Top 10 Best Fashion Schools in China in 2022

The Fashion industry has irrevocably changed the popular culture around the world, by consistently astounding everyone with its novel ideas. China is the fourth-largest and most populous nation in the world and is an intriguing nation in the fashion industry.

Chinese consumers have long been recognized for their passion for fashion. They account for a sizable portion of sales for the main high street merchants domestically and internationally. The Fashion industry has been a sign of the country’s unparalleled economic and social success. 

China has several educational establishments, including fashion universities. These best fashion schools in China would help you realise your ambition if you’re looking to break into the fashion industry. 

A list of the top universities in the nation—the greatest in every way—has been assembled in this article. 

How Do I Pick The Best Schools For Fashion In China?

Without a degree from a reputable university, it may be more difficult to be taken seriously. 

As a result, you need to consider all of your options ‌carefully. Most designers’ first chance to leave their impact on the business comes to college. 

College should be the first place that the fashion industry business is introduced. It’s crucial to enrol in an institution with the resources to support your goals.

Before applying to any of the fashion schools in China. Asking yourself these straightforward questions will help you research the best universities in China.

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Should the institution be reputable and well-known? 

After graduating from a reputable and well-known fashion university in China, you’ll have better access to job opportunities there. 

A way to advance, increased marketability, specialised vocational training, and higher job satisfaction.

The alumni are who?

The network that comes with belonging to an alumni association of the best fashion university in China is one of its best features. 

As a graduate, you can connect with many business connections and other university grads through an alumni network.

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What chances do you have to visit fashion hotspots or work as an intern for renowned designers?

Most Google-trending advice says get an internship if you want a job in the fashion sector. 

Additionally, while internships in the fashion industry are a terrific way to network and get experience, not many people have access to them. 

You may go to fashion hotspots or work as an intern for well-known designers if you attended the greatest fashion schools in China.

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When you graduate, how bloated will your portfolio be?

The knowledge and abilities a student has gained throughout his graduate academic career are collected in a graduate portfolio. 

The student’s portfolio also shows how well he can combine his knowledge and apply it to his area of interest. 

The process of creating a portfolio causes analytical and critical thinking, as well as reflection on individual learning preferences.

Portfolios are an excellent way to show, rather than just tell, the skills you might mention on a résumé or discuss in an interview. The portfolio displays your work to potential employers while you are looking for a job.

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How Much Does It Cost To Enrol At The Top Fashion Schools In China?

Generally, undergraduate studies depend on the fashion university in China and major. In China, the annual fee for a public university ranged from US$2,000 to US$10,000. 

The price varies between private fashion universities up to 30,000 USD annually, and for MBA degrees even up to 40,000 USD annually. 

Visit the official websites of the fashion schools in China you are most interested in to find out more specific details about each program.

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How Long Does It Take To Graduate From China’s Top Fashion Schools?

For bachelor’s degrees, most China’s top fashion universities demand 4 years of study. A Chinese MBBS curriculum may take 5 or 6 years to complete.

What are the Best Fashion Schools in China?

If you intend to study at a university in China while you are there or when you travel there, or you want to attend one of the best fashion schools in China, this post is for you. 

This article will provide you with the best fashion schools in China where you can grow professionally in the fashion sector and fill your portfolio with expertise. 

Here is a list of the best fashion schools in China below: 

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(1) Hong Kong Polytechnic University

One of the best fashion schools in China is Hong Kong Polytechnic University. They have developed graduates into inventive, ethical, and creative leaders.

Also, they will continuously push the boundaries of fashion, textiles, and design while advancing knowledge. 

They have made significant efforts to advance sustainably to support the fashion, textile, and design industries. The purpose of their particular expertise is to benefit society.

They are the best fashion universities in China due in large part to their research facilities. The labs support many research projects, including 3D pattern design, studies on intimate garments, and sizing China anthropometric.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University is ranked 43rd globally and holds the top rankings in China and Asia for fashion design.

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(2) Zhejiang University

This University aims to give students a strong fashion foundation and comprehensive design and marketing skills. 

Zhejiang University enables students to reach their goals of becoming highly qualified fashion specialists.

Their graduates can work in the creation of fashion products, marketing, international trade, and sales management of apparel. They are one of the best fashion schools in China. 

In terms of fashion design, Zhejiang University is ranked 190th overall, second in China, and seventh in Asia.

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(3) City University of Hong Kong

The City University of Hong Kong is one of the best fashion universities in China for making your concept a reality. 

Each project unleashes a veritable eruption of ideas from our community of seasoned professionals. They are skilled at developing, improving, and producing a wide range of theme and visual designs.

The City University of Hong is one of China’s leading fashion institutions for a variety of subjects and ambitions. They are all part of their repertoire from large-scale event installations to smaller, more intimate creations. 

They have you covered from unique, cutting-edge themes for ceremonies and conferences to enlivening visual aids for lectures.

 Everything from scholarly papers’ infographics to high-end souvenirs can be customised to meet your specific needs. Hong Kong City University covers all bases.

They rank the City University of Hong Kong 196th in the world, third in China, and eighth in Asia for Fashion Design.

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(4) Donghua University

This University of Fashion and Design is one of the country’s first fashion colleges. The school is divided into several departments, including Fashion Design and Engineering, Fashion Art Design, Visual Communication, and Product Design.

Among the undergraduate degrees offered at Donghua University are Fashion Design and Engineering; Fashion & Clothing, Product Design, and Fashion & Textile Design.

Basically, they offer Master’s and doctoral degrees in “Fashion Design and Engineering,” as well as cross-doctoral degrees in “Fashion Design and Innovation Project,”.

They separate the Department of Fashion Art Design into two professional directions (Textile Design). They have 25 full-time faculty members, including four professors and thirteen associate professors.

It lists the “Top Ten Fashion Designers in China.” Donghua University has “Shanghai Teaching Masters,” national specialists, and pioneering talents from Shanghai. 

It also has many abroad professors for lecturing 

and academic cooperation. It has numerous Shanghai important and major courses.

 Donghua University boasts one of the best fashion universities in China, emphasizing legacy, creativity, market, and practice. Cultivating fashion & textile art design abilities with international vision and innovation suits societal and industrial needs.

Donghua University is ranked 255th in the world, fourth in China, and tenth in Asia for fashion design.

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(5) Tsinghua University

Their University possesses two majors in the department: Textile Design and Fashion Design, as well as six teaching and research groups that encompass Fibre Art Design, Interior Textile Design, Textile CAD (Computer Aided Design), and Fashion Design, Fashion Engineering, and Fashion CAD.

Tsinghua University is regarded as one of the best fashion universities in China. The best in Textile Design Major’s main classes include Interior Display Art, Interior Textile Design, Clothing Materials, Fashion Design etc.

Tsinghua University is ranked 377th in the world, sixth in China, and 20th in Asia for fashion design.

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(6) Sichuan University

This University offers undergraduate degrees in Fashion Design, Textile Engineering, Textile Chemical Engineering, Clothing Design and Engineering, and Textile Engineering. The school spent 10 million RMB to rank fourth in textile engineering and science. They are a top fashion school in China.

School departments are Textile Engineering, Textile Chemical Engineering, and Clothing Design and Engineering. The Sichuan University contains 5 teaching labs for textile engineering, textile chemical engineering, clothing design and engineering, and textile materials.

Sichuan University is seeking a new strategy for providing professionally and administratively oriented courses to ensure graduates are highly successful. Sichuan University specialises in textile engineering, textile chemistry, clothing engineering, and fashion design to help China’s economy.

For fashion design, Sichuan University is ranked 420th in the world, seventh in China, and 27th in Asia.

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(7) Chongqing University

Clothing & Fashion Design was China’s first bachelor’s degree program selected for London International College Student Fashion Week. Chongqing University was the first undergraduate institution to exhibit children’s clothing during China Graduate Fashion Week. 

The institution to exhibit children’s clothing was dubbed “the most distinctive university” by peer experts and the association’s chairman.

Their program emphasizes the development of distinct curriculum groups, practical training teaching, and competition-based learning.

Chongqing University, one of China’s best fashion universities, has distinguished its connotation and educational practice and deepened its training mode. China’s first Clothing and Fashion Design program focus on children’s clothing and parent-child outfits. 

They have gained lots of industry recognition for their distinctive qualities.

Sichuan University is ranked 451st in the world, 11th in China, and 32nd in Asia for fashion design.

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(8) Soochow University

This University has Jiangsu province’s experimental teaching demonstration centers for textile and costume design. It’s a national teaching demonstration center construction site. In the previous 50 years, Soochow University has produced several talents.

 There have been graduates everywhere. They have chosen ten of the top ten fashion designers in China during the past few years.

Several have been named “master of national dyed design and design” and “master of dyeing and weaving art design.” As a result, they have recognized their university as one of China’s top institutions for fashion design. 

Young designers like Mark and Qiu Hao have established themselves in the global design community.

Regarding fashion design, Soochow University is ranked 452nd worldwide, 12th in China, and 33rd in Asia.

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(9) Shanghai University of Engineering Science

This University contains three departments, two offices, and one central lab: Fashion Design and Engineering, Fashion Art, and Textile Engineering. They provide one first-level master’s degree in Textile Science and Engineering, four second-level master’s programs, and four four-year undergraduate majors. 

Fashion Design and Engineering, Textile Engineering, Fashion, Costume Design, and Performance (fashion show planning). 

More than ten laboratories and research centers serve the School. Shanghai University of Engineering Science has three departments, two offices, and one central laboratory: Fashion Design and Engineering, Fashion Art and Textile Engineering, Shanghai University of Engineering Science and Student Affairs.

 Shanghai University of Engineering Science offers four four-year undergraduate majors: Fashion and costume design and performance (fashion show planning). 

The School has ten labs and research institutes. They have a great academic environment and facilities for learning fashion design. Their facilities make them one of China’s best fashion universities.

They rank Shanghai University of Engineering Science 487th in the world, 14th in China, and 36th in Asia for its fashion design program.

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(10) Shanghai Art & Design Academy (SADA)

This institution was formed in 1960 and is Shanghai’s only school of its kind. The Academy has six schools: Fashion and Technology, Visual Design, Environmental Art, WPP, and Crystal Digital Art.

 Most of their studios and workshops have commercial connections and collaborate on real-world projects. With the help of government agencies, businesses, and educational institutions, it’s kicking off a pilot program for K-12 schooling. 

Courses offered by the School include Jewellery Design, Jewellery Making, and Digital Carving, among others. One of China’s top fashion universities for skills development.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Fashion Universities in China

How much exposure to the industry does the Best Fashion University in China provide?

Students that attend China’s top fashion schools have the opportunity to work as interns for well-known designers. Better opportunity to obtain valuable industry experience and exposure.

Do they have English-taught programs at the Best Fashion University in China?

China’s top fashion universities provide English-taught bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

Do The best fashion universities in China admit international students?

Only 300 of China’s thousand institutions are internationally known for their efforts to recruit international students. China’s top fashion universities are also among them.

Can O-LEVEL or IGCSE students apply for bachelor’s degrees at the top Fashion universities in  China?

O-LEVEL and IGCSE do not meet their requirements. Hence, students with these results are ineligible for bachelor’s programs in China.



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