8 Best Electrician Schools in Sacramento 2024 | How to Apply


Sacramento schools, colleges, and universities have the basic training to become an Electrician.

You might be wondering if there are Electricians schools around you in Sacramento. Is becoming an electrician in Sacramento a good option? 


Well, Sacramento is the capital city of California. It rose in US News and world report latest rankings as the nation’s best place to live. Also, Sacramento is the 125th largest Metropolitan area bared in affordability, booming Economy, and quality of life. 

Electricians schools, colleges, and universities in Sacramento are doing a great job training students in different electrical program options. Although one can still be an electrician without enrolling in an electrician course, the importance of Electricians schools can’t be over-emphasized. 


Certainly, Before taking up a career in any field, it would be vital to know what it entails, and that is why this read is here for you. 

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What do Electricians do? 

Electricity has become an integral part of our daily lives. Hence, Electricians are there to ensure we can access and use Electricity and its appliances in the comfort of our homes and workplaces. 


The duties of an electrician include 

  1. Reading and interpreting technical drawings and blueprints on Electrical works
  2. Planning the Electrical systems for new buildings and aged buildings as well. 
  3. Determining the best position for wall brackets, switches, and sockets in a building 
  4. Installing systems for control and lighting system
  5. Inspecting electrical systems 
  6. Maintenance, Repairs, and troubleshooting of electrical faults. 
  7. Teaching and training new people in the field. 

Where can an Electrician work? 

An electrician can work anywhere his services are needed, like Maintenance, Repairs, Installation, fixtures, etc., relating to the electrical field in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. 

What is the job outlook for Electricians? 

An electrician’s career is one with potential and job security. Thus, as the construction industry grows, the need for maintenance of old plants and the installation of new ones leads to an increase in demand for electricians. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate of Electricians is projected to grow to 9% between 2018-2028.

The Electrical industry has prospects and is growing healthy. 

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How do I become an Electrician in Sacramento? 

To become an electrician in Sacramento, one ought to be certified. Being a licensed Electrician, you can carry out your duties without much problem. 

To become an electrician in Sacramento, one must

  1. Enroll in a state-accredited Electrician school or train under a certified electrician. 
  2. Register as an electrician trainee(ET) 
  3. Complete 720 hours of classroom 
  4. Complete 8000 hours of on-job training 
  5. Take the state certification exam. 

Are there Electrician Schools in Sacramento? 

Sacramento is home to many institutions, and there are Electricians schools, colleges, and universities in Sacramento. They include;

National Career Education 

American River College 

Charles A Jones Career and Education center 

UEI College 

Sacramento Area Electrical Apprenticeship 

Independent training and Apprenticeship program

ARC Natoma center

Sacramento City College. 

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8 Best Electrician Schools in Sacramento in 2023. 

Amongst the Electrician schools in Sacramento, we shall be looking at those that are the best at what they do. These include ;

#1. Intercoast College(Rancho Cordova Campus) 

Location: Sacramento, California. 

This electrician school in Sacramento has many campuses spread throughout California. Also, It is a private institution providing different occupational degree and certificate programs.

The Electrician program at Intercoast College runs a hybrid class (online and offline visual class). The program’s objective is to prepare students for employment in any area of the electrical trade. 

Visit School 

#2. National Career Education 

Location: Sacramento, California. 

The electrician program at NCE covers areas like Conduit Bending, motors and transformation systems, wiring, and Installation. Therefore, The program objectives aim to prepare students for different electrical industry careers. 

Being one of the Electrician schools in Sacramento, it provides hands-on training to give real-world experience to students. Also, graduates from this Institution are prepared to test for the state of California Electrical trainee (ET) certification. 

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#3. UEI College

Location: Sacramento, California. 

This is a private, for-profit career electrician college in Sacramento. The United Education Institute offers vocational and trade programs. The accrediting commission of career schools and colleges accredits it. 

At UEI College, students are prepared quickly as soon as possible with career-focused courses. Problem-solving skills, practical hands-on experience, Hybrid classes, and placement job services are among the Privileges students gain in this Institution. 

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#4. American River College 

Location: Sacramento, California.

ARC is part of the Los Rios Community College District and one of the Electrician Colleges in Sacramento. It offers associate degrees and certificates in various Courses and. Apprenticeship programs. Thus, the College’s apprenticeship programs are available through contracts with various trade unions, including the Electrician’s union. 

American River College provides information and guidelines for students on the operations, Installation, and repairs of electrical distribution systems. 

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#5. Sacramento City College 

Location: Sacramento, California. 

Sacramento city college’s mechanical Electrical technology department trains students in electrical programs in the design, Installation, maintenance, and operation of heating, Ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. Therefore, it is another Electrician college in Sacramento.

Sacramento City College strives to maintain the highest standard of education in HVAC as well as Energy efficiency management. 

 Visit the school website

#6. Charles A. Jones Career and Education center. 

Location: Sacramento, California. 

Not just being an educational center but among the best electrician schools in Sacramento. 

This list would not be complete without the mention of Charles A. Jones education center. In an educational center with a conducive environment and adequate learning materials, students are trained to meet society’s standards and solve problems related to the electrical field. 

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#7. California Electrical Training Inc. 

Location: Sacramento, California. 

This is a state-approved electrical trade school with branches all over California. It offers hands-on training in the Electrical trainee program and Electrician continuing education. 

In this Sacramento electrician school, classes are offered in English and Spanish. As a result, it is open to students who prefer Spanish to English. 

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#8. Independent training and Apprenticeship programs 

Location: Sacramento, California. 

I-TAP is organized to ensure that students meet all the requirements for certification upon completing the program. During the 26 weeks and 900 hours of learning, students cover and complete all the topics required by the California division of industrial regulations on electrician certification.

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Independent training and Apprenticeship programs run a six months online electrician trainee program. The school also offers training which includes a California Journeyman Electrical license. 

Go to the school website.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Electrician Schools In Sacramento in 2023.

Is Electrician a promising career?

Electricians have Excellent job prospects. The profession has job security and pays off very well.

Is being an Electrician hard?

 Being an electrician is not easy; sometimes, you will be required to work at odd times.

How long does it take to become an Electrician in California?

Approximately 4-5years.However, it depends on the path chosen for the career training.

How much does an Electrician School cost in California?

In the range of $5000-$10000.Most importantly, it depends on the Institution.


Demand for good electricians will continue to rise as long as electricity is still very much in use. Completing the requirements is the surest way of achieving your dreams as an electrician in Sacramento.

Start by applying to electrician schools, colleges, and universities in Sacramento, and see yourself as a certified electrician in a few years.


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