Top 10 Best Fashion Design Schools in Canada 2022-2023

Are you interested in knowing the best Fashion schools in Canada? If yes, then keep reading because this article is dedicated to answering all your questions.

In this article, I have answered some of the frequently asked questions concerning applying for a fashion program in Canada.

Some of the questions I have answered include why you should study fashion in Canada and the requirement for getting accepted into a school.

Aside from putting down a list of fashion schools, I have also included the duration for each fashion design program.

If you have a flair for fashion, I strongly believe you will find this article beneficial.

 So stay with us as we take you through the best fashion design universities in Canada.

Best Fashion Schools in Canada 2022

Are you a great lover of fashion, do you have an eye for fashion details or do you earnestly desire to pursue a career in fashion?  If you answered in affirmative to any of the questions above then, this article has been comprehensively put together just for you.


If the perfect destination for your program is the core, Canada is your perfect call with a wide range of exquisite fashion school that fits as low as a shoe string’s budget.

Contained in this article is a list of fashion institutes in Canada, programs offered, course durations, location/website and enrollment requirements.

Why Study Fashion in Canada?

Study in Canada – one of the strongest economies in the world. By studying abroad in Canada, you will enjoy a high standard of living, as well as top-level education at Canadian universities and colleges.

The best fashion universities in Canada provide great degrees and are some of the most welcoming to international students.

Fashion Design degrees train future professionals to create original pieces of clothing and related accessories, keeping true to seasonal fashion trends or setting their own.

Fashion Design courses, offered by fashion schools in Canada, incorporate knowledge of technical and artistic abilities that enable designers to send a message through their work.

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Best 10 Fashion Schools in Canada 2022-20232

Here are the lists of best fashion design schools in Canada in 2022. Find detailed information about the schools below.



This is one of the best fashion design schools in Canada.

Location: Toronto – Casa Loma Campus.

Programs offered:

  • Fashion Techniques and Design Program.
  • Fashion Management Program.
  •  Fashion Business Industry Program.
  •  International Fashion Development and Management Program.

Course duration: 1 year (International Fashion Development) and 2 years (Fashion Techniques and Design, Fashion Management, Fashion Business Industry).

Tuition: $3,498.00 (International Fashion Development), and $7000 – $7300 for the other three years program. The George Brown Institute also ensures that their students run small retail fashion stores during their training to ascertain the level to which the student has gotten acquainted with their studies.


Ryerson University School of Fashion is regarded as one of the best fashion design schools in Canada.

Location: Downtown Toronto.

Programs offered:

  •  Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design or Fashion Communication).
  •  Masters of Art.

Course duration: Full-time 4 years (Bachelor) and Full-time 2 years (Masters of Art)

Tuition: $27462 (4 year Bachelor) and $30707 (Masters of Art) depending on the course registered.

Requirements: Portfolio, resumé, short essay requirement. Mail-in submission. Also, a non-refundable $50 non-academic required assessment fee.

The Ryerson University School of Fashion offers the outside world experience to its students by setting up opportunities to meet with renowned fashion experts from across the globe, and this serves as an intellectual stimulant to the students.


Coco Fashion Design Institute is equally amongst the best fashion design schools in Canada.

Location: Toronto, 348 Ryding Ave.

Programs offered:

  • Patternmaking and Garment Construction Certificate.
  •  Makeup Artistry Course and Pattern Development for Fashion Design Diploma.

Course duration: 1 year for the diploma and certificate program.

Tuition: $4000 for the diploma program,$4500 for the certificate program and $975 for the Makeup Artistry Course.

Requirements: Ontario High School Diploma or a qualifying test if application is that of a mature student.


Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy is one of the top fashion schools in Canada.

Location: Downtown Ottawa

Programs offered:

  • Fashion Designer.
  •  Couturier programs.
  •  Several part-time courses (Fashion Sketching, Haute Couture, Pattern Making, Textiles, Lingerie, Draping, Hat Making, and Marketing/Merchandising)

Course duration: 2 years for each program and 4 months per part-time course.

Tuition: $12,000 for the Fashion Designer program, $6500 for Couturier program, and $295-$1000 for the part-time classes.

Requirements: High School Diploma and knowledge of the art of sewing.

The institution teaches high standards in all courses/programs so that our students are best prepared in all aspects of the fashion field.

The institution offers Free Information Sessions are offered every two weeks at the Academy. Programs are offered in both English and French and the school welcomes students from all parts of Canada and the World.


Lasalle College is regarded as one of the best fashion colleges in Canada.

Location: Montreal, Qc

Programs offered:

  • Fashion Design.
  • Fashion Marketing program.

