13 Best Esthetician Schools In Colorado 2022

There is no faster way to change someone’s appearance than to improve their skin.  Healthy skin can make almost anyone happier and more beautiful.  This is just one of the reasons to enrol in one of the Esthetician Schools in Colorado.

With a Colorado esthetician license, you can provide personalized advice to clients, find solutions to lifelong skin problems, and build a loyal customer base.

How Long Is Esthetician School In Colorado?

To become a licensed skin care professional, Colorado requires completion of a licensed esthetician program in Colorado, which consists of 600 hours of study and successful completion of written and practical esthetician licensure exams.

If you are an aspiring esthetician in Colorado looking to start your career in the esthetics industry, finding one of the reputable Esthetician Schools In Colorado with a dynamic esthetics program is a great first step!  In this school directory you will find a complete list of esthetics schools in Colorado.

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What Is Esthetician School Denver Cost?

The Colorado esthetician schools we selected for our top 10 offer programs with an average price of just $6,631.

This is a very affordable price to gain access to the lucrative and growing professional field in the salon industry.

How To Become An Esthetician In Colorado

The esthetician licensing process is regulated by the Colorado Office of Barbering and Cosmetology Licensing. 

They verify your completion of 600 hours of training and allow you to schedule your license exams, which include a $127 testing fee. 

Once you get passing scores on the practical and skills tests, you get your cosmetologist license and you can start working.

Whether you want to work at an Ayurvedic spa in Boulder or a plastic surgeon’s office in Denver, you should have plenty of options to choose from.

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How Much Do Estheticians Make In Colorado?

The median annual salary for a licensed cosmetologist in Colorado is $36,030, excluding tips. 

The north-central Colorado region, which includes Eagle, Grand, Jackson, Lake, Pitkin, Routt and Summit counties, has the highest employment of cosmetologists outside the metropolitan area in the country. 

The area also boasts the highest concentration of cosmetology jobs and jobs of any small region. 

The region is the second-highest paying area in the country outside of cities, with an average annual salary of $38,690 for Colorado-licensed cosmetologists.  This salary is calculated before tips.

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What Are The Best Esthetician Schools In Colorado 2022?

#1 Cheeks International Academy of Beauty Culture – Greely

At Cheeks International Academy of Beauty Culture, you will be able to learn all the basic skin care techniques needed to become a successful esthetician. 

You will learn how to care for mature skin, how to perform facial acupressure, as well as aromatherapy.

You will also learn reflexology, spray tanning and electrolysis techniques, as well as basic skin care and make-up techniques. 

You’ll also be able to connect with Greely’s vibrant community through fashion and beauty shows that benefit local charities.


#2 Hair Dynamics Education Center – Fort Collins

With Hair Dynamics Education Center’s Esthetician program, you’ll learn the art and science of skin care and makeup application, and the curriculum also includes a Salon Success component. 

With the Salon Success training program, you’ll learn how to build your salon business, improve guest relations, and sell retail products. 

Hair Dynamics impressed us by offering students the option to become certified in both microdermabrasion and chemical peels as part of their esthetician program, rather than having to complete an additional certification to learn how to provide these services after graduation.


#3 Institute of Business & Medical Careers (IBMC) College 

If you choose to study esthetics at IBMC, you’ll have the chance to be involved in the community and donate to local charities through school-sponsored beauty and fashion shows. 

The school accepts VA benefits for veterans and offers career assistance services to every student. 

You’ll learn everything you could ever hope to know about skin care procedures, makeup application, hair removal, facials and peels, and skin care consultations through an esthetician program.


#4 International Salon and Spa Academy – Colorado Springs

With International Salon and Spa Academy’s esthetics program, you’ll learn techniques in microdermabrasion, chemical peels, facials, body detox, spa treatments, client consultations, makeup application, skin care analysis, wraps, waxing, hair removal, and more. 

You will have the opportunity to work with real clients in a beautiful facility using high-end brands such as Redken, OPI, Satin Smooth and Pravana. 

Even after you graduate, you can take advantage of continuing esthetics education courses to learn advanced skin care techniques and keep your license current.


#5 New Dimensions Beauty Academy – Parker

In New Dimensions Beauty Academy’s esthetics program, you’ll not only learn skin care techniques, but you’ll also learn retail business and revenue strategies. 

If you visit the school and register for the program within thirty days of the tour, you will be eligible for the scholarship! 

At New Dimensions, you will study in a world-class, state-of-the-art facility. You will practice using brands such as Pravana, Redken, Gelish and Morgan Taylor and more. 

As a graduate, you will be offered employment assistance.  The school also offers continuing education courses and you may want to consider taking them further after graduation.


#6 The Salon Professional Academy – Colorado Springs

Offering a lower than average tuition compared to other schools on our list. Pursuing an esthetics education at The Salon Professional Academy is a great choice. 

The school offers scholarship opportunities to help finance your education and accepts VA benefits from qualified veterans.  You will also be offered career counseling services to help you find the ideal cosmetology position for you after graduation. 

