Best Electrician Schools in Virginia in 2024 | All You Need to Know

We have listed in this content the best electrician schools in Virginia. Electricians’ schools, universities, and colleges are available for those who want to become an electrician in Virginia. 

Are you considering taking a career path in electricity distribution and management? 

Do you wish to become an electrician in Virginia? Or do you want to enroll in an electrician program in Virginia?

How do I go about my electrical training? Apprenticeship or electrician schools. 

Starting up a career as an electrician can be a little bit difficult at times. Without proper guidance and information, one might end up wrongly.

Virginia is a state that houses many vocational trades, and as such several bodies or organizations are established to checkmate the activities of these trades. Concerning that, one can’t just be an electrician in Virginia without going through the normal processes.

This article will put you through the necessary steps to become an electrician and electrician in colleges in Virginia.

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    Why Become an Electrician in Virginia? 

    Electricians do a lot of work, from assembling, installing, repairing, and maintaining our electrical systems and equipment. Therefore, Electricians are always in demand, and their services are so much in need. 

    Again, The employment rate of Electricians is expected to rise from 10% from 2018-2028, according to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics. There are up to 715,400 job openings in the country alone for Electricians. 

    In addition, Electricians earn substantially more than other related skills. An electrician in Virginia earns $24.97 per hour and $54,690. However, those with higher work experience earn more than that. In short, The career is rewarding and fulfilling, 

    How Do I Become an Electrician in Virginia? 

    In every trade or business, one must learn the necessary skills and knowledge to engage in that particular trade. To be an electrician anywhere in the world, one must acquire the essential basic training required in the electrical trade. 

    To become an electrician in Virginia, one must 

    1. Attend an electrical school. In the course of doing so, the person must have completed 240 hours of classroom work. 
    2. Complete four years of on-hand job training as an Apprentice. 
    3. Lastly, take the Virginia licensing exam. 

    Attending an electrician school in Virginia is essential as it forms the bedrock of your chosen path. Thus, electrician schools, universities, and colleges in Virginia serve as a pre-apprenticeship program. Most electrician program takes a minimum of 10 months or less. 

    However, the downside of attending an electrical school is it is capital-intensive. The average cost of electrician schools in Virginia is $4000-$5000 per year for in-state tuition fees. 

    Requirements Needed for an Electrician School in Virginia. 

    Before applying for an electrician school in Virginia, the following requirements must be met

    1. The intended student must be at least 18 years of age. 

    2. Obtain a GED or high school diploma 

    3. Present a transcript record indicating a completed one semester of Algebra. 

    Electrician Apprentice Program in Virginia. 

    The electrician apprentice program is one-on-one technical instruction with hands-on job experience. But, It usually comes after the completion of an electrician course. This apprenticeship program focuses more on job training. Hence it prepares you to meet up with the high demand of the electrical trade. 

    In the apprentice program, students are paired with seasoned electricians to give small trainee jobs. One good thing about electrician apprenticeship programs is that you are paid hourly while on-the-job training and hours spent count towards your state licensing.

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    Requirements Needed for an Electrician Apprentice Program in Virginia. 

    This requirement is in two sections. They are:

    1. Intending Apprentice must be at least 18 years old 
    2. Have a High school diploma 
    3. Attend a personal interview 
    4. Must be strong and physically fit
    5. Pass the general aptitude examination 
    6. Proof of attending an Algebra class

    On-the-job experience 

    1. Perform Electrical installation
    2. Learn Virginia Electrical code
    3. Attend Electrician training course as needed
    4. Perform all jobs under the supervision of a licensed Electrician. 

    Students are always encouraged to enroll in an electrician school before going for the apprentice program, as it will help them learn and understand better and faster. 

    Are there Electrician Schools in Virginia? 

    Yes, many electrician colleges in Virginia have electrician programs. Some of the schools include;

    •  Central Virginia Community College 
    • Tidewater Community College 
    • Virginia Highlands Community College 
    • John Tyler Community College 
    • Danville Community College 
    • Piedmont Virginia Community College 
    • Advanced Technology Institute 
    • Wytheville Community College etc. 

    Best Electrician Schools in Virginia in 2024

    With several electrician schools in Virginia, we shall discuss the top ones among them with their areas of specialization. 

    #1. New River Community College 

    Location: Dublin, Virginia. 

    This electrician school in Virginia is a public 2-year college in the New River Valley of southwestern Virginia. It is also among the 23 colleges in the Virginia Community College. 

    The Electrical Construction Technology program is targeted at providing professional training to students with which they can gain entry-level jobs in the construction industry. Similarly, Students can also work as assistant technicians. 

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    #2. Wytheville Community College. 

    Location: Wytheville, College. 

    Wytheville Community College is a public community college. It is a branch of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and a state university. WCC(Wytheville Community College) offers nearly 30 programs in academics. 

    This electrician college in Virginia offers a program in construction technology. Thus, An electric diploma in this course provides training based on the current Virginia adoption of the national electric codes.

    Occupational objectives of this course include residential wiring installers, linemen, etc. 

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    #3. Arlington Career Center. 

    Location: Arlington, Virginia. 

    Arlington, Virginia, is a public high school. The electricity program is divided into two years. Here, The first year covers the procedures and techniques of residential and commercial wiring, while the second year focuses on the training of electricians in the telecommunications industry.

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    #4. Southside Virginia Community College 

    Location: Alberta, Virginia. 

    This is also among the Virginia Community Colleges. It has two campuses in Virginia. However, it is also among the Electrician colleges in Virginia. 

    The Electrician Construction program trains and provides a pathway that can lead to many related occupations in electrical work. 

    Go to the school website, 

    #5. Massanutten Technical Center

    Location: Harrisburg, Virginia. 

    This is another electrician school in Virginia. It is a 3-year college. Massanutten technical center offers three training programs for two qualifications, and they are;

    Virginia Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) certificate and Virginia Practical Nurse license. 

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    #6. Advanced Technology Institute 

    Location: Virginia Beach, VA. 

    Advanced Technology Institute is a private for-profit trade school in Virginia Beach. Again, It runs a semester-based Academic year. The school offers training for different workmanship programs. With a conducive environment, proper teaching and training are carried out. 

    Visit the School website,

    #7. ECPI University. 

    Location: Richmond, Virginia Beach, VA. 

    ECPI University, or East Coast Polytechnic Institute, is one of the electrician universities in Virginia. It is a private for-profit institution offering academic programs at both graduate and undergraduate levels. 

    ECPI University offers bachelor’s degree programs in Electronic systems Engineering technology as well as an electronic engineering associate.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Best Electrician Schools in Virginia in 2024 

    Does an Electrician Need a License in Virginia?

    Yes, in the state of Virginia, electricians are generally required to have a license to perform electrical work legally.

    The licensing and regulation of electricians in Virginia is overseen by the Virginia Board for Contractors, which is a part of the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR).

    How Long Does it Take to Become a Licensed Electrician in Virginia?

     Approximately 4-5 years. Becoming a licensed electrician in Virginia typically involves several steps and can vary in duration depending on your chosen path and the type of electrician’s license you wish to obtain.

    Are Electricians in Good Demand?

     Good and licensed Electricians are always in demand. 


    Attending an accredited electrician school in Virginia is one of the basic steps to becoming an electrician. With this Read, one can choose an electrician college in Virginia whose electrician program is their decided area of specialization in this electrical trade.

    Undoubtedly, being an electrician is a noble profession that entails a lot but is rewarding and fulfilling.

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