Top 10 Electrician Schools in Texas 2024 | How to Apply

Are you looking for details about the best electrician schools in Texas with the best programs to train you to become a professional electrician? Search no more; we’ve got you covered.

This article fully reviews the best electrician schools in Texas, including the requirements, cost & how to apply to these schools.

Do you want to know the odds of studying to become an electrician in Texas and the possibility of job availability?

Are you searching for answers on the salary structure electricians earn in Texas?

If you are interested in physics and electricity, you must have a flair for working as an electrician, and it may be the right city fit for you to start a career in Texas.

Due to the rapid increase in the use of electrically powered devices, systems, and machines in various business sectors, the need for electricians is growing daily, and Texas is no exception.

By 2024, Texas electrician jobs are estimated to grow by 27.8%. This invariably means there will be a lot of job opportunities available to all who want to practice as a licensed electrician in Texas. 

However, before you partake in this movement, you must first be trained as an apprentice or in a professional school or university in Texas on all you need to know about electricity and its application in various Fields.

Here in this guide, we have put together a list of the most efficient schools, universities, and colleges in Texas and the requirements you need to apply to the school to be trained to become a professional electrician. 

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What is the Job Outlook for Electricians in Texas?

It’s no longer true that most industries and businesses now use electrically powered machines, devices, and systems to make work easier and more efficient.

Texas is in no way an exception to this. Following the report made by the Texas Labor Market & Career Information Department, the estimated job growth for electricians in Texas will be 27.8% by 2024.

This environmental boom means more jobs will be created by 2024 to accommodate entry-level electricians and professionals in Texas cities. 

Judging from this estimate by the Texas Labour Market And Career Information Department, it is undoubtedly agreed that anyone studying to become an electrician in Texas will find many job opportunities upon graduation. 

How Much Do Electricians Earn in Texas?

The salary structure of electricians will differ based on the region of expertise in Texas, specialization as an electrician, mode of work, the company they’re working with, and the years of experience in the field. 

Jordan, from a general perspective, the average electrician in the state of Texas’s salary structure per year is between $46,992 and $53,547. 

Compared to other states of the US, this salary is a bit lower than the national average, which is between $47,951 and $54,640 per year.

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What Courses Will I Learn in Electrician Schools in Texas?

Applying to the best electrician schools, colleges, and universities in Texas will require you to undergo a series of training both in theory and practice to acquire skills, expertise, and technical know-how that will prepare you for a career in becoming an electrician. 

Whether you enroll in a professional, trade, or vocational school, all courses focus on training that will prepare you to take up and provide solutions in electrical construction. 

You will learn subjects like:

  • Arc Welding
  • Electrical Code
  • Tech Electrical
  • Standard First Aid
  • Commercial Wiring
  • Fire Alarm/Security
  • Grounding Electrical
  • Fiber Optic Electrical
  • Electric Motor Control
  • Electrical/Micro Comp
  • Programmable Controllers
  • Electronics for Electricians
  • Conduit Bending for Electrical.

What are the Requirements To Become an Apprentice Electrician in Texas?

Unlike some electrician schools in other parts of the USA, most of Texas’s best schools, colleges, and universities undergo apprenticeships. 

If you are going to apply as an apprentice in any of the best schools, colleges, universities, or even vocational schools in Texas to train to become an electrician, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation will require you to complete the following to get certification upon completion;

  • 4 years of experience plus 8,000 hours of studies to gain a journeyman license
  • 2 years experience plus 4,000 hours of studies for a residential wire-man license.
  • Also, you must undertake your apprenticeship in a union or non-union program or attend a vocational school.

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Top Electrician Schools in Texas

Here is a list of some of Texas’s best electrician schools, colleges, and universities that will prepare you professionally for becoming an electrician.

Also, we have listed the requirements to apply to these electrician schools and the link to visit the website for more details.

#1. Austin Community College

  • Location: 5930 Middle Fiskville Road, Austin, TX 78752

Austin Community College is one of the best colleges in Texas, with accredited programs to train students on the best practices to become professional electricians upon graduation.

The school focuses on preparing students for jobs ready to provide solutions in the electrician construction industry. Austin Community College has a track record of excellence, making it a standard college-for-all who wants the best training in the electrical field.


#2. Brazosport College   

  • Location: 500 Colleges Drive, Lake Jackson, TX

Suppose you’re considering a school recognized nationwide as one of the best colleges that train students in the skills required in the electrical field industry. In that case, you should apply to Brazosport College. 

Brazosport College training focuses on electrical wiring, residential and commercial installation and repairs, and all other essential and professional skills required in the electrical field industry. 

Applying to Brazosport College will get all the certifications and training hours to help you gain your license upon graduation. 


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#3. CenTex Chapter IEC   

  • Location: 8868 Research Boulevard Austin, TX 78758

Austin, Texas, is one of the best institutes with accredited electrician programs focused on giving students the best training to become professionals: CenTex Chapter IEC.

Following the report made by previous students, CenTex Chapter IEC trains students on hands-on practicals in well-equipped labs and state-of-the-art facilities to help students practice in stimulating environments as they would have in the real world. 

CenTex Chapter IEC also helps students get the required certification upon graduation. Hence this is one of the best schools, universities, and colleges with the best electrician programs in Texas. 


#4. Cisco College   

  • Location: 101 College Heights Cisco, TX 76437

Next on our list is Cisco College. Cisco College ensures that all students in the electrical program guess the right expertise and skills required to practice in the real world.

