Best Fashion Schools in Massachusetts 2024

Are you looking for or wondering if there is a Merchandising, design college, or fashion school in Massachusetts or MA? 

Do you wish to gain formal education in the fashion merchandise program at MA? 

Are you interested in the popular MadMen fashion of Massachusetts? Do you wish to create great designs for fashion shows like MadMen? 

Have you had a big task deciding which fashion school to choose in Massachusetts? 

Well, this article provides detailed information about fashion schools in Massachusetts and the fashion programs they offer.

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Why Go to a Fashion School?

Firstly, Getting a degree in any fashion major makes you stand out among others. In as much as You don’t only earn a degree, you explore different ideas and creativity in the fashion industry. 

Furthermore, Experiences and skills coupled with formal education can take you to places. The exposure that comes with education,  experiences, and skills learned and improved over the years is the breakthrough in the fashion business. 

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The fashion business, fashion world, or fashion industry has improved lately and does not only require technical know-how only. 

For instance, In Massachusetts only, there are up to 134 job opportunities in the fashion industry with positions like a senior designer, Apparel designer, etc. All these positions above require a professional. A professional in this area should be up and doing, creating and illustrating ideas in fashion design. Also, The person understands and figures out what is needed in the fashion business.

No matter how twisted, the importance of fashion schools can’t be overemphasized. Fashion Schools also coach students in 2d and 3d computer-aided design. It also helps students to understand the different concepts of fashion. 

In Conclusion, Choosing the right fashion design school is a stepping stone to the great future of your dreams in the fashion industry. 

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Is Fashion Designing a Good Career? 

Fashion Designing is exceptionally a good career of its own. It is a discipline that brings ideas of designs and creativity into reality by mostly garment construction. Most importantly, Not only garments are designed, but accessories, footwear, handbags, etc. 

 However, It is one of the most in-demand careers in the world today. Fashion is an art of creative details. The field of fashion design, moreover, is one of the most intriguing and sought-after career options of this generation. 

In addition, it withholds a bright future due to its gaining popularity and steady money. 

Fashion Schools in Massachusetts.

The rate of growth of fashion schools in Massachusetts has been on the increase. Some of the accredited fashion merchandising institutions in Massachusetts include the following;

  • Massachusetts College of arts and design
  • Massasoit community college
  • Middlesex community college
  • Sanford Brown college
  • Paris fashion institute 
  • The New England Institute of Art
  • Bay state college
  • Fisher College
  • Framingham state university
  • Lasell college
  • Gateway Community College
  • The University of Massachusetts etc.

10 Best Fashion Schools in Massachusetts in 2024

There are several fashion schools in Massachusetts. In this list, I shall discuss Massachusetts’s top 10 best fashion designs. They are as follows ;

#1. Bay State College 

Location: Boston, Massachusetts. 

This is one of the best fashion colleges in Massachusetts. It is a private for-profit institution with an acceptance rate of 66.67%. Mainly, they center on fashion design and fashion merchandising. Their fashion design programs include; Apparel and accessories design, computer-assisted design and manufacture concept planning, labor and cost analysis, fabric art and printing, history of fashion, management, and operations. 

Bay state’s fashion program grooms students in both the art and science of fashion. The fashion merchandise students program covers the basic courses in fashion merchandising, such as consumer behavior as it applies to design and market research, the study of the impact of globalization on the fashion industry, and analyzing retail management theories and techniques. 

Subsequently, students gain internships with the high fashion industry in London, Paris, etc. 

#2. Fisher College 

Location: Boston, Massachusetts. 

This is another fashion design college in Massachusetts. Also, it is a privately owned institution. The college has a 75% acceptance rate. Fisher College’s fashion program helps students discover and embrace the creative and imaginative instincts of design. 

Nevertheless, they also help students to connect trading and enterprising skills within the Apparel, textiles, and home furnishing industries. 

#3. Framingham State University 

Location: Framingham, Massachusetts. 

Framingham State University is one of the best fashion schools in Massachusetts. The major is solely in fashion design/retailing. Its fashion program prepares students as ethical and responsible leaders in the fashion design and retailing industries.

Some courses like Apparel design /merchandise help students apply the principles of design, interrelationships of Textile products, and the trade of apparel. 

#4. Lasell College 

Location: Newton, Massachusetts. 

This is a fashion Merchandising school in Massachusetts. The fashion design and production program provide comprehensive and contemporary skills in garment design and products. 

