10 Best Driving Schools in Pennsylvania | 2022

Driving Schools in Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania is one of America’s best locations for railroads, coal, steel, as well as mushrooms. The state serves over 13 million multiracial residents and looks after the well-being of every citizen. 

The 5th most populated American state has several places of interest, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Longwood Gardens, Hershey park, and the Falling Waters in Mill Run.

In addition to these amazing and historical landmarks, Pennsylvania houses exceptional driving schools that provide quality driving instructions to students. This way, they produce safe, confident, and high-quality drivers.

That’s why, in this article, you’ll be reading about some of the best driving schools in Pennsylvania. Sit tight and enjoy!

How Do I Choose the Right Pennsylvania Driving School?

Criteria useful for choosing the right driving school in Pennsylvania are, but are not limited to:

  • Years of experience (or in business)
  • Instructors’ qualifications
  • Vehicle specialization
  • Student/Parent/Guardian Reviews
  • Price range
  • Programs’ quality

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How Much Are Driving Lessons in Pennsylvania?

A driving lesson in Pennsylvania costs $50 on average. Most commonly, the price range for a single Driver’s Ed course is between $40 and $60. While many believe that it’s quite expensive, it’s worth it.

How Long Are Driving Lessons in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, it’s expected that you take a Driver’s Ed course which lasts 30 hours. You can obtain your Pennsylvania State Driver’s License after proving that you’ve taken the 30-hour course.

Best Driving Schools in Pennsylvania

By exposing students to expert driving techniques, driving schools in Pennsylvania build and strengthen students’ confidence and professionalism behind the wheels. They include:

  1. John’s Driving School
  2. Pennsylvania Driving School 
  3. Blue Bell Driving School
  4. Wolf Driver Training School
  5. First Pass Driving School, LLC
  6. AW Driving School & License Testing Center
  7. Hickory Driving School
  8. Rogers Driving School 
  9. Four Star Driving School, LLC & Testing Center
  10. Independence Driving School

#1. John’s Driving School

The expert tutorials offered at John’s Driving School are so unique that a student had to comment, “Best driving school, so professional”. The school’s located in Fairless Hills, PA, and provides student-oriented services including classroom drills and in-car practice sessions. It has a 4.7/5 stars rating on Google Reviews.

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#2. Pennsylvania Driving School

This school offers excellent driving training to students. They accept new and experienced drivers who require comprehensive Driver’s Ed courses and behind-the-wheel tutorials. Instructors are experienced and driving info at the school is top-notch. It’s located in Philadelphia, PA, and rated 4.8/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#3. Blue Bell Driving School

Flexible scheduling and trustworthy services are two things that make Blue Bell unique. The Plymouth Meeting-based driving school accepts teen and adult drivers but is more interested in students experiencing difficulties such as new and nervous drivers. If you’ve failed your road test before, you’re also welcome at Blue Bell Driving School.

Thanks to its friendly instructors, students recommend the school to their friends, making it earn 4.9/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#4. Wolf Driver Training School

From teen and adult classroom drills and behind-the-wheel tutorials to road test preps and online classes, this school is just it. It’s located in Lebanon, PA, where it treats students to dishes of quality training. 

For over 50 years, instructors at the school continue to provide unflinching support to students experiencing difficulties in driving. As such, it has earned a 4.8/5 stars rating on Google Reviews.

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#5. First Pass Driving School, LLC

First Pass is located in Yatesville, PA, and has since been serving students from Old Forge and its environs. The school’s flexible programs have won the hearts of students and parents. 

The instructors are experienced, ready-to-help individuals who you can bring any driving problems to. The school offers online and physical training and is rated 5/5 stars on Google Reviews. 

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#6. AW Driving School & License Testing Center

Situated in Allentown, PA, AW Driving School ensures that students receive quality driver’s training and are well-versed in road rules, traffic and body signs, and tricky aspects of driving before they obtain their driver’s license. 

Driving is never boring at AW because the instructors are always ready to put you through. It’s the school’s aim that students become professional and confident in no time and as well pass their road tests in one try. It’s rated 4.9/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#7. Hickory Driving School

At Hickory Driving School, instructors are keen on bringing out the most confident driver in you. They do this by teaching you every possible bit of driving, road ethics, and signals. The primary focus of the Bethlehem-based driving school is safety. As such, they dwell more on defensive driving techniques. The school’s rated 5/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#8. Rogers Driving School

Interestingly, Rogers has produced over 1000 outstanding drivers, most of who passed their road test on their first try. Programs are designed against students’ inconveniences and trainers are thoroughly-screened individuals who’re certified to the core.

Care to be the next professional driver at Penn? Try Rogers Driving School. It’s rated 4.8/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#9. Four Star Driving School, LLC & Testing Center

Four Star Driving School is a Penn State Government-approved driving school where students are taught extensively about driving and road behaviors and also prepared for the PA road test. It’s located in Quakertown and its programs include certified driver’s education courses, behind-the-wheel tutorials, road test preps, and defensive driving lessons. It’s rated 4.9/5 stars on Google Reviews.

