13 Best Esthetician Schools In Orlando

If you live in Orlando or plan to become a resident of the city, and you are interested in getting a cosmetology education, the best esthetician schools In Orlando is your best shot.

The city has a large number of beauty schools with different price ranges, lengths and locations, so you can find the one that best suits your needs.

Orlando is one of the best cities for cosmetology education due to its incredibly strong labor market and economy. 

How Much Is Esthetician School In Florida?

Successful completion of the esthetician program in esthetician schools in Florida costs approximately $2,500-20,000. 

This is mainly for training, as other payments may be involved, such as textbooks, registration fees, equipment and materials.

On average, the cost of studying in esthetician schools in Orlando Florida depends on the type of program you choose, as well as the school. 

Another determining factor for studying for an aesthetics program in Florida is the level of education you are going to receive, the duration of the program, the location and, of course, the hours of study.

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How Much Does Cosmetology School Cost In Florida?

You can pay between $ 15,000 and $ 20,000 for a cosmetology school in Florida.  These costs cover the application fee, tuition, kit, supplies and textbooks.

This may sound like big money.  But these programs are often much more affordable than traditional four-year diplomas.

How Long Is Esthetician School In Florida?

The Esthetician schools in Orlando FL is regulated by the Florida Board of Cosmetology. 

To become a licensed skincare professional, Florida needs to complete a licensed aesthetics program. This program consists of 260 hours of training and successfully passing written and practical exams to obtain a cosmetology license.

If you are a novice esthetician in Florida who wants to start a career in the aesthetics industry, finding a reputable school with a dynamic aesthetics program is a great first step!

In this directory of schools you will find a complete list of aesthetic schools in Florida. 

Certain esthetician schools in Orlando FL are members of the ASCP Premier School, which not only offers an excellent aesthetic program, but also offers student benefits provided by associate skin care professionals!

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What Are Some Esthetician Jobs In Orlando Florida?

As a Florida skincare professional, you can start working in spa spas, health and beauty salons, and media spas; or even plastic surgery, chiropractic or dermatology clinics. 

Because you may need to consider your clients’ work schedules or vacations, you may need to schedule appointments at night and on weekends.

Some of the best salons in Florida include:

  • Anushka Spa, Salon, and Cosmedical Centre – West Palm Beach
  • Hand & Stone – South Miami
  • Massage Envy – Largo
  • ULTA Salon, Cosmetics, and Fragrance – Miami Beach
  • WTS International – Palm Beach

You can expand your services by passing certification in the field of electrology, permanent cosmetics and body wraps.

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What is Esthetician Salary In Orlando Florida?

Orlando beauticians can expect an annual average salary of $ 33,740, or $ 16.22 per hour, which is the national average. 

Not only are there several Aesthetics Schools in Orlando, but there is also the Florida Aesthetics Association, a member-led organization that provides continuing education, communication, and certification courses.

What Are The Best Esthetician Schools In Orlando?

#1 Aveda Orlando Institute

The Aveda Institute in Orlando offers a full program of cosmetology; giving students flexibility, the program schedule changes to help students organize their studies according to their other weekly commitments.

In addition to haircut and coloring techniques, students will learn nail care, makeup services and business skills, as well as take part in classes aimed at developing retail skills and attracting customers.

Students will receive a full set of cosmetics with all the necessary cosmetics when enrolling in the program.

The cost of training also covers the relevant state license fees, so people are ready to start their careers as soon as they graduate.


#2 Florida Academy of Beauty

Located directly in the Orlando subway, the Florida Academy of Beauty offers a full 1,200-hour cosmetology course in addition to skin care, nail technology and full specialized programs. 

The course covers all aspects of mechanical or chemical treatment of the head, face and scalp for aesthetic purposes, as well as teaches students the correct execution of manicures and pedicures.

This school provides both technical training and practical education.  Students will learn to work with clients, teaching their careers to work directly with public cosmetic services.

Most students take 10 to 12 months of full-time study to complete this course.


#3 Affinity Hair Academy

Affinity Hair Academy offers a full 1,200-hour beauty program that meets all aspects of Florida’s licensing requirements. 

During the program, students will learn about design and painting techniques, haircuts and multicultural hairdressing, makeup, fashion trends and manicures.

Practical hours are included in all courses offered by the school to provide students with the necessary practical experience.

Separate hairdressing courses, specialized hairdressing and manicure courses are also offered at the school, and staff work to ensure that each client understands how to interact with clients and build relationships that allow their business to thrive.


#4 Easy Hair Beauty and Barber School

An ideal school for those seeking a deep but casual cosmetology education, Easy Hair Beauty and Barber School offers students comprehensive cosmetology courses in a relaxed setting. 

The teachers at this school are very attentive and work hard to make sure that students understand the basic principles of all techniques.

In addition to theory and practical experience in haircuts and hair coloring, students will also learn about proper sanitation, law and ethics, salon management skills, and integrated interviewing and business skills.

At the end of the course a diploma is issued.


#5 Artistic School of Nails and Cosmetology

Offering a variety of programs including a full cosmetology program, students can also learn hairdressing, massage, nail technology or curling and braiding hair at the Art School of Nail Art and Cosmetology.

