10 Best Fashion Schools in Michigan in 2024 | How to Apply


Michigan can be a great state for aspirational fashion designers, merchandisers, and marketers. There are 13 fashion schools in Michigan, and all of them are located in the Lower Peninsula.

All seven of these institutions provide graduate-level programs. It is heartening for potential students that Michigan’s schools have an average admittance rate of 68 percent.


As a fashion graduate, you can pursue a range of careers depending on the degree you now hold. Graduates from the fashion industry can find employment in a number of fields, including retail, marketing, and fashion design.

Some of Michigan’s biggest employers include Express Fashion, Forever 21, JCPenney, and J. Crew Group. Despite being 8.4%, the unemployment rate is going down.


The compensation is greatly influenced by the career you choose and your level of expertise. In Michigan, designers make an average of $57,610 a year, while item displayers make an average of $26,230. (BLS, 2012).

The average compensation for marketing professionals, including those in the fashion business, is $59,900. (BLS, 2012).

Numerous elite Michigan universities offer some of the best fashion programs in the country.


Western Michigan University, Wayne State University, and Michigan State University are just a handful of the best universities providing fashion majors.

By reading on, discover which Michigan fashion schools made the cut and what they have to offer.

Please take note that the top institutions listed below are ranked from largest to smallest in terms of student population.

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Are there Fashion Schools in Michigan?

There are many fashion schools located in Michigan. These fashion schools offer different courses in fashion and award different degrees for the course studied.

Some of the best fashion schools in Michigan include:

  • College for Creative Studies
  • Michigan State University
  • Central Michigan University
  • Ferris State University
  • Western Michigan University
  • Eastern Michigan University
  • University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
  • Wayne State University
  • Michigan Technological University
  • Wayne County Community College
  • Hope College
  • Andrews University
  • Oakland University

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How Long Does it Take to Get a Degree in Fashion in Michigan?

The most common choice in fashion design education is a bachelor’s degree. Most students choose this option, which typically requires four to five years of full-time study and 120 to 140 credits.

You might be required to take courses in design theories, textile science, and apparel design principles at this level.

Also, the decision to pursue a Master’s degree in fashion design may be your final academic choice. You might be able to finish your program in two years if you enroll full-time. You would need to attend for three to four years if you enroll part-time.

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How Much Do Fashion Schools in Michigan Cost?

Tuition ranges from $3,840 to $20,532, with an average cost of $11,922. The average scholarship payout in Michigan is $5,649. There are several different scholarship programs.

For students studying fashion design and merchandising, Wayne State University offers the Marji Kunz Memorial Scholarship.

With an average scholarship grant of $4,308, the average cost of fashion design tuition is $9,547. Given that the average acceptance rate is 77 percent, you stand a high chance of being accepted to the institution of your choice if you submit a great application.

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What are the Requirements of Fashion Schools in Michigan?

  • Submit your GED or academic records. The majority of fashion schools demand documentation of high school graduation or an equivalent. Transcripts from your high school that list the courses you took and your GPA should be submitted. In the event that you chose to take the General Educational Development (GED) exam, you must provide supporting documentation.
  • Fill out the application form. To apply to a fashion school, you must include an application form with your supporting documentation. 
  • Application cost to be paid. You will frequently have to pay an application fee when you apply for a fashion degree at a fashion institute or any other higher education facility. 
  • Publish your admissions essay. Applicants at fashion schools are required to prepare an essay of 500–750 words. The essay should explain why you choose that particular college and why you’re a good fit for your major. You can also describe how you personally approach fashion.
  • Submit your SAT or ACT results. Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or American College Test (ACT) scores are not required for admission to all fashion schools, but those that do have a minimal standard. SAT minimum requirements range from 560 to 1060, and ACT minimum requirements are 21 or higher.
  • Send letters of recommendation. Although they are not required, recommendation letters can improve your chances of acceptance. 
  • Display your work. A portfolio is a requirement for admission to any fashion institute. There are various requirements for portfolios at various fashion schools. 

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What are the Best Fashion Schools in Michigan?

There are many fashion schools in Michigan but there are some that are considered to be the best amongst them. In this section we will take a look at the best fashion schools in Michigan.

Here they are:

1. College for Creative Studies

College for Creative Studies should be considered by any student interested in fashion design. Located in the sizable metropolis of Detroit, CCS is a tiny private non-profit university.

Since 1906, CCS has offered art and design courses. Conceptual thinking, inventive problem-solving, visual communication, and technological skill are at the core of all we do as a top-tier institution. In addition to bringing years of experience and skill to the classroom, our highly accomplished professors retain relationships as professionals in their respective sectors.

Alumni of CCS are successful. They are both active artists and entrepreneurs. They are employed by Fortune 500 firms because they work where they want to work and produce goods that we use every day.

