Best Esthetician Schools in Pennsylvania 2024


Studying and becoming a licensed esthetician is not long in either of the esthetician schools in Pennsylvania, therefore here are the beauty and cosmetology schools in Philadelphia, York, Pittsburgh, Altoona, Allentown, Lancaster, Allentown, Harrisburg, bucks county, Delaware County, Monroeville, and Scranton PA.

 There are several reasons why you should think about becoming an esthetician. The primary reason is that they provide diverse services that are in demand and accessible to anyone. Another factor is they are one of the highest-paid skills in the US. Hence if you love the artistic creativity in beautifying humans, then these are the best esthetician schools in Pennsylvania.


These schools offer a wide range of degree programs, from certificate courses to postgraduate degrees. Students who want to pursue careers in the beauty industry should consider enrolling in these schools. They provide students with real-life experience, hands-on training, and professional guidance.

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What is the Requirement for an Esthetician License in Pennsylvania?

Before you become a licensed esthetician in PA, there are requirements by the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology to be met. Some of them are;

  • The aspirant must be over 16 years old.
  • Complete 10th -grade. However, 35 years old or a veteran can forgo the 10th-grade education requirement.
  • 300 hours of instruction at a cosmetology school with a license are required.
  • Successfully complete the State Board theoretical test
  • Pay the $93 exam cost and a $10 application fee to apply for licensing.
  • Be examined by a doctor and declared free of any infectious or contagious diseases.
  • Check your criminal history in any state where you’ve lived in the last five years. Nonetheless, certain convictions may be overturned if you can demonstrate your rehabilitation. Like seeking a restricted license.

How Much are Esthetician Schools in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, estheticians make an average pay of $35,510 ($17.07/hour).

The number of jobs for estheticians is expected to grow by 12 percent between 2018 and 2028.


However, estheticians’ salaries are sometimes based on qualifications, geographic region, experience level, and education. Nonetheless, if you work as a medical or nurse esthetician (which requires you to be a medical licensed or registered nurse), your income can be better. 

How to Become a Licensed Esthetician in Pennsylvania

The Cosmetology Board In Pennsylvania requires you to adhere to its requirements, which we have discussed. If you emerge successfully from the registration process, then you will be scheduled to take a theory exam. 

Written Exams

This exam is done on a computer for 1 hour and 45 minutes to answer 100 questions. These questions are based on the following;

  • Safety, rules, and regulations (30%-40%)
  • Skin Analysis and Esthetic Science (15%-20%)
  • Facials (20%-25%)
  • Hair Removal (16%-20%)
  • Makeup (10%-15%)
  • Electrotherapy and Electricity (5%-10%)

 Nonetheless, a passing score of 75 and above will enable you to become a licensed esthetician in PA. Therefore, you will receive mail within 10-15 business days. If you pass the mail will contain your license. But if you did not emerge successfully, your mail will contain a score and directions to reapply if you wish.

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Esthetician Salary in Pennsylvania (PA)

The esthetician’s salary in PA is $32,000 annually. Salaries vary based on education level, experience, location, certification, work environment, and industry. Nonetheless, estheticians’ salaries in some cities in PA can be as high as $43,000 annually.
The details of the esthetician salary in PA do not account for additional income generated from bonuses, commissions, overtime pay, profit sharing, tips, etc.

What are the Best Esthetician Schools in Pennsylvania?

#1. Altoona Beauty School

Altoona Beauty School is one of the best cosmetology schools in Altoona PA.  It is a small school with a great reputation. Students get a lot of hands-on experience while getting a degree in cosmetology. They learn about hair care, skin care, nail care, makeup, and many other aspects of the industry. Hence, the students graduate with a high level of skill and knowledge and are ready to enter the workforce. The tuition and kit costs are $14,320 offering a low cost of living within its 10 months duration.

#2. The Beauty Institute- Schwarzkopf Professional

Since the beauty industry is constantly evolving, schools like Beauty Institute are always looking at ways to stay ahead of the curve. These esthetician schools in Philadelphia structure their curriculum to adapt to current market trends. While still teaching students the fundamentals of cosmetology for 10 months duration. Students will leave the institute with an extensive skill set, including knowledge of hair care, skin care, nail care, makeup application, and styling techniques. The tuition and kits cost $20,000.

#3. The Beauty School 

The Beauty School’s curriculum draws on more than 40 years of extensive, industry-leading expertise, and its teaching methods emphasize meticulous, step-by-step instruction combined with practical application. 

Consequently, students may finish their education using this way fast, conveniently, and with excellent outcomes. After the 14th month’s duration, the department of career services at the school puts a lot of effort into helping graduates find the employment they need. The tuition and kits cost $18,550.

#4. Divine Crown Academy Of Cosmetology

This is one of the most colorful and magnificent esthetician schools in Pennsylvania. In addition, this institution provides tuition that is below average, so the nice classrooms don’t come at an additional expense. Furthermore, the school offers scholarships, making it even simpler for students to pay for this incredibly rare program length of 11 months. The kit and tuition cost is $15,025.

#5. Jean Madeline Aveda Institute

This institute ranks as one of the best esthetician schools in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With its tuition and kit cost of $4,375, the institute provides an intense five-month course of study. The curriculum teaches students the skills essential to excel in the beauty business. Therefore, students will obtain hands-on experience working with customers and other students while completing the classroom curriculum. 

In addition, during your stay at Jean Madeline, you will be exposed to various activities, including fundraising events, volunteer opportunities, and networking events.

#6. Lancaster School of Cosmetology & Therapeutic Bodywork 

This school is an award-winning cosmetology school in Lancaster. Little wonder the school attracts the Matrix to pick the school to ready models for a big event. Nonetheless, the school is among the few esthetician schools in Lancaster, PA, that offers the esthetician and cosmetology program. 