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#10. Independence Driving School

This school is located in Tobyhanna, PA. It focuses on students’ proficiency and comfort and ensures this through the use of comfortable cars with dual braking systems. This way, students can apply the knowledge to their cars. 

Independence Driving School operates six days a week, Sundays excluded. Also, they provide free pickup services where you’ll be picked up at any agreed location. It could be from work, home, anywhere! On Google Reviews, the school’s rated 4.9/5 stars.

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Truck Driving Schools in Pennsylvania

Through the use of top-class equipment like truck simulators, truck driving schools in Pennsylvania ensure that you become a safe and confident truck driver. Not only that, but they also help in job placements. Here are some truck driving schools in Pennsylvania:

  • Shelly Truck Driving School
  • Roadmaster Drivers School of Bethlehem, PA
  • Global CDL School
  • AAA School of Trucking
  • Smith & Solomon Commercial Driver Training

Driving Schools in Harrisburg, PA

If you’re in Harrisburg or its surrounding areas and you need a driving school, check these out:

  • Dave Shepherds Driving School
  • Shield Driving School
  • AAA School of Trucking

Driving Schools in Allentown, PA

Read on for a list of some driving schools in Allentown, PA. These schools have significant years of experience and have gained positive reviews from participants.

  • AW Driving School & License Testing Center 
  • Advance Driving School
  • Alpha Driving Academy
  • John’s Driving School – Allentown 
  • A.B.E Driving Lessons

Driving Schools in York, PA

Here are some boarding schools in York, PA:

  • Shelly Truck Driving School
  •  PA State Driving School

Driving Schools in Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh-based driving schools have programs designed to give students basic and advanced education on becoming safe and experienced drivers. They include:

  • Rogers Driving School
  • A-1 Swanson
  • Cindy Cohen School of Driving, LLC & PennDOT 3-Party Testing Center
  • Easy Method Driver Training School, Inc.

Driving Schools in Lancaster, PA

For residents of Lancaster and its environs, here are some driving schools you can attend before you take your driving test:

  • John’s Driving School – Lancaster
  • A Safe Way Driving School LLC

Driving Schools in Bethlehem, PA

From adult and teen lessons to in-car practice sessions to private tutorials, driving schools in Bethlehem, PA, offer a lot. They include:

  • Hickory Driving School, Inc.
  • Callahan Driving School and Testing Center
  • International Driving School

Driving Schools in Wilkes-Barre, PA

Wilkes-Barre, also known as The Diamond City, is an amazing location to live in and learn from. On our list, we’ve got one driving school in Wilkes-Barre:

  • Quad A Driving Academy

Driving Schools in Philadelphia, PA

Whether you’re a new driver or an experienced driver who needs to learn more, driving schools in Philadelphia are ready to help you. They include:

  • Philadelphia Professional Driving School, Inc.
  • Stars and Stripes Driving School
  • Ben Driving School
  • Tee’s Driving School

Driving Schools in Stroudsburg, PA

Driving Schools in Stroudsburg try their best in providing quality services to students. Programs at these schools include classroom lessons, behind-the-wheel tutorials, and car rentals for the road test. They include:

  • Derek Arneaud Driving School
  •  4 Seasons Driving School
  • A-1 Ayers Driving School

Driving Schools in Delaware County, PA

Students residing in the Delaware County towns of Pennsylvania can attend these driving schools for professional driver training programs:

  • Premium Driving School
  • I Love To Drive Driving Lessons & 3rd Party Drivers Testing Center
  • Cantor’s Driving School & Testing Center – Olde Ridge Village


Driving is a huge opportunity for both teenagers and adults, but it’s also tasking. That’s why we’ve taken our time to give you a detailed list of some of the best driving schools in Pennsylvania where you can learn how to drive in a thorough but comfortable way.

These schools have outstanding programs that you’ll fit into without having to pass through a whole lot of stress. Good luck!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Driving Schools in Pennsylvania

Can You Drive at 15 in PA?

To drive in Pennsylvania, you’ve got to be at least 15 years old. Afterward, you should take a Driver’s Ed course approved by the State Government. Then, you must submit proof to show that you completed the course. Your parents/guardians will have to fill out a DL-180TD consent form along the line. Also, you’ll have to take a vision and knowledge test.

How Is the PA Driver’s Road Test?

Well, you should expect 18 multiple-choice questions out of which you must get at least 15 correctly. Next, your driving will be assessed by the examiner in charge.

Can You Drive Out of State With A PA Learner’s Permit?

While some states allow learners to drive out of state, Pennsylvania doesn’t. The act comes with serious sanctions. If caught, your license could be suspended, you could be fined, or they could seize your car. 


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