10 Best Driving Schools in New Jersey | 2022

Practice is key!

Whether you’re a new or experienced driver, you’ll need to hone your skills through practice. However, there might be a problem – inconsistency. To avoid this, driving schools help you by supervising and keeping track of your progress. In no time, you’ll be fit for the road test, and lifelong driving.

New Jersey is full of driving schools where students can go, and learn about driving, traffic rules, and relationships with other road users. Simply put, driving schools in NJ take you through all about driving.

Read on for a list of the 10 best driving schools in New Jersey.

How Do I Choose the Right Driving School in New Jersey?

The right driving school for you must’ve features which are, but are not limited to:

  • Positive reviews
  • Experienced instructors
  • Government accreditation
  • Excellent customer services
  • Duration of existence

In addition, you should check for the type of cars they deal in. Are you in for just common cars? Or trucks? You should be specific enough to know which driving school in New Jersey is right for you.

How Long Is Driving School in New Jersey?

While you’re at liberty to learn at your pace, drivers in New Jersey need to take the 6 hours behind-the-wheel course. 

That said, driving schools in NJ offer a wide range of courses to suit every driver’s needs. Averagely, it’ll take you about 7 months or more to complete driving school in New Jersey.

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How Much Do Driving Lessons Cost in New Jersey?

Most driving schools in New Jersey offer all-inclusive programs that cost between $200 and $800. These programs cover classroom and road training, door-to-door pickup services, as well as brush-up classes before road tests.

Best Driving Schools in New Jersey

Whether it’s individualized learning, convenient programs, qualified instructors, or learning at your own pace, driving schools in New Jersey offer you the best they can. Here are some of the best driving schools in New Jersey:

  • Universal Driving School LLC
  • New Jersey Driving School
  • Golden Wheel Driving School
  • Edison Driving School
  • Enterprise Driving School, to name a few.

#1. New Jersey Driving School

Do you need a brush-up class before you take your road test? Or are you a new, young driver looking to pass a vision test and start driving? Then, this school is for you – if you reside or want to reside in New Jersey.

The school is located in Clifton, NJ, where they offer driving lessons for adults and teens, private tutorials, and tests of knowledge and vision.

Also, they offer brush-up classes where your driving skills will be tested before your actual road test. The school is rated 4.9/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#2. Universal Driving School LLC

Located in Clifton, NJ, Universal Driving School accepts adults and teenagers – mostly 16-year-olds. The school is an approved institution by law, to enlighten drivers on important aspects of driver education as well as traffic regulations.

Their ever-listening instructors offer great communication and excellent driving knowledge in exchange for your sincere commitment to the course. They also offer door-to-door services, road tests, and highway lessons. The school’s rated 4.9/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#3. Europa Driving School, DBA NORTH AVE. DRIVING SCHOOL

The uniqueness of this school makes it one of the best driving schools in New Jersey. It’s located in Newark, NJ, and new or experienced drivers stand to enjoy hands-on training in a positive environment.

The teachers are experienced and the class hours are flexible. As such, you can learn without any inconvenience. Also, the school offers courses like Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Classes A & B. The school’s rated 4.7/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#4. Golden Wheel Driving School

For over 25 years, Golden Wheel – located in Elmwood Park, NJ – has been providing exceptional driving training to interested students. The school enjoys the services of skilled instructors who’re qualified, experienced, and excellent in human relations. You get to enjoy private driving sessions as well as engaging behind-the-wheel classes. 

Golden Wheel’s rated 4.9/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#5. Kilmer Driving School

Kilmer Driving School accepts adult and teen drivers. The school’s located in East Brunswick, NJ. The cars used for tutorials are easy to handle, and their tutors are friendly. 

Also, they offer road test services and are available to take you down to your scheduled road test location. Kilmer’s rated 4.8/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#6. Edison Driving School

From brake controls, rules of the road, and changing lanes to K- and U-Turns and highway lessons, Edison Driving School is the one to call. They train teens and adults to drive safely, confidently, and comfortably. 

The school is situated in Edison, NJ. As one of the finest NJ driving schools, you’ve got nothing to doubt. The school’s rated 4.8/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#7. All Jersey Driving School

Here, students are encouraged to challenge themselves with questions relating to road tests, drivers’ responsibilities on the road, and how to react to other road users. You can find the school in Moorestown, NJ, where you get to start off with zero registration fees. 

All Jersey Driving School’s rated 4.8/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#8. Enterprise Driving School

At Enterprise Driving School, new or experienced drivers are welcome. In the case of 16 years teenagers, the school has programs, should they need to acquire a learner’s permit.

