10 Best Driving Schools in Ohio 2023 | How to Apply

By picking the best driving school, you can ensure that you are a safe driver (and pass your behind-the-wheel test), whether you are a new driver or need to brush up on your abilities. To save you time, we’ve looked into the top driving schools in the Columbus area.

Drivers must develop the skills and knowledge necessary for safe driving.

Drivers, especially new ones, will learn to be safe on the road as pedestrians and those operating the vehicle in a proper driver’s education course.

But how can you pick a driver’s education program when so many businesses promise to offer the greatest instruction?

A list of vetted, reliable driving schools in Ohio is provided below.

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How Do I Choose the Right Driving School in Ohio?

You should choose a driving school with good reviews and experienced instructors. Consider your learning objectives as well. Are you primarily interested in passing the behind-the-wheel test, brushing up on your skills, or becoming more at ease with a particular issue?

Pick a school that focuses on the subject you want to learn. Continue reading for a rating of Cincinnati’s top driving schools and a description of their areas of expertise.

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How Much Does Driving Schools Cost in Ohio?

If you’re considering earning your driver’s license in Ohio, you might wonder how much driving school will set you back.

After all, everyone under 18 must complete driver’s ed in Ohio. So you must know the charges if you want to obtain your license.

In this piece, we’ll discuss the general expenses of driving schools in Ohio and the expenses of obtaining an Ohio driver’s license.

The first step in obtaining an Ohio driver’s license is to finish the 24 hours of required classroom education.

Mary at the Ohio BMV claims that “classroom” is somewhat misleading because you can complete these hours online. Several of Ohio’s BMV-approved driving schools offer this course online.

For a 24-hour course of instruction, Ohio’s driving schools typically charge around $100, although occasionally, discounts allow you to take your driving education course for less than $50.

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What are the Best Driving Schools in Georgia?

The best driving schools in Ohio are listed and explained below:

#1. All-Star Drivers’ Ed

For 50 years, All-Star has provided safe driving instruction to adults and teenagers. Their staff of teachers provides both online classes and driving lessons.

For G1, G2, and G drivers, All Star Driving School provides high-quality training in addition to MTO-approved basic driver education (BDE) programs.

According to Ministry regulations, All-Star offers 20 hours of classroom or online training, 10 hours of in-vehicle training, and an additional 10 hours of flexible teaching (home links) needed for certification.

Your Driver’s License History (DLH) will be updated to reflect your successful completion and graduation from the BDE course once all three prerequisites have been satisfied within a year.

All-Star Driving School has been in operation for 40 years and has 15 convenient locations, making it the top choice for high school students in the GTA and York Region.

They have the highest road test passing rate and provide flexible, inexpensive, high-quality driver training.

They provide online and in-person classes at your convenience, with additional safeguards to keep you secure and healthy. 

Their team of experts in driving education is knowledgeable, kind, and professional. They are all trained, certified, and reevaluated annually by the business owner.

Take one of their MTO-approved beginner driver education courses to learn cutting-edge driving skills that will help you drive defensively, safely, and confidently.

As we correctly teach their pupils to be the greatest and safest drivers they can be, their in-class environments are bright, always kept clean, and have a pleasant and optimistic feel. They now provide online learning through their digital e-learning curriculum, which is fully authorized by the Ministry authorized. 

Also, they provide weekday sessions throughout the summer vacation and the weekend, evening, and 4-day courses offered all year long. You can always make up a missed session at any time within a year if you cannot attend.

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#2. Faith Driving School

For both adults and teenagers, Faith provides both in-car and classroom instruction in a range of distinct driving styles.

Faith Driving School, LLC, is committed to exceeding customers’ expectations and delivering high-quality services.

Also, 8 hours of behind-the-wheel training with their licensed instructors include:

  • Maneuverability
  • Roundabouts
  • Country driving
  • City driving
  • Highway driving
  • And more!

Note: 24 hours class is not included.

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#3. Westland Driving School

Westland provides driver instruction for both teens and adults. They provide a range of packages to meet the demands of students.

For thirty years, the proprietor has been giving driving lessons. He launched Westland Driving School in 2009. It is a family-run school with reasonable costs and top-notch support.

State of Ohio Certified Instructors is in charge of instructing their classes. Your teen will be ready for the future thanks to their specialized behind-the-wheel training and classroom teaching.

Their top concern is your success. They offer a personalized approach and adapt teaching strategies to the individual needs of each learner.

