Best Esthetician Schools in Alabama 2024 | All You Need to Know


The esthetician profession is needed all over the state; that is why there is a rush in the cosmetology schools in Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Huntsville, Dothan, and Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 

Esthetics is a career that requires extensive training and practice. Nonetheless, you need to get trained by any accredited esthetician school if you are living in Alabama. Furthermore, cosmetology schools are designed to teach students the skills they need to become professional estheticians. The curriculum covers skin care, hair care, makeup application, manicures, pedicures, waxing, and other services.


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What  are the Requirement for an Esthetician License in Alabama

To be licensed as an esthetician in Alabama, you need to present your certificate as an esthetician. Hence, you must have completed the specified hours of study.


After which, you will be qualified to register and partake in the practical and written exam held by the Alabama Board Of Cosmetology. If you come out victorious, you will be issued a license that is renewable after every two years. 

How Much Do Esthetician Schools Cost in Alabama

Esthetician schools in Alabama are surprisingly low in the U.S. The average tuition rate and kit cost are $8,910. Although, esthetician schools in Alabama are more affordable than the average national tuition fee.

This does not imply a poor curriculum and training benefits to you. Cosmetology schools in Alabama are all reputable.


Since a higher percentage pass the state board exams in one sitting, esthetician schools in Alabama would foster the whole process. Equally, you will have an outstanding career in the field. 

How to Become an Esthetician in Alabama

Like most states in the U.S., you must be 16 years and have completed 1,500 hours. Afterward, you must take two exams to qualify for the aesthetic license. If your application process is successful, you will be notified and take the written and practical exams.

Written Exams

 The written exam fee is $75,000. Furthermore, the exam takes 90 minutes to complete. To pass this exam, you need to score at least 70%. The written exams are often taken in any esthetician schools or testing sites in Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, or Birmingham, Alabama.

Practical Exam

If you pass the written exam, you will receive a scheduled date for the practical examination. The registration process will cost about $130,000. Be sure to present all the necessary documents during the registration process. 

Nonetheless, you will receive a Practical Admission Notice 10 days before the exams. The exams are conducted in the testing site or esthetician schools in Birmingham, North Alabama, Mobile, and Montgomery, Alabama.

Furthermore, you will be tested on the following procedure:

  • Cleansing and steaming the face
  • Massaging the face
  • Hair removal of the eyebrows
  • Facial mask 
  • Facial makeup
  • Set up and client protection

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How Much Does an Esthetician Make in Alabama

There are many job opportunities for estheticians in the U.S. Hence, how much estheticians make in Alabama should be the least of your problems. Moreover, according to the Alabama Department of Labour, there will be 12% job growth through 2026.

However, as an esthetician, you should know that the commission and gratuity on product sales can quickly add up. 

Nonetheless, build a reputation for quality services and make your client happy. Understanding these basics impacts how much an esthetician makes in Alabama.

However, the median income of an esthetician in Alabama is $30,700 annually and $14.76 as an hourly wage. In addition, some towns have the highest pay for estheticians in Alabama.

The top 3 are; Birmingham: $35,110, Montgomery: $34,130, and Huntsville: $31,370.

What are the Best Esthetician Schools in Alabama?

#1. Alabama Beauty College- Decatur

The A.B.C. is the oldest esthetician school in Alabama. Since 1973 the school has been providing extensive hands-on training programs. Hence getting students involved quickly in the hands-on aspects of skincare treatments gives them an edge when competing against other schools.

In addition, this school is also the least expensive in the state. You will spend $2500 on tuition and kit costs.

#2. Aveda Institute- Birmingham

The Aveda Institute is located in Birmingham, Alabama, and across the US. It offers an intensive program that will prepare you for a successful career in the beauty industry.

Students will learn everything from product development to marketing, customer service, and salon management. Graduates will seamlessly receive assistance when it is time to start their businesses. The tuition is $10,755, which will be for six months. 

Aveda Institute has a unique edge because business skills training forms part of your curriculum, preparing you for independent practice, roles within management, or even owning your spa.

#3. Blue Cliff Career College

This College has an admirable esthetician program in Alabama. Furthermore, the school ranks 1st in the state of Alabama for job placement, earning an overall 88%. Their education program also ranks high, with 77% graduating within 16 months of classes.

In addition, all classes are taught by licensed cosmetologists. Students receive instruction in everything from primary skin care to advanced techniques like microdermabrasion and laser treatments. 

#4. Southeastern School Of Cosmetology- Birmingham

This is one of the accredited cosmetology schools in Alabama, offering a comprehensive program in cosmetology. Students will receive instruction in basic skills, including sanitation, cleaning, facials, aromatherapy, body treatments, and hair removal. Students will also receive training in business foundations, including marketing, customer service, accounting, and business law. As an aspirant in aesthetics, the school will offer incredible value. Nonetheless, the tuition and kit cost is $7,000

#5. New Beginning College of Cosmetology- Albertville

This cosmetology school also ranks as the best in Alabama. The tuition and kit costs are $10,500 with a program duration of 12 months. This school offers a unique program that combines hands-on instruction. Students receive all their classroom instruction in the morning, then spend the afternoon working on their projects. The curriculum includes everything from skincare to hair coloring, makeup application to nail art. Graduates earn industry certifications and are eligible to apply for licensure through the state board of cosmetology.