The school’s courses are approved by the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) in New Jersey. The school’s located in Passaic, NJ, and rated 4.9/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#9. Road Rules Driving School

While learning to drive seems to be important, getting an instructor can be another issue. However, Road Rules Driving School’s ready to meet every one of your needs. 

They offer adult and teen tutorials, driver’s training, and behind-the-wheel course, as well as car maintenance. Road Rules is situated in Cranford, NJ, and on Google Reviews, it’s rated 4.9/5 stars.

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#10. Falcon All City Driving School

Falcon All City Driving School is an affordable driving school in New Jersey located in Jersey City. At the school, students enjoy personalized driving training through their experienced instructors. Before your road test, they organize brush-up classes to solidify your driving skills.

The school’s rated 4.6/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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Truck Driving Schools in New Jersey

Truck driving can be an exciting career if you allow it. An average truck driver earns over $40,000 in a year. That, of course, is worth the fun. Here are some truck driving schools in NJ:

  • Jersey Tractor Trailer Training
  • EZ Wheels Driving School
  • Bradway Truck Driving School

CDL Driving Schools in New Jersey

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) driving schools train new or experienced drivers and help them in obtaining their CDL. They include:

  • EZ Wheels Driving School
  • Mater Driving School
  • Winsor Driving School
  • Smith and Solomon Commercial Driver Training

CDL Truck Driving Schools in New Jersey

For truck drivers, the following driving schools in NJ are recommended:

  • Driving Academy | CDL Truck Driving School
  • JR CDL Truck Driving School
  • Bradway Truck Driving School

Driving Schools in Newark, NJ

When looking for driving schools in Newark, NJ, we suggest that you check these out:

  • North Ave Driving School
  • Atlas Driving School
  • Brazilisa Driving School Inc.

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Driving Schools in Jersey City, NJ

If you’re a resident of Jersey City and you need to build or improve your driving skills, here are driving schools that you can check out:

  • Smart Driving School
  • Falcon All City Driving School
  • St Mina Driving School
  • Amin Driving School

Driving Schools in Bergen County, NJ

Driving Schools in Bergen County are well-equipped under good management and experienced instructors. They include:

  • Academy Driving School
  • Enterprise Driving School

Driving Schools in New Brunswick, NJ

Most driving schools in New Brunswick are well-rated by students. this is due to the uniqueness of teaching styles and healthy teacher-student relationships. They include:

  • 1 Way Driving School LLC
  • Montgomery Driving School
  • Accelr8 Driving School

How To Get Your License in New Jersey

Getting a driver’s license in New Jersey is one step you must take before you can freely operate your vehicle in the state. In NJ, there are different types of licenses ranging from class A to E – depending on the vehicle type.

Class A/B/C licenses are commercial driver licenses (CDL) that allow you to use heavy-weight vehicles. Any vehicle that weighs more than 10,000 pounds, it’s class A.

If the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is equal to or more than 26,001 pounds, it’s class B. A class C vehicle is one that can accommodate exactly or more than 16 passengers or is labeled to transport dangerous materials.

Class D vehicles are the common cars and the license is the most basic. Class E licenses are issued to vehicles with less than 4 wheels such as motorcycles.

Interestingly, you can be allowed to operate a motorcycle with a class D license.

The steps needed to get your driver’s license in NJ include:

  • Applying for a learner’s permit. When given, you’d be free to practice under supervision.
  • Getting a probatory license. The issuance means that you’re free to drive without supervision but with restrictions.
  • Getting an adult license. The issuance of this license means that you’re free to drive without supervision and restrictions.


Driving schools in New Jersey are exceptional for their uniqueness, equipment, and decades of experience. The instructors are experienced, the practice cars are easy to master, and the services are top-class. With our list of 10 best driving schools in New Jersey, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Driving Schools in New Jersey

What Age Can You Drive Alone in NJ?

It’s very advisable that you don’t drive alone until you’re 16 years old. Prior to that, you must’ve gained the consent of a guardian or parent.

What Happens When You Get Caught Driving with A Permit Alone in NJ?

Getting caught mightn’t be so desirable. Your permit might get suspended for about 6 months and you’ll be fined. Also, insurance won’t cover damages incurred on vehicles or people. And you might get a criminal record – you don’t want that to happen.

Do I Have to Go to Driving School in NJ?

While it’s not an essential part of securing a driver’s license in NJ, most adults and teens opt for driving schools. It’s understandable as it allows them to learn to drive in an interesting, formal way.

Can I Drive Alone with A Permit in NJ?

Given that you’re still using a learner’s permit, you can’t drive alone with that. The learner’s permit allows you to drive under supervision for – at least – six months. During this time, an instructor from a driving school or a supervising adult needs to accompany you on every practice


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