Furthermore, students may utilize free grants, the school’s payment plan, loans, and veterans’ education benefits to pay for their career investments. Students may finish this program full- or part-time, with the tuition and kit cost of $5,500. After you finish, this school may give you tools and support to help you obtain your first job as an esthetician.

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#7. Metro Beauty Academy

Due to the additional 150 hours in the medical spa industry, this academy is one of the best beauty schools in Allentown. Hence, your curriculum will go beyond the basics required to become licensed and include 150+ hours of advanced instruction to prepare you for specialized entry into this growing industry.

Also, students benefit from valuable insight into business practices through the Career Center, which helps secure employment after graduation. The program runs for 4 months and its tuition and kit cost is worth $7,925.

#8. South Hills North Hills Beauty Academy 

Students who participate in this program have the option of studying abroad in Montreal, London, as well as in other international destinations. Even though the tuition cost is $5,899, students are eligible for the GI Bill and earn a scholarship for free tuition. 

You may choose to enroll either full- or part-time. The commercial side of esthetics and retail tactics are included in their curriculum. Additionally, eighty percent of recent graduates from this program have worked in the fields they love due to the school’s assistance with job placement.

Esthetician Schools in Philadelphia

There is a steady need for an esthetician in Philadelphia. Moreover, attending any esthetician school in Philadelphia, PA can be fun and affordable.

  1. The Beauty Institute 
  2. Chrome Institute of Cosmetology 
  3. Metro Beauty Academy 

The salary of an esthetician in this part of PA hourly is $25.99, making it a remarkable place for learning.

Cosmetology Schools in York PA

Attending cosmetology schools in York PA can be adventurous and fun. Since there are endless activities available. Nonetheless, here are some of the cosmetology schools in York PA

  1. Empire Beauty School 
  2. Divine Crown Academy of Cosmetology 
  3. Farzana’s Academy 

Cosmetology Schools in Altoona, PA

If you enjoy nature views, but still want to enjoy affordability. Then you should consider going to any of the cosmetology schools in Altoona, Pennsylvania Moreover, the crime rate is also very low in this town.

  1. Altoona Beauty School
  2. The Salon Professional Academy 
  3. Pennsylvania Academy of Cosmetology 

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Beauty Schools in Allentown, PA

Allentown is a small town that is peaceful and also lovely to school in. As a student, you will enjoy urban and suburban lifestyles. These are the cosmetology schools in Allentown.

  1. The Beauty Institute| Schwarzkopf Professional 
  2. Queen Beauty Institute 
  3. Dermalogica

Cosmetology Schools in Lancaster, PA

As a student living in this commercial, affordable & lovely town has a lot of benefits. Moreover, the cosmetology schools in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, have a high standard.

Furthermore, the esthetician salary in Lancaster in PA is also attractive.

  1. Lancaster School of Cosmetology & Therapeutic Bodywork
  2. Derielle Cosmetology Academy 
  3. Paul Mitchell Hair School

Cosmetology Schools in Harrisburg, PA

The cosmetology schools in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania can fully leave up to expectations. Furthermore, living in one of the most friendly towns is an added advantage for students.

  1. Walk with Scissors
  2. Divine Crown Academy of Cosmetology
  3. Empire Beauty School 

Beauty Schools in Reading, PA

The cost of esthetician schools in Reading PA is low when compared to other metropolitan towns.

  1. American Barber and Beauty Academy 
  2. Metro Beauty Academy 
  3. Empire Beauty School 

Beauty Schools in Bucks County, PA

As a student, you will easily get part-time jobs in this town. Nonetheless, Bucks Country, PA is host to some of the state’s finest Beauty Schools.

  1. Bucks  Country School of Beauty Culture
  2. Levittown Beauty Academy
  3. Jean Madeline Aveda Institute Salon

Beauty Schools in Delaware County, PA

Having fun in town is assured. Moreover, the demand for estheticians is high in this town. Hence you should consider attending one of the beauty schools in Delaware Country, PA.

  1. Delaware Learning Institute of Cosmetology
  2. Paul Mitchell
  3. Schilling-Douglas School of Hair Design

Beauty Schools in Monroeville, PA

The beauty schools in Monroeville, PA are top-notch. Even though are not among our top schools in Pennsylvania

  1. Bella Capelli Academy
  2. Fountain of Youth Academy
  3. Karma Beauty Bar

Beauty Schools in Scranton, PA

Apart from this fact, Scranton, PA hosts some of the country’s finest beauty schools. The town also has a huge opportunity for all.

  1. Jolie Health and Beauty Academy
  2. The Parlour
  3. Sasheen Makeup Artistry


Knowing the most recent trends and abilities is crucial in today’s competitive employment environment. Over the last ten years, the beauty sector has seen significant expansion. The need for competent specialists has thus grown considerably. Thus, it is critical to start your education right away. Hence, if you intend to take a program in Pennsylvania, the 20+ esthetician schools will get you started.

Esthetician School Online Pennsylvania

Due to some circumstances, most people opt to learn to be an esthetician online. Nonetheless, you must visit the school occasionally and during the exam period.

These are our top online esthetician schools in Pennsylvania.

  1. Laurel Career College
  2. Tech School of Spa & Cosmetology Arts

Medical Esthetician Schools in PA

Becoming a medical esthetician can easily take you to the next level. This is because as a medical esthetician you will be opportune to work in hospitals too. Unfortunately, these medical esthetician schools in PA take a long time frame to complete. It will require a minimum of 2 years.

  1. Penn State College of Medicine University of Pittsburgh
  2. School of Medicine
  3. Temple University School of Medicine
  4. Villanova University School of Nursing


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