Community-minded students will enjoy opportunities to participate in local philanthropic activities through the Salon Professional Academy. 

As a Dermalogica partner school, this program gives you the opportunity to learn about Dermalogica’s high-quality products and techniques, such as facial mapping.


#7 School of Botanical & Medical Aesthetics – Denver

The Esthetician program at the School of Botanical and Medical Esthetics will ensure that you are not only proficient in facials, hair removal, makeup, and body care, but are ready to take on clients with a deep understanding of retail, ethics, and business training. 

You can complete your studies in an immersion program, a weekend-only program, or a daytime-only program. The school also offers career assistance services to every student.


#8 United College of Health and Beauty – Englewood

 United College of Health and Beauty’s esthetics program includes training in management, ethics, interpersonal and sales skills.

This is in addition to all the techniques and skills you’ll develop related to skin assessment and care. 

You can also take advanced training courses at the school as you progress in your career, including courses in chemical peels, microdermabrasion and cosmetic resurfacing.


#9 Westland Beauty Academy – Lakewood

Offering the lowest tuition of any school on our list, Westland Beauty Academy offers an excellent cosmetology program at a great price. 

You will learn how to analyze your client’s skin and recommend the best products. You will also perform facials, hair removal and exfoliation, and gain important skills related to salon management. 

The school also offers advanced cosmetology courses that can help you stand out from other cosmetologists.


What Are The Best Esthetician Schools In Denver Colorado?

#10 Aveda Institute – Denver

Aveda, a national chain, is widely known for its scholarships and employment services.  In Denver, the school does its best, graduating 94 percent of its students on time. 

The Institute also actively collaborates with the community, sponsoring beauty pageants and raising funds for water quality programs. 

The campus is the epitome of cool mountain style, with exposed stone walls and muted earth tones reminiscent of nearby peaks. 

The school has impressed us with its regular series of blog posts that look at a day in the life of current students.


#11 National Beauty College – Denver

Denver National Beauty College is undoubtedly one of the most affordable esthetician schools in Denver Colorado. 

However, low costs do not mean low commitment; the school is also one of the few with a dedicated career services department to help graduates find work. 

And they find that they do: 67 percent of students go on to become cosmetologists.  100 percent completion of the program on time! 

Another sign of excellent student service, the college offers Vietnamese-English and Spanish-English classes for ELL (English Language Learners) students.


#12 New Dimensions Beauty Academy – Denver

New Dimensions is a family school, but the interior looks like the newest and most sophisticated salon created by the largest chain. 

These spaces are where the school hopes students can find an outlet for their creativity and learn to become experts in their field.  The school focuses on salon management and business skills in addition to cosmetology, preparing graduates for long-term careers in business. 

And every graduate has a chance for this career: the school boasts a 100 percent employment rate.  60 percent of students graduate on time. 

A number of scholarship opportunities are available to prospective students, but even without a scholarship, tuition is lower than the state average.


#13 Paul Mitchell School – Denver

With Paul Mitchell’s acclaimed esthetician program, you’ll learn about skin analysis, personalized client treatments.

You will also learn skin care ingredient chemistry, prescription retail, makeup application and the latest trends, facials, peels, and more. 

After you graduate, you may want to consider continuing education courses as part of the school’s continuing education program. This is to ensure you are prepared with all the latest techniques. 

The school offers scholarships and accepts VA benefits to help cover program costs.  You will also have the opportunity to actively participate in the Denver community through Paul Mitchell’s philanthropic activities.



To become licensed as a Colorado cosmetologist, you must first complete a formal esthetics program at one of the state’s board-approved esthetics or cosmetology schools.

At least 75 percent of the required credit hours must be in clinical instruction, and the remaining 25 percent may be obtained through lectures or theory.

The esthetician schools in Colorado includes training in a full range of facial and body treatments. The training include chemical peels, microdermabrasion, light therapy and makeup artistry.

Esthetician Schools In Colorado FAQs

Are Cosmetologists In Demand In Colorado?

Colorado is the best area to find esthetics jobs that will pay more than just the bills.  And, apparently, the opportunities for high-paying work in the best clinics and spas will not disappear soon.  According to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, the cosmetology job market is on a 24% growth trend that will continue through at least 2026.

How Do I Renew My Cosmetologist License In Colorado?

Hairdresser, cosmetologist, barber and manicurist licenses expire on March 31st on even-numbered days and cost $26 to renew or $41 to reinstate if you let your license expire.  All cosmetologists’ licenses expire on April 30 of each year.  These licenses cost $32 to renew or $47 to restore.  Currently, no continuing education hours are required to renew a cosmetologist license in Colorado.  However, continuing education should be considered part of the field and part of running a cosmetology business.

Are Cosmetologists Paid Well In Colorado?

As you can imagine, cosmetologists in Colorado do not have a common salary or wage rate.  In fact, where you work in the workforce can greatly affect your earning potential.  Your best bet is to find the cities that offer the most money and start handing out applications.  A great place to start is the Denver area, as it offers the most jobs and some of the highest salaries.


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