10 Best Esthetician Schools in Atlanta in 2024


Suppose you want a cosmetic license in Atlanta, Georgia, or near it. In that case, there are many Esthetician Schools in Atlanta and different programs to help you achieve your goals.

Cosmetology schools in Atlanta are usually available at technical schools and community colleges.  Cosmetology degrees help prepare for the state exam for a license and require 54-55 credit hours of hair, skin, and nail care.


How Much is Esthetician School in Georgia?

The average cost of Esthetician Schools in Atlanta, GA, is between $3,000 and $10,000.  The cost will vary depending on the duration of the program, the location, and the required hours of study in your state.

The cost of studying in the best Esthetician Schools in Atlanta, Georgia, varies depending on many factors.  Private institutions are often more expensive than public colleges.  In addition, if the school offers online learning, it can change the situation.


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How to Become an Esthetician in Georgia

To become a cosmetologist in Georgia, you need 1000 hours of training and education in the program of training cosmetologists. 

You will learn the basics of salon management, hygiene, safety, and various cosmetic procedures, from quick waxing to chemical peels to makeup and color theory.


Many cosmetology Schools in Atlanta, GA, offer specializations in advanced skin technology, body care, and even cosmetic surgery. 

The more complete your education, the more you can learn, but as you move toward a career, you can consider specializing in a particular field. Instead of a state-approved program, you can complete your studies. 

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How to Prepare for Esthetician School

Online cosmetology courses are suitable for full-time students in Atlanta, Georgia, who have family responsibilities that make it difficult to enter a more traditional school. 

On the plus side for students, many Internet-based cosmetic school programs can be accessed with a home computer or laptop, as convenient for the student. Traditional beauty schools often develop quickly, as many programs last only 6 or 8 months. 

With online courses, you deal with the same amount of material, but you don’t spend many hours outside your home or traveling back and forth.

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How to Pay for Esthetician School

Many Esthetician Schools in Atlanta, Georgia, provide their students with financial or student loan assistance. Make sure the schools you are looking for have a financial aid department.  Consult a counselor and determine which student loans or scholarships you may receive. 

If the school is an American Cosmetic School Association (AACS) member, it will have scholarships available to students.  If the school satisfies all your other qualifications, except for the cost, do not give up this option before you find out what financial aid may be available.

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What are the Best Esthetician Schools in Atlanta?

#1 Keune Academy By 124

This state-of-the-art school is a cutting-edge academy providing continuing education for stylists worldwide.  Due to the limited number of classes, students receive exclusive one-on-one training; only 7 students are in the class. 

They also have the value of accessing Keune’s global network and faculty.  At the heart of high-end Atlanta fashion, a state-of-the-art educational institution gives students the mood of a true cosmetologist. 

The world-renowned Pivot Point curriculum teaches students technical skills and other knowledge.  Studying for resumes and job interviews makes students feel more prepared for the future. 

Students will gain work experience in the student lounge that will prepare them for professional life.


#2 Atlanta Technical College

Through the lectures and practices of this program, you will gain the skills and experience required to obtain a license as a cosmetologist in Georgia. 

You will learn about state laws and regulations, sanitation and safety procedures, hair care methods, and salon management procedures. 

In hair care courses, you will cut, color, style, braid, weave, manipulate and shape natural and artificial hair, and learn to detect diseases and disorders of hair and scalp. 

You will also learn how to care for people’s skin, which includes removing and applying makeup, facial care, and hair removal. 

A certificate from a shampoo specialist is also available to teach you how to wash your hair and care for your scalp.


#3 Chattahoochee Technical College

The cosmetology degree program at Chattahoochee Technical College will prepare you for the skills and experience you will need as a master cosmetologist. 

You will study theories in cosmetology and learn about the use of chemicals for hair and skin.  Hair care courses will teach you to cut, style, color, and care for real and synthetic hair. 

Skincare, nail care, and salon methods are also covered in this diploma.  Workshops provide the professional experience required to obtain a license.


#4 Paul Mitchell School

Paul Mitchell School students are recognized as future professionals.  Under a three-level curriculum, these potential practitioners train for a successful career in the beauty industry as licensed cosmetologists. 

Central, ADAPTIVE and innovative is divided into this curriculum.  He leads students from the introductory stages in cosmetology to practical training in the salon and focuses on preparing potential practitioners for the real world. 

Students are provided with an intensive but optional research program called STEP TWO.  This initiative challenges future professionals to their highest level of success. 

Combined training in cosmetology and the environment that mimics the experience of salons.  Students are fully prepared for the future after completing the SECOND STAGE.


#5 Aveda Institute of Atlanta

Aveda Institute Atlanta has an exclusive program, excellent instructions, and a successful and stable network of salon professionals. An important goal of every student in the school is to develop their unique talents while learning technical skills. 