Course duration: Both programs are 3 years in length but there is an intensive option where you can finish the program in 2 years.

Tuition: $42108 for the Fashion Design program and $40272 for the Fashion Marketing program. $28964 for the intensive Fashion Design program and $27704 for the intensive Fashion Marketing program.

Requirements: A secondary school diploma with the following courses or equivalent: Languages.

The Lasalle college has over 900 students in their Montreal campus. The institution has built a number of partnership with some fashion companies and fashion brands across the globe.


Lethbridge Colleges is also among the best fashion colleges in Canada.

Location: Lethbridge, Alberta.

Program offered: Fashion and Marketing Certificate

Course duration: The program lasts about 1 year.

Tuition: Tuition for the Fashion Design and Marketing program is $11865.

Requirements:A high school diploma is tendered as requisite  with a minimum of 50% in math and it’s relatives.

Gains include: one-year certificates, two-year diplomas, apprenticeships, and bachelor’s degrees.


Humber College is among the best fashion colleges in Canada.

Location: Toronto – North (205 Humber College Blvd.) and Lakeshore Campus (3199 Lake Shore Blvd W).

Programs offered:

  •  Fashion Arts, Fashion Management and Promotions.
  • Bachelor of Commerce – Fashion Management.

Course duration: 1 year (Fashion Management and Promotions), 2 years (Fashion Arts) and 4 years (Bachelor of Commerce – Fashion Management)

Tuition: $5,349 (Fashion Management), $7370 (Fashion Arts), and $27485 (Bachelor of Commerce)Requirements: A bachelor’s degree is required for the Fashion Management and Promotions course.


Fanshawe College is still among the top fashion design schools in Canada.

Location: London, Ontario

Programs offered:

  •  Fashion Design.
  •  Fashion Merchandising Diploma program.

Course duration: The Fashion Merchandising program is 2 years and the Fashion Design program is 3 years.

Tuition: $8806 for the Fashion Merchandising program and $14037 for the Fashion Design program

Requirements: High school diploma is required but the Fashion Design program also requires a Grade 12 English credit and a Grade 11 or 12 math credit.

FANSHAWE COLLEGE records over 5,000 international students from over 75 countries. Popularly known as the ‘Forest City’, surrounded by parks and lakes.


Kwantlen Polytechnic University is regarded as one of the best fashion universities in Canada.

Location: Richmond, British Columbia.

Programs offered: Fashion Marketing Diploma and Fashion & Technology Bachelor of Design

Course duration: 2 years for the diploma program and 4 years for the Bachelor of Design program.

Tuition: Cost is per course not for the whole program. The cost for a three-credit course is around $350.

Requirements: High school diploma with grade 12 English with a minimum B grade for the degree program and minimum C+ for the diploma program.


Seneca college is among the best fashion design colleges in Canada.

Location: Toronto, ON, Newnham Campus

Programs offered:

  •  Fashion Arts.
  •  Fashion Busines.
  • Fashion Business Management.
  •  Fashion Studies.

Course duration : 1 year for the Fashion Studies program, and 2 years for the Fashion Business program and 3 years for the Fashion Arts and Fashion Business Studies program.

Tuition: $10,618 for the Fashion Arts and Fashion Business Management programs, $7,078 for the Fashion Business program and $3,539 for the Fashion Studies program.

Requirements: All programs require a high school diploma with a Grade 12 English credit. The Fashion Business and Fashion Business Management program also requires a Grade 12 Math credit.  Mature students can also apply if over 19 years of age.

The Newnham Campus is one of the largest college campuses in Canada. It is home to more than 11,000 full-time students in business, engineering, aviation, early childhood education, fashion, information and communications technology, and liberal arts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the cheapest fashion schools in Canada?

Here is a list of cheapest fashion schools in Canada:

  1. Sheridan College: $4,958 – $17,799 (full program)
  2. Seneca College: $1,510.00 – $6,795.00 per semester
  3. Fenshawe: $2,312.21 – $8,887.94 per term
  4. Academy of Design: $385 per credit hour
  5. Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy: $6,500 to $12,000 for full program

How do I get into a school of Fashion in Canada?

Typically, fashion schools in Canada require that you should have completed a high school diploma with a grade 12 English program.

But, you should also surf the internet to find out the requirement for the particular school you have in mind.

How do fashion designers in Canada earn?

On average, fashion designers in Canada earn an average of $51,000 CAD per annum.

The salary of fashion designers in Canada may vary depending on the size of the organization they work for.

Conclusion: Best Fashion Schools in Canada

If you have a flair for fashion designing, then you will certainly benefit from attending any of these fashion programs in Canada.

After going through our list of best fashion schools in Canada, I trust you will make the best decision.

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