Best Electrician Schools in Toronto in 2024 | All You Need to Know 

How can I become an Electrician in Toronto? Schools, colleges, and universities have provisions for such trade programs. Do you doubt if there are Electrician schools in Toronto? 

Possibly, You can. Electricians are among trade skills. However, we conclude that we can only become one by learning from already experienced Electricians.

Learning from a certified Electrician is one of the ways to be an electrician, but it limits one’s knowledge. Indeed, you learn the electrical field from your trainer. But electrician schools in Toronto expose you to different areas of specialization in the electrical trade, fundamentals of basic Electricity, tools, their usage, safety measures, etc. 

Looking for Insight into the Electrical trade, How to become an electrician and Electrician schools, colleges, and universities in Toronto. Then, this is what you need. 

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Who is an Electrician? 

An Electrician is a person who is skilled in the field of electrical installation, maintenance, and repair. Electricians build, fix, and repair electrical systems by adhering to the producer’s instruction (Electrical Engineer). The duties of an electrician include ;

  1. Installation of Electrical systems in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings 
  2. Inspection of Electrical systems
  3. Interpretation of electrical blueprint and wiring diagrams
  4. Planning and fixing of electrical systems in new buildings 
  5. Repairs and maintenance of Electricity related facilities 
  6. Troubleshooting and tackling electrical faults etc. 

Where Can an Electrician Work? 

Electricians work in different places. They work in construction sites, Electricity distribution companies, residential and commercial buildings, etc. The services of an electrician are always needed anywhere. Electricity and electrical systems are used. 

How Much Does an Electrician Earn in Toronto? 

Electrician work is among the highest-paying Artisan skills in Toronto. The average pay of an electrician in Toronto is $77,901 per year and $37 per hour. However, the average salary range for an electrician in Toronto is $55,466 and $94,105.Thus, factors like location, area of specialization, years of working experience, and level of education determine how much an electrician earns in Toronto. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Being an Electrician? 

Although being an electrician is a good and rewarding profession with job security, a few difficulties are associated with the profession. Hence, One might want to consider this before taking up the profession. 

Pros: No Degree Required 

Yes, no degree is required to become an electrician. An electrician needs a high school diploma to complete the necessary training. So, You don’t have to spend long years in school to obtain a degree. 

Cons: Electrician Apprenticeship takes Years. 

To become a licensed or certified Electrician, you need to complete an apprenticeship which takes about four years or more. Most importantly, An electrician Apprenticeship is as important as a degree in other fields. 

Pros: Work and Earn while You Work. 

That is the beautiful thing about Electrician Apprenticeship. Not only does it focus on technical training, but you also earn while you learn. 

Pros: Electrical work is varied and challenging. 

Electrical work is not tedious. It is diverse and challenging. It engages you in research and different training. 

Pros: Different Career options. 

The versatile nature of electrical work has created different areas of specialization, and there are other career options in those specialized areas. Such as:

  1. Automotive Electrician 
  2. Aviation Electrician 
  3. Building Automation systems 
  4. Commercial Electrician 
  5. Residential Electricians 
  6. Industrial Electrician 
  7. Powerhouse and substations technicians 
  8. Telecommunications line installer
  9. Wind turbine Electrician etc. 

Pros: Opportunities of Self Employment 

Apart from having an excellent salary and a good job outlook, it gives the opportunity of being self-employed. The electrician is an entrepreneur program; one does not necessarily need to work for corporations. 

Cons: Electrical work can be dangerous 

Electricians sometimes work at odd hours, and their work is risky. Yet, with safety precautions, most dangers in the field can be averted.

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How Do I Become an Electrician in Toronto? 

To become an electrician in Toronto, one must;

  1. Complete 8160 hours of on-job training 
  2. Complete 840 in-class hours of Electrician training 
  3. Pass the Electrician certification exam
  4. Become a certified and registered Journeyman in the trade. 

Are there Electrician Schools in Toronto? 

We have Electrician Schools, colleges, and universities in Toronto. Each of these schools has different areas of specialization. Some of the Electrician Schools in Toronto include:

  • Sheridan college 
  • Herzing College 
  • Centennial college 
  • Humber college 
  • George Brown College 
  • Course Compare
  • Electrical Apprentice training alliance
  • Electromechanical school
  • Central technical college. 

Best Electrician Schools in Toronto in 2024. 

This comprehensive list brings you the best electrician schools in Toronto. These schools have proven to be the best among others. Studying in an electrician program at a renowned and reputable institution would be nice. The best electrician Colleges and universities in Toronto are as follows ;

#1. George Brown College 

Location: Toronto 

This is one of the Electrician Colleges in Toronto. It is also a public, fully accredited college of arts and technology. 

At George Brown College, the electrical techniques program, which lasts for a year, focuses on building a working knowledge of Electricity and electronics to the satisfaction of society towards electrical applications. During the program, students would develop skills in electrical theory, network cabling, electrical installation, safety measures, etc. 

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#2. Humber college 

Location: Etobicoke, Toronto. 

Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning is a public college of Applied arts and technology offering over 220 programs to academic areas in Toronto. 

Again, This Electrician school in Toronto offers an Electrician pre-apprenticeship program. The government of Canada funds the program as a tool to help relinquish skills in the industry. Hence, it is a tuition-free program. In other words, As a source of empowerment, it also prepares youth for different career opportunities in the electrical field. 

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#3. Centennial College 

Location: Scarborough, Toronto. 

 A degree and diploma-granting college in Toronto. Centennial college is one of the oldest public colleges in Toronto, but it has a low acceptance rate. Hence, Students seeking admission to this college are meant to prepare well academically to be accepted. 

The Electrician construction program solely focuses on the Ins and Outs of circuitry and wiring that an electrician requires. However, Upon completion of the program, students from this Electrician College in Toronto are eligible to write the certification exam. 

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#4. Sheridan College 

Location: Mississauga, West Greater Toronto.

Sheridan College offers a one-year program in electrical techniques. Again, It is a public polytechnic. 

In the electrical techniques program, students practicalize and have hands-on training experience. Such areas as electrical theory, electrical math fundamentals, blueprint reading, etc., are covered in this program. 

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#5. Niagara College 

Location: Niagara Region, Toronto. 

Students are trained in the fundamentals of electrical skills needed to qualify for entry-level jobs in the construction industry. In addition, Strong foundations for further study in the electrical field are also covered in the Electrical techniques program. 

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#6. Herzing College. 

Location: North York, Toronto. 

At this Electrician College in Toronto, Herzing’s pre-apprenticeship prepares you for a career in the electrical trade like an electrical constructor, service technician, linemen, fiber optics, etc. 

Also, students learn electrical codes, blueprints, and how to tackle and repair electrical systems. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Electrician Schools in Toronto in 2024. 

Is being an electrician worth it?

In a city like Toronto, where technology is at its peak, being an Electrician is worth it and the world at large. 

How much does an electrician earn in Toronto?

How much an electrician earns in Toronto depends on the area or region. Low-$18.00, Median-$30.00, High-$45.00 per hour. 

Is an Electrician stressful?

Sometimes, fixing an electrical fault can take up to weeks. The nature of the work at times demands you work at odd hours. 


Toronto is Canada’s largest and world leader in business, finance, technology, entertainment, and culture. 

Opting for an Electrician career in Toronto is the best thing you can do for yourself. 

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