Duke University 2022 – First Hand Information on All You Need To Know

Duke University 2021 - First Hand Information on All You Need To Know
Duke University 2021 – First Hand Information on All You Need To Know

You probably clicked on this post because you’re among the “I want to study in USA” students or you would want to do your Master’s study in USA but don’t have a choice of university yet? The most popular study abroad destination for international students is the USA. To that regard, we have put this article together to educate you on all you need to know about Duke University, its tuition fees, scholarships, courses and online courses.

This is a complete guide written with up-to-date information. It’s going to be an educative ride. Let’s get started!!!

Overview of Duke

Location: Durham, North Carolina, United States

Year of Establishment: 1838

Formerly Known as: Brown School (1838–1841), Union Institute (1841–1851), Normal College (1851–1859) and Trinity College (1859–1924)

Motto: Eruditio et Religio (Latin) translated in English as Knowledge and Faith

Academic affiliations: AAU, CDIO, COFHE, 568 Group, IAMSCU, NAICU, ORAUn and URA

Number of Staff: Academic staff: 3,870, Administrative staff: 8,880, Total Campus & Health System Employees 41,206

Students: 15,634 (Undergraduates 6,526, Postgraduates 9,108)

Research Output: Very High

Endowment: As at 2019, $8.61 billion

School Type: Private

Religious affiliation: United Methodist Church

Campus Style: Suburban/Urban

Land Mass: 8,693 acres (35.2 km2)

Colors: Duke blue, white , ,

Website: http://www.duke.edu

Standing tall for 182 years, Duke is a private research university in North Carolina. Walking in excellency and prestige, it flaunts its prowess academically and character wise. We don’t mean to exaggerate, Duke is one of the best research university in North Carolina.

Duke has produced the third highest number of Churchill Scholars behind Princeton and Harvard. We know Duke to be the fifth-highest number of Rhodes, Goldwater, Marshall, Truman, and Udall Scholars of any American university dating between 1986 and 2015.

It’s level of research output keeps it at the forefront of university rankings. So if you’re looking for a university whose academic excellence have been tested, then you have to read this article till the end.

Before sending in your application documents, we recommend you consider the Duke University tuition fees, courses, scholarships and other requirements that might pose a threat in securing admission at DUKE!

History of Duke University

Established under the name “Brown’s Schoolhouse”, the university came into existence in 1838. They found it as a private subscription school in Randolph County in the present-day town of Trinity.

In 1841, Brown’s Schoolhouse became the Union Institute Academy. The Union Institute Society: a group of Methodists and Quakers renamed the university. In 1851, they renamed the academy “Normal College” and in 1859 they renamed it “Trinity College” because of support from the Methodist Church.

In 1892, the university moved to Durham, on a land donated by Julian S. Carr. Today we know the campus in Durham as the “East Campus”. Following this event, Washington Duke donated $85,000 for an initial endowment and construction costs. In the years 1896,1899 and 1900, he augmented his generosity by donating $100,000 each of those years. Washington Duke made this contribution with the stipulation that the college “open its doors to women, placing them on an equal footing with men.”

James Buchanan Duke, a tobacco and electric power industrialist established The Duke Endowment in 1924. With this, the institution changed its name to “Duke University” to honor his deceased father: Washington Duke.

Between 1925 to 1927, Duke’s original campus in Durham was rebuilt with Georgian-style buildings. By 1930, most of the Collegiate Gothic-style buildings on the campus were completed. They completed construction on West Campus in 1935, with the completion of Duke Chapel.,

Duke was one of 131 colleges and universities who took part in the V-12 Navy College Training Program during World War II. which offered students a path to a navy commission. Established as the white man institution, Duke enrolled its first black postgraduate students in 1961. In September 1966, the school admitted its first of Black undergraduates.

To strengthen the University’s reputation, Duke administrators began attempting to strengthen Duke’s reputation both nationally and internationally in 1970.

