Best Fashion Schools in Arizona in 2022

Arizona is one of the states in America with the highest population growth thanks to its plentiful sunshine, stunning desert terrain, and vibrant urban areas. Its diverse setting offers the ideal setting for learning and studying. 

Additionally, its diverse cultural background offers a distinctive viewpoint for designers to draw from.

The fashion industry requires your creativity and passion, whether your dream is to design clothing or create company concepts. See where your skills match by exploring our fashion degree programs.

There are nine fashion schools in Arizona where you can enroll if you’re ready to start your fashion degree. All seven of these institutions provide undergraduate programs, but only one of them offers graduate degrees.

Stay with us as we show you our order of hierarchy to these best fashion schools in Arizona.

Is Fashion Designing Worth it in Arizona?

You can start a fascinating new profession in Arizona once you’ve earned your fashion degree. The retail, fashion design, and fashion marketing industries provide various job options. Leading employers in this sector include Nordstrom, GAP Inc., J. Crew Group, and Z Gallerie. 

The unemployment rate in this region of the country is higher, at 7.6 percent (BLS, 2012). But since August 2013, it has been progressively declining.

The amount of experience you have affects your salary in Arizona. In general, you can demand a greater compensation in the more experience you have.

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Are There Fashion Schools in Arizona?

There are a limited number of fashion schools in Arizona. Here are the only fashion schools located in the State:

  • Collins College
  • Harding University
  • Mesa Community College
  • Northern Arizona University
  • The Art Institute of Tucson
  • Phoenix College
  • Pima Community College
  • The Art Institute of Phoenix
  • Arizona State University

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How Long Does it Take to Get a Degree in Fashion in Arizona?

A bachelor’s degree in fashion can be earned either on campus or online and normally takes four years to complete. Additionally, your program can call for internships or capstone courses. 

Additional elements that affect duration include prior education, professional experience, and full- or part-time attendance.

You can select between obtaining a fashion design certificate or an Associate’s degree if you decide to enroll in a community college or technical school in Arizona. A certificate can be earned in roughly a year of full-time study, whereas an Associate’s degree takes around two years. 

You may have more employment options with a bachelor’s degree, but it also requires around four years of full-time education to accomplish. You might need to take Fashion Illustration, Textiles, Pattern Design, and Portfolio Development courses as part of these programs.

Also, you won’t spend all of your time in the classroom as you pursue your fashion design degree or certificate.

You might spend a lot of time designing in an art studio, making mock-ups of your designs with fabric, or working on an internship at a nearby apparel business.

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How Much Does Fashion Schools in Arizona Cost?

Arizona has a reasonable average tuition price of $9,320. The average scholarship grant in this state is $2,778, which is even greater and can lower the cost of your fashion degree. 

The most outstanding scholarship payouts are in Northern Arizona, where the average award is $7,031. Residents can receive up to $6,000 per year for school through the President’s Scholarship, while non-residents can receive up to $7,000 per year.

The average yearly wage for fashion designers is $25,360, while that for item displayers is $25,760. Arizonan marketing professionals make an average of $65,410 a year.

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What Are The Requirements of Fashion Schools in Arizona?

It might be challenging to break into the fashion industry because it is developing and changing all the time.

Fortunately, there are many top-notch fashion schools that can help you start a career in fashion. A fashion degree might be right for you if you have exceptional taste and like to be creative.

It is challenging to get into fashion school because many programs have low acceptance rates. Every fashion school is different and has its own prerequisites for admittance.

You must get ready for the application procedure if you determine that fashion school is the perfect choice for you. You must gather all requirements and perform research.

  • Submit your school transcripts or GED
  • Complete an application form
  • Pay an application fee
  • Write an admission essay
  • Submit SAT or ACT scores
  • Submit recommendation letters
  • Show your portfolio

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What Are The Best Fashion Schools in Arizona?

