11 Best Esthetician Schools in NYC 2024

It is difficult to choose Esthetician Schools In NYC because not all offer the same training.

You may have had some experience in skin care procedures, and you consider yourself knowledgeable or even work as a make-up artist/esthetician – this makes it easier to decide how much more you need to learn. 

That’s why it’s important to consider your career goals, the time and money you’re willing to invest in yourself, and how much hands-on experience you want/need – before deciding on a school that meets those requirements for your aesthetic education.

How Long are Esthetician Schools in NYC?

Esthetician Schools in New York City take from 500 to 2000 hours of practical training.  Aesthetics are certified by a program that includes academic and practical instruction, supervised clinical experience, and written exams.

It will cover topics such as anatomy/physiology, chemistry, skin care techniques (such as facial care), color selection for applying cosmetics, client consulting skills, and business management.

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How to Become an Esthetician in NYC

To work as a cosmetologist, you must obtain a license; and pass a written and practical exam conducted by your state council of cosmetology. 

In addition, many clients require their skin care professionals to be trained in addition to simply obtaining a license (i.e., cosmetologist certification) – and this can be obtained by completing a specialized program with practical experience and passing an exam.

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What are the Best Esthetician Courses in NYC?

Most Esthetician Schools in NYC offer certificate, diploma, or diploma programs for those who want to become licensed skin care professionals.

Some cosmetology schools in NYC also offer internships where students can practice what they have learned in class, receive feedback from their teachers, and communicate with classmates. 

This is especially important for those who work as professionals, as they can usually find internships with flexible schedules that do not require students to be fired.

If you want a cosmetology certification, the best way is to take a specialized program where you will gain both theoretical and practical skills. 

Some Esthetician Schools in New York may offer courses on weekends and others in the evening, so check your state requirements before applying. 

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How Much Do Estheticians Make in NYC?

Estheticians in New York receive an average of 33 thousand a year, and those who work in spas receive about 34 thousand a year.  In addition, cosmetologists working in the suburbs of New York earn even more.

But there are aesthetics with business acumen that break into a 6-figure salary.  These are people who strike on their own and are different.

Can I Go to an Esthetician School Without a High School Diploma?

Although obtaining a high school diploma or GED has many advantages, the most pressing need for a diploma comes down to the right to financial aid.

According to ED, students must have the academic right to study at the post-secondary level to receive federal funding, on which a significant proportion of students depend to attend school. 

In this case, “suitability” means that the student has a high school diploma or equivalent GED, which the Department considers valid.

If a school accepts federal funding for a diploma or GED that does not meet the Department’s standards, it can have dire consequences, such as termination of funding or even closure of the school.  Make sure you choose a school that properly evaluates students for these requirements.

For students, a high school diploma is incredibly valuable because you will not be able to cover the total cost of tuition without any help.  While this does not apply to everyone, we encourage all potential and current students to explore different types of assistance.

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What are the Best Esthetician Schools in New York City 2024?

#1 Lia Schorr Institute (New York, NY)

At the Leah Shorr Institute, the aesthetics of the future learned from the teachers who created and developed the field. 

The teachers at the school have spent years running their salons and are familiar with all aspects of the business, from the artistic skills needed for skincare and makeup to the knowledge needed to run a company.

These attributes are part of Leah Shorr’s mission – to allow aesthetics to learn from experts.  The courses combine lectures, written assignments, and clinical experience, emphasizing the latter.

The program is certainly demanding, but it ensures that students are prepared to solve any problems the profession poses.

Lisa Shorr is so confident in the success of her proposals that she actively encourages students to attend school before enrollment.  They love to showcase their resources and faculty, so students know how much they can get from Lisa Shorr’s education.


#2 The Makeup Academy of NYC by Nina MUA (New York, NY)

Each school on this list provides cosmetologists with the technical skills and business knowledge to work in a professional salon and, ultimately, to work with it.  But at Nina Mua’s New York Makeup Academy, students learn an equally important skill.

Focusing on consulting, Makeup Academy teaches students the interpersonal skills they need to work with clients and helps them meet their beauty needs. 

It’s not just a matter of applying makeup or learning skin care techniques, but also communicating with clients and understanding what they want.

The consultation is a major part of the school’s core five-week program, which culminates in hands-on training with real clients and in photo shoots and other elements that the student can include in their portfolio.

  Thanks to this unique approach, even beginners without previous experience can leave the program with the knowledge and abilities of an experienced expert.


#3 Aveda Institute of Arts and Sciences

Aveda Institute of Arts and Sciences is a school of aesthetics in New York.  It was founded in 1998.  Among other courses, he offers instructions on chemical peels/laser treatments and knowledge of skin care products and makeup.

The school’s practical courses include a one-day skincare and make-up course, an eight-hour laser treatment certification course, and a six-hour eyebrow/eyelash coloring workshop.

You can also learn how to apply makeup, among other courses.  Students must have the scientific experience.  This school, among other courses, teaches chemical peels/laser treatments, knowledge of skin care products and makeup. 

The school’s practical courses include a one-day seminar on skincare and make-up, an eight-hour laser treatment certification course, and a six-hour eyebrow/eyelash coloring workshop.

The Aveda Institute of Arts and Sciences does not have any information about externships on its website, but they probably offer them.


#4 Atelier Esthetique

Atelier Esthetique is a beauty school in New York that teaches cosmetology, aesthetics, and nail care.  This school has an excellent reputation and provides individual training with experienced teachers. 

The program also includes 700 hours of hands-on training and practice, so you will be ready to work as a cosmetologist right after school.

The school offers aesthetics, manicure, and waxing programs – all of which are taught in small groups.  You can become a licensed New York cosmetologist in just 14 weeks.

The aesthetic program of the school offers courses in make-up, microdermabrasion, and skin analysis. 

In addition to classroom instruction, you will gain clinical experience from external opportunities, receive instructor feedback, and interact with classmates.

The school is accredited by the National Accreditation Commission for the Arts and Careers (NACCAS) and has been operating since 2009.


#5 Paul Mitchell College of Beauty (PSNC)

Paul Mitchell College of Beauty is a beauty school that offers aesthetic training.  They have been working since 2009, providing a complete education in various fields related to the beauty industry.

In addition to being accredited by the National Commission for the Accreditation of the Arts and Career Sciences (NACCAS), they are also recognized by the New York Department of Education.

In addition to training in aesthetics, PSNC offers classes in professional skin care, the art of makeup, and hairstyles.  You can take as many courses as possible if they relate to the beauty industry. 

Students also have the opportunity to create an international portfolio by doing an internship abroad.


#6 New York School of Esthetics and Spa Therapeutics

The New York School of Aesthetics and Spa Therapeutics is a beauty school that offers aesthetics training.  They have been working since 2009, providing a complete education in various fields related to the beauty industry. 

In addition to being accredited by the National Commission for the Accreditation of the Arts and Career Sciences (NACCAS), they are also recognized by the New York Department of Education.

One of the main things that distinguish NYSEST from other schools of aesthetics is the number of courses they offer.  They offer more than 20 different courses in aesthetics. 

This is the youngest school on this list, so it is a modern school. In addition to aesthetics, NYSEST offers therapeutic massage courses recognized by the American Massage Association. 

You can attend as many classes as you want and be certified in various techniques, including deep tissue, sports, prenatal, and more.  NYSEST is accredited by the National Accreditation Commission (NACCAS).


#7 Brittany Beauty Academy

Brittany Beauty Academy is one of the many beauty schools in the city and has been operating since 1985.  The school offers a variety of aesthetic courses, lasting from 200 to 600 hours.

The courses offered by the Brittany Beauty Academy are varied.  Some are two-year courses that take 200 hours of study, and some last much longer and take 600 hours.

Whatever you want to study in the field of aesthetics, Brittany Beauty Academy will help you.  With more than 20 courses, from waxing eyebrows to microdermabrasion, everyone will find something for themselves.

The school is accredited by the Council for Vocational Education (COE) and the National Accreditation Commission for Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS).


#8 Empire Beauty School (New York, NY)

Most of the schools listed here are located in different states and cities. But Empire Beauty School does it better, providing a few seats in New York.

Students can enjoy first-class school offers from anywhere in the city thanks to such diversity.

But don’t be fooled. Although Empire Beauty School has its roots all over New York, it prepares its students to study worldwide. 

In addition to teaching students to work in spas and salons, Empire trains future beauticians to focus their work on cruise ships.

Empire cosmetology training center includes facials and waxing. Students learn the processes and tools needed to deeply cleanse and nourish facial skin to improve their clients’ skin.

Waxing lessons teach students how to safely remove unwanted hair using tools that will be practical and convenient.


#9 Formula B Parisien Beauty School (New York, NY)

At Formula B Parisien Beauty School, students learn about aesthetics and makeup tools and the biology of the human body. 

This scientific approach gives students a technical advantage when using their profession because they deeply understand the causes of unwanted hair growth and skin problems.

You can expect a more academic approach to beauty to cost more than other schools on this list.

However, Formula B does its best to help students get into the program, thanks to the Formula B Parisien Scholarship for Cosmetologists. 

The scholarship awards qualified students $4,000 to pay for tuition, helping to pay for school tuition for students who have a grade point average of B + and adhere to school rules.

With this combination of academic prowess and student support, Formula B Parisien Beauty School is the ideal institution for those who take their dreams of aesthetics seriously.


#10 Career School of New York (New York, NY)

As the name implies, the New York Career School prepares students for the beginning of their careers in the industry. 

Thanks to the techniques and theories students receive in the school’s 600-hour aesthetics program; they are ready to work in any aspect of the industry, from working in a spa and a recurring department store to a researcher at a great dermatologist.

The program achieves these goals through a broad approach.  In addition to waxing, bacteriology, and facials, students also take courses in spa management and aesthetics. 

There is no career in a field that students cannot do after graduating from the Career School. While such a professional course is certainly expensive, the career school has a comprehensive financial aid program to help students pay for their studies. 

Almost every graduate of the school has funding thanks to the support of the financial aid department.


#11 Continental School of Beauty

The main program of the Continental School of Beauty is a course in hairdressing and cosmetology, which allows students to study and specialize in various fields, including salon management, waxing, and coloring. 

Most importantly, teachers want to show their students how to be creative and innovative, not just imitate what they are learning.

The great advantage of the Continental School is its dedicated career, which has lasted for 55 years – enough time to establish relevant industry connections. 

Students can attend special job fairs, practice interviews, receive individual advice, and more.  Although it is located in the northern part of the state, it is worth considering if you are seriously planning a career in cosmetology.



Several accredited Esthetician Schools In NYC offer day/evening classes and weekend courses for those who want to get a certificate and start working faster.  Working professionals can also choose evening programs, which are usually flexible with a schedule and do not require students to resign.

New York City schools of cosmetology usually offer a variety of programs to choose from: a certificate (ie, 800 hours), a diploma, a diploma, or a bachelor’s degree, in addition to master’s degrees that can be obtained online or in weekend/evening classes. 

While some courses are standard (i.e., anatomy, physiology), others focus on aesthetics, such as skin care products and sales or working with specific populations.

Esthetician Schools In NYC FAQs

Are Estheticians in Demand in NYC?

Cosmetologists have one of the highest employment rates in the United States.  It is estimated that the profession of cosmetologists will grow by 30% by 2026, so there will be many job opportunities and chances to advance in your career or quickly change jobs/specialties.

Where Can I Work as a Licensed Esthetician in New York?

As a licensed cosmetologist in New York, your career can place you in world-class salons, spas and resorts, where you will provide services, including everything from aromatherapy and spa treatments to facials, waxing, and makeup.

What Does it Take to Become a Cosmetologist in NYC?

In addition to a cosmetologist’s license, you can go through 1,000 hours of training to become a licensed masseur in New York State.  You can also take business courses to learn more about the benefits of owning your aesthetics practice, or to qualify for leadership positions at beauty resorts.


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