Their experiences provide evidence of the contribution CCS alumni are making to the art and design industries. Over the past three years, more than 460 businesses and organizations have taken part in our recruitment events to interview and hire CCS students. Our students get internships and jobs both domestically and abroad.

Excellent studio facilities, a wide range of student support services, and a thriving student life are all provided by CCS.

In the most recent year for which we have data, about 6 fashion design students at CCS received this degree.

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2. Michigan State University

  • Bachelor’s Degree


  • 1st


  • 50.0%


Anyone who wants to study fashion design should look at Michigan State University. Located in East Lansing, Michigan State is a sizable public institution. Michigan State is a top university overall, coming in at #157 out of 2,576 institutions globally according to Best Schools.

One of the top research universities in the globe is Michigan State University. They educate students who advance the common good with unusual will thanks to their highly regarded programs and outstanding professors.

East Lansing, which is only a short drive from Lansing, the capital of Michigan, is a diverse community that pulsates with all the diversity and culture you’d expect from a major college town.

About 28 fashion design students at Michigan State received this degree in the most recent data year.

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3. Central Michigan University

  • Bachelor’s Degree


They are the top-ranked fashion design and merchandising program in Michigan. You are prepared for careers in this $1.2 trillion global business with a rigorous degree that combines design and merchandising.

Fashion students have an advantage while looking for internships and jobs because of practical experience with industry technology, collaboration with some of their country’s leading businesses, and engagement with their alumni. Their alumni go on to professions in garment design, buying, styling, visual merchandising, product development, and more, with a placement rate of over 90%.

Some of their fashion courses include:

  • Fashion Merchandising and Design Major Concentrations:
  • Fashion Merchandising Concentration
  • Fashion Design Concentration
  • Product Development (fully online)
  • Visual Merchandising (fully online)

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4. Ferris State University

  • Bachelor’s Degree


  • 3rd


One of the top universities in the US to earn a degree in fashion design is Ferris State University. Ferris is a public university in the far-off town of Big Rapids with a sizable student body. In terms of overall quality, this university comes in at number 15 out of 67 universities in Michigan.

The goal of Ferris State University is to give students a personalized educational experience that will prepare them for success after graduation. It is a practical, career-oriented college. A Ferris education is how individualized? There are no graduate assistants present in the classroom; all classes are instructed by teachers. 85 percent of our classes have less than 25 students, so the professors are familiar with your name and your objectives.

Because faculty members offer recommendations to aid in obtaining jobs or admission to graduate school, the personal relationships you have with them will contribute to enhancing your success. Outside of the classroom, we provide extensive academic support services, exciting possibilities for student life, and a thorough leadership and professional development program. In all 190+ of our degree programs, our students thrive in our hands-on learning atmosphere.

In the most recent year for which we have data, roughly 7 fashion design students at Ferris received this degree.

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5. Western Michigan University

  • Bachelor’s Degree


  • 3rd


The city of Kalamazoo is home to the sizable public university known as WMU. In terms of overall quality, this university comes in at number 17 out of 67 colleges in Michigan.

Also, 13,296 undergraduate students are enrolled, making it a sizable university. Given that Western Michigan’s acceptance rate is 80%, admissions are a bit competitive. Marketing, Liberal Arts & Humanities, and Psychology are popular majors. Alumni from Western Michigan graduate in 57 percent of cases, and their beginning income is $32,300.

In the most recent year for which we have data, about 3 WMU fashion design students received degrees in the field.

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6. Eastern Michigan University

Less than 30 miles separate Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti from Detroit. The Textiles Research and Training Institute, a hub for textile research in numerous industries, is housed within the institution. 

However, coursework in garment construction, textile science, merchandise planning, and apparel analysis is required for the bachelor’s degree program in apparel, textiles, and merchandising (ATM). 

Additionally needed is field experience. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of electives, including haute couture, fashion marketplaces, and fashion manufacturing. To finish the degree requirements for the ATM major, you need a minor.

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7. Wayne County Community College

In Detroit, Michigan, there is a public college called Wayne County CC. It is a modest university with 1,260 undergraduate students enrolled. The Wayne County Community College accepts all applicants. Liberal arts and humanities, nursing, and business are popular majors. Alumni of Wayne County CC graduate 20% of students and start their careers with an average salary of $19,900.

This school’s Fashion Design Associate Degree and Certificate Programs are intended for students who possess the creativity, accuracy, and drive necessary to design and produce clothing.

Students will be able to pursue creative studies in design fundamentals, fashion analysis, fashion history, textiles, color theory, sketching, as well as technical training in draping, pattern making, pattern grading, and clothing construction, through courses in both degree and certificate programs. The fashion design degree and certificate will give students the training needed to operate a custom design firm or to get entry-level employment in the wholesale ready-to-wear sector.

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8. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

In a top-tier research university, the Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan is a close-knit creative community.

Employers in the twenty-first century need intelligent, imaginative individuals who have a broad perspective. And when concept and media work together, art and design are at their best.