Today, Duke’s campus has a land mass of over 8,600 acres (3,500 hectares) on three contiguous sub-campuses in Durham and a marine lab in Beaufort. The West Campus incorporates Gothic architecture with the 210-foot (64-meter), at the center you get the Duke Chapel. The highest point of elevation is next to the Medical Center. East Campus, 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) away, home to all first-years, contains Georgian-style architecture.

Having existed for 182 years, the university prides in several faculty members, affiliates and alumni. Clarivate Analytics in 2019 named 54 members of Duke’s faculty to its list of “Highly Cited Researchers” this places the university on 8th among the world’s universities.

As of 2019, they have affiliated 3 Turing Award winners and 15 Nobel laureates with the university. Duke alumni also include 50 Rhodes Scholars and 25 Churchill Scholars.

We rate the Duke University so high because it has results which show its level of excellence and prestige. Deciding to study in this university is an impressive feat but before you proceed, we recommend you check out the Duke’s university tuition fees, acceptance rate, courses and entry requirements.

What is the Admission Process into Duke Like?

Logo of Duke University

Without mincing words, admission into Duke University is very high, selective and competitive. Duke expects its prospective students to be on A-list and highly intellectual. Duke rarely accepts average students.

Admissions into Duke is “booked” ahead of time. Currently, the university has received 39,800 applications for the class of 2024. To stand a chance to gain admission into Duke, meet their entry requirements, submit your application and scores on time.

What’s the Acceptance Rate Of Duke University?

Duke has an acceptance rate of 8%. Out of its applications for the class of 2023, only 54% were admitted. Regardless on the acceptance rate, admission largely depends on the ACT and SAT scores. We recommend you focus on that.

When is the Application Deadline for Duke?

The application Deadline for admissions into Duke is usually on Jan. 3 each year. All applications, requirements, scores are expected to have been by the university’s admission board by January 3rd. The application fee at Duke University is $85.

We recommend you send in your application on time to stand a chance to be considered for admission. The university operates on the “first come first serve” principle.

What’s the Cost of Studying in Duke?

Before sending in your application, it’s important you consider the tuition fees at Duke University. Depending on the program and course of study, Duke University tuition fees differ. In this we have put down the tuition fees for all programs at Duke University.

Based on research, the tuition fees for 2020/2021 academic session is $60,488. This is 89% more expensive than the average college tuition in other North Carolina universities. This makes it rank 44th on our Expensive 100 Ranking.

To aid you financially, we recommend you apply for Duke University scholarships or any other available scholarships.

Duke University Ranking

  • Ranks 1st in Best Christian College in America
  • Ranks 1st in Best Colleges for Student Athletes in America
  • Ranks 12th in National Universities
  • Ranks 18th in World University rankings
  • Ranks 42nd QS Global World rankings
  • Ranks 13th in Best Value Schools
  • Ranks 14th in Most Innovative Schools
  • Ranks 9th in Best Undergraduate Teaching (tie)
  • Ranks 291st in Top Performers on Social Mobility (tie)
  • Ranks 22nd in Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs (tie)
  • Ranks 27th in First-Year Experiences (tie)
  • Ranks 14th in Learning Communities (tie)
  • Ranks 10th in Study Abroad
  • Ranks 8th in Undergraduate Research/Creative Projects

These rankings show that the university’s academic prowess is recognized. It’s prestige speaks for it.

Duke University Courses

Following through its expansion, Duke University is a home to over 46 arts and sciences courses, 4 engineering majors, 52 minors (including two in engineering) and Program II. Program II allows students to design their own interdisciplinary major whether in arts & sciences.

Below is a list of some Duke University courses

  • Biological Sciences
  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Computer Science
  • Earth Sciences
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • English
  • History
  • Law
  • Mathematics
  • Medicine: Primary Care, Research
  • Nursing: Doctorate, Master’s, Anesthesia
  • Physical Therapy
  • Physician Assistant
  • Physics
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Public Affairs
  • Sociology
  • Statistics, etc

We do not limit the Duke University courses to the list above. To narrow down your search, visit the School’s website.

