10 Best Driving Schools in Illinois in 2023

Best Driving Schools in Illinois: It’s about time you got behind the wheel. Illinois is rich in both the number and quality of its driving schools.

If you’re thinking about screeching some tires or getting licensed in Illinois, this is for you. But don’t screech your tires now, no, don’t.

More importantly, we’ve crafted this for you to learn driving or refresh

So whether you are experienced and would be refreshing, there’s a school for you.

Fortunately, Illinois has many of these driving schools with professional tutors.

We’ve covered the best driving schools you can find there.

We also created a list of the best schools for driving that are state-approved in Illinois.

Let’s begin!!

Are there Driving Schools in Illinois?

Illinois is known for being a big transportation hub. 

What’s more, it has round-the-clock roadways and fast-moving freeways. Not to mention some of the most congested traffic in the country. 

But Illinois also has some of the nation’s best driving schools. 

Many of the country’s best driving schools are located in Illinois.

As such, you’ll have many options there.

Some of these top driving schools in Illinois have locations across the state.

However, others only offer services in certain areas.

While some are based in big cities like Chicago and Springfield, others are in smaller towns.

Generally, this makes it easy to find a school near where you live.    

In this article, we’ll list some of the best driving schools in Illinois so that you can find one near you.

  • Auto Metro Driving School      (Classroom)
  • EZ Way DBA Licencia de Conducir Illinois     (Classroom)
  • IllinoisAdultDriverEd.com   (Online)
  • Advanced Driving School, Inc.  (Classroom/ Online)
  • Drivers Education of America   (Online)
  • Pass Drivers Ed   (Online)
  • Expert Driving School (Classroom)
  • Brake-Thru Driving School (Classroom)
  • Flodstrom’s Driving School (Classroom)
  • Lockport #1 Driving School (Classroom)

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How Much Does Driving School in Illinois Cost?

Driving school can sometimes be expensive, but it could also be easy to fund other times.

Considering the cost of a driving school in Illinois before enrolling is good.

You can buy online courses for between $40 and $100. 

Similarly, classroom training could cost up to $1,500 at some driving schools.

Even so, there are still many around the $500 range.

For driving lessons, you can also find rates from around $60 to $150 an hour.

These are mostly for actual on-road sessions.

Given that there are many providers in Illinois, it’s quite clear that the amount you pay varies.

The provider you choose will also determine the amount of training you receive and the cost.

Typically, it would be best if you compared prices among the providers in Illinois to find the best deal for you.

Are there Affordable Driving Schools in Illinois? 

Although there are a lot of driving schools in Illinois, not all of them are affordable. 

The top driving schools in Illinois offer quality driving lessons and training.

But their prices can be hard for people on a budget to afford.

However, there are several affordable driving schools in Illinois.

Some of the best affordable driving schools in Illinois have programs for everyone.

They can help those who have never driven before learn to drive within a short time frame.

Here are some affordable driving schools in Illinois.

How Long is Driving School in Illinois?

On average, driving school in Illinois would take about three to four weeks.

Driving schools generally vary in terms of the length of their programs.

You must choose a program that best suits your needs and schedule. 

For example, if you are a first-time driver, you should choose a driving school that offers a full program.

A program that gets you behind the wheel as soon as possible is all the better.

On the other hand, a part-time option would be better if you are an experienced driver.

You’ll have to refresh your skills and get back in the game.

Similarly, you would most likely have the driver’s ed programs spread across weeks.

Driving schools in Illinois have programs from a week up to four or more, depending on the plan.

Starting from scratch, you’ll be set up in about two to three weeks of learning on average if you grab the concepts quickly.

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What are the Best Driving schools in Illinois?

There are many driving schools, but only a few could be best for you.

Illinois will always be a hub for top driving schools. 

These schools are all great choices for new and experienced drivers alike.

Consequently, they will provide great education and experience if you enroll.

Ultimately, when it comes to finding a driving school in Illinois, you have many options. 

It can be hard to know where to start because there are so many driving schools in the state.

On the positive side, we’ll help you out.

When looking for the best driving schools in Illinois, it’s important to keep in mind some indicators.

Chiefly the education level, the quality of the driving lessons, and the experience of the instructors. 

Based on these, here are some of the best driving schools in Illinois.

List of the Best Driving Schools in Illinois 

Let’s go over the best driving schools in Illinois without further ado.

#1. Nova Driving School

Cost: $705 for ultimate beginners and $450 for intermediates

Nova driving school is one of the most reputable driving schools in the Chicagoland area.

It is the only “National Safety Council” certified driving school in Illinois. 

Nova  Driving School gets you brushed up quickly with its innovative teaching methods.