The course in cosmetology is designed according to the requirements of the state of Florida, and after completing the course, students can immediately take licensing tests to begin their careers.

Tuition fees at this school are slightly higher without financial aid, but there are constant discounts and special offers for tuition that make the program much more affordable.


#6 World of Beauty Academy

An affordable option, World of Beauty Academy, located in downtown Orlando, is a great option for students on a budget. 

The school works to provide students with in-depth and advanced education in cosmetology, all at a price that makes the program accessible to most people. 

Although financial assistance is not available, payment plans are available.

Students will gain all the necessary cosmetic skills for the careers of stylists, colorists, product demonstrators, salon managers or salon owners, as well as all the theoretical knowledge needed to pass the exams for obtaining a license from the state of Florida.


#7 Paul Mitchell School of Orlando

Paul Mitchell’s beauty program in Orlando, one of the world’s most famous names in the field of beauty technology, is doing its best to provide graduates with high qualifications and readiness for a prosperous career in the field of beauty.

Students will gain the necessary cosmetic skills in constant progress to more advanced methods, adding practical, practical experience as much as possible.

Located near the Orlando subway, the school offers students a unique opportunity to work in teams.  This will give students the opportunity to develop leadership and team skills that will prepare them for a successful career.


#8 Hollywood Beauty Academy

The Hollywood Academy of Beauty consists of 1,200 hours of theoretical training and practical experience. 

The school teaches students the basics of working with hair, skin and nails, as well as increases training in more advanced cosmetology techniques.  Instructors provide close supervision to ensure that students understand these important basic concepts.

The courses offered at this school allow students to take licensure exams immediately after graduation; students will be taught how to find a job and run their own business as part of a program that will set them up for success after completing the course.


What Are The Best Esthetician Schools In Florida?

#9 Manatee Technical Institute

Manatee Technical Institute, located in Bradenton, is a great institution with a good campus. 

The college is filled with highly qualified teachers who take care of students and teach them the right way.  It is a less busy institution with a very diverse campus.

The school has all the tools and techniques needed to prepare students for a successful career in the beauty industry. 

The Esthetician program offered by this institute is highly recommended for its first-class curriculum.

This is based on a holistic approach to the subject.


#10 Sheridan Technical College

Sheridan Technical College is an above-average community college located in the main area of ​​Florida-Hollywood. 

The Miami area is a fantastic place to study, and Hollywood has great opportunities for the beauty business.

Building on students’ natural ability to make people feel beautiful, the program gives them everything they need to help others achieve their skin care goals. 

The skin care program is taught with the help of modern technologies and equipment, and it is considered one of the most exemplary programs for cosmetologists offered in Florida.


#11 Suncoast Technical College

One of the most incredible deals with Suncoast College is its first-class cosmetology program. 

Students gain a comprehensive understanding of skin care concepts and gain full practical experience.  The college adheres to the latest trends in teaching students to prepare aesthetics.

In addition to skin care, but from customer relationships to business fundamentals, Suncoast students will learn about customer service training, social media marketing and business management, which is very important if you plan to start a business after completing a cosmetology program.


#12 Pinellas Technical College – St. Petersburg

Pinellas Technical College, located in St. Petersburg, is one of the best public colleges with the highest rating, offering phenomenal aesthetics programs. 

The school remains a vital force in the beauty industry, graduating nearly two hundred students annually.

As for the aesthetics program, the school offers an environment in which students learn in practice.  This hands-on learning experience will help students better understand the different concepts of skin care and cosmetology.


#13 Orange Technical College – Westside Campus

Located in the Winter Garden, the Orange Technical College campus on the west side is a great college if you are looking for a great and less stressful life on campus. 

The environment is small, creating a cohesive community, and you will build healthy relationships for a lifetime on this campus.

Acquiring practical skills, students apply their theoretical knowledge in practice. 

The school provides training in all aspects of aesthetics, including skin care and waxing, the art and techniques of applying makeup, as well as the scientific foundations of skin, health and well-being.



Many esthetician schools in Orlando FL schools offer excellent careers that include services that will not disappear in the near future. 

As for skincare experts, cosmetologists have many potential jobs, including working in the entertainment industry, working in spas and resorts, and owning a small business.  If you have decided to follow the path of the aesthetic profession, you have made a great choice.

I chose these schools, focusing on the concepts of aesthetics and education in professional standards, business ethics, customer relations and other vital aspects.  These colleges are selected exclusively from Florida, one of the best states for education.

Esthetician Schools In Orlando FAQs

Are Esthetician In Demand In Orlando FL?

The field of aesthetics should grow by 25 percent across the country by 2020, faster than most other professions.  New spas and salons are opening in Florida, which will help increase the demand for skin care professionals.  Some facial care professionals run mobile salons, providing on-site services to customers.

Are Esthetician Schools In Orlando FL Accredited?

The National Accreditation Commission for the Arts and Careers (NACCAS) is the lead body for the accreditation of aesthetics programs in Florida.  Other bodies for the accreditation of aesthetic programs include: the Commission for the Accreditation of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT)

What Do Esthetician Schools In Orlando FL Teach?

Esthetician Program in Orlando provides students at Florida College of Technology with knowledge in skin analysis, disorders, and treatment, as well as services such as facial care, microdermabrasion, and spa management. 


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