As there are limited fashion schools in Arizona. We will list the fashion schools in Arizona with information about them as they are the best in the State. They are:

1. Collins College

The Fashion Design & Merchandising program at Collins College emphasizes the value of understanding both the design side and business side of fashion while providing students with a thorough overview of the fashion industry. 

Students who complete the fashion program successfully will have a thorough understanding of the entire sector, making them more valued employees.

Collins College provides a bachelor’s degree in fine arts in fashion design and merchandising as of 2011.

The Senior Level Internship is a requirement for students to graduate from the Fashion & Merchandising Department. Faculty members with specific experience in merchandising, construction, and the staging of fashion shows are available to anybody who wants to learn more about the design and merchandising industries. 

Also, the school hosts a number of active student clubs to support students in the neighborhood, such as the Fashion Club’s “Collins Runway” and volunteer opportunities at neighborhood fashion events.

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2. Harding University

The Harding University fashion and interior merchandising programs are designed to equip Christian students with the abilities and knowledge required to hold leadership positions in the merchandising sector. 

Graduates receive training to help businesses reach their merchandising aims and goals by providing effective design services at their places of employment. 

For the best learning environment in fashion and interior retailing, the fashion department combines the most up-to-date teaching techniques with practical training.

Also, B.S. degrees in fashion merchandising and interior merchandising are available from Harding University as of 2011.

A B.S. degree typically takes four years to complete, an M.S. degree typically takes two years, and a Ph.D. program typically takes two or more years to complete.

By their junior or senior year, students majoring in fashion merchandising or interior merchandising must have successfully completed an internship program. Previous interns have worked in individually owned boutiques, showrooms at local apparel marketplaces, and nationwide chain retailers. 

The department’s study-abroad program currently offers six international locations, including Athens, England, Florence, France, Greece, Italy, Latin America, and Zambia. Fashion majors may choose to take part in this program.

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3. Mesa Community College

All Mesa Community College students who are interested in pursuing careers in the fashion industry are accepted into the department of fashion merchandising and design. The merchandising and design curriculum’s primary goal is to give students a firm understanding of the most recent fashion industry trends. 

Mesa Community College gives students the chance to network with professors that have years of experience in fashion and design in order to further this objective. The department’s teaching methodology places a strong emphasis on the importance of learning via experience and sends students out to work in the local fashion sector.

Also, A.A.S Fashion Merchandising & Design Fashion Merchandising, A.A.S. Fashion Merchandising & Design Fashion Design, and A.A.S. Fashion Merchandising & Design Retailing are all available through Mesa Community College as of 2011.

A B.S. degree typically takes four years to complete, an M.S. degree typically takes two years, and a Ph.D. program typically takes two or more years to complete.

Any level of major is necessary to complete an internship program effectively. 

However, graduates of the Fashion & Design program often join the workforce or transfer to any public or private university that offers a fashion major after completing the program. 

The director of Mesa Community College’s Fashion Merchandising & Design Department oversees the transfer procedure and keeps in touch with the receiving university. Students can also sign up for a two-week study abroad program in London, New York City, or Paris.

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4. Northern Arizona University

A comprehensive curriculum is provided by Northern Arizona University to give students a strong foundation in all facets of product marketing and services. Students can enhance their communication abilities by taking courses at the School of Communication. 

The merchandising sector has a variety of strategic difficulties, such as those related to scheduling, pricing, quantity, and product selection. 

The Merchandising program trains people to be competent in analyzing items and consumer trends, buying goods from various fashion markets, and carrying out successful advertising and promotional events campaigns in order to prepare students for these problems.

North Arizona University offers a B.S. in Merchandising as of 2011.

A B.S. degree typically takes four years to complete, an M.S. degree typically takes two years, and a Ph.D. program typically takes two or more years to complete.

Also, internship opportunities are available to students in their junior or senior year, while they are not necessary. Typically, interns are assigned to prestigious retail businesses. 

To give students the option of studying abroad in places like Italy, London, Paris, and the Netherlands, the merchandising department actively collaborates with the international office.

