10 Best Esthetician Schools in Arkansas 2024 | How to Apply

Of course, your first step to entering this specialized beauty field is your education. You can expect to learn the theory from the best esthetician schools in Arkansas before learning an esthetician’s practical techniques and procedures.

To help you see some of the education options available, we’ve created a ranking of the best makeup schools in Arkansas.

In Arkansas, many students graduate from cosmetology school each year to enter this competitive but vast field. You can enter the beauty business or get opportunities in famous beauty lines.

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How Long is Cosmetology School in Arkansas?

Arkansas requires an esthetician program to last 600 hours and cover subjects such as skincare, makeup, eyebrows, hair removal, chemistry, and physiology from esthetics school Arkansas. 

If you are at least 16 years old and have completed the 10th grade, you are eligible for a license in Arkansas. 

Once you have completed the program, esthetics school Arkansas will complete a training form for you and send it to the Department of Health’s Cosmetology Unit.

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How to get Esthetician License in Arkansas

The first step to becoming licensed as a cosmetologist in Arkansas is to complete one of the approved esthetician schools in Arkansas or an esthetician school online in Arkansas. 

To be eligible for licensure, your esthetics program must work. In addition to completing an esthetics program at an approved school, you must also be at least 16 years old and have completed the 10th grade to be eligible to be licensed as an esthetician in Arkansas.

After completing the program at one of the approved esthetician schools in Arkansas, you must complete an exam application and submit it along with the $65 practical exam fee. 

The fee must be paid to PSI, the company responsible for conducting esthetician examinations in Arkansas.

Your approved esthetics school must complete the Certificate of Training form on your behalf.  After the Cosmetology Section approves your application, PSI will automatically schedule your next practical exam date. 

Then you can expect an acceptance notification from the cosmetology section about a week before the test date.

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What are the Best Esthetician Schools in Arkansas?

#1 Hot Springs Beauty College – Hot Springs

The most popular beauty school in the state is located in small Hot Springs, Arkansas, not far from Little Rock. 

Hot Springs Beauty College has a reputation for getting students out on time, on budget, and with work.  The lively student salon has a sophisticated yet trendy style. 

Students receive first-class business education, as well as cosmetology school.  The school offers scholarships to deserving students and accepts VA benefits.


#2 Lee’s School of Cosmetology – Little Rock

Led by Ken and Linda Lee, Lee’s School has a well-deserved reputation for graduating students on time—100 percent of students complete the program in eleven months! 

85 percent of them find a job almost immediately.  But where Lee shines is community involvement.

The school applied and was selected to participate in a scalp cancer screening pilot program, potentially saving their client’s life.  VA benefits accepted.


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#3 The Salon Professional Academy – Little Rock

From the moment students walk through the doors of the Salon Professional Academy, they know they’ve come to the right place: a trendy, lively, stylish salon floor greets them. 

Endorsed by Redken for its cutting-edge education, the school also graduates most students on time, and these students quickly find jobs in cosmetology.  The school is also approved for VA benefits.


#4 Academy of Professional Cosmetology – Rogers

APC introduces students to esthetics early on, teaching microdermabrasion, eyelash extensions, and waxing all at once.

They also teach quick introductions to some of the most in-demand esthetician skills.  The school accepts G.I.  Bill benefits from qualified military veterans and offers scholarships.

But with tuition below the average for the schools on the list, it is already considered one of the most affordable options available to Arkansas Aesthetics students.


#5 Arkansas Academy of Hair Design – Jonesboro

The Arkansas Academy of Hair Design offers hands-on and theoretical classes in various facials, microdermabrasion, makeup, and waxing. 

With low tuition, the school offers students good value, but an added benefit is the business skills training provided as part of the program. 

Students leave the academy with the accounting, finance, and management experience necessary to work as independent contractors or even to one day run their own salon. VA benefits are accepted.


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#6 Arkansas Beauty School – Little Rock

Students leave the Arkansas Beauty School of Little Rock with confidence in their abilities, thanks to a program that equips them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the fast-changing world of skin care. 

Arkansas Beauty School of Little Rock is regarded as one of the best esthetician schools in Arkansas.

Graduates also benefit from the placement program, which helps them find positions in spas or salons after completing it.  G.I.  Billing fees are included in the tuition fee.


#7 Benton Beauty Academy – Benton

Benton Beauty Academy believes in providing quality education to students to help them pass the state licensing exam. 

Eighty-seven percent of students complete the program on time, and once they pass the exam, career assistance helps them find jobs in spas, salons, and clinics across the state. 

The school scores highly for value, with tuition lower than the state average. Qualified veterans also accept VA benefits.


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#8 Career Academy of Hair Design 

Hair Design Career Academy has an unusual feature in its esthetics curriculum that impressed us from the start.

The school has adopted Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences teaching methodology, designed to reach students at the level they can best understand and learn. 

The confirmation of this approach is the high percentage of program implementation: it cannot be better than 100 percent! Career Services helps students find a job after graduation.  VA benefits are accepted, and some scholarships are available.


#9 Hot Springs Beauty College – Hot Springs

HSBC has a training program that works!  Nothing is a better testament to this than their 100 percent graduate employment rate. 

As the only school in the region to teach advanced techniques such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels, its students are in demand!  If that’s not enough, the careers team helps students find the jobs they want after graduation. 

The school awards scholarships to deserving students, but tuition is already lower than the state average, making HSBC a very affordable option.


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#10 The Salon Professional Academy – Little Rock

TSPA focuses on keeping class sizes small and manageable so each student can receive individual attention from their teachers. 

This is indicative of the school’s 88 percent on-time completion rate. The academy accepts VA tuition benefits, and most students graduate with little loan debt. 

Career Services helps students find jobs in the industry after they graduate from the program and receive their state license.


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Your cosmetology career options in Arkansas may also involve working in a clinical setting, such as alongside a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

All cosmetology licenses in Arkansas are renewed every two years, requiring a $50 renewal fee.  You can complete the renewal process through the Department of Cosmetology License Renewal System.

The cosmetology section does not require the completion of any continuing education credits for license renewal. However, this certainly does not prevent estheticians from seeking several continuing education options to expand their career opportunities and stay current on issues related to the practice of esthetics.

Esthetician Schools in Arkansas FAQs

How Much Do Cosmetologists Make In Arkansas?

Employers usually determine the salary they are going to offer based on experience.  In Arkansas, experts in this field can easily earn a base salary of over $50,000.  These statistics are base rates only, excluding tips and commissions.

Where Can Estheticians Work In Arkansas?

You can find jobs throughout Arkansas at luxury resorts, spas, full-service, or specialty beauty salons.  You can also work as a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.  There are many workplaces in Little Rock, Hot Springs, and Bentonville. Be ready to take responsibility for your salary, creativity, and career!

Are Estheticians And Cosmetologists In Demand In Arkansas?

Beauty salon and spa professionals, including estheticians, have nearly 10% employment growth, which is expected to continue through 2026.  As increased demand creates new opportunities, skin care professionals may see higher-paying openings for positions including skincare line representative, sales assistant, and resort manager.  This is an industry where earnings reflect the decisions you make and the career path you ultimately choose.


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