  • Classes are held Monday through Saturday from 6:00p to 10:10p
  • Only $100 down to start.  Balance must be paid before in-cars are scheduled
  • Sign up Monday through Friday and start that night!
  • Cash, check, or credit card.
  • Please sign up in person.

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#4. Prestige Driving Academy 

With both in-car and classroom instruction, Prestige provides teen and adult drivers’ education for various needs, including young drivers and adults.

To ensure that you, the customer, are completely satisfied with your driving experience and can handle driving on your own with expertise, safety, prudence, and respect for all other drivers and pedestrians, all of their instructors have undergone extensive training.

They will handle your ambitions of obtaining your driver’s license patiently and professionally. They focus on providing success, security, and service. The Prestige Driving Academy is eager to assist you.

Prestige Driving Academy provides a secure and efficient option for students who must complete the 24 hours of virtual classroom time mandated by the State of Ohio. To do this, they make use of Google Classroom and Google Meet.

They divide their classes into eight three-hour sessions that may be taken in any sequence and without registering for each one individually. The prerequisite for attending classes is enrollment.

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#5. Columbus Driving Academy

Both teens and adults can take driving lessons and courses in Columbus.

For quick, easy, and reasonably priced driver’s education for teenagers and adults, turn to Columbus Driving Academy!

At Columbus Driving Academy, we offer the following:

  • Central Ohio has had more than 60 years of safe and responsible instruction.
  • There are many convenient classroom alternatives after-school, at our Education Centers, or online!
  • All you need to know about teen driver education
  • When you need a refresher, there are teen and adult remedial programs.
  • Enrolling and paying online
  • Your in-vehicle classes will soon be able to be scheduled online.
  • If you miss a lesson, you can schedule your online make-up sessions.

Columbus Driving Academy currently offers the following enrollment options for Teen customers:

  • The Silver Program comprises 24 hours of mandatory classroom instruction (which the state mandates) and 8 hours of in-vehicle training (which we offer at one of their education centers or after school at nearby high schools).
  • Gold Program consists of the 24 hours of physical education mandated by the state, 8 hours of in-car instruction, and an additional 2 hours of in-car instruction after school at one of the nearby high schools or on the weekends, evenings, or during the school breaks at one of their education centers. The additional 2-hour lesson will focus on areas where the customer and their teen want more assistance.
  • Online Bundle Program – comprises the 8 hours of in-car instruction and the 24 hours of online coursework the state requires.
  • For clients who might choose to finish their 8 hours of in-vehicle lessons with another driver’s education provider, only the 24 hours of the online classroom.
  • Drive Package only includes 8 hours of in-car instruction for clients who have already finished their 24 hours of online coursework with another online classroom provider.
  • Juvenile Remedial Program comprises the six hours of refresher physical education that young clients who must satisfy local court requirements must receive in a classroom setting.

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#6. 911 Driving School 

911 is an organization that provides classes on safe driving for adults and teenagers. Online courses are offered, as well as training for driving.

A significant turning point in any teen’s life is learning to drive. It offers a great deal of new freedom and comes with great responsibility. 911 Driving School’s only focus is preparing pupils to pass their driving tests and engage in risk-free driving for the rest of their lives.

Instructors teach teens at 911 Driving School who have all worked as police officers and first responders.

These teachers understand everything on the road from their expertise and personal experience. They are skilled at assisting pupils in remembering this information and comprehending the significance of defensive driving.

Their graduates are aware of the enormous responsibility that comes with using a driver’s license.

Regardless of age, 911 Driving School provides all students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be safe drivers and ultimately enjoy the freedom and independence of obtaining a driver’s license.

The first step in a student’s quest to become a legal, licensed driver is their adult Driver’s Ed. Their adult driver education program aims to make each student the best driver they can be, giving them the knowledge and abilities necessary to pass their state’s driving tests.

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#7. Safe Pass Cleveland

For both adults and teenagers, Safe Pass provides both in-car and classroom instruction in a range of various driving strategies. Former university administrators run Safe Pass.

To impart knowledge about driving safely; to foster in their students a sense of confidence, independence, compassion, and empathy; to fundamentally alter the way that drivers in the greater Cleveland area view and employ turn signals; and to forge enduring bonds with their students, their families, and the communities they serve.

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#8. Heights Driving School

Since 1957, Heights has provided adults and teenagers with classroom and on-the-road training. They provide a range of packages to meet the demands of students.

In 1957, Heights Driving School was founded to offer the best driver education available. They have a rigorous training program for all of their teachers, and the Department of Public Safety has authorized and issued licenses.