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5. The Art Institute of Tucson

By learning about the various components of the industry, such as the theoretical and practical applications of tailoring, draping, pattern drafting, sewing, construction, fashion illustration techniques, and other facets of creative design, students in the Fashion Design program will build a solid foundation in the field. 

Computer design programs that teach students about computerized fashion design systems help and supplement their mastery of these skills. Students majoring in fashion marketing will develop a thorough awareness of all facets of the apparel industry, such as textiles, industry advertising, fashion history, and trend cycles.

The Art Institute of Tucson now provides degrees in fashion design and fashion marketing.

A B.S. degree typically takes four years to complete, an M.S. degree typically takes two years, and two more years to complete a Phd program.

By their junior or senior year, every student must perform an internship to graduate from the fashion program. Interns in the fashion marketing division frequently work in management roles at well-known department shops, or they may be assigned to work in visual display or retail positions at local malls, depending on their preferences. 

Also, externships in fashion design are opportunities for students to work with independent designers or in the design departments of boutiques and other retail clothing establishments.

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6. Phoenix College

Do you appreciate fashion and the well-liked and distinctive trends that we notice in fashion publications and on the internet? Do you put together outfits with an artistic eye?

This school’s Fashion Design and Merchandising program can help you get off to the perfect start if you want to turn your passion for fashion into a career and earn a degree in fashion. 

After finishing this program, you can work as a wholesale and retail buyer, sales representative, online merchant, merchandise displayer, window trimmer, and more in the fascinating field of fashion merchandising. You will be qualified to work as a purchasing or supply chain manager with further education.

Your position at the nexus of fashion, business, and marketing is deliberately established by this Fashion Design and Merchandising curriculum. 

Through the whole process of the product life cycle, their curriculum emphasizes the value of leadership, cooperation, creativity, and effective communication.

The Fashion Design program at Phoenix College provides classes in fashion illustration, pattern drafting, and creating unique designs. 

PC offers an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Fashion Design as well as a Certificate of Completion (CCL) in entry-level Fashion Design. Graduates may go on to work as an alterations specialist, costume designer, fashion illustrator, sewing instructor, and more. 

Additionally, CCLs are provided in two levels of pattern design, second-tier fashion design, entrepreneurial fashion design, apparel construction, costuming, and fashion illustration.

The Phoenix College Fashion Merchandising Program is a good choice for those who have a keen sense of style and a business or marketing mind. PC offers classes in textiles, retail buying, display and visual merchandising, and even the cultural nuances of apparel.

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7. Pima Community College

Students who enroll in Pima’s Fashion Design program graduate with the technological, entrepreneurial, and trend-spotting skills necessary to thrive in the modern fashion industry. Professionals from the industry instruct students in fashion design, pattern drafting, and more. 

A well-stocked design studio, specialist databases, and trade periodicals are available to students.

The program’s long-running spring fashion show, which showcases student-made firms, is a yearly highlight. 

At Arizona State University’s esteemed Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, students pursuing the Associate of Arts with a specialization in fashion design effortlessly transfer to the Bachelor of Arts in fashion degree. The Fashion Design certificate will prepare students for entry-level employment in the fashion industry.

The Pima Fashion program displays the breadth of the students’ fashion design knowledge and expertise.

Pima’s Fashion Design and Clothing Department puts the long-running annual Spring fashion show, Fashion Arte on. 

Students’ designs from the Fall and Spring semesters, student-created brands, Pima Fashion alumni brands, and upcycling fashion designs produced in partnership with GoodWill of Southern Arizona are all featured in this benefit show. 

Over the years, this live event has expanded, from its early years of selling out the Proscenium Theatre on Pima’s West campus to its 2019 sellout of the Fox Tucson Theatre.

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8. The Art Institute of Phoenix

The fashion industry benefits from your unique sense of style. You yearn to be a part of this fast-moving, cutthroat sector, and you want people to personally notice your work and among retailers.