We provide an art and design education that will equip you for anything because of this. We offer one comprehensive major for Stamps undergraduate students: art and design, in contrast to many schools that still center their majors around certain media.

Your competitive advantage stems from the intellectual rigor of a U of M degree and the creative agility provided by the Stamps curriculum.

The Stamps School’s four cutting-edge undergraduate degree programs—a BFA, a BA, a BFA in interarts performance, and a dual/joint degree—offer our distinctive approach. Students at U of M can minor in art and design as well.

At the graduate level, Stamps provides the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Art and the Master of Design (MDes) in Integrative Design, two cutting-edge programs. Both graduate programs utilize tools that are exclusive to a top-tier research university. 

Also, graduate students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources within U.M. ‘s 100 top-ranked programs, as well as collaborate with eminent artists and designers from around the world, academics, and researchers from across the university. Students work on their creative projects in large, well-equipped studios in a top-notch university setting with a rich cultural and resource environment.

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9. Wayne State University

A professional emphasis in the areas of fashion design and fashion merchandising is available through the Fashion Design and Merchandising program. Student progress in conceptual and technical aspects of clothing design, from material testing and ideation to final garment, is made possible by the fashion design program. 

Studios and labs are prepared to give students the room and resources they need to investigate the materials and forms that meet their design objectives. The fashion merchandising option fosters knowledge about and practical abilities pertaining to the development, marketing, and procurement of fashion products. 

Additionally, the instructors that program the courses have a variety of professional backgrounds and are engaged in the arts. Guest lecturers offer networking, internships, and other possibilities in design, fashion journalism, styling, and other fields, as well as sharing important experiences with students.

The mission of the school include:

  • To offer interdisciplinary education that fuses knowledge of the fine arts and design with technical instruction in the disciplines of apparel design and fashion merchandising.
  • To discuss the marketing, historical, cultural, behavioral, and aesthetic facets of apparel design and fashion merchandising.
  • In order to prepare students for careers in the fashion business, professional practices, including portfolio preparation, should be encouraged.
  • To have a critical discussion on the place of fashion in the modern world.
  • To encourage students to think about how they could react to and positively influence the fashion industry.

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10. Andrews University

Life drawing, painting, fashion, textiles, fine art, 3D Design, graphic illustration, and installation art are just a few of the many specialties available in this course. This course leans heavily toward art and design. With the assistance of our educated and committed art team, you will learn to develop concepts in a creative design/craft studio setting. 

You have a wide range of professional options; former students now work in the commercial fashion industry, accessory design, textile design, theater costume design, graphic design, fine arts, and photography.

Also, you will get the chance to study fashion, fashion styling, textiles, printmaking, fine art, photography, 3D design, life drawing, and contextual studies in Fashion and Textiles. To produce final art, the focus is on experimenting with methods and materials.

Former students have gone on to work at famous universities in the commercial fashion industry, Bespoke Tailoring, Accessory Design, Textile Design, Theater Costume Design, Fashion Illustration, Fashion Styling, and Production.

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What are the Fashion Schools in Detroit, Michigan?

If you aspire to have a professional career in fashion and would like to receive your education in the Detroit area, there are a few options. 

An example is:

  • College for Creative Studies

What are the Fashion Schools in Lansing, Michigan?

There are also good fashion schools in Lansing Michigan. As a beautiful city in Michigan, it is one of the cities in the state to accommodate some of the best fashion schools in the state. They include:

  • Lansing Community College
  • Michigan State University

What are the Fashion Design Schools in Michigan?

Do you want to study fashion design in Michigan? There are five Bachelor’s degree programs and two Master’s degree programs in fashion design offered by six different colleges.

An Associate’s degree in fashion design, which requires 60 credits and can be earned in two years, is an option.

Some of the schools are:

  • Cranbrook Academy of Art
  • International Academy of Design and Technology-Troy
  • Lansing Community College
  • Michigan State University
  • North Central Michigan College
  • Western Michigan University

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What are the Fashion Merchandising Schools in Michigan?

Do you want to study fashion merchandising in Michigan? Here are some of the fashion merchandising schools that are located in the state of Michigan:

  • Central Michigan University
  • Eastern Michigan University
  • Lansing Community College
  • Northwood University


In conclusion, studying fashion is a very good thing to do as the current lifestyles in the world are changing everyday. A career in fashion can help you in so many ways.

Therefore, if you are in Michigan and wish to study fashion as a course, then one of these fashion schools can be a right pick for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Michigan have a fashion school?

There are 13 fashion schools in Michigan, all located in the Lower Peninsula.

How do I become a fashion merchandiser?

You’ll need first-hand experience in retail. It also helps to have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising or a related field.

Is being a fashion merchandiser hard?

Fashion merchandising can be a very competitive field with constant changes in trends due to global market forces. 

Are fashion degrees worth it?

Yes, they are.


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