Top 10 Fashion Schools in Ghana and Their Fees in 2024

The fashion industry keeps bustling daily with different trends coming up; it’s sometimes hard to keep up with them. This article is unarguably the one for you if you want to learn more about the fashion design programs in Ghana and the best schools to apply to.

You would not want to miss out on applying to a fashion school in Ghana. Even after graduation, attending one of the top fashion schools will significantly impact your career.

At the end of this article, you can sort out which fashion school tops your list as the best fashion school in Ghana. 

Are there Fashion Schools in Ghana?

There are a lot of fashion schools in Belgium that offer different fashion degrees. Some of the fashion schools in Ghana include: 

  • Bluecrest School Of Fashion & Design
  • Joyce Ababio College of Creative Design
  • Jolisah Fashion Training School
  • Libelt School Of Fashion
  • Abbi Creation School of Fashion
  • Jiffah Fashion Designing School
  • Riohs Originate
  • Vogue Style
  • 2nd Image
  • Radford University College
  • UEW Fashion Designing And Textiles
  • Takoradi Polytechnic HND Fashion Design and Technology
  • De-Mor Fashion And Design School
  • Ramseyer Vocational Institute

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How Long Does it Take to Get a Degree in Fashion in Ghana?

A fashion degree in Ghana takes approximately 4 years to complete. You can choose a part-time program or take extra internship courses that would generate a good portfolio.

You can also decide to further your studies by getting a master’s or a Ph.D. in a fashion-related field. 

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How Much Do Fashion Schools in Ghana Cost?

Fashion schools in Ghana cost about  1100-4700GHc every academic year. The tuition fee varies depending on which school you choose at the end of the day.

Private and state schools are always higher compared to Public schools. Also, some schools have different tuition fees for in-state and out-of-state applicants. 

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What are the Requirements of Fashion Design Schools in Ghana?

Fashion design schools in Ghana are not difficult to go to. These schools have made things easy for applicants with the requirements needed to get admitted. They include:

  • SSSCE Requirements
  • Transcripts
  • Application fee
  • Portfolio 
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate 

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What are the Accredited Fashion Schools in Ghana?

Fashion designing is a fantastic career choice that is unquestionably well-paying in Ghana and worldwide.

When applying to a fashion school, the first thing should be whether the school is accredited. 

Here are the Accredited Fashion Schools In Ghana: 

  • BlueCrest School of Fashion & Design
  • Libelt Institute 
  • GH fashion school
  • Joyce Ababio College of Creative Design
  • Vogue Style School of Fashion & Design
  • De-mor Fashion & Design School
  • 2nd Image
  • Jiffah Fashion Designing School
  • N&N Couture Fashion School
  • UEW  Fashion Designing And Textiles 
  • Riohs Originate Fashion School
  • Abbi Creation School of Fashion
  • Radford University College
  • New World School of Fashion
  • Aurelia Fashion Institute

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List of Fashion Schools in Ghana and their Fees in 2023

Fashion is a top industry that has emerged this century and is well-known worldwide. It gives a sustainable reputation to a country leading in it.

This and other factors have supported the growth of fashion schools to train and develop innate skills in the fashion industry.

Ghana is not left behind as people and organizations have taken it upon themselves to offer venues for its development and improvement.

There are numerous fashion schools specializing in various areas of study in Ghana. Here are the Top 10 Best fashion schools in Ghana: 

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1. Bluecrest School Of Fashion & Design

  • Location: Accra.
  • Tuition fee: GHc 70.00 for Ghanaian applicants and GHc110.00 for non-Ghanaian applicants. 

This is another promising and popular fashion institute in Ghana with an impressive list of illustrious graduates from all over the continent. It is located in Accra at Cola Street, close to ATTC and the Societe Generale Head Office in Kokomlemle.

It is well equipped with great human resources with high repute profiles and possesses standard facilities to aid in the training of students.

The Fashion Design programs at BlueCrest College are formulated in such a way that they will equip the designer with a holistic knowledge of fashion.

Visit School Here 

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2. Abbi Creation School of Fashion

  • Location: 2nd Street, Accra. 
  • Tuition fee: GHc 2400 per semester 

It was founded in 1995 as Saint Abbi’s training center and later became Abbi Creation School of Fashion in 2000. 

This fashion School prepares students for entry-level careers in fashion Design, Event Decoration, Interior Decoration, Design, and Bridal Fashions by providing a challenging and stimulating educational environment.

This school exposes students to a global fashion industry perspective by providing an educational environment consistent with evolving technologies and the global marketplace.

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3. GH fashion school

  • Location: Achimota, Accra. 
  • Tuition fee: GHc 1,950 per semester.

GH fashion school was founded in 1914. The school offers courses that expose students to the fashion world, giving them diverse options for what they want to major in after graduation. 

The school has the vision to become the foremost private technical university in Africa and beyond that provides competency-based training in all technical disciplines, particularly in trade and skilled areas.

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4. Riohs Originate

  • Location: Blohum Street, Dzorwulu Cres, Accra.
  • Tuition fee: GH¢ 4500 per semester 

This is one of Ghana’s top accredited fashion schools, and it has maintained a strong reputation for nine years thanks to its high-quality services.

This fashion institute offers a six-month foundation certificate in fashion design and illustration, followed by a required three-month internship, and a merit-based certificate is given upon graduation. The school runs with a vision to transform the fashion industry of Ghana by developing talent through providing high-quality services.

