10 Best Esthetician Schools in Oklahoma 2023 | How to Apply

At the esthetician schools in Oklahoma, you can learn what services and techniques are relevant in modern spa centers and salons. 

Your training shows you how to work with clients, treat different skin problems, and use different products and tools to achieve different effects. Licensed esthetician schools in Oklahoma follow a core curriculum.

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How Long are Esthetician Schools in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, you need to complete at least 600 hours at an accredited esthetics school Oklahoma.  Alternatively, you can complete an internship instead, which must total 1,200 hours.

The Oklahoma State Board does not require continuing education classes during renewal periods.  That said, taking cosmetology courses to become a more advanced esthetician and earn more money is a great idea!

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How to Become an Esthetician in Oklahoma

  • You first need to graduate from an Oklahoma board-approved esthetician school in OKC to get your Oklahoma Esthetician license. 
  • The board allows you to choose from many public schools and private schools across the state,
  • Your second step toward obtaining your Oklahoma cosmetology license is passing two licensing exams: written and practical exams. 
  • After completing the full course or internship, you must pass a written and practical exam.  The written theory exam can be scheduled at a registered testing location through PSI Exams Online.  It takes 90 minutes. 
  • It covers various topics but is no different from what you learned during your studies. Next, you will take the Oklahoma Board practice exam. The council will schedule a time, date, and place. 
  • You will need to bring your kit and can expect to be assessed on your setup and customer protection, massage, steaming, hand removal, hair removal, and facials, to name but a few.  Once this is complete, you will need to apply for your initial license.

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How Much Do Estheticians Make in Oklahoma?

Work as a cosmetologist in Oklahoma. With just a few years of experience and hard work, you’ll build a reputation for anything from simple facials to excellent customer experiences. You can expect a base income of over $30,000.

In Oklahoma City and beyond, there is an ever-increasing demand for beauty professionals who aim to provide services that rejuvenate, restore, refresh and renew the skin.

According to the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission, opportunities for cosmetologists are projected to increase by 11% statewide.

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What are the Best Esthetician Schools in Oklahoma?

After thorough research, rankings, reviews and value offers, we have curated a list of the best Esthetician schools in Oklahoma. Below is the list.

#1 Central State Beauty and Wellness College – Oklahoma City

At Central State College of Beauty and Wellness, you will receive training in cosmetology with an emphasis on core business practices. 

The esthetics school Oklahoma offers VA benefits for veterans and four other scholarship opportunities to help students finance their education. 

Central State Beauty and Wellness College also offers placement services for every student, helping connect you to the network of beauticians available in Oklahoma. 

In 2015, the school received the School of Excellence Award from the Accrediting Commission for Professional Schools and Colleges for its commitment to providing quality programs.


#2 Paul Mitchell School – Tulsa

Continuing your cosmetology education at Paul Mitchell will allow you to connect with hundreds of Paul Mitchell salons in Oklahoma and beyond. 

This program will help you succeed as a cosmetologist, emphasizing learning the Paul Mitchell Haircut System and sound salon management and business practices.

The school’s Tulsa campus offers a great place to learn, and you can be involved in the community through hair and beauty shows that benefit charity. 

The Paul Mitchell School accepts VA benefits for veterans and scholarships for qualified students. After graduation, you will be connected to Paul Mitchell salons and a network of salons and beautician workplaces across the country.


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#3 Broken Arrow Beauty College & Cosmetology Education Centre 

This program aims to develop excellent estheticians, starting with a professionally designed modern salon and learning environment.

This school also has a cosmetology training center to accommodate students in the Tulsa area. 

If you’re ambitious, you can complete this program on time with full-time classes. 82 percent of students graduate in five months. You can complete this program part-time with evening classes if you have a busy schedule.

The business segment is combined with the esthetician curriculum for a well-rounded education. If you qualify, you can get help paying for your education through scholarships or veterans’ education benefits. 

We encourage you to take full advantage of the school’s career development program, which maintains strong relationships with salons and spas throughout the metro area.


#4 Clary Sage College – Tulsa

A unique school, this private, not-for-profit college specializes in beauty and design and offers programs tailored to nine professions. It is therefore regarded as one of the best esthetician schools in Oklahoma.

The esthetician program results in an esthetician diploma and the right to be tested in the state council for obtaining a license. 

The curriculum includes the development of retail and management skills, as well as the art of aesthetics.  The facilities are professional, brightly lit, and modern. 

