10 Best Driving Schools in Kentucky | 2022

Driving schools in Kentucky: Becoming an expert driver requires a lot of practice. But you’ll do better if you practice under supervision. That way, you’ll be more committed to building your driving skills. 

Among states in the U.S, Kentucky is known for outstanding driving schools where students can learn all about driving right from the basics.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or an experienced driver, driving schools in Kentucky are there to help you out.

In this guide, we’ll be taking you through the best driving schools in Kentucky, what they’ve got to offer, and answers to some questions related to driving schools in the state.

Are There Good Driving Schools in Kentucky?

Kentucky-based driving schools are approved by the state’s government. The instructors are certified and well-prepared to attend to learners of different experience levels.

Considering the feedback gotten from participants at various driving schools in Kentucky, we can say that Kentucky has good driving schools.

How Do I Choose the Right Driving School in Kentucky?

Firstly, you need to know why you’re searching for a driving school. Although you might have several reasons, it all comes down to safe driving. You don’t want to hurt yourself and others on the road.

That’s why you should choose a driving school with a very good reputation. This will guarantee your chances of learning from the best instructors who’ll churn out safe driving skills in you.

While a driving school with an outstanding reputation might sometimes be overly expensive, you should go for one that fits your budget. If you can afford a $500-worth driving lesson, don’t go overboard to attend an $800-worth driving lesson.

Furthermore, look out for the state government’s approval. Is the school approved by the state? This way, you’re rest assured that your courses are government-approved and you can take the Kentucky State Road Test as soon as you’re fit.

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How Much Does Driving School Cost in Kentucky?

Driving schools in Kentucky can be cheap and costly at the same time. But in most cases, they either try to keep their prices as affordable as possible or their programs as sophisticated as possible. 

Averagely, Kentucky-based driving schools cost between $100 and $700, depending on your plan and perhaps, the duration of your course.

These amounts are channeled towards programs offered at the school including online courses, classroom sessions, and behind-the-wheel training. 

As such, you can compare prices at different driving schools in Kentucky. You’ll not only be choosing the best driving school for you, but also choose the one that you can afford.

How Long Is Driving School in Kentucky?

Well, this depends on your driving school and you. But Kentucky-based drivers aged 18 years and below, must undergo driving training for 60 hours before their road test. After that, they can obtain the permit.

During this time, they’ll take physical or online classroom courses, behind-the-wheel training, and road test prep.

However, most driving schools in Kentucky can take you through driver’s ed classroom courses within 4 hours after which you start practicing. While you practice, you must dedicate a minimum of 10 hours to night driving.

Best Driving Schools in Kentucky

Through criteria like reviews, duration of experience, and students’ satisfaction rates, we’ve sourced 10 of the best driving schools in Kentucky. They include:

  • Central KY Driving School
  • Preferred Driving School
  • A-1 Safety Driving School
  • Green Light Driving School
  • Bluegrass Driving Academy Inc.
  • Sure-Drive Driver’s Training Inc.
  • CDL Missions
  • Bluegrass CDL Academy
  • Derby Motorcycle School LLC
  • U Drive Driving School

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#1. Central KY Driving School

This school sits as one of the best driving schools in Kentucky because of its flexible programs. Programs are geared towards students’ convenience and instructors are friendly. 

They also provide in-class and in-car training for students. This way, students can put what they’re taught into practice. The school’s located in Lexington, KY, and rated 5/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#2. Preferred Driving School

If you’re interested in a driving school with student-oriented courses, you’ll prefer this school. It’s located in the beautiful city of Florence and students get to meet certified instructors. They also help students overcome their anxiety on the road. On Google Reviews, the school has a 4.6/5 stars rating.

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#3. A-1 Safety Driving School

The customer service at A-1 Safety Driving School is so exceptional that a participant had to comment “outstanding service”. Through the school’s government-approved courses, you get to know all about Driver’s Ed right from the basics. 

Provisions are also made for training sessions and extra driving instructions. A-1 Safety Driving School’s located in Erlanger and rated 4.7/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#4. Green Light Driving School

Green Light Driving School offers both physical and online courses, making it a very convenient spot to learn how to drive. They provide pickup services in which they pick up and drop customers at their desired location – school, home, workplace, or any agreed location. The school’s located in Louisville, KY, and rated 4.7/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#5. Bluegrass Driving Academy Inc.

Located in Nicholasville, KY, Bluegrass Driving Academy trains students in various driving techniques. The school prepared students for the driver’s permit test as well as the Kentucky State Road Test. So, if you want to take your road test, this school’s highly recommended. It’s rated 5/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#6. Sure-Drive Driver’s Training Inc.

At Sure-Drive, instructors understand that driving is fun but not a very simple task. They’re certified and ready to place every student in an accommodating atmosphere, helping them to reduce the tension and anxiety they might encounter behind the wheel. 

Interested students can also opt for private lessons. The school’s located in Villa Hills, KY, and rated 4.4/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#7. CDL Missions 

Are you looking for a driving school where you can get trained in driver’s Ed and Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) requirements? Then, CDL Missions is for you. The school’s situated in Hickory, KY, where instructors pay attention to every student’s needs. It’s rated 5/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#8. Bluegrass CDL Academy

This is one of the best truck driving schools in Kentucky. It’s located in Winchester where students can learn how to operate trucks and other vehicles designed for heavy duties. 

