Best Esthetician Schools In Indiana 2022

Esthetician Schools In Indiana teach students techniques for facial care, makeup application, and skin enhancement. 

Students also learn epilation and waxing techniques, salon procedures, ethics, safety and hygiene.  They learn how to analyze skin and make recommendations for skin care regimens.

To obtain a cosmetology license in Indiana, students must be 18 years of age and have a 10th grade or equivalent.  They must enroll in an approved esthetics school Indianapolis and complete 700 hours of skin specialist training over three years.

How Long Is Esthetician Schools In Indiana?

Indiana has a pretty strict school policy.  They require at least 700 hours in esthetician school with classes covering basic skin care, makeup application, safety and sanitation, facial massage, and hair removal, just to name a few. 

Indiana does not allow apprenticeship hours to substitute for education.  You must complete a registered program at a cosmetology school or you will not be able to obtain a license.

After you graduate, you still have to take certification testing according to the state board.  You must be at least 18 years old at the time of testing, have at least a tenth grade education and proof of your 700 hour course. 

The Pearson VUE written exam covers a variety of topics including safety, accident prevention and record keeping, as well as skin conditions, microdermabrasion, aromatherapy and anything else covered in your course.

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Indiana Esthetician Requirements

You must be at least 18 years old, have completed the 10th grade and at least 700 hours of indiana esthetician school, and have a passing score of at least 70% on the written and practical exams. 

Submit a transcript of your high school diploma and a beauty school transcript if you studied outside the US.  Anyone with a criminal record must also attach a copy showing the nature of the conviction, date, and time served probation, etc.

Indiana allows some leeway if your previous state or country had different requirements to become an esthetician. 

For example, if the state did not require 700 hours of training, you could exchange one year of licensed practice for 100 hours of training.  However, you must complete at least 400 hours of esthetic training at a beauty school.

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How To Become A Licensed Esthetician In Indiana

Licensing of cosmetologists in the state of Indiana is regulated by the Indiana Board of Cosmetology and Barbering Examiners. 

To become a licensed skin care professional, Indiana requires the completion of a licensed esthetician program, which consists of 700 hours of study and successful completion of the written and practical exams for the esthetician license.

If you are an aspiring cosmetologist in Indiana looking to start your career in the esthetics industry, finding one of the reputable esthetician schools in Indiana with a dynamic esthetics program is a great first step!

In this school directory you will find a complete list of esthetician schools in indianapolis.  Featured schools are ASCP Premier School members that not only offer a great esthetics program, but also include student benefits provided by Associated Skin Care Professionals!

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Can Estheticians Do Dermaplaning In Indiana?

Dermaplaning is a relatively new but surprisingly popular procedure.  This involves gently rubbing the blade at an angle along the skin to remove hair, peach fuzz and dead skin cells.

Dermaplaning is also commonly used in conjunction with other treatments, such as chemical peels or masks, as the latter penetrates the skin more easily and improves results.

As always, different states have different requirements.  States such as Florida, Texas and California do not allow estheticians and cosmetologists to perform this procedure – only medical professionals.

However, states such as Colorado allow licensed estheticians to practice this, but only if they are first trained and certified in dermaplaning.

If you are not sure what your state restrictions are, be sure to contact your state board and ask about any additional licensing requirements that may be required.

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What Are The Best Esthetician Schools In Indiana?

#1 Don Roberts School of Hair Design – Schererville

Don Roberts opened his first beauty school in 1961, making it one of the most famous esthetician schools in Indiana. 

His motivation was to produce well-trained workers for his own salons, a high standard that remains in place today. 

84 percent of students graduate on time and 86 percent are immediately employed in industry through the school’s placement program. 

As a local institution, Don Roberts School does a lot of community outreach, from high school career days to cancer fundraisers.  The school accepts G.I.  Bill benefits from qualified veterans.


#2 Rudae’s School of Beauty Culture – Fort Wayne

Rudae’s provides up-to-date instruction in the latest beauty and skin care techniques, resulting in high demand for school graduates. 

