15 Best Fashion Schools in New Jersey in 2024


Explore the 15 best fashion schools in New Jersey in our 2023 ranking. Discover the top-rated institutions offering quality fashion education and training at the best fashion schools in New Jersey. Unleash your creativity and pursue your passion for fashion!

Ready to leave your imprint on the fashion industry? You might start by enrolling in one of the fashion schools in New Jersey.


In addition to the undergraduate degrees offered by all six fashion schools in New Jersey, two also offer graduate degrees.

After receiving your degree, the next exciting phase of your career is landing your first fashion job.


In New Jersey, significant employers include The Dain Lingerie and Corset Shoppe, Bloomingdales, and Fashion to Figure.

New Jersey’s employment situation is improving; the unemployment rate is 7.4%.

Beginning salaries vary significantly from job to employer. Generally speaking, as you get more relevant experience, you can make more money.


Stay with me as I walk you through the best fashion schools in New Jersey.

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Are there Fashion Schools in New Jersey?

There are very few fashion schools in New Jersey. The schools listed below offer fashion courses to their students as fashion schools in New Jersey:

  • Brookdale Community College
  • Centenary College
  • Montclair State University
  • Ocean County Vocational-Technical School
  • KSOF | Karen’s School of Fashion, Sewing & Camp Little Silver, NJ
  • House of Design
  • Bergen Community College
  • Rowan College at Burlington County
  • Mercer County Community College
  • Newark School of Fashion and Design

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How Long Does it Take to Get a Degree in Fashion in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, obtaining a bachelor’s degree is typically required to enter the fashion industry. As a result, in New Jersey, becoming a fashionista can take four years. 

Although certain fashion schools offer certificate and diploma programs, most hiring managers in this industry prefer applicants to have a bachelor’s degree or, at the very least, an associate’s.

Along with your official education, you must start building a portfolio before graduating high school.

Potential employers can see your skills and creativity in this portfolio. It will also demonstrate how you have improved over time. Most fashionistas began working on their portfolios in high school and never stopped.

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How Much Does Fashion Schools in New Jersey Cost?

The average tuition in New Jersey is $14,818, but you might qualify for grants and scholarships. For example, at Centenary College, scholarships are awarded for $12,447.

Being a student at Centenary College can open up unique fashion options. 

Every fashion student gets to design a line of clothing showcased in the yearly fashion show, which the school produces.

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What are the Requirements of Fashion Schools in New Jersey?

It may be challenging to break into the fashion industry because it constantly evolves and changes

Fortunately, by enrolling in one of the numerous prominent fashion schools, you can start a career in fashion. 

A fashion degree can be the best option if you enjoy being creative and have excellent taste.

Additionally, because many fashion schools have low admission rates, it can be challenging to get accepted. Each fashion school is distinct and has its own admissions standards. 

You must prepare for the application procedure if you determine that attending fashion school is your best option. You must compile all requirements and perform an investigation.

  • Send in your school records or G.E.D.
  • Fill out the application form
  • Application cost must be paid
  • Admission essay writing
  • Send your S.A.T. or A.C.T. results
  • Submit letters of recommendation
  • Display your work

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What are the Best Fashion Schools in New Jersey?

Below are the best fashion schools in New Jersey:

1. KSOF | Karen’s School of Fashion, Sewing & Camp Little Silver, NJ

Karen’s School of Fashion provides excellent classes and camps on fashion design.

They provide both physical studio classes and virtual online classes.

The courses include:

  • sewing
  • pattern making
  • draping
  • textile design
  • photoshop
  • cad and a lot more.
  • Classes run weekly for kids, teens, and adults.

To help students prepare for college applications and job interviews, KSOF offers college preparation classes.

Additionally, KSOF provides job placement services in the NYC garment district.

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2. House of Dezign

A distinctive fashion design school in New Jersey, House of Design offers beginner, middle, and advanced lessons for kids, teens, and adults.

Their fashion design classes have been carefully created to foster creativity and provide each of our students with a sense of peace, focus, self-worth, and accomplishment.

They are regarded as one of New Jersey’s reputable fashion institutes.

Students are always upskilled in their professional sewing sessions to understand the fundamentals of fashion design.

The student’s knowledgeable fashion design tutor encourages them to expand their creative horizons through novel endeavors.

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3. Brookdale Community College

By enrolling in this school’s fashion design and merchandising courses, you can launch a career in the fashion sector. 

This blend of fashion studies, business, and general education courses will prepare you for transfer to a bachelor’s degree or to begin your sales, management, or buying job in the wholesale or retail fashion industry.

You will be able to:

  • Show that you have practical experience in the fashion sector, from design to retail.
  • Compare and contrast modern clothing with historical costumes.
  • Utilize effective graphic marketing and advertising strategies
  • Demonstrate the methods and resources needed to create sewed items.
  • Show how the fashion industry’s primary, secondary, retailing, and auxiliary components interact with consumers.

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4. Centenary College

The Fashion Design degree at Centenary University is for you if you enjoy making your clothes, love fashion, or both.

You will be prepared for a future as a garment and accessory designer, product developer, technical designer, fashion illustrator, patternmaker, or sample room manager with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Fashion Design focus.

The fashion design curriculum introduces students to the steps and techniques needed to produce practical clothing for the consumer-driven, international fashion business. 

To create, design, and build fashion goods, you will research trends, analyze consumer markets and purchasing patterns, and apply technology.

You will learn by doing this in the fashion design program at Centenary. The industry-recognized gold standard for intelligent pattern creation, computer-aided design software from Gerber Technology, will be taught to all students.

