Durham University Acceptance Rate 2022 | Average GPA and Admission Requirements

Have you ever considered applying for admission to Durham University? If so, you shouldn’t disregard the Durham University Acceptance Rate as information. You may see the acceptance rate and entrance standards in this article.

We want you to have a better understanding of Durham University’s history before we get into its acceptance rate.

Northeastern England’s Durham is home to Durham University, a public collegiate institution.

It was established in 1832, although its history dates back to the ninth century, making it the third-oldest university in England.

It is also one of the rare universities in the UK that has 16 colleges and operates under a collegiate system.

Durham can commit to high-profile, cutting-edge research since it is a research institution and a member of the Russell Group of Universities, the N8 research alliance, and the Coimbra Group.

The Durham City campus and the Queen’s campus make up the two main sites that make up the large estate.

The university’s academic divisions and all the colleges are located on the Durham City site, which is regarded as the main campus.

Also, the Bailey neighborhood and the Old and New Elvet sections are important parts of this university.

Lastly, the International Study Centre and the Wolfson Research Institute are two distinct departments that are housed on the Queen’s Campus in Stockton, which was just founded in 1992.

Why Choose Durham University?

Have you set your sights on studying abroad in England for your undergrad degree? Forget Cambridge and Oxford; Durham University offers the most complete student experience Britain offers.

The reasons you should choose Durham University are:

  • You’ll adore the University.
  • One of the world’s most magical locations is Durham
  • Durham’s collegiate system allows you to interact with your classmates.
  • You won’t have to be concerned about finding work.
  • There is no finer instruction available than this.
  • Durham has a rich history.
  • Durham juggles connection and community
  • Durham will provide you with a truly British experience.

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What is the Durham University Acceptance Rate?

The most important parameter that students should take into account is the admission rate. The predicted acceptance rate for Durham University is 41%.

However, 41 percent is not very competitive, though, for a school with that much repute. Universities in other nations with a similar reputation face far more competition from applicants.

You might want to seize this chance and apply to this esteemed university as a result.

Also, you can sign up with UCAS. You’ll need a buzzword if you’re applying through a school or college, so be sure you know what it is.

If you don’t apply through a school or institution, you won’t need a keyword. You’ll receive a username, a UCAS personal ID, and instructions on how to establish your own password when you register. You will need these a lot, so be careful to keep them safe.

The school also accepts Common App applications from those who are unable to use UCAS as an alternative application method.

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What is Durham University Tuition?

What is the price of Durham University? For home undergraduate and postgraduate certificate in education student costs, see the table below.

In 2022–23, there is a £9,250 tuition cost for domestic undergraduates and PGCE students who are enrolled for the complete academic year without taking a study abroad or practicum year.

Year Abroad Fee for Undergraduates: £1,385

Payment for Undergraduate Placement: £1,850

Additionally, pro-rata charges will apply to students who are returning from a period of suspension or who are taking fewer courses.

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What is the Durham University Transfer Acceptance Rate?

Transferring to Durham University is a difficult thing to do. Durham University accepts transfer students every year with an acceptance rate of 20%.

Therefore, transferring to Durham University isn’t as easy as it seems.

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What is the Durham University Acceptance Rate By Major?

The Durham University acceptance rate by major include:

  • Art and Design-14%
  • Business- 15%
  • Agricultural Sciences- 9%
  • Environmental Science- 10%
  • Law and Legal Studies- 23%
  • Hospitality and Tourism- 13%
  • Engineering- 25%
  • Marketing Media and Communication- 17%
  • Economics- 12%

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What Are The Necessary Requirements For Durham University?

The necessary requirements for admission into Durham University include

General Certificate of Education (GCE), General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) or equivalent, with passes in 3 approved subjects at Ordinary (‘O’) level, or 1 at ‘O’ and 2 at Advanced (‘A’) level, or 1 at ‘O’ and 3 at ‘A’.

Candidates may offer Advanced Supplementary (‘AS’) levels which count as 1/2 an ‘A’ level

Also, the application fee is 18 GBP.

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What Are The Transfer Requirements For Durham University?

Transfer aspirants need to submit some documents required for admission and they include:

  • Official transcripts with an average score of 85%
  • Academic reference
  • Statement of Purpose
  • English language test scores

Include the following information in your UCAS application if you have been or are presently attending a different university:

  • In the UCAS application’s “Previous/Current Education” section, list your current or previous university and degree.
  • Request a reference from a professor or tutor from your current or previous university. Since transfers are common, your university won’t penalize you for doing this.
  • From your current or prior university, request a transcript.
  • Especially if you are applying for a year 2 entry, save the module/course descriptions you have studied or are currently taking because we may request to see them when we evaluate your application. 
  • Also, include a brief justification for your desire to transfer universities/courses to your UCAS personal statement.

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What is The GPA Needed To Get into Durham University?

In order to have a decent chance of being admitted to Durham University in the United Kingdom, students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.2. 

Also, to increase their chances of admission, students must also engage in extracurricular activities such as sports, project leadership, and community service.

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What is The Durham University Deadline?

Rolling admission is available for all courses. For students from specific nations, some graduate courses do have deadlines.

Students must thus verify this before applying.

Note that rolling admission means that the aspirant can apply anytime in the year.

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What Are The Durham University Decision Dates?

All applications are reviewed at Durham in accordance with the admissions policy. The school attempt to make judgments within 6-8 weeks of receiving your application, occasionally sooner, but during extremely busy times, decisions could take longer.


In conclusion, Durham University might not be as famous as Oxford and Cambridge but it is one of the greatest Universities you can find in England. So if you applied to this school, you are going to love what you did.

However, we hope you found this post useful. If so, share this post.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What grades do you need for Durham?

You must have GCSE English Language and GCSE Mathematics both at a minimum of Grade 4 and a minimum of 5 GCSE qualifications at Grade 5 or above overall in order to enroll with us as a student.

Is University of Durham hard to get into?

Over 70% of applicants receive offers from Durham.

Is Durham Uni elite?

One of the top universities in the nation is Durham.

Is Durham prestigious?

Reputable league tables attest to Durham University’s status as the top UK university.


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