Heights Driving School was the first driving school in the nation to sign a deal with a public high school to offer the school driver education, and they still have that deal as of right now.

Here are some other facts that you should know about Heights Driving School:

  • Licensed and approved by the Department of Public Safety
  • Up-to-date textbooks and curriculum
  • Licensed to teach the disabled
  • Over 40 years of teaching driver education in Ohio
  • Professionally trained and certified instructors
  • A member in good standing with the Driving School Association of Ohio
  • One of the largest driving schools in Ohio
  • One of the best safety records in the country
  • Programs for the deaf

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#9. First Choice Authorized Driving School

Teen Driver Education classes last 24 hours over 6 days. The price is $360. You will start your eight hours of in-car instruction as soon as you have permission. To learn when the next class will begin, kindly call the school.

They offer:

  • You can begin classes at any time, thanks to rolling admissions.
  • You can start driving when you have paid in full and finished at least one class. Please phone the school or stop by if you’d like to be paired with a teacher. We will come and pick you up at home.
  • A two-point credit is awarded for the Adult Remedial class. You might be qualified to take a remedial driver course for a two-point credit if you have at least two points but no more than 12 on your driving record.
  • This course can have your license reinstated due to a 12-point suspension ordered by the court or BMV requirement.

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#10. Hamrick School

A driving school called Hamrick School may be found at 1156 Medina RD, Medina, Ohio 44256, in the US.

The company is categorized as a driving school, vocational school, and unemployment office.

Hamrick School is listed under

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What are the Online Driving Schools in Ohio?

In Ohio, new drivers can enroll in driver education classes online or at a physical facility.

The state’s standards call for 24 hours of classroom instruction and a minimum of 8 hours of supervised driving time. On its website, Ohio provides a list of driver education courses that have been authorized. 

Additionally, the driver must have logged 50 hours behind the wheel, with at least ten hours spent at night.

Some of the online driving schools in Ohio include:

  • All-Star Driver Education
  • DriversEd.com
  • Costech Technologies
  • First Time Driver
  • I Gotta Drive

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What is the Truck Driving Schools in Ohio?

There are many truck driving schools in Ohio, and they include:

  • Hamrick School
  • Hocking College
  • Allied Training Systems

What are the CDL Driving Schools in Ohio?

Does the idea of doing a job that requires travel sound appealing? Are you seeking a job opportunity that offers benefits, safety, and growth? If you identify with it, you might want to think about a job in the transportation sector.

The need for licensed commercial drivers has increased over time, according to the American Trucking Association (ATA). There are many CDL training programs in Ohio if you are ready to put in a few weeks of work.

There are over 60 CDL training programs in Ohio. Some of the top schools include;

  • Great Lakes Truck Driving School
  • Big Rig Truck Driving School
  • Ohio Business College Truck Driving Academy
  • Southern State Community College
  • Trainco Truck Driving School

What are the Performance Driving Schools in Ohio?

Are you looking for a performance driving school in Ohio? Here are some of them:

  • Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
  • Nelson Ledges Race Course
  • AutoInterests, LLC
  • Advanced Driving School

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What are the Driving Laws in Georgia For 16-Year-Olds?

Does the thought of working a job that involves travel appeal to you? Are you looking for a position that provides benefits, safety, and room for advancement? If you can relate to it, you might want to choose a career in the transportation industry.

The American Trucking Association reports a growing need for qualified commercial drivers (ATA). Ohio offers various CDL training programs if you are willing to put in a few weeks of work.

During the first twelve months of holding a license, the teen:

  • Must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • May drive to and from work with documentation from the employer.
  • May drive to and from school and school-sponsored events or religious functions with documentation from the event organizer.
  • May not drive with more than one non-family member as a passenger unless a parent or guardian is present.
  • Must not get a traffic offense within the first six months of having a license. If a traffic offense occurs, the teen may have independent driving privileges downgraded to supervised driving for up to six months.


In conclusion, the driving schools in Ohio are very good, but the ones listed in this article are considered the best. 

Therefore, if you reside in Ohio and are looking for a good driving school to learn or improve your driving, you can check out any of these driving schools in this article.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the online driving school take in Ohio?

It takes 24 hours

Which online driving course is best?


Do you have to go to driving school to get your license in Ohio?

Driver must complete a driver education class at a licensed driver training school.

What are the easiest drivers to use online?

The easiest driver to use online is iDriveSafely



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