Furthermore, the school has graduated over 12, 000 students, with a 99% student satisfaction rate.

Visit School Here

#2. American Defensive Driving School

Cost: $385

American Defensive Driving School is based in Evanston, Illinois.

It is a driving instruction school that provides lessons for teenagers, novice drivers, and adults.

You’re also not left out if you need remedial driving lessons. 

Many of the American Defensive Driving School teachers are former police officers.

Thus, they place a strong emphasis on road safety during training.

The school enrolls every few weeks and also has provisions for driving lessons by the hour.

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#3. Entourage Driving School

Cost: $425

Entourage driving school offers lessons to both adults and teens.

Generally, it would be best if you were at least 18 years old to qualify for adult training.

Although that would sting a bit since adult packages are more expensive.

For a 90-minute driving lesson with Entourage driving school, the adult fee is $80.

However, teens aged 15-17 pay $425 for a complete program.

As a result, you’ll get 30 hours of classroom training and 12 hours behind the wheel.

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#4. Auto Metro Driving School

Cost: $375 for 9 hours of private training

Auto Metro driving school has been operating for over 15 years now.

Its programs are completely approved by the Illinois Secretary of State and compliant with all legal requirements.

Generally, they are designed to prepare students for the driving test and actual road travel. 

A unique six-hour adult driver education course is offered for pupils between the ages of 18 and 20. 

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#5. Northwestern Driving School 

Northwestern Driving School has built a solid reputation for providing safe driving training in Chicago.

It has been around in Illinois since 1989. 

Also, their services go to both adults and teenagers (ages 15 to 18). 

Northwestern also provides refresher classes in addition to their first-time driver training specialization. 

Lastly, the teachers have years of expertise in teaching drivers and being properly licensed and bonded.

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#6. Howard Driving School

Cost: $70 per hour, $360 for 6 hours

Howard Driving School is a 35-year-old Christian family business.

Therefore, someone you know may have had their driving lessons here.

The program here is also approved by the Secretary of State and the Illinois Board of Education. 

The tutors are all state-licensed and highly trained to deliver your course. 

Ultimately, you will drive in actual traffic on actual streets. It’s going to be real.

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#7. Elite Driving School

Elite driving school has some reasonably priced courses too.

In addition to being a top driving school in Illinois, it’s fairly priced as well.

The programs are designed for both adults and beginners. You’ll be ready for your written and road exams after your training.

Elite driving school is only available in and around areas near Shorewood and Naperville, Illinois.

As a result, Minooka, Channahon, and Plainfield are covered too.

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#8. A-Abbott Driving School

Cost: $75 per hourly session 

A-Abbott Driving School has provided Lake County with high-quality driving instruction. 

It is undoubtedly one of the best driving schools in Illinois. More so, it’s been around for over 24 years.

Single lessons cost $75, which gives you the behind-the-wheel experience.

Typically, multiple sessions are available and are recommended. The rates will adjust accordingly for your session time.

The number of sessions you’ll require will depend on your experience level and your aptitude for picking up the skills.

Generally, this can range from 1 session to as many as 10, depending on you.

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#9. DriversEd.com

Cost: $85 online course

DriversEd.com is one of the country’s largest online driver education providers.

It also has more approved driver’s ed courses than any other driving school.

The training is entirely online and available on any device at all times.

In addition, the Illinois Secretary of State has authorized the adult driving education course they offer.

In effect, the state recognizes your attendance at driver’s ed.

You’d take the adult driver’s education course if you are under the age of 21 and over 18.

Visit School Here

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#10. City Xpress Driving School

City Xpress driving school is generally affordable, near you, and has experienced and professional tutors.

You’ll learn a great deal about reacting to car and driving emergencies here.

Similarly, you’ll gain lifelong safe driving habits when you’re through.

Finally, you’ll likely ace your DMV Road Test and get your license.

More so, City Xpress won the 2020 Best Driving School Award.

Presently, they are authorized by the Secretary of State to administer road tests to teen students.

However, you must have completed both classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction.

Visit School Here

What are the Driving Schools in Bloomington, Il?

Bloomington is a city in central Illinois and holds vital historical symbolism.

For instance, the McLean County Museum of History, located downtown, is one of many.

More so, it traces Abraham Lincoln’s tenure as a local lawyer during his time in the area.

Bloomington is a city with many of Illinois’ best driving schools.

If you are new to driving or want to get up to speed, then consider any of the following:

  • Reeder Transportation Training
  • Elite Driving Academy
  • All-American Drivers Training
  • Fisher Driving School

What are the Driving Schools in Champaign, Il?

Champaign County is in central Illinois and it houses the beautiful Krannert Art Museum and the Spurlock Museum.