Its fashion design and product curriculum carefully balance inspired and creative design thinking with practical applications. 

This institution is private. Also, it has an acceptance rate of 85%, which is highly commendable. However, it is important to know that students are responsible for program fees every semester, which is entirely different from tuition. 

 Briefly, the program fee covers the purchase, maintenance, and repair of all equipment, etc., that are necessary to maximize students learning and support a professional learning environment. 

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#5. Massachusetts College Of Arts and Design

Location: Boston, Massachusetts. 

This is another Massachusetts fashion college. It is a publicly owned institution with an acceptance rate of 70%. Mostly, they major in fashion design. 

The fashion program is designed to cover fundamental skills and knowledge that students successfully need to enter the fashion industry as professional designers. Their fashion program aims to train students in high fine arts, couture, and commerce. 

 In addition, Students also have the opportunity to work with traditional and computer-aided programs to create designs. 

#6. Middlesex Community College 

Location: Brockton, Massachusetts. 

This is a public-owned college with an acceptance rate of 100%. Admission into this prestigious college is much easier than others when all requirements are met. 

It is another Fashion Merchandising school in Massachusetts. Hence, They major solely in fashion merchandise. 

However, Earning a Fashion Merchandising associate in science degree in this school prepares students for a wide range of careers in fashion merchandise. 

Also, this institution provides students with strong business education, especially for careers in fashion. Nonetheless, other essential basic knowledge in mathematics and other courses are taught for an overall educational experience. 

#7. University of Massachusetts 

Location: North Dartmouth, Massachusetts. 

Students’ creativity and interest in fashion design are explored and brought into reality. University of Massachusetts’s fashion program also includes advanced design concepts such as computer-aided designs(CAD), technical design, and production business in the fashion industry. Also, they are enlightened on public speaking and contemporary fashion trend. 

#8. New bury college 

Location: Brookfield, Massachusetts. 

This is a fashion college in Massachusetts. Through the arts, designs, and fashion department, students are groomed into various careers in arts and design, such as fashions, fine art, ceramics, design(production, set, interior ), etc. 

With the availability of equipped studios, students explore their interests and tend to be more creative. 

#9. Sanford Brown College 

Location: Boston, Massachusetts. 

Sanford Brown College is a fashion Merchandising school in Massachusetts. Mainly, they center solely on fashion merchandise. Students are provided with the necessary information to understand how business principles work in the fashion world. 

#10. Marian Court College 

Location: Swampscott, Massachusetts

This is a private institution owned by the Roman Catholic church. This institution’s fashion program is solely on fashion merchandise. With equipped classrooms and experience gained through internships, students can excel in the fashion industry. 

Are Fashion Schools in Massachusetts Expensive?

Unlike students opting for other degrees, they spend their money on textbooks and materials. But students of fashion programs spend most of their money on buying dyes, fabrics, thread, sewing materials, pattern-making tools, etc, all these are to be provided to ensure adequate learning and practicals.

In the least expensive fashion schools, students spend at least $20,000 per academic year, tuition and housing fee inclusive. Meanwhile, students in private institutions spend up to $50,000.

In general, fashion design is one of the most expensive degrees.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fashion Schools in Massachusetts 2024

Does Boston Offer Fashion Design? 

Yes, we have up to 5 schools that offer fashion design in Boston especially. Most schools offer it as a part of liberal arts education. 

Is Fashion Schools Difficult? 

It is difficult as most fashion programs have a low acceptance rate. It requires hard work and determination to scale through. 

What is Taught in Fashion Designing? 

Courses that help you to understand and develop your skills in fashion design such as clothing construction, draping, apparel design, pattern drafting, market and trend research, etc. 

Is it Easy to Get a Job in Fashion Design? 

It takes hard work backed up with determination and experience gained to get a job in fashion design. One good thing about fashion design is that most careers in it are self-employed. Understand and know the skills, you can build a brand for yourself. 

Which Country is the Cheapest to Study Fashion Design? 

Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, and Belgium. From research, most of the fashion schools there are much cheaper than others. 


Massachusetts is fast embracing the world of fashion. We have at least 13 fashion schools in Massachusetts, each having different majors.

 With this read, choosing the right fashion major and a fashion school is easy. 

The fashion world is exciting and intriguing. Thrive your passion for fashion by choosing your dream’s perfect fashion school. Explore your interests and creativity in this rewarding career. 


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