Eighty-three percent immediately go to work in the industry after completing the coursework.  Seventy-five percent complete the esthetics school program on time. 

Aiming to provide the training each student needs to reach their full potential, Rudae’s does not miss out on the vital business aspects of learning, imparting management skills to each student on the course.


#3 The Salon Professional Academy – Evansville

TSPA understands that they are just the first step for students to a long career filled with creativity and opportunity, and believe that their job is to maximize the artistic potential of these students. 

They include a training program developed in collaboration with the famous Redken 5th Avenue salon in New York.  This reduction system is not available at any other school in Indiana… perhaps one of the reasons that TSPA graduates have an 80 percent job placement rate. 

Another reason could be that the school has an excellent career development department and a good on-time graduation rate, which shows that graduates here finish what they started! 

Academy’s stylish classic floor is the best in the state.  The school offers business education as well as style education.  Scholarships are available to qualified students.


What Are The Best Esthetician Schools In Indianapolis?

#4 Aveda Fredrick Institute – Indianapolis

Aveda Fredric’s develops future leaders in the world of aesthetics, and they do it in style! 

The otherworldly blue spa relaxes clients with a ceiling full of twinkling stars, while the bright, clean, vast salon floor is fully equipped with the latest equipment and skincare products.

  As part of the larger Aveda network, graduates can count on a job placement service that finds jobs at many Aveda salons and spas.  A basic business education ensures that graduates know more than just skin care when they leave. 

The school has lower tuition and accepts VA benefits.  He also feels a real sense of social responsibility, participating in breast cancer events and Earth Moon environmental programs.


#5 Textures Institute of Cosmetology – Indianapolis

Textures is not a cookie cutter school.  While the Institute provides the same in-depth training as other cosmetology schools.

It also goes the extra mile by connecting with organizations like the Indiana Black Expo to ensure students are exposed to the real thing.   

75 percent on-time completion and 89 percent placement rate are also high recommendations.  Business training is part of the package at Textures.  Scholarships available and VA benefits accepted.


#6 Tricoci University of Beauty Culture – Indianapolis

Tricochi students are in high demand in salons and spas for the training and professional approach to aesthetics they are taught there. 

The school focuses on teaching the scientific foundations of skin care and building on these foundations to develop a comprehensive education on the subject.  One hundred percent of students graduate on time, most of them with very little debt.

The school offers scholarships and accepts VA benefits, further reducing costs.  The employment program helps graduates find work after graduation. 

Finally, a strong business skills element in the curriculum prepares students for a future in salon management or ownership.


#7 Empire Beauty School – Indianapolis

Empire blows every other school in the state out of the water when it comes to employment numbers: 97 percent of graduates have a place in the industry when they leave the Indianapolis branch of this beauty school chain. 

Students maintain their own customer book while in school, providing valuable real-world business experience.  Lower than average tuition makes this school a great value!



The Cosmetology and Hairdressing Division of the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency issues licenses to estheticians.  You must complete 700 hours of esthetics training at an Indiana beauty school, and your school must complete a Beauty Culture Education Certificate form before you can apply for a license.

Your esthetics education is divided between classroom and hands-on learning.  Expect your school to ask you to keep track of the number of practical hours or projects you have completed and to have your teacher sign and initial your progress report.

Esthetician Schools In Indiana FAQs

How Much Do Cosmetologists Make In Indiana?

The median annual salary for beauticians in this region is $25,930, excluding tips.  In the state, the median annual salary for skin care professionals is $29,560.  However, the city of Indianapolis is the tenth highest paying metropolitan area in the country.  The salary in Indianapolis averages $40,580 per year, excluding tips.

Can I Work As An Esthetician In Indiana With Esthetician License From Another State?

If you are licensed as a cosmetologist in another state or country, you can apply for a reciprocity license.  Applicants must pay $40 and include a copy of their certificate from the state or country in which they previously worked (or an English translation if the documents came from another country).

Are Esthetician Paid Well In Indiana?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Indiana offers many good job opportunities for licensed cosmetologists.  Southern Indiana, a non-metropolitan area, is the fourth highest paying in the nation.


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