In our Fashion Design degree programs, you can master both conventional and computer-generated design methods for creating fashionable clothing from scratch. 

Additionally, you can learn the marketing, business, and artistic abilities necessary to commercialize your creations in the worldwide fashion industry. Their programs require a lot of effort, concentration, and dedication, but after you’re done, you’ll be prepared to pursue a career doing what you love.

Their professors are aware of the requirements for success in the fashion design field. They will impart this knowledge in the classroom providing one-on-one guidance and mentorship as they push you to be bold, to experiment, and to take risks with your designs. 

Their programs begin by assisting you in developing your fundamental knowledge of fabrics, pattern making, fashion design, and garment production. Then, you can learn to utilize these abilities to produce items that are as one-of-a-kind as you are, using professional-grade tools and technology like computer-aided design software, industrial sewing machines, and others.

Along the process, you’ll examine important industry workflows and practices like material procurement, technical design, market research, trend forecasting, creative brainstorming, and product development. 

Additionally, you’ll have the ability to engage in local and global fashion groups and events, complete an internship, and even exhibit your designs at fashion shows.

Following graduation, you’ll be equipped to explore entry-level positions in fashion design and development, and our Career Services consultants can assist you in locating positions that complement your skills and goals. 

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9. Arizona State University

The ASU School of Art’s fashion program exposes students to the cutting edge of the industry by covering themes like wearable technologies and interior design.

Arizona State University’s transdisciplinary BA provides a foundation for working in a variety of fashion industry sectors in Fashion degree. 

The new fashion program at ASU integrates business principles, historical knowledge, and practical studio experience to educate students for a range of positions in this vital industry.

Among them are supply chain managers for the apparel industry, fabric designers, textile and apparel production management, merchandise display and window designers, marketing researchers, and other fashion business analysts. 

There are also many other positions that are closely related to fashion. The integration of this curriculum with other university-based research fields sets it apart from other fashion programs in the United States. 

Students become proficient in illustration, material fluency, conventional techniques, and digital technologies through emphasis tracks, preparing them for multidisciplinary collaborations. Dennita Sewell is in charge of the program.

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What Are The Fashion Schools in Phoenix Arizona?

List of Phoenix area schools offering degree programs in fashion design, fashion marketing, fashion merchandising, and more include:

  • Collins College
  • Phoenix College

What Are The Fashion Design Schools in Arizona?

There are seven schools in Arizona where you can enroll if you’re ready to start your fashion degree. All seven of these institutions provide undergraduate programs, but only one of them offers graduate degrees.

The schools include:

What Are The Fashion Merchandising Schools in Arizona?

Fashion merchandising can be the right profession for you to enter if you want to start a career that mixes business and fashion. Completing a fashion merchandising program at a university in Arizona is the first step. You have a choice of five schools to attend.

While the other three of these institutions only provide Bachelor’s degrees, two of them offer Associate’s degrees.

Courses in both fashion and business are part of the curriculum for a program in fashion merchandising. You might be required to take classes in consumer behavior, retail structure, global fashion insight, and merchandise planning.

Also, you could be required to conduct an internship at a nearby fashion merchandiser in addition to your normal classroom work. You can use this experience to your advantage when you start your job search.

The schools include:


Our list of fashion schools in Arizona was meticulously compiled based on academic excellence. So, try your best to get the most out of this. I hope this essay clarifies any confusion and offers solutions to your problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a fashion degree in Arizona worth it?

Yes! Chances are you’re a creative individual who is deeply interested in the fashion industry.

How long does it take to qualify to be a fashion designer in Arizona?

Designers who complete a bachelor’s degree before seeking work in fashion take about four years to start their careers.

How long does it take to get a degree in fashion marketing in Arizona?

Even entry-level marketing positions need fashion marketers to hold a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of four years of study.

Is fashion design in Arizona hard?

Yes, fashion design is a tough line of work.



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