The goal of Aveda Institute Atlanta is to develop its students as both individuals and experts.  Even at school, students experience a typical salon climate. In the fashion district, they work with various clients, preparing them for professional life after graduation. 

There are wide and varied career paths for students and alumni, and Aveda helps students realize their passions. 

For example, if one student loves fashion, she can work on shows on the runway through the fantastic Aveda network. If the salon environment favored other students, she would have hands-on experience in the sector


#6 Georgia Piedmont Technical College

This program will prepare you for a career in cosmetology by introducing you to the laws of Georgia in the field of cosmetology on sanitation, hair care, skin diseases, and safety. 

You will learn to dye your hair, cut your hair, style your hair, treat unhealthy hair and add artificial hair. Other courses are dedicated to skin and nail care. 

You will learn to run a salon and go through four cosmetology practices. A cosmetology degree is available even if you are still in high school, but you must complete at least a quarter of the program on campus.


#7 Southern Crescent Community College

The Southern Crescent Community College of Cosmetology degree program meets the licensing requirements of the State of Georgia; this includes studying theories of cosmetology and the laws of Georgia so you can practice safe, law-abiding practices. 

Some courses will teach you to dye and style your hair, care for your hair and scalp, and detect disease. 

Other courses will teach you how to diagnose skin diseases, take care of your face, remove hair and apply makeup. In nail care courses, you will conduct manicures and pedicures, as well as learn to recognize diseases of the hands and feet. 

You must complete four clinical practices in cosmetology to gain the practical experience required to obtain a license in cosmetology.


#8 Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics

The Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics has everything you need to be a good cosmetology academy, with excellent teaching experience and dedicated instructors. 

At the Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics, important links between personal well-being, economic growth, and the health of our planet are actively promoted. 

Particular attention is paid to self-expression and personal development.  In many environments, graduates are preparing for the future. 

They complete their studies with comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and skin pathology, the ability to use the latest technology, and high-level clinical experience and interaction with clients. 

They also value market practices, products, and environmental services.


#9 Elaine Sterling Institute

Thanks to the founder’s dream to provide a quality education that would correspond to the rapidly developing and developing field of aesthetics, the institute was founded in 2008. 

The school is known for its high educational standards and is recognized worldwide. Thanks to the new premises, the spa’s atmosphere is ideal for students to learn the best European techniques. 

Students are becoming the business leaders of tomorrow thanks to good academic standards and high expectations of professionalism. The Elaine Sterling Institute relies on results-based learning to make the transition from school to the workplace smooth. 

The students of the Institute undoubtedly stand out among other advanced technologies of skin care, proximity to industry leaders, smaller classes, and greater individual orientation, as well as international certification.


#10 CEI Hair Schools

In the Atlanta area, the CEI offers the most affordable options. There is also a wide range of visiting options, which allows students to have a flexible schedule. 

Theory and practical instructions are mixed to give students a complete understanding of cosmetology. The central location in downtown Atlanta offers students a real learning experience on the clinic floor. 

While working in the student lounge, networking can help students develop their clientele, which they can turn to after graduation for permanent work.



With a strong job industry and a growing career in cosmetology, Atlanta is one of the best cities in the country to receive a beauty education.  Graduates from all over the city can easily find a job in salons or get support in starting their own businesses.

Another added benefit to getting an Atlanta cosmetologist’s license is that the city is the center of its unique fashion culture, and many cultural influences in the area create a need for cosmetologists to help with screenings, photo shoots, and movie sets. 

If you receive a cosmetic certificate, hoping to work in fashion salons, in commercial photography, or in film and television studios, then Atlanta is a fantastic place.

Esthetician Schools in Atlanta FAQs

Are Estheticians in Demand in Atlanta?

Cosmetologists in Georgia are growing exponentially. This makes it a great place to work. The number of cosmetologists in Georgia is expected to grow twice as fast as in other areas in the next two years, so many vacancies exist. Many first-class skin care programs in Georgia offer employment in various fields, from the film and fashion industry to salons and spas.

How Much Do Cosmetologists Earn in Atlanta?

The average annual salary of cosmetologists is over 30,000 US dollars annually, making it one of the highest-paid states for this profession. And that doesn’t even include tips that will increase your overall home payment.

Do Esthetician Schools in Atlanta Provide Job Assistance?  

As soon as a student graduates from the School of Aesthetics, he or she must receive assistance in securing the initial job. Employment programs are an integral part of this process. The schools that assist have relationships with businesses in Atlanta, Georgia, that are looking for trained graduates available for hire. Check if the schools you are looking at have employment programs and find out which salons and organizations they refer students to. Also, find out what their employment rates are.


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