Additionally, students can obtain their commercial driver’s license at the school. It’s rated 4.6/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#9. Derby Motorcycle School LLC

With over 10 years of experience, this school has not stopped training students who want to learn how to ride motorcycles. The school’s programs are comprehensive and explanatory. Programs include motorcycle safety, basic rider tutorials, and private lessons. It’s located in Louisville and rated 4.9/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#10. U Drive Driving School

This Florence-based driving school provides services including adult and teen lessons, classroom drills, and private tutorials. Instructors are friendly and qualified enough to pass across every detail about driving and driver’s education. U Drive Driving School has a 4.7/5 stars rating on Google Reviews.

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Truck Driving Schools in Kentucky

Here, we’ll show you some truck driving schools in Kentucky where you can learn how to handle trucks and other heavyweight vehicles. Some of these trucking schools also provide avenues to obtain your commercial driver’s license. They include:

  • Truck America Training, LLC
  • Career Development Center
  • Ashland Community & Technical College
  • International Truck Driving School, LLC
  • Paducah Truck Driving School

Driving Schools in Florence, KY

Driving schools in Florence are reputable and focused on providing the best driving experiences for students. They include:

  • Preferred Driving School
  • U Drive Driving School
  • 160 Driving Academy of Independence

Driving Schools in Northern Kentucky

There are over 20 cities in Northern Kentucky including Covington, Erlanger, Fort Thomas, Louisville, and Florence. And as expected, there are driving schools all over the region. They include:

  • Sure-Drive Driver’s Training Inc.
  • Kentucky Driving School
  • Preferred Driving School

Driving Schools in Lexington, KY

You can’t talk about driving schools in Kentucky without mentioning Lexington. The city doesn’t only serve as a wonderful location to build your driving skills, it’s also home to experienced driving instructors. Here are some driving schools in Lexington:

  • Central KY Driving School
  • 160 Driving Academy of Lexington
  • Boone Driver School, Inc.

Driving Schools in Louisville, KY

Louisville’s home to many driving schools where students can either go for a fresh driving journey or just polish their skills. They include:

  • ABC Driving School
  • Green Light Driving School
  • Kentucky Driving School

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CDL Driving Schools in Kentucky

A CDL driving school trains you to drive and also prepares you for your commercial driver’s license. This way, you’ll be killing two birds with just one stone. Cool, isn’t it?

Here are some CDL driving schools that you’ll find in Kentucky:

  • CDL Training Services
  • Bluegrass CDL Academy
  • CDL Missions
  • Genesis Trucking Academy
  • 160 Driving Academy of Lexington

How To Get Your Driver’s License in Kentucky

Getting your driver’s license in Kentucky requires that you follow some steps. These steps start with getting a driver’s permit. Before you can get your permit, you must visit a local circuits clerk’s office where you’re to submit your requirements. After that, you’re to take the permit and vision tests. Your requirements include proof that you’ve completed a Driver’s Ed Course.

While in possession of your permit, you must comply with regulations including:

  1. Driving under the supervision of a licensed adult, parent, or instructor who’s at least 21 years old.
  2. Not driving between 12:00 A.M and 6:00 A.M except for reasons related to school and work or emergencies.
  3. Completing the required 60 hours of practice out of which 10 hours should be for night driving.

You’re to have your permit for at least 180 days, after which you’ll take a driving test. There, your skills will be assessed by an examiner from the Kentucky State Police. Your parent or instructor must also prove that you’ve completed the required 60 hours of practice, with 10 hours of night driving.

Should you pass the driving test, the examiner will issue an intermediate license to you. During this time, you’re not to drive between 12:00 A.M and 6:00 A.M except for reasons stated in number 3 above. Also, you mustn’t violate traffic rules to avoid a restart of your license processing. You shouldn’t drive when accompanied by more than one under-20-year individual who’s your relative, except if you’re accompanied by a licensed driving instructor who’s operating under a licensed driving school or a secondary school (public or private).

Finally, you’re expected to pay the required driver’s license fee.


For good reasons, driving schools in Kentucky are there to guide you on the most comfortable and safest ways of driving while maintaining law and order. The most important step to becoming your dream type of driver is practice. Never stop practicing and good luck on your journey to becoming a professional driver.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Driving Schools in Kentucky

Can You Get Your Permit At 15 in Kentucky?

No, you can’t. Eligibility for a driver’s permit starts when you’re at least 16 years old. 

What Is the Kentucky Road Test?

If you’re taking your road test in Kentucky, then you should be well prepared. You’ll be assessed on areas like working lights, horn usage, and signals (hand, turn, etc.). Afterward, your driving skills will be assessed. Most driving schools create avenues for students to be familiar with the road test locations. That can be a bonus for you.

Is Driver’s Ed Required in Kentucky?

Young drivers that are 18 years or below, must complete a Driver’s Ed course before they can be eligible for the driver’s license application.

How Long Does A Driving Course Take?

Usually, it takes about two to three weeks, depending on the learner’s commitment. In the case of non-stop practicing, it might take up to 67 hours. This splits into 22 hours of serious practice and 47 hours of comprehensive lessons.


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