They offer these Duke University courses in either of these arms of the institution

  • Trinity College of Arts and Sciences
  • Duke University School of Law
  • Graduate School of Duke University
  • Duke Divinity School
  • Duke University School of Medicine
  • Duke University School of Nursing
  • Nicholas School of the Environment
  • Pratt School of Engineering
  • Fuqua School of Business
  • Sanford School of Public Policy
  • Duke-NUS Medical School
  • Duke Kunshan University ,

Duke University has 12 schools and institutes, three of which host undergraduate programs: Trinity College of Arts and Sciences, Pratt School of Engineering, and Duke Kunshan University.

Does Duke University offer scholarships to her Students?

Yes, Duke is known for its generous scholarships to residents and international students. Securing any of the Duke University scholarships is a sure way to aid your finances. Many students have testified that the Duke University scholarships are a sure way to pay your bills.

Roughly Duke offers 60 merit-based full tuition scholarships. This includes the Angier B. Duke Memorial Scholarship awarded for academic excellence, the Benjamin N. Duke Scholarship awarded for community service, and the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program, a joint scholarship and leadership.

One scholarship you should apply for is the Karsh International Scholarships organized by Duke. This scholarship provides eight semesters of full tuition, room and board, and mandatory fees to Duke.

To discover more scholarships, click the links below!!!

Check These Scholarships!!!

What’s Duke University Famous for?

Depending on the angle you’re coming from, the university is highly rated. Academically, the university is known for its prowess in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs.

It’s Biomedical Engineering is consistently ranked as one of the top 3 programs in the nation. Little wonder the university is often referred to as the Harvard of the South.

In the world of sports, the university’s basketball team has produced many NBA players. It might interest you to know that it’s where Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) got his MBA from.

Duke University Programs

Twenty-four certificate programs are available at Duke. Programs offered in Duke include

  • Doctoral programs
  • Master’s programs
  • Undergraduate programs
  • Pre-med programs, etc

Duke University Notable Alumni

145,000 Duke University graduates are active to the university through organizations and events such as the annual Reunion Weekend and Homecoming. In 2019, there are 75 Duke clubs in the U.S. and 38 such international clubs.

For a university which has existed over 100 years, it has produced many notable individual in today’s society. They include;

  • Richard Nixon, 37th President of the United States
  • Elizabeth Dole Former U.S. Senator and Secretary of Transportation
  • Ricardo Lagos 33rd President of Chile
  • Juanita M. Kreps, former U.S. Secretary of Commerce
  • Ron Paul congressional representative and three-time presidential candidate
  • Army Eric Shinseki, U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs and former Chief of Staff of the United States

Among others

Frequently Asked Questions about Duke University

What’s the ACT/SAT score range to apply to Duke?

To apply to Duke, you require an SAT score between 1480 and 1570 or an ACT score of 33 and 35. However, one quarter of admitted applicants achieved scores above these ranges, proving A-list criteria of Duke. Test score ranges account for the 25th-75th percentile of accepted students.

Does Duke offer Online courses

Yes, currently all campus events, admissions and classes for all students are online at Duke University. They introduced Duke University online courses to aid students who can’t make it to America to study at Duke virtually.

Taking advantage of the Duke University online courses is one way to study at a fair price. The tuition for online courses at Duke University is cheaper and more convenient for those who want to juggle up career, family life and academics.

To know more about the Duke University online courses, visit the school’s website.

How much is the Cost of Living in North Carolina?

Based on research, we have estimated the average cost of living in North Carolina to be $94,339. This covers housing, books, feeding, tuition, transportation and all other expenses.


Duke is continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation. All on-campus events, including admissions tours, have been cancelled and current students have had classes moved online until further notice.


Studying at Duke is a splendid choice. Take your time to test the tuition fees, courses, online courses and scholarships at Duke University. This gives you the chance to ponder ANS make your decision.

We hope you found this piece in educative, reach out to us once you secure a spot in DUKE as a student.

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