10 Best Electrician Schools in Ontario in 2023 | How to Apply

Suppose you’re considering starting a career as an electrician in Ontario. In that case, our list of the top schools, colleges, and universities in the State will give you an idea of the best programs to enroll in.

Ontario has a long list of schools that educate students in the skills, expertise, and technical know-how required to function effectively in the electrical construction industry.

However, finding the perfect fit for you may be a daunting task, which is why we have come up with a list of the best electrician programs and colleges in Ontario, Canada.

By completing the programs on our list, students can go on to earn their licenses to practice as professional electricians in Ontario.  

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Is It Hard To Become an Electrician in Ontario?

Becoming an electrician brings a lot of positivity to those who want to practice in Ontario. From good job security to high income and job availability.

However, the hard part of the journey is that getting licensed as an electrician in Ontario takes several years of training.

To obtain your license, you have to apply through the regulated body, the Ontario College of Trades. You must earn a Certificate of Qualification (C of Q) to become a journeyperson.

How Long Does It Take To Become an Electrician in Ontario?

There are a variety of academic tracks to become an electrician in Ontario. Depending on the educational path you choose to study, any electrician courses or programs in Ontario, how long it may take you to complete a degree may differ.

Depending on what academic institution you choose to enroll in, the time it takes to complete your educational programs as an electrician also differs.

For instance, there are one-year certificate programs that focus on basic knowledge of electrical techniques that run in some institutes in Ontario. 

Also, Ontario college electrician and electrical programs take 2 to 3 years to complete. Colleges offer such courses and programs.

Lastly, if you’re enrolling in any electrician’s University in Ontario, most programs will take approximately five years to complete.

Whichever academic track you choose, you are required, under the Ontario College of Trades and Apprenticeship Act, to an electrical apprenticeship to gain 9000 hours of practice.

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How Do I Become an Electrician in Ontario?

Becoming an Ontario electrician is a straightforward process that will be easy if you follow the rules.

Many electrician training programs in Ontario are one-year certificate programs that enlighten students on the basic knowledge of electrical techniques. Those who enroll in one-year certificate programs are laced with the ability to take them on an apprenticeship journey.

To enroll in the one-year certificate programs for electricians in Ontario, you must have the following requirements;

After the apprenticeship program, some students enroll in either 2- or 3-year Ontario College electrical programs, either a 2 or 3 years program.

All you need to enroll in the two-year or three-year certificate programs in Ontario colleges is to;

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, possibly including a grade 12 mathematics credit and grade 12 English credit. Communications, physics, and other related courses are often encouraged.

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Top Electrician Schools in Ontario

Ontario colleges and universities’ electrician and electrical engineering programs focus on teaching the basics of electronics and electrical work.

Majority of the schools that make our list hold classes using solid-state electronic devices, circuit construction, digital circuits, and performing electrical repairs, installations, and power distribution.

Some go to expose students to understanding drive and control systems, safety ethics, and the Canadian Electrical Code.

You can be assured that you will be able to carry out numerous hands-on projects and applications in the lab as part of the curriculum. 

Also, students engage in sophisticated AutoCAD programs to understand how to design wiring layouts for both commercial and residential areas. 

Without further ado, here is a list of the best electrician colleges and universities in Ontario that will train you to become professional through its accredited programs;

#1. George Brown College

All students looking out for one of the best electrician colleges in Ontario, Canada, should consider enrolling in George Brown College.

Over the years, George Brown College has gathered a wide range of experiences in offering certificate and degree programs to students on various trade skills.

As one of the universities in Ontario, George Brown College is one of the best-rated schools and colleges for electrician programs in Ontario.

All students who enroll in the George Brown College electrician program acquire the necessary skills and expertise required to function effectively in the electrical field industry.

The electrician courses cover a wide range of options. George Brown College students can enroll in the electrical construction and maintenance program, the electrical technician program, or the electrical techniques program.


#2. Fanshawe College

In the history of the Ontario education system, Fanshawe college is one of the State’s pride institutions with a track record of excellence in producing qualified and efficient students in many skills and trade courses.

Following his long-standing reputation, the electrician program is also known to produce students who efficiently take up entry-level jobs in the residential, government, commercial as well as industrial sectors of the State.

All students who study at Fanshawe College get the prerequisite skills and the basic and advanced technical know-how to navigate the electrical construction industry upon graduation. 

Students can apply to the Fanshawe College electrician apprenticeship program, the electrical techniques program, the Industrial electrician program, and the electrical manufacturing and building technology program.

Due to the variety of options available, Fanshawe College’s electrician program is one of the best in Ontario, Canada. 


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#3. Georgian College

Year in and year out, Georgian College ranks high in many university rankings in Ontario and Canada. Its consistent delivering quality education in various academic disciplines has earned it one of the best schools and colleges in Ontario, even for electrician programs.

The electrician program at Georgian College focuses on practical application and theoretical knowledge that equip students for a journey to become electricians in Ontario, Canada, and other regions of the world.

By enrolling in the Georgian College electrician program, students get the required no skills and expertise to take up entry-level jobs immediately after graduation. 

