Best Electrician Schools in Los Angeles 2024 | Requirements

Do you want to become an Electrician in Los Angeles, or are you fascinated by schools, universities, or colleges with an electrician program? We have for you in this content the best electrician schools in Los Angeles in 2024.

Do you enjoy fixing and repairing electrical equipment? Have you dreamt of making it a career? 

Wants to pursue a career as an electrician in Los Angeles but doesn’t know how to go about it?

A detailed answer to all your questions would go a long way to ease your worries and help you make the right decision. 

However, knowing that an electrician differs from an electrical engineer is essential. Both careers seem similar but have other specifications. While an Electrical Engineer designs, develops, tests, and supervises the manufacturing of electrical systems, an Electrician is a tradesperson who installs, repairs, and maintains electrical equipment and systems. 

Los Angeles, also known as a city of angels, is an excellent state with a good economy, making it lovely for someone to live, study, and work. 

Without much ado, let’s get started. Likewise, grab a glass of juice as you read on.

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Why Become an Electrician in Los Angeles? 

On Average, Electricians are among the best-paying hand skills in Los Angeles, California. According to the California Division of Industrial Relations, the employment rate of Electricians in Los Angeles will rise to 10.4% by 2028

An electrician in Los Angeles earns an average of $28.48 per hour and $68,200 per annum. Also, the chief electrician and those with lots of work experience earn up to $103,600 per annum. Electricians also earn for working overtime.

Subsequently, The job outlook for Electricians is recommendable; Good Electricians are always in demand. 

Similarly, With more introduction to electrical systems and equipment, you will agree that there will be an increase in demand for Electricians.

In addition, it allows you to choose an area of specialization, either as a construction, green, or maintenance electrician.

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What Do Electricians Do? 

Electricians install, repair, and maintain electrical equipment and appliances. They work with wires and cables. Also, Electricians are there to restore our faulty electrical systems. They are in charge of everything concerning an electrical system after production. 

However, the nature of an electrician’s job can be indoor work-related or outdoor work-related. Therefore, it depends if the work is carried out in a residential or commercial building or on a construction site. 

How Do I Become an Electrician in Los Angeles? 

To become an electrician in Los Angeles, the intended individual would enroll in a college, trade, or technical school that offers an electrician skill acquisition program. Again, the Electrician certification program must approve The Electrician school in view.

Electricians in Los Angeles must complete 720 hours of classroom training and 8000 hours of job-on-hand experience. Upon completing the training, the individual must take the licensing exam approved by the Electrician certification program, as practicing without a license in Los Angeles is illegal. 

Are there Electrician Schools in Los Angeles? 

Yes, it might interest you that there are electrician colleges in Los Angeles. Some of these institutions are listed below;

  • Long Beach City College 
  • Los Angeles Trade-Tech College 
  • San Diego City College 
  • American River College 
  • Western Electrical Contracts
  • Chaffey College 
  • Foothill College 
  • Intercoast College 
  • California Electrical Training Inc. 
  • Southern California Institute of Tech
  • UEI College 
  • Baldwin Park Adult and Community Education 

What is the Cost of the Electrician Program in Los Angeles? 

The cost for the electrician program in Los Angeles varies depending on the type of institution you wish to apply for. 

First, Trade schools are the most expensive; their tuition costs about $30,000, whereas Community Colleges’ tuition fees are between $3,500 and $19,500. Yet, Intended students are also expected to buy materials, books, and tools as these are not included in the tuition fee. 

Nevertheless, financial aid and scholarships are also available for students.

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How Long Does it Take to Qualify as an Electrician in Los Angeles? 

An electrician program in trade school takes at most 9months of training to qualify. On the other hand, An apprenticeship program lasts four years, while a full-time student qualifies as an electrician for two years in a college. 

Best Electrician Schools in Los Angeles in 2024.

Having over 100 institutions in Los Angeles that offer an Electrician program, we will be looking at the top 10 among them. Our comprehensive list includes the best electrician colleges in Los Angeles and their area of specialization. 

#1. Intercoast College. 

Location: Riverside, Los Angeles. 

With many campuses spread throughout California in which Los Angeles is inclusive, this vocational institution is one of the best electrician schools in Los Angeles. Also, It is a private for-profit institution. Intercoast College offers occupational degree and certification programs to equip students to meet employers’ expectations. 

The electrician program at Intercoast College is full coverage of electrical training. It provides students with the fundamentals and advanced knowledge of electrical theories. Proper practicals are also carried out to complement the theories. Consequently, They prepare students for employment in related electrical trades. 