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5. Libelt School Of Fashion

  • Location: 1st Dansoman Link, Accra.
  • Tuition fee: GH¢4200 per semester 

LSF is another great choice referring to trending fashion schools in Ghana. Top fashion designers who they acquired through the school’s high-quality training programs are housed in their archives.

Their Fashion design program teaches students to transform their creative vision into wearable garments. Students are also trained effectively to take up fields in the fashion industry and perform excellently.

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6. Joyce Ababio College of Creative Design

  • Location: 26 Switchback Rd, Accra.
  • Joyce Ababio fashion school fees: GHc 4,700 per semester 

Formerly known as the vogue style school of fashion design, been in existence for over seventeen years and poses as one of the top best fashion schools in Ghana is another great choice. Its structure is situated in Accra.

The institution runs great courses ranging from fashion design, fashion CAD; Computer-aided design programs, fashion business, and branding, which are quite required in today’s fashion industry with certifications; diplomas, and degrees.

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7. 2nd Image College

  • Location: Kwame Nkrumah Ave, Accra. 
  • Tuition fee: GHc 1100

This institution, founded in 1986 to become the premier technical and vocational training center in beauty, hair, fashion, and technology, is recognized as among the first fashion schools in Ghana, if not the first.

The fashion design program at 2nd Image College of Fashion provides opportunities for creative designers to translate design concepts into clothes and accessories. Students are introduced to basic skills of construction in Sewing and Tailoring. 

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8. Radford University

  • Location: Building 83, Lagos Ave, Accra. 
  • Tuition fee: Local tuition 11,416 USD, Domestic tuition 23,498 USD

East Legon in Accra, Ghana, is home to the private university Radford University College. The Ghana Tertiary Education Commission most recently accredited it in 2019 and is associated with Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

With a 4 year Bachelor of Arts program in Fashion Design, the curriculum focuses on preparing students for the diverse opportunities in the fashion industry. It helps students gain a deeper insight into the world of fashion and its associated trends.

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9. N&N Couture Fashion School

  • Location: Accra, Ghana
  • Tuition fee: GHc 2,500

The top fashion training facility in Ghana is NellyNel(N&N) Fashion School. The school believes each individual is unique, so the students are trained one-on-one.

They’ve equipped students with the skills needed to start a career in fashion. With over 5000 trained students, N & N couture is a Prestigious Fashion School.

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10. UEW Bsc Fashion Designing And Textiles Education

  • Location: Winneba, Ghana. 
  • Tuition fee: GHc 1699

Located in Winneba, Ghana’s Central Region, the University of Education, Winneba is a university. It was founded in 1992 due to a legislative decree and has ties to the University of Cape Coast.

The program is intended for candidates who want to receive training to teach vocational education with a focus on fashion design and textiles. It intends to provide students with knowledge and instructional strategies in fashion design and textiles.

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What are the Fashion Schools in Kumasi and their Fees?

Kumasi is home to a few fashion schools in Ghana. They include:  

  • New World School of Fashion
  • Aslin Fashion Center
  • Afro-Inter School of Fashion
  • Astex Fashion School

What are the Fashion Schools in Accra and Their Fees?

Some fashion schools in Accra offer a unique approach to fashion. They are: 

  • Riohs College Of Design (Tuition for local students: Gh¢ 7,000 Tuition for Foreign students: $ 1,500 )
  • BlueCrest School Of Fashion & Design (GHc 70.00 for Ghanaian applicants and GHc110.00 for non-Ghanaian applicants)
  • Abbi Creation School of Fashion (GHc 2400 per semester)
  • Vogue Style (GHc 4,700 per semester )
  • Radford University (Local tuition 11,416 USD, Domestic tuition 23,498 USD)

What are the Fashion Design Schools in Takoradi, Ghana?

Takoradi is not a novice to the recent trend in the fashion industry as they’ve been able to develop good fashion design schools in Ghana. 

The fashion design schools in Takoradi, Ghana are:

  • Afra K Fashion School
  • JACCD Design Institute Africa
  • Marshalls Fashion School 
  • EA Mills Fashion School

What are the Fashion Design Schools in Tema Ghana?

There are quite several fashion design schools in Tema. They are listed as follows:  

  • Angilo institute
  • Mor Fashion Design School
  • Maureen’s Signature Fashion School
  • Elike Fashion School
  • Alpha Academy 


In Ghana and worldwide, the fashion industry is one of the most highly competitive. So to become successful, you will need to be more than any regular creative designer. 

You’ll have to possess the right skills to give you an edge over other fashion designers, so you must carefully select which fashion school is best for you.

Suppose you don’t have the resources or means to achieve this. In that case, you can still complete other programs to get closer to your ultimate objective by applying to a vocational school or looking for an apprenticeship program.

We hope that we’ve made it less stressful for you to decide which fashion school you will be enrolling in Ghana. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is fashion design profitable in Ghana?

Yes. Fashion design is very profitable in Ghana. It is a very lucrative business that can even be done on a small scale. 

Which fashion school in Ghana has the lowest tuition fee? 

Most schools in Ghana have the lowest tuition fee compared to all the fashion schools in Ghana. 

What is the highest degree needed to practice fashion design?

A bachelor’s degree is the highest required to practice as a full-time fashion designer. Any other degree is due to personal choice. A fashion designer with a bachelor’s degree can practice every aspect of fashion he/she finds suitable. 

How can I become a professional fashion designer in Ghana?

To become a professional fashion designer in Ghana, you must understand the fundamentals of crafts and the fashion business. You will also need a fashion degree from an accredited fashion school in Ghana.


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