The electrical program at Cisco coin head is hot but in theory and practical by expert teachers who have a wealth of experience in the electrical field construction industry.

Students learn how to install and repair wires in residential and commercial buildings and pick up contractor jobs. 


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#5. El Paso Community College

  • Location: 9050 Viscount Boulevard El Paso, TX 79925

El Paso Community College has a track record of being one of the best community colleges in Texas. Beyond offering the best programs, there is El Paso Community College also ranks high in most of the school rankings in Texas.

It is also one of the schools that offers the best electrical programs that prepare students hands-on about the skills and technical know-how required to function effectively upon graduation in the electrical field industry.

El Paso Community College insurance covers the basic functional and professional concepts a student needs to understand about electricity and how best to provide solutions. 


#6. El Paso Chapter IEC

  • Location: 6596 Montana Avenue El Paso, TX 79925

If you are looking for a school with flexible academic schedules, you should apply to El Paso Chapter IEC. 

El Paso Chapter IEC is best rated for consistently delivering quality education across various fields of study, with electrical programs no exception.

The electrical programs in El Paso Chapter IEC ensure that students practice in state-of-the-art facilities using modern technology to deliver the best solutions in the electrical industry.


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#7. Galveston College

  • Location: 4015 Avenue Q Galveston, TX 77550

Next on our list of schools, colleges, and universities with the best electrician programs and flexible requirements to apply are Galveston College in Galveston, Texas. 

Galveston College ensures students are prepared for job grading with suitable courses and particles using modern technologies to provide solutions in the electrical field industry.

Courses cut across fundamental and foundational theories of electricity, professional skills and expertise required in the electrical field, and views such as Fiber Optic Electrical, Electric Motor Control, and Electrical/Micro Comp. 


#8. Grayson College — Main Campus   

  • Location: 6101 Grayson Drive Denison, TX 75020

Grayson College’s main campus office electrical programs focus on courses such as Arc Welding, Electrical Code, Tech Electrical, and Standard First Aid.

Beyond educating students on the technical know-how required to function effectively in the electrical field industry, Grayson College also ensures that students understand the need for First Aid and safety while carrying out their duties. 

Keeping in mind that safety comes first at Grayson College, students practice safety just as they would in a real-life situation during practical learning in the modern facilities on the main campus. 

Hence, it is one of the best schools, colleges, and universities that will train you on the best practices to become a professional electrician in Texas cities. 


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#9. Grayson College — South Campus

  • Location: 1455 West Van Alstyne Parkway Van Alstyne, TX 75495

Grayson College South campus is an extension of the Grayson college main campus in Texas. Still, in line with the school’s vision, Grayson College South campus offers students the best training on becoming an electrician.

In addition to the introductory and professional foundational courses in electricity, Grayson College South campus also ensures that the students understand other parts of the electrical field industry through the following methods Standard First Aid, Commercial Wiring, Fire Alarm/Security, and Grounding Electrical studies. 


#10. Houston Community College   

  • Location: 3100 Main Street Houston, TX 77002

Over the years, Houston Community College has gotten a name and professionalism in offering some of the best vocational courses in Houston, Texas.

Houston Community College is not just the best electrician college in Texas. It is also one of the best community colleges in Houston and Texas.

Houston community college students all around the electrical construction industry. Due to its progress and name, students who graduate from Houston Community College’s electrical program quickly get jobs upon graduation.


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Other Good Electrician Schools in Texas Include;

  • Lee College   
  • Kilgore College   
  • JATC of Austin   
  • IEC of East Texas   
  • Lubbock Chapter IEC   
  • Rio Grande Valley IEC   
  • San Antonio Chapter IEC   
  • Lone Star College — Tomball Campus
  • North Lake College — Central Campus   
  • Paris Junior College — Workforce Education
  • Laredo Community College — South Campus

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Become an Electrician in Texas

How Do I Become An Electrician in Texas?

To become an electrician in Texas, you must complete the following requirements and apply to electrician schools before you are licensed to practice. 

Here are the requirements and eligibility criteria for how to become an electrician in Texas;

Be at least 18 years old. 
Must complete at least 8000 hours of work as an apprentice electrician under a Master Electrician licensed in the state of Texas, documented in an experience verification form. 
Complete an online application to apply for a license to practice in the state. 
Schedule, pay the examination fee, and pass the Journeyman Certification Test.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Certified Electrician in Texas?

To become a journeyman electrician, you must complete 8,000 hours of training. This is easily achieved in 4 years if you work 40 hours a week. 
Also, you must finish 12,000 hours of training to become a master electrician, which can take up to six years.

How Much Do Electricians Make in Texas Per Hour?

The average salary for an electrician in Texas per hour is $25.97, and $11,250 overtime per year.

How Much Do Licensed Electricians Make In Texas?

Licensed electricians in Texas earned about $51,845 as of August. But the range typically falls between $45,202 and $60,185.

How Much Does An Electrician Apprentice Make In Texas?

Most schools allow students to learn on the job if they can attend an apprenticeship program. Therefore most electrician Apprentices in Texas have an average salary of $20.99 per hour and $6,000 overtime per year.

What Is The Average Salary of Electricians in Texas By City?

Depending on which city you live in, Texas, your salary as an electrician might be higher or lower than the estimated average. Here is a table showing the salary structure of major cities in Texas. 

City Average Salary Per Year
Houston $49,149
Dallas $47,630
San Antonio $46,704
Austin $47,231
El Paso $41,941
Fort Worth $46,724
Arlington $46,647
Corpus Christi $44,374
Plano $47,426
Garland $47,528


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