To become an electrician in Ontario, you can enroll in the Georgian College electrical engineering technology program.


#4. Fleming College

Fleming college is one of Ontario’s best schools, colleges, and universities, with the best electrician programs. 

Classes focus on hands-on practicals through its apprenticeship program, where students learn in state-of-the-art facilities using modern technology to learn the basics and the professional level of becoming an electrician. 

One of the advantages of enrolling in Fleming College is its modernized way of learning, where students have to learn using the right tools and technologies as they would have in a real-life situation.


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#5. Northern Lights College

Northern Lights College’s electrician program is in the form of an apprenticeship program where students focus on the practicality of the profession.

Classes are held in state-of-the-art facilities where students train in real-life simulations and take up projects just like they would in real-world situations.

At the end of the program, students cannot only take up entry-level jobs and work as electricians in Ontario but also take up commercial projects upon graduation.


#6. St. Clair College

Through its consistency in providing quality education, all students who graduate from St. Clair College electrician programs can obtain their License quickly after college.

St. Clair College’s electrician program focuses on providing students with the required skills, expertise, and technical know-how to take up professional jobs as an electrician.

By learning from expert teachers, students engage in one-on-one learning and coaching, which is essential to the growth of their profession.


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#7. Mohawk College

Mohawk College is one of the best electrician schools, colleges, and universities in Ontario that offers quality programs in various fields of electrical engineering.

Practicality is the critical focus of teaching at Mohawk College. Students engage in one-on-one learning in a highly simulated environment where they brainstorm to tackle projects as they would face real-life situations.

Upon graduation, students can take up electrician positions in Ontario and work professionally in industries and commercial firms.


#8. Centennial College

If you’re looking for quality education in the field of electricity, then you should consider enrolling in Centennial College’s electrical technician programs.

Centennial College’s electrician program joggles up studies to an advanced level for students who want to earn a professional degree.

Classes are practical after completing the theoretical courses. Through this process, students engage in hands-on practicals and one-on-one coaching, which is required to function effectively in a real-world situation.


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#9. Conestoga College

Conestoga College is one of the schools and universities accredited to deliver quality education in the field of electrical engineering.

Through its electrical technician studies courses, students learn the rudiments as well as the professional demands of the job.

Not only do you gain practical knowledge about being an electrician, but the environment also sets you up for possible internships and job opportunities before and after graduation hence why Conestoga College enlists as one of the best Ontario electrician schools, colleges, and universities.


#10. New Brunswick Community College

judging from reviews and details given by previous New Brunswick Community College students, you wouldn’t be making a mistake enrolling into the college’s electrician program.

New Brunswick Community College has maintained a consistent track record of providing quality education across all trade skills and occupations sectors.

Its electrician program has empowered many to become professionals in the field, taking up residential, government, commercial, and industrial projects to maintain electrically powered devices and systems across town and beyond.

New Brunswick Community College receives tons of admission applications from students from all walks of life, making the environment conducive to diverse learning.


Other Electrician Schools and Universities in Ontario

  • Durham College
  • Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology

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Frequently Asked Questions About How To Become an Electrician in Ontario

How Much Do Electricians Earn In Ontario?

Attending any of the best universities and colleges in Ontario is not just the sole motivation for students enrolling to become an electrician in the State.

However, it is one of the first steps to earning a good salary.
Following the report released by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, electricians in Ontario can earn as low as $14 an hour, but those with a wealth of experience can reach as high as $30. 

This leaves the average salary for specialized electricians in the industrial field at $25 an hour. However, unionized workers can expect higher wages.

Where Can I Work in Ontario As An Electrician?

All who work as an electrician in Ontario can work in all of its demands and never run out of jobs. This is due to electrical jobs in various sectors and industries, even in residential homes.

The ideal situation is finding the perfect job for you with a good income. There are several electrician jobs available after apprenticeship, some of which include;

Quality control
Industrial electrical work
Residential or commercial electrical work
Handling contracts, jobs, and projects from government agencies and public companies.
Independent work is creating electrical designs of buildings and electronic devices alongside engineers and architects.

In either of these fields, you can be assured that all come with good pay regardless of how advanced you are in your career.

How Much Does A Master Electrician Make In Ontario?

Master electricians in Ontario make about $39.37 per hour on average.

How Hard Is The Master Electrician Test In Ontario?

Before getting your License to practice as a master electrician in Ontario, you must first sit for, write and pass the master electrician test.

The master electrician test is an exam of 80 questions divided into 3 sections which require 1 hour each to complete. To be graded as passed, you need an overall score of at least 70% and a minimum of 60% in every one of the 3 sections: of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.

How Do I Get My Electrician License In Ontario?

Before you can practice as an electrician in Ontario, you must have your License. Your License validates you to take up residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental jobs in the State.

So, first things first, before talking about how much you can earn as an electrician in Ontario, you need to know how to get your License.

Therefore, here is a step-by-step guide and how to get your electrician license in Ontario;

Complete 8,160 hours of on-the-job training as an electrician apprentice.
Entire 840 in-class hours of electrician training.
Pass the electrician certification exam.
Become a certified, registered journeyperson in the trade.


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