In addition, Hybrid electrical training programs are also available for students in this institution. It enables a student to run an online electrical training program and be available only for practicals. 

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#2. California Electrical Training Inc. 

Location: Los Angeles. 

California Electrical Training Inc is a state-approved electrical trade school. The Electrician program in this school is taught in both English and Spanish. Hence, it provides opportunities for international students who prefer Spanish to English. 

This trade school offers hands-on experience in Electrician training, continuous education, on-site lab training, etc. 

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#3. Long Beach City College 

Location: Long Beach, Los Angeles 

This is one of the best electrician colleges in Los Angeles and also a public community college. The Apprenticeship Council approves it as Approved School Number 101.

The electrician program at Long Beach City College majors solely in Electrical technology. An Associate Degree is issued after the training. Above all, The program curriculum prepares students for employment in different areas of electrical technology, such as Networking cable specialist, Cisco Network installation, Traffic signal system, solar photovoltaic installation, etc. 

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#3. Los Angeles Trade Tech

Location: Los Angeles 

Los Angeles Trade Tech is a public community college and among the best electrician schools in Los Angeles. The Electrician program of this institution is based on electrical construction and maintenance. 

The program curriculum provides the students with adequate knowledge of the fundamentals of Renewable energy generation, transmission and distribution of power lines, etc. 

Students completing the training are open to job opportunities like electrical linemen, maintenance electricians, etc. 

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#4. Baldwin Park Adult Career Training Center 

Location: Baldwin Park, Los Angeles 

This Los Angeles electrician school offers daytime and evening sections of its electrician program. The goal of this training is to prepare students for entry-level employment opportunities. 

Most importantly, The program curriculum covers areas in the study of basic electricity, Residential home wiring, industrial wiring, schematic layout, blueprint reading, etc. 

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#5. Los Angeles Valley College 

Location: Los Angeles.

It is a public community college and yet among the colleges with the best electrician program in Los Angeles. They aim to produce more proficient Residential Electricians. Thus, The program encompasses fundamental skills needed to work with residential electrical systems. Students are also taught electrical theory, wiring, allocation, repairs, general maintenance, etc. 

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#6. Southern California Institute of Tech 

Location: Anaheim, Los Angeles. 

Southern California Institute of Technology is a private for-profit institution. The Electrician program is designed for students to learn electrical installation in three sectors residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. 

Students complete lab projects, and SCIT has extensive lab facilities. 

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#7. San Diego City College 

Location: San Diego, Los Angeles.

The electrician program in this institution provides students with the opportunity to master the skills required to scale through the electrical trade. Students learn the skills to install, maintain and repair various electrical systems. 

Hence, the goal is to provide students with the best skills and theories needed to meet the demands of an electrician. Most of their program curriculum includes basic electrical theory, advanced electrical theory, electrical code, blueprint, etc. 

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#8. North Orange County regional and occupational program. 

Location: Anaheim, Los Angeles. 

In Anaheim lies another incredible Electrician School in Los Angeles. 

This Electrician program in North Orange County prepares students for entry-level jobs but doesn’t qualify them to sit for the state certification exam. 

Students are given practical training on how to install, maintain, and repair electrical equipment and systems. 

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#8. UEI College 

Location: Live Oak, Los Angeles. 

United Education Institute offers vocational and trade programs. The electrician technician program prepares students for entry-level jobs in the residential, commercial, and industrial fields. 

Their vision is to provide students with the necessary training they will need in their career-focused courses. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Electrician Schools in Los Angeles. 

Is it Hard to Become an Electrician?

 Electrician programs are not accessible but can be made easy with hard work, dedication, and determination.

Is Being an Electrician a Good Job?

 On Average, an electrician earns up to $68,200 per annum. Also, an electrician can be self-employed. 

Are Electricians in High Demand in California?

 With a 10.4% increase in the employment rate of Electricians in Los Angeles between now and 2028, the demand rate for Electricians. 

Can I Do Electrical Work without a License in Los Angeles?

One can’t be an electrician and practice without a license. 


Having read the article, you will concur that Los Angeles has Good Electricians in schools, colleges, and universities. 

Being an electrician is a good and fulfilling career. With advanced knowledge and prior years of experience in the electrical field, one can earn up to $ 103,600 per annum in Los Angeles. 

Choosing an electrician school in Los Angeles can make that dream come true. 


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