#6. Rondale Overstreet Cosmetology Kinetics Academy of Cosmetology-Fairhope

Most cosmetology schools in Alabama have a program duration of 12 months, and R.O.C.K. Academy is not an exception. The tuition costs $15,000 and includes all supplies and equipment. In addition, there is classroom instruction, hands-on practice, and mentorship. At the end of the program, students receive a certificate and are knowledgeable about everything they need to start their own business.

#7. Winonah International School Of Cosmetology- Birmingham

This cosmetology school in Alabama is privately owned and was founded in 1986. Since then, they have trained thousands of students in all aspects of the beauty industry. 

Furthermore, they are known for providing a practical experience for every student. As they have built a reputation in training students in classes on hairdressing, manicure/pedicure, massage therapy, and other related fields. In addition, the program runs for 12 months while the tuition and kit cost is $9,250

#8. European School of Esthetics

This is one of the exceptional esthetician schools in Alabama. They provide a unique educational experience that can’t be found elsewhere in the state. Students receive hands-on instruction in all aspects of beauty, including skin care, makeup, hair styling, nail art, body treatments, and massage therapy.

The curriculum includes European esthetic theory, history, philosophy, and practice courses. Graduates are prepared to work in various settings, including salons, spas, medical offices, cosmetic laboratories, and retail stores. The school also offers a job placement program that immediately helps students find positions in those same areas. However, the tuition and kit cost is $5,200, which is relatively low compared to some of the best schools across the state.

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Are there Medical Esthetician Schools in Alabama?

Although it is undeniable that the need for medical esthetician schools in Alabama is gaining more popularity. Since medical esthetician schools provide the majority of their students with an added advantage in the labor market.

However, don’t be misled by the term “medical esthetician.” The National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/ Distributors, and Association (N.C.E.A.) has revealed that the medical esthetician does not have medical training. Instead, they work under the surveillance of a licensed healthcare practitioner.

Hence, attending an esthetician school in Alabama that provides all-inclusive training is ideal. Schools with medical esthetician programs or paramedical esthetician programs. These schools combine the esthetician programs and the electrolysis, laser, and hair removal courses. However, most esthetician schools in Alabama do not have these programs. 

Nonetheless, there are medical esthetician schools in Alabama.

  1. Auburn University at Montgomery
  2. Birmingham-Southern College
  3. University of Montevallo
  4. Troy State University

What are the Cosmetology Schools in Birmingham, Alabama

Going to school in one of the best U.S. cities is beneficial if you consider working while schooling. There are many options if you attend any of these cosmetology schools in Birmingham, Alabama.

  1. Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute
  2. Dreamers School of Cosmetology  
  3. BodyLogic School of Cosmetology and Esthetics

What are the Cosmetology Schools in Montgomery, Alabama?

Even though Montgomery is the capital city of Alabama, it still offers affordable living for students. Hence, picking a cosmetology school in Montgomery, Alabama, should not scare you.

  1. Fortis College 
  2. Transitions Technical College 
  3. Transitions Technical College 

What are the Cosmetology Schools in Mobile, Alabama?

Surprisingly, Mobile is a booming city for estheticians. While undergoing your training in any of these cosmetology schools in Mobile, Alabama, you will be more knowledgeable about the job opportunities this career offers.

  1. Blue Cliff Career College 
  2. Remington College School of Cosmetology 
  3. Charles Academy of Beauty Culture 

What are the Cosmetology Schools in Huntsville, Alabama?

These cosmetology schools in north Alabama have accreditation and standard. Hence going to a cosmetology school in Huntsville, Alabama, is a good idea. Moreover, these schools are also recognized nationally. 

  1. European School of Esthetics 
  2. J.F Drake State Community and Technical College 
  3. St. John’s School of Esthetics 

What are the Cosmetology Schools in Dothan, Alabama?

Living in a small town like Dothan will save you a lot of pennies. Hence, you can afford some of Dothan’s finest Alabama cosmetology schools.

  1. Beverly’s Beauty Institute 
  2. Cambridge College of Cosmetology 
  3. Troy School Of Cosmetology 

What are the Cosmetology Schools in Tuscaloosa, Alabama?

Even though none of the cosmetology schools in Tuscaloosa in Alabama ranks top, they have reputable standards and are inexpensive.

  1. New Creation Salon
  2. BloGo Salon+Skin Wellness
  3. Shear Grace Boutique &1 Salon


In summary, it will be beneficial if you attend an accredited esthetician school in Alabama, which has been provided. Nonetheless, cosmetology schools offer courses covering many aspects of the esthetician profession.

Esthetician Schools in Alabama 2024 F.A.Q.s

How Do I Become a Medical Esthetician in Alabama?

Choosing an esthetician school or program in Alabama is vital if you want to be a medical esthetician. Hence, choose a school that offers medical programs for estheticians. Nonetheless, you can attend an esthetician school and take up a few courses later. These are ;
1. Permanent hair removal courses
2. Laser hair removal courses
3. Electrolysis
4. Microneedling, etc.

However, becoming a medical esthetician still follows the same guidelines as an esthetician would in Alabama. Hence, you must complete the 1500 hours duration. Also, take the written and practical exams.  

Can Estheticians Do Microneedling in Alabama?

Unfortunately, a licensed esthetician in Alabama is not permitted to do micro-needling, just like most states in the US. However, an esthetician who has taken part in a medical program to gain a medical esthetician’s license can do micro-needling.


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