-person driving schools in Florida:

#1. Orlando State Driving School

Orlando State Driving School, also known as Drive Dynamics, is a family-run company with experienced instructors. The goal of the school is to prepare pupils to drive safely, skillfully, and proficiently. This driving school, one of the numerous physical driving schools in Orlando, has a high first-time pass rate.

Their driving lessons start at $80 a lesson and get cheaper as you take more lessons. They pick up either at home, at work, or at school, then drop off.

To accommodate you, they work around the schedules of the students. They can also pick you up and drop you off at your house, office, college, or university. They are licensed to give driving instruction in the states of Wisconsin and Florida.

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#2. First Coast Driving School

In Jacksonville, Florida, First Coast Driving School is a top-notch driving school with more than 12 years of experience.

They offer a range of educational services, including fundamental and advanced driving instruction, driving school transportation, and in-depth practice on city streets and interstates. 

As part of their many training programs, they teach pupils how to make three-point turns, change lanes, stop in an emergency situation, prepare for driving tests, back up and park, and receive basic, intermediate, and advanced driving education. 

The most skilled driving instructors are employed by First Coast Driving School, which also offers individualized, practice schedules, bilingual teaching, and safe, well-lit instruction vehicles.

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#3. Andina Driving School

For 25 years, Andina has provided safe driving instruction to both adults and teenagers. The 28 teachers on their staff teach both in-class sessions and behind-the-wheel training.

The South Florida region has been served by Andina Driving School for more than 25 years. In order to help customers gain confidence when driving a car, we aim to give them effective driving skills. We also work to make this process as enjoyable as we can for the customer. The office now provides written tests in a variety of languages.

The third-party administrator and president of Andina Driving School, LLC is Carlo Monzon. He naturally realizes that clients are an organization’s most significant asset because he owns a successful firm. 

He is in charge of the company’s mission, expansion of sales, overall performance, and strategic direction. Since assuming control of the business his parents started in 1991, he has taken on the responsibility of overseeing all facets of the operation, including marketing activities, contracts, vendors, and administration.

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#4. JMP Driving School

For both adults and teenagers, JMP provides in-car and classroom instruction in a range of various driving approaches. JMP offers courses in both English and Spanish.

After many years of observation, it became clear that many driving schools were not adequately preparing new drivers for the road.

JMP Driving School has over 20 years of experience and was established with the intention of giving its students the best learning environment in South Florida. It also offers its clients high-quality driving lessons as part of our mission to encourage safe driving practices and courteous driving.

Its innovative method of instruction is interactive and exceptionally customized to meet the needs of each learner. As a result, each student will have a special experience that is tailored to them, at their own pace, and based on their strengths and weaknesses. 

They will also receive a thorough driving education that will prepare them for a lifetime of safe driving. Their customers will maintain a clean driving record by taking one of their online traffic school courses that teach basic traffic safety.

They work hard to make your driving lessons fun while also being educational, and all of our instructors are very patient and highly qualified. They understand how you could be limited by a busy schedule, therefore they give you the option of having them come and pick you up and drop you off for your driving lesson at your location.

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#5. AB Auto Driving and Traffic School

AB Auto provides both driving instruction and exams for licenses and permits. They provide a range of packages to meet the demands of students.

The DMV is not your idea of a productive day, and AB Auto is aware of this given your hectic schedule. They provide a concierge service with a 97 percent pass rate, door-to-door pickup and drop-off, accelerated processing, and customized exam preparation for this reason.

They offer free classes, study materials, manuals, videos, and articles because they want to have you driving safely and responsibly.

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#6. Ultra Driving School

The United States-based business Ultra Driving School was established in 2016. It is situated at Mulholland Rd and 124th Ave Dr E, Parrish, Florida, 34219, USA. You can view a map with more precise directions by clicking on it. 

The primary industry in which this organization operates is driving schools in Parrish. They accept USD as payment along with cash and credit cards. 

The phone number 1-941-304-6105 can be used to get in touch with Ultra Driving School right away. For further information, you may also contact them via email or through their website.

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#7. 160 Driving Academy

With the help of 160 Driving Academy, you may obtain your CDL and start looking for employment with an annual income of $50,340*.

Many of the students at the school truck driving school receive full or partial tuition reimbursement through their trucking firm partners, or government-sponsored training aid. Other excellent justifications for training with 160 Driving Academy include:

  • After graduation, you’ll be in high demand because the starting wage for our typical student is $50,340*.
  • Caring instructors that are committed
  • Many choices for paying for college

A trucking company will pay the tuition for eligible pupils.

They have the most truck driving schools nationwide because they are the biggest institution for truck drivers. The East Coast, West Coast, South, Midwest, and Northeast all have schools. Keep checking back for schools coming to your region as a result of their expanding presence and new schools opening each month.

