Best Fashion Schools in North Carolina in 2024

Do you know that beauty, fashion design, and merchandising schools and colleges exist in Charlotte, North Carolina?

North Carolina is not left out in the rapidly fast-growing fashion industry. In essence, fashion schools have been spreading around the state. 

Fashion schools are made available to enable students to practice, study, and turn their dreams into reality. 

Clothing and fashion styles during the pre-Civil War Era in North Carolina did not change quickly as in modern times. 

However, North Carolina is undoubtedly aware of what was in style and old-fashioned.

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With globalization and industrialization’s effects, North Carolina’s fashion sense has recently greatly improved, likewise and otherwise. 

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Career Guide and Fashion Schools. 

Fashion Schools in North Carolina

Meanwhile, Students need proper guidelines in choosing a fashion school. Many people who want to attend fashion design schools do not know what they want.

The global fashion industry is a product of the modern age. Simply put, the fashion industry could be seen as a business of making clothes. Furthermore, the fashion industry was for a long time one of the largest employers in the US and remains in the 21st century.

However, the industry is a lucrative, profitable, and competitive one. It consists of four sectors: textile design and production, fashion design and manufacturing, fashion retailing, marketing and merchandising, and fashion shows, media, and advertisement. 

Fashion schools have fashion programs that cover these sectors of the fashion industry. Also, the program helps students to select a particular niche in the fashion industry. 

These programs include fashion design, fashion Merchandising, and fashion marketing. 

Fashion design involves the art of applying designs to clothing or accessories. It also includes areas of Apparel designs.

On the other hand, fashion merchandising involves studying fashion trends to determine merchandising strategies for a retail store. It combines the intuition of fashion trends with the understanding of business management. 

Lastly, fashion marketing and management are more of the business and marketing side. Fashion shows, media, and advertisements are covered in this area. 

However, these laid-down fashion program majors help students choose a program that aligns with their passion and goals. Fashion colleges and schools in North Carolina Curriculum have different areas of specialization and fashion majors.

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Are there Fashion Schools in North Carolina?

As people’s interest in fashion design grows, many schools, colleges, and universities offer fashion programs in North Carolina. Some of these institutions include;

  • Johnson&wales university
  • Meredith college
  • Haywood community college
  • Elon university
  • North Carolina central university
  • The art institute of Charlotte
  • University of North Carolina
  • East Carolina University
  • Mars hill college
  • Appalachian State University
  • The art institute of Raleigh 

What is the Cost of Fashion Schools in North Carolina?

Fashion schools in North Carolina have an average tuition cost of $14,007.International students may have varied costs due to housing and other basic amenities. Scholarships and financial aid are also made available for students.

Is it Hard to Get into Fashion Schools in NC?

The average acceptance rate of North Carolina fashions is 62%, which is highly commendable. The chances of admission to a fashion program of your choice are high.

Basic Requirement of Fashion Schools in NC.

Generally, All fashion schools have the same basic requirements, but each institution might differ by little or more added requirements.

  • The basic requirements of North Carolina fashion schools are:
  • Submission of school transcripts such as GED
  • Completion of an application form
  • Payment of an application form
  • An admission Essay
  • Submission of recommendation letter
  • Portfolio presentation

Best Fashion Schools in North Carolina in 2023

No doubt that there are reputable and great fashion schools near North Carolina. These schools have been in existence for years and are still in operation. Best Fashion merchandising schools in North Carolina include the following;

#1. Appalachian State University 

Location: Boone, North Carolina. 

This is a fashion school in North Carolina. It is a public university with an 80%acceptance rate. The fashion program in this school is mostly on fashion design and merchandising. Hence, the Bachelor of Science in Apparel Design and Merchandising programs focus on apparel and Textiles, emphasizing both designs and merchandise. 

Students enjoy and learn from field study trