Top 10 Best Fashion Schools in Egypt in 2024 | How to Apply


Explore the top 10 best fashion schools in Egypt in 2023. Discover the finest institutions offering comprehensive fashion education and training at the best fashion schools in Egypt. Prepare to unleash your creativity and passion in the vibrant world of fashion.

The highly innovative fashion degrees offered by Egyptian universities will give you the knowledge and abilities you’ll need to succeed in the diverse parts of the fashion and textile design industries. 


Through a curriculum that allows you to become a specialist or generalist in fashion and textiles, you will have the chance to develop your creative personality as you advance through the course.

Higher-level fashion studies at universities expose students to various fashion styles, products, and resources available in the market. 


It covers in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry, its background in history, the current problems it faces, and the most recent trends in the field. 

It also covers advanced technical fashion knowledge and skills.

Studying fashion trends and developing novel concepts that appeal to your target audience are necessary steps to success in the fashion industry and breaking new ground.


Keep reading to find out more about the top fashion schools in Egypt

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Are there Egyptian Fashion Schools?

There are a good number of fashion schools in Egypt. These fashion schools include:

  • La Jolie Academy
  • Galala University
  • Cairo Design District
  • Italian Fashion Academy
  • Modern Sciences And Arts University/MSA University
  • Noqoush Academy of Designs and Crafts
  • The Faculty of Applied Arts (FAA)
  • Art Café
  • Kemet Art and Design
  • Istituto Di Moda Burgo In Egypt

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How Long Does it Take to Get a Degree in Fashion in Egypt?

A fashion degree in Egypt typically lasts four years, whether you pursue an on-campus or online bachelor’s degree. 

Capstone courses or internships might also be necessary for your program. Prior education, professional experience, and full- or part-time attendance are other variables that affect how long it takes.

You’ll probably also finish an internship or get on-the-job training regardless of whether you take hybrid classes, an in-person education, or an online bachelor’s degree in fashion. 

Career development and networking opportunities are crucial to success because the employment market is competitive.

How Much Do Fashion Schools in Egypt Cost?

In Egypt, the average annual tuition for a fashion school is EGP 489,836. The cost of tuition varies based on the course.

For instance, rigorous courses in garment creation, jewelry design, footwear design, or bag design run about 1.3 million EGP annually. 

Other living costs, such as monthly rent in the city, daily meals, transportation to and from the fashion school, and the price of personal materials for your usage, should also be considered.

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What are the Requirements of Fashion Schools in Egypt?

The fundamental skills needed for the fashion creator course are creating garments and artwork while being unique. 

Also, one must be at least 18 years old and have finished 12 years of education to be admitted.

The Required documents include the following:

  • Application form
  • Application fee, non-refundable
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of your valid passport or identity card
  • Copies of all relevant degrees, diplomas, certificates, and transcripts
  • Letter of motivation stating your career objectives and program expectations
  • Passport-size photograph

What are the Top 10 Fashion Schools in Egypt?

There are a good number of fashion schools in Egypt. Some of these fashion schools are considered the top fashion schools, and in this section, we will list 10 of them and give some information about them.

They include:

1. La Jolie Academy

La Jolie Academy, situated in Sayeda Zainab, provides instruction to adults and teenagers. 

The various courses cover almost all processes, from the fundamentals of fashion design to more specialized skills like pattern making and embroidery, sewing, and cutting.

The academy is considered one of the best fashion schools in Egypt as they make a lot of different designs and modern-day trending fashion items.

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2. Galala University

Galala University Fashion Design, often known as textile and fashion design, is a distinctive program in Egypt. 

Fundamentals of drawing and design, draping, pattern-making, construction, fabric analysis, and the creation of textile and fashion concepts and products, including their fabrication and presentation, are all taught to students.

You must complete the following credit hours to graduate from this program:

  • 20 credits are needed for graduation.
  • General field requirements range from 6 to 11 credits.

General Specialty Requirements include (109-125) Credit Hours.

Total: (140 -144) = 142 Credit Hours.

Students who complete this curriculum will have mastered the following knowledge:

  • Learn the fundamental sciences and those that pertain to the creation and manufacture of textiles and clothing.
  • Innovative clothing and textile designs.
  • Analyze the success of brand management and marketing tactics in the apparel and textile sectors.
  • Develop high-performance modern textile goods with cutting-edge technologies.
  • Design textiles and apparel to complement the surroundings and achieve exceptional performance and perfection.

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3. Cairo Design District

Heliopolis, Tahrir Square, and Sheik Zayed of the reputable institute and academy Cairo Design District can be found around Cairo. 

The courses on offer cover everything from graphic design to interior design. However, for the sake of this list, the institute offers courses in digital fashion design and styling, pattern making, and draping. 

The group also grants a diploma in fashion design. Fortunately, there is a free orientation session where you may ask questions and obtain guidance from professors if you’re confused about which course to enroll in.

Anything from graphic and interior design to animation, pattern-making, and digital illustration. They provide all that and much more for their imaginative youngsters.

In addition to serving as a school, CDD serves as a haven for all the diversely talented individuals willing to embark on educational adventures with them.

It is a place where students flock to find fun doing what they most enjoy.

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4. Italian Fashion Academy

The Italian Fashion Academy is one of the most professional locations in Cairo’s fashion scene. 

Stefania Gulina, an Italian fashion expert focused on fashion education and a graduate of the famous Italian University IULM, created and oversees the Dokki-based company. 

To achieve a higher level of competitiveness, the team continuously updates its use of international design, pattern, and sewing techniques. 

The Academy aims to provide a high level of knowledge while also addressing the need for innovation and research the design world is looking for. The academy also grants a diploma upon completion of the program.

The Italian Fashion Academy offers modern courses in the fields of communication as well as fashion design, pattern making, and jewelry. It enables you to explore the glamorous world of design, styles, trends, and coolness to discover the inspiration’s origins and rebirth into a new global period.

IFA has established itself as the leading fashion institute in the Middle East thanks to its many years of expertise and distinctive teaching methodology, graduating the new generations of designers that Egypt, as a milestone, needed to advance the fashion industry.

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5. Modern Sciences And Arts University/MSA University

MSA University offers students the First British Higher Education in Egypt and the Middle East. 

Additionally, it encourages individuals to develop their creative talents and commitment to lifelong study. 

It believed that its graduates possessed the advanced writing, analytical, and communication abilities crucial for them. 

MSA graduates enjoy success throughout their careers, not only in their first position.

Students majoring in arts & design create avant-garde work in a vibrant studio-led atmosphere, assisted by the best studios, facilities, and staff members who are enthusiastic about their careers. 

Through intensive practice procedures, you will obtain practical expertise in interior design, graphic and media arts, fashion design, or landscape design.

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6. Noqoush Academy Of Designs & Crafts

Noqoush Academy offers a wide range of applied art courses and workshops. Its professional and specialized instructors will guide you until you perfect and master the technique. 

Noqoush Academy was founded to provide a space that allows people to explore a world of creativity and imagination. At the same time, they also learn new skills that can promote an individual’s hidden talents for a better future.

International City & Guilds Foundation has accredited Noqoush Academy for Arts and Crafts globally. 

Opening the submission gate in the first diploma’s professional execution of fashion and tradition (the tailoring diploma) is accredited by cities & Guilds in Egypt and the Middle East. The National Bank of Egypt’s assistance.

Jewelry manufacturing has been a practiced art since the dawn of time. Women are enthusiastic about using natural materials found in the environment and the rise of civilizations to adorn. 

The talented artisans were masters at working with valuable metals and precious stones, and they came up with inventive strategies to captivate ladies with their beauty.

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7. The Faculty of Applied Arts (FAA)

The Faculty of Applied Arts (FAA), founded in 1839 by Muhammad Ali Pasha to educate skilled craftspeople, scientists, and technical staff supervisors for both the Arab World and the West, is the university’s oldest faculty. 

FAA acknowledges the value of technology and managerial abilities in the investigation of creativity in accordance with the academic goal of Helwan University. 

As a result, the emphasis is on providing pupils with these abilities through academic programs that cover a wide range of subjects, including but not limited to: arts, design, and technology. 

The Faculty equips its students with core skills and disciplines to generate original ideas and designs to produce graduates who can promote professional design in a dynamic and diversified work environment.

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8. Art Café

For both adults and children, Art Café-Egypt offers classes, courses, and workshops in fine and applied arts. 

Additionally, they offer birthday parties for children and adults, school vacations for children and teenagers, team-building art projects for businesses, office retreats, gallery and exhibition openings, and a charity program for Mansheyat Torah.

Workshops/Courses on offer include:

  • Oil Painting
  • Music
  • Makeup
  • Resin & Enamel
  • Painting
  • Crafts
  • Drawing
  • Drawing for kids
  • Photography
  • Photoshop
  • Patchwork
  • Candle Making
  • Calligraphy
  • Interior Design
  • Decoupage etc

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9. Kemet Art & Design

A multidisciplinary academic center for the arts and design. They provide certificates and short courses in various art and design fields. 

They wish to provide creative professionals and students with the skills and best practices to advance production.

Kemet is a school that actively supports cultural awareness, capacity building, and education. 

They provide a well-thought-out educational method, emphasizing creative and design thinking and practical abilities that can be applied in the real world.

Workshops/Courses on offer include:

  • Fashion Styling
  • Graphic Design
  • Jewelry Making
  • Video & Animation
  • Furniture Design
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Interior Design
  • Shoe Design

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10. Istituto Di Moda Burgo In Egypt

The FDC was founded in 2001 and offers a distinctive and exciting learning environment. which will help you grow and maximize your potential. 

Its staff of knowledgeable and imaginative instructors combines their work as educators and fashion consultants, ensuring that you will gain from their extensive knowledge of the industry.

The FDC strives to keep up with international fashion standards. They offer Egyptian cadres who are well-trained and qualified to contribute to the growth and modernization of Egypt’s textile and RMG industries.

Better communication with the younger generation ready to share technical knowledge and the firsthand experience of their teachers is made possible by the partnership between a dynamic and regularly updated faculty and the most prominent fashion houses. 

Thanks to each teacher’s unique teaching approach and restricted enrollment, an individualized training program is offered. 

To ensure a top-notch training program, teachers from the numerous foreign Istituto di Moda Burgo branches frequently travel to Milan to the headquarters in Piazza San Babila in Milan to attend up-to-date instructional seminars about the newest fashion trends.

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What are the Fashion Schools in Cairo?

Cairo, a city in Egypt, has many fashion schools. If you reside in Cairo and want to attend a fashion school in the city, then here are some of the fashion schools you can find in the city:

  • Italian Fashion Academy
  • Istituto Di Moda Burgo In Egypt
  • Cairo Design District

What are the Fashion Design Schools in Egypt?

A variety of elements go into fashion design, which is an art form. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s practical, like anticipating consumption (which entails keeping a close eye on cultural behavior), or creative, like having a strong eye for colors. 

There is, however, much more to learn about this practical craft. Where can you go to learn this course, then?

  • La Jolie Academy
  • Cairo Design District
  • Design Zone
  • Italian Fashion Academy


There are numerous business prospects available for Egyptian fashion graduates when they complete school. 

The market is huge, and there is a huge need for clothing and fashion. Thus, there are countless work options for recent grads. 

Another benefit of attending a fashion school in Egypt is that many institutions have excellent networks connecting students with employment prospects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there fashion schools in Egypt?

Yes, there are, but they are limited in number.

What subjects do I need to become a fashion designer in Egypt?

Pattern Making & Garment Construction.
Fashion Illustration.
Fashion Ornamentation etc

How much do fashion designers earn in Egypt?

In Egypt, a fashion designer makes EGP 154,943 a year and EGP 74 per hour on average.

Who is the most popular fashion designer in Egypt?

Farida Temraz

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