Both of which have sizable collections of ancient and contemporary artwork.

Champaign County is also home to the University of Illinois where the museums are.

It is a leader in agriculture, light industry, high technology, and health care.

To be safe and ensure safety on the road around you, a good driving school would help.

Here are some of the best driving schools there are in Champaign county.

  • M & M Driving School
  • 160 Driving Academy of Champaign
  • Jr’s Driving School
  • Professional Truck Driving School

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What are the Driving Schools in Elgin, Il?

There are shortages of things to do or see in Elgin. The driving schools in Elgin are just a part of the lot.

Elgin is in the northern region of Illinois, and so are its driving schools.

Specifically, Elgin is 35 miles northwest of Chicago and has a fair share of Illinois’s best driving schools.

There were 114,797 residents as of the 2020 Census, and the city was the seventh-largest in Illinois.

To sum up, ensure you don’t use a car to decrease the population. Try out any of these top driving schools in Elgin, Illinois.

  • City Xpress Driving School
  • Green Light Driving School
  • Wolf Driving School-CDL Training Facility
  • Mr. Cronin’s Driving School West Dundee

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What are the Driving Schools in Peoria, Il?

To begin with, there are many driving schools in Peoria, Illinois that you can choose from.

Also, many are state-approved with authority to issue learner’s permits and driver’s licenses. 

Here are some of the most recommended driving schools in Peoria.

They are all great choices for teens and adults to learn how to drive.

  • Balda Driving School
  • Burgess Driving School
  • 160 Driving Academy
  • Premier CDL Training

What are the Driving Schools in Belleville, Il?

Belleville is an Illinois town and the county seat for St. Clair County. 

It is also the fourth-largest city in the state and the eighth-most populous.

The city is the home of Southern Illinois University and many large companies.

Belleville has a strong economic base in the healthcare and manufacturing industries.

You’ll also find a wide variety of driving schools in Belleville, IL. Some of these include the following:

  • Mr. D’s Driving School
  • 160 Driving Academy of Belleville
  • My Tutor Learning Center
  • Driver Harold E

What are the Driving Schools in Springfield, Il?

Springfield has a population of about 117,000. It is also the biggest city in central Illinois. 

Springfield is known for being the birthplace of the country’s 16th President, Abraham Lincoln.

Similarly, it was the starting point of President Barack Obama’s political career in his early days.

You’re sure to find some top Illinois driving schools in Springfield, IL. Here are a few to begin with:

  • Start Seeing Motorcycle
  • Capital City Training Center
  • Springfield Driving School

What are the Driving Schools in Rockford, Il?

Rockford is a city in Northern Illinois. It is home to the Burpee Museum of Natural History which has a dinosaur display. 

Rockford is rich in its art and community life. It’s generally a great place to live, work, visit or invest. 

Finding a good driving school to help you maintain its safety and status is on the positive side.

As with most cities in Illinois, you are sure to find some of the state’s best driving schools.

Here are a few driving schools in Rockford Illinois:

  • Drive-Right School of Driving
  • Safe Driver Academy
  • Drivers Edge Driving School

How Much are Drivers ED in Illinois?

The cost of driver’s education in Illinois varies depending on different factors.

Chiefly, where you live, what type of course, and your age. 

The schedule for the course is another important factor affecting cost.

Most driving schools charge between $500 and $1,000 for a course that lasts between 4 and 8 weeks. 

Similarly, online driver’s ed courses are available from some Illinois providers.

On average, buying one of the courses costs around $50 to $100.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Must I take the Illinois adult Driver Education Course to obtain my driver’s license?

You must take a six (6) hour Adult Driver Education Course to obtain an Illinois driver’s license.
Moreover, you must be between 18 and 21 years old and haven’t taken a driver’s education before.

How much is the Illinois adult Driver Education Course?

The provider determines the costs for the driver’s ed course you select for the course.
Generally, costs vary between $500 to $1,000 for a full adult program.

Is driver’s ed mandatory in Illinois?

Yes, driver’s ed is mandatory for Illinois adults aged 18-20.
You must take an adult driver’s education program before getting licensed. Thus, you can’t get licensed without completing the course and you can’t get your driver’s license under 21 either.

How do I get my driver’s license in Illinois?

You can visit any Secretary of State facility and show the required identification documents.
You’ll also have your photo taken.
Pay the fee attached and pass the screening exam, then wait for your processing to be complete.


Finally, we hope this has given you all the information regarding Illinois’s best driving schools.

If it motivates you to get licensed and feel the road behind the wheels, then way-to-go!!

Look up any of the driving schools here and get started. However, ensure that you choose a state-authorized school.



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