Additionally, you’ll discover sophisticated techniques in:

  • Construction of clothing
  • Sketching/illustration
  • Pattern creation
  • Portfolio development

After acquiring these skills, all fashion design students finish their academic studies by producing a fashion collection displayed in a runway show.

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5. Montclair State University

This university’s BA in Fashion Studies degree focuses on the dynamic field and multi-billion dollar industry associated with creating, manufacturing, and retailing clothing. 

Discover the numerous sides of the fashion industry while gaining knowledge of consumer wants and how a vibrant industry satisfies them. 

Students also study clothes branding to appeal to different demographics and industry predictions.

Prepare yourself to forge your path in the business after completing Montclair State’s fashion design program. 

Students receive practical experience and an understanding of the creative side of fashion design through coursework that focuses on how clothing is planned, illustrated, produced, and evaluated for quality. 

Additional coursework focuses on the business aspect, which is crucial for success. It covers fashion branding, accounting, marketing, and related fields.

Learn to assess and identify consumer requirements and how a dynamic company may answer them while exploring the numerous sides of the fashion industry. Graduates work in the production of fashion, retailing, management, and product and service marketing.

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6. Ocean County Vocational-Technical School

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in a glamorous fashion? Well, you can find out at OCVTS. 

Examining and honing their talents in fashion design, merchandising, marketing, and retail will be the focus of the student’s studies. 

Additionally, they will learn the fundamentals of sewing, how clothes are made, design ideas, fashion illustration, fashion terminology, trend research, etc.

Also, they will understand the dynamics of advertising and textile science through practical experiences with real-world tools and off-campus activities with experts from the industry.

As FCCLA members, a national youth leadership organization, students will be able to demonstrate their abilities and expertise by participating in conferences and contests. 

Throughout this two-year curriculum, students will be exposed to various universities that offer fashion majors. 

They will also put together a portfolio of work showcasing the skills they have acquired, which will be a valuable tool for applying to colleges.

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7. Bergen Community College

Students can obtain the credentials, understanding of the industry, and practical experience needed to get their professional certification in fashion design through this school’s Fashion Design program.

The fashion design classes have something to offer every student, whether they want to learn about fashion details for personal interests, get ready for a job in the fashion sector, or develop their portfolios for further education prospects.

Develop your sewing skills, clothing design skills, and fashion sense. Create your designs using your creativity and resourcefulness. 

You will discover the fundamental concepts and minute particulars in these “hands-on” courses. The school will give you a certificate of completion once you have finished each course.

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8. Rowan College at Burlington County

Get a thorough introduction to the entire apparel design industry. Emphasis is placed on textiles, fashion technology, pattern making, sketching, commercial issues in a global marketplace, and sewing construction. 

Students will also have the chance to look into career options in the apparel design sector.

The program courses offered Include:

  • Fashion Drawing
  • Apparel Construction
  • Pattern Development
  • Fashion Technology

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9. Mercer County Community College

A strong foundation in art, design and technical studies is provided by the highly multidisciplinary MCCC Fashion/Apparel Design program, which also helps students gain insight into the creative and business sides of the industry.

The A.A.S. in Design/Apparel Design equips students to enter the fast-paced field of fashion or to continue their education at a four-year university.

Due to the program’s paralleling the first two years of course requirements at various schools, students are also prepared for advanced study in four-year colleges.

With an emphasis on career training for gainful work, the MCCC Fashion Merchandising program is similar to the first two years of study at most undergraduate universities and art institutions.

Students can prepare for professions in fashion/apparel sales, marketing, buying, and merchandising by choosing the Fashion Merchandising option for the Business Management A.A.S. degree. 

Retail merchandiser, planning and allocation, fashion/apparel sourcing specialist, and wholesale or retail buying manager are positions open to persons with this educational specialization.

The course also equips students to further study business or marketing in a system that focuses on fashion or apparel.

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10. Newark School of Fashion and Design

The School of Fashion and Design promises a vibrant environment where students may express their creative visions, create ground-breaking new designs, and impact the fashion industry.

The school’s goal is to empower and encourage students to discover their intellectual and artistic potential via a focus on fashion and design. 

They integrate the design process throughout the curriculum and give kids room to create, come up with solutions, and work together to succeed in the future.

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What are the Fashion Design Schools in New Jersey?

One profession that necessitates much training and expertise is fashion design. You might decide to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in fashion design.

With this degree, you can devote a lot of time to creating your designs and building your portfolio in the art studio. 

The average time to complete a bachelor’s degree is four years. Some of the lessons you enroll in can be based on the theory employed daily by designers.

The fashion design schools in New Jersey are:

  • Montclair State University
  • Centenary University-Main Campus
  • KSOF | Karen’s School of Fashion, Sewing & Camp Little Silver, NJ
  • Newark School of Fashion and Design

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It’s simpler than you might think to make garments. You can reach your goal quickly if you learn the skills.

For people who are in a rush to not just finish their studies but to complete duties as quickly as possible and start making money, investing a month or two more on something that will benefit them for the rest of their lives is not a terrible investment.

Choosing to work in fashion design is an intelligent choice. You must enroll in fashion colleges in New Jersey or pursue further education elsewhere if you want to comprehend fashion design principles and craft.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any age limit for fashion design in New Jersey?

No, there is no age limit.

How long does it take to study fashion in New Jersey?

It takes about four years to earn a degree in fashion in New Jersey

Is fashion design school in New Jersey profitable?

Yes, it is. Fashion design is one of the most profitable careers you can think of.

Is it challenging to study fashion design in New Jersey?

Fashion design is not an easy course to study in New Jersey

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