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#8. Palermo Driving School

Driving lessons are provided by Palermo Driving School in the Miami area. A variety of classes are available at the center, including Basic Driver Improvement, Mature Driver Course, First Time Driver Course, Permit Prep Test, DMV Permit Test, Advanced Driver Improvement Course, and Parenting Course.

Driving lessons, expert support for written and driving tests, and certifications for insurance discounts are all available to students.

Driving schools teach youngsters how to be skilled and safe drivers, and defensive driving classes assist keep all drivers safe on the road regardless of the circumstances or weather.

Note that some of the instructors at Palermo Driving School are bilingual in English and Spanish and all hold Florida state certifications.

In addition to matters pertaining to administration, Palermo Driving School strives to continue retaining its leadership position, providing the best service possible in a welcoming environment.

They have instructors of both sexes, and if the student requests it, they have instructors who are bilingual (English/Spanish) and certified in the State of Florida.

With them, you can incorporate the DMV appointment’s mandatory written and practical exams, as well as the needed drug and alcohol testing.

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#9. 911 Driving School of Orange County

To ensure your kid is receiving the greatest education possible, 911 Driving School only works with the top police officers and emergency personnel.

Police officers, firefighters, and EMS personnel provide knowledge, expertise, and trust to 911 Driving School. 

Their instructors have the skills and training necessary to be knowledgeable driving instructors. This indicates that you can put your trust in the driver’s education services offered by 911 Driving School.

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#10. Avalon Driving School

Full-service instructional school with a good location is Avalon Driving School. They continue to help new drivers earn their Florida State driver’s license and instruct them in safe defensive driving skills. 

They assist tourists and foreigners, with or without a driver’s license from their home country, in their program to earn a Florida driver’s license. They come to your house to pick you up and provide flexible scheduling at your leisure.

For young first-time drivers, new adult learners, and experienced drivers with expired licenses, the school provides the following services.

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What Are The Online Driving Schools in Florida?

There are many online driving schools in Florida that offer online driving lessons. Some of them are:

  • IDriveSafely
  • Aceable 
  • Safe2Drive 
  • Florida Fun Online Traffic School 
  • Improv Traffic School

What Are The Truck Driving Schools in Florida?

Are you ready to take the next step and begin your career as a well-trained professional truck driver? If yes, then here are some truck driving schools in Florida you can try out:

  • A & D Alternative Trucking, Inc.
  • Autohauler Training Institute
  • Bradford-Union Technical Center
  • Cypress Truck Lines, Inc.

What Are The Driving Schools in Jacksonville Florida?

Jacksonville is a city in Florida and it is also home to some of the driving schools found in the State. Some of these driving schools include:

  • First Coast Driving School
  • Florida Accredited Driver Improvement School
  • Jax Driving School Corp.

What Are The Driving Schools in Miami Florida?

Miami is one of the popular cities in Florida. It is also home to some of the driving schools in Florida. They include:

  • International Driving School 
  • AB Auto Driving and Traffic School
  • JMP Driving School
  • Andina Driving School

What Are The CDL Driving Schools in Florida?

Are you trying to find Florida’s best CDL training? Are you looking for a cheap CDL school that can get you on the road quickly? Have you searched for “CDL training Florida” furiously on Google but had few results?

In that case, you’ve found the proper site! We’ll give you some tips below on how to sort through the clutter and locate the best CDL school for your professional aspirations.

Here are some of the CDL driving schools in Florida:

  • 160 Driving Academy
  • Tampa Truck Driving School
  • RoadMaster Drivers School
  • Cypress Truck Lines

What Are The Performance Driving Schools in Florida?

Start your engines and prepare to be taken to the next level and beyond by a high performance driving school. If you consider yourself to be a decent driver, let’s see how you fare in the ultimate high-speed driving test. Take on a specially designed course that is set up to push the limits of your driving abilities. 

In specially designed track cars, navigate all of its blind bends and twists with speed. Driving in these Florida driving schools is an adrenaline-pumping, high-speed experience unlike any other. Do you feel up to the task?

Here are some of the performance driving schools in Florida:

  • Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park
  • Skip Barber Racing School
  • Palm Beach Performance Driving Education Center – Bertil Roos Racing School

What Are The Driving Laws in Florida For 16 Year Olds?

From 11 PM to 6 AM, 16-year-olds are not allowed to operate a vehicle without a licensed adult over the age of 21, unless they are driving to and from employment.


In conclusion, Florida driving schools can give you that maximum satisfaction you seek for. You do not only learn to drive but you will also feel safe as you learn.

I hope you will try out some of these driving schools for your driving lessons

Frequently Asked Questions

How many driving lessons do I need in Florida?

You need about 18 hours of driving in 12 x 90 min lessons.

Can I get my license without taking the road test in Florida?

Not really. Florida’s newest drivers still need to take behind-the-wheel tests to get licenses

How many hours of driving school do you need in Florida?

There are 50 hours of driving experience, of which 10 hours must be at night.

How long is Florida driving school?

The Basic Driver Improvement traffic school course takes a minimum of 4 hours to successfully complete.



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