7 Best Esthetician Schools in Miami 2024 | How to Apply

In Miami, there are dozens of Esthetician schools, and cosmetologists earn an average annual salary. 

The state is also expected to see 19% growth in cosmetology careers between 2018 and 2028, which is 8% higher than the national average. Read on to find out how to find a cosmetology school in Miami, FL.

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How Long are Esthetician Schools in Miami?

Cosmetology programs in Miami, FL, are most commonly found at the certificate level through state education and technical centers. 

These programs require you to complete 1,200 hours of educational training in preparation for applying for a Florida cosmetology license.

 The training combines classroom classes with laboratory exercises.  Some programs offer weekend and evening classes.

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Requirements for Esthetician Jobs in Miami, FL

The Florida Board of Cosmetology regulates the license of cosmetologists in Florida. 

To become a licensed skin care professional, the state of Florida requires completing a licensed esthetics program consisting of 260 hours of study in one of the esthetician schools in Miami, Florida.

Completing the written and practical exams for a cosmetologist license is also required.

If you are an aspiring esthetician in Florida looking to start your career in the esthetics industry, finding a reputable school with a dynamic esthetics program is a significant first step!

In this school directory, you will find a complete list of esthetician schools in Miami, Florida.  Featured schools are ASCP Premier School members that offer a great esthetics program and include student benefits provided by Associated Skin Care Professionals!

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How to Become an Esthetician in Miami

First, here are the basic steps to becoming an esthetician in Florida:

  • Before applying to the best esthetician school in Miami of your choice.  In other words, learn.  For example, take advantage of this post’s basic information about cosmetology careers!
  • Next, apply to a cosmetology college near you.
  • After that, complete cosmetology courses at school and get a cosmetology certificate.
  • Then it is time to work as an apprentice.
  • After graduation, pass the Florida Esthetician State Board exam.
  • After that, your esthetician career begins!  Don’t forget to renew your license.
  • However, it should not end there.  For example, many cosmetologists go back to school to become licensed as a Master Estheticians or Esthetician Instructors.

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What are the Best Esthetician Schools in Miami 2023?

#1 Aveda Institute – Miami

Aveda’s cool Miami salon ranks second in Florida and, therefore, is one of the best cosmetology schools in Miami, Florida. 

The school is based on the traditional Aveda system, giving graduates access to a large salon network that offers numerous career opportunities. 77 percent of Aveda students graduate on time, and 76 percent find jobs almost immediately. 

Add in the national scholarships offered to students and that Aveda accepts VA benefits. You know you have a school that has struck the right balance between excellence and affordability.

But even the hottest stylist needs business acumen to succeed in the industry truly. Aveda Miami helps develop those skills to ensure graduates have an edge in the business side of beauty and unparalleled cosmetology training.


#2 Beauty Schools of America – Miami

BSA has five campuses spread throughout South Florida and boasts a diverse student body, providing a welcoming environment for international students looking to establish themselves in the beauty salon industry. 

Their core values ​​are honesty, respect, and excellence, which ​​show in their numbers: 51 percent on-time graduation and 88 percent job placement rate – the best in the state!

BSA’s career services department helps graduates find jobs. The school believes in equipping students with the styling skills needed to pass state licensing exams and the business skills needed to succeed in beauty salons. 

VA benefits are accepted, as are some scholarships, including the Bright Futures Scholarship for Children of Wounded or Disabled Veterans.


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#3 La Belle Beauty Academy

The skin care program consists of 300 hours, of which 100 hours are dedicated to student services. 

The first half of the program is in the classroom. You will learn through instructor-led theoretical lectures, interactive exercises and demonstrations, instructor-led hands-on learning, and special events and workshops. 

The second half is devoted to applying acquired public skills in the school sanatorium under the supervision of an instructor. 

Once all theory and service hours are completed and you pass the final exam, you will receive your diploma and apply for your license through the school.


#4  Florida Medical College

This is an educational certification course for those who want to gain more knowledge in skin care. 

This course consists of 60 hours of advanced aesthetic procedures for an esthetician who works in the esthetic field or has graduated from esthetics school and is certified as a phlebotomy specialist. 

It also includes specialized training in the latest aesthetic practice technologies and special techniques, such as extracting platelet-rich plasma or fibrinogen from a client’s blood sample and applying it to the skin.


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#5 Miami Lakes Educational Center

This school provides open enrollment to anyone over 16 years of age who is not in high school.  Many daytime and evening programs are offered for your convenience. 

The school operates on a trimester schedule, and you can usually start courses at the beginning of any session.

Miami Lakes Adult Education Center offers a cosmetology program that qualifies you to take the Florida cosmetology licensure exam. 

The cosmetology program combines traditional classroom learning with hands-on lab sessions that provide you with technical experience before entering the field. 

You practice your newly acquired skills on mannequins and clients during these classes.


#6 Sheridan Technical College

Every 9 or 18 weeks, new cosmetology courses start at this school, about 28 miles from Miami. 

The classes you take in this program can also be applied to the school’s Associate in Industrial Management Technology, a 2-year course of study. 

Courses in this program can prepare you for the cosmetology exam.  You can learn about hair coloring, chemical relaxation, and skin and nail care.


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#7 The English Center

Part of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, the English Center is an adult education facility in downtown Miami. 

Its 1,200-hour cosmetology program prepares you to take the Florida cosmetology licensing exam.  You will learn about the nail, skincare, hair, and makeup techniques. 

To obtain a certificate, you must pass a state licensing exam.



The steps to becoming a medical esthetician in Miami are the same as those for a skin care esthetician.  You must also complete at least 260 hours of formal training. 

While there is no standard medical esthetician program in Florida, various rigorous programs are available. Accordingly, if you attend the best esthetician schools in Miami, Florida, you will have the best job opportunities.

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Esthetician Schools in Miami FAQs

Are Cosmetologists in Demand in Miami?

Esthetics is expected to grow by 25 percent nationwide by 2020, faster than most other professions.  New spas and salons are opening in Florida, helping to increase demand for skin care professionals.  Some facialists operate mobile salons, providing on-site services to clients.

How Much Do Estheticians in Miami Earn?

By comparison, estheticians in Florida earn about $16.40 an hour.  In other words, that’s a salary of $34,120.  However, estheticians in the 90th percentile earn about $55,050 in Florida.  Also, the job prospects for skin care estheticians are excellent! The number of available jobs is projected to increase by 12% between 2014 and 2024.

How Much Do Medical Esthetician Schools Cost in Miami?

In total, the program costs $12,600. And there is funding!  Most importantly, you will be automatically approved if you can put 20% down early on.  And if you pay it off before graduation, the interest rate is 0%.


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