Students can learn about available scholarships and take advantage of veteran education.  Each year you will have the opportunity to participate in community events such as the school’s annual charity fashion show. 

The employment assistance program provides a 78 percent employment rate for cosmetology graduates.  This program also includes a two-month internship at the school’s salon.


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#5 Francis Tuttle Technology Center – Oklahoma City

The esthetics program at this vocational school prepares you for success by offering two different Oklahoma City campus locations where you can complete your studies. 

Students can take advantage of several benefits that this school offers to its students. Benefits like career assistance, scholarships, VA benefits, and the opportunity to participate in many community events and philanthropic projects. 

You can also take advantage of the school’s Business and Entrepreneurship Services department. The department helps students develop strong business skills to prepare them for independent practice in an established salon or more ambitious endeavors such as opening their spa.


#6 Heritage College – Oklahoma City

This school offers a variety of programs in healing and medicine, with a special program in aesthetics. Your training program includes learning techniques such as facials, microdermabrasion, waxing, and peeling. 

You will also learn about chemical peels, body treatments, and body wraps.  After graduation, you can use the school’s career services department. It is specifically designed to help you get your first job after passing the state board exam. 

Licensed estheticians in this program are prepared to work in health clubs, dermatology clinics, private practices, and plastic surgery offices.


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#7 Metro Technology Centers – Oklahoma City

This cosmetology program is offered at the school’s South Bryant campus in the Oakcliff neighborhood. 

To make it as easy for students to purchase this already affordable program, the school offers scholarships and accepts GI Bill educational benefits. 

The night program available through Metro Tech is ideal for those with daytime work commitments.  While completing your studies, you can actively participate in the local community through school-sponsored outreach events. 

After you graduate and pass your licensing exam, you can use the school’s student employment program to find your first job.


#8 Moore Norman Technology Center – Norman

Moore Norman Technology Center’s latest figures show 100% graduate employment, but the school went the extra mile to impress us. 

The curriculum here includes a segment on spa business development, preparing you for a career as an independent practitioner or even one day as a spa owner. 

In Moore Norman Tech’s etiology program, you may be eligible for a scholarship to help pay for your education, and qualified veterans may benefit from the GI Bill.

As part of a larger educational center, you’ll also find plenty of opportunities to get positively involved in the community and make a difference. 

When you graduate, you can use the school’s employment services to help you find a job in a medical spa or other aesthetic practice you love.

Finally, the value of this school cannot be understated. This school is not only unsurpassed but also the most affordable.


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#9 Sand Springs Beauty College – Sand Springs

This course will teach you the fundamentals of aesthetics, including vital business skills, and equip you with a positive attitude, personal integrity, and self-confidence. 

You can complete the program at either school’s two locations, near Tulsa in Sand Springs or Jenks Beauty College. 

Veterans can take advantage of education here, and all students can access the school’s employment services. You will work with the best products, such as Redkin, OPI, Keratin Complex, and Dermalogica.



While there are many top-rated cosmetology schools in Oklahoma, we have selected the best for you.  This is a good list of starting points if you don’t know where to start.

Amid the growing demand for expert skin care services, medical centers, dermatologists, and other aesthetic practices are scrambling to recruit new talent straight out of school.  That is why we decided to compile our top list of the best esthetician schools in Oklahoma that offer programs that meet state licensure requirements.

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Esthetician Schools in Oklahoma FAQs

How Do I Renew My Esthetician License In Oklahoma?

Oklahoma cosmetology license renewals occur each year on the licensee’s birthday.  You must renew by the last day of your birth month to avoid the $10 late fee.  The cost of renewing a cosmetologist’s license is $25.  Cosmetology continuing education hours are not required for license renewal, but cosmetology CEUs are always recommended to stay current with the industry.  The only exception to this renewal date is barbering; barbers must renew their license each year by the last day of June.

Where Can Estheticians Work In Oklahoma?

As you learn aesthetic theory, techniques, and skills, you can enjoy the flexibility of various career paths.  Many cosmetologists start at a local salon or spa, working for hourly wages plus tips.  Once you’ve established a reputation and a loyal client base, you can open your spa or become self-employed and rent a room at a local salon.  With enough experience, you can work with competitive skincare brands, train in salons, or become an esthetics instructor.

Are Estheticians In Demand In Oklahoma?

Fortunately, Oklahoma’s skincare industry is booming.  We expect an 11% increase in vacancies by 2026 (2019).  The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a median salary of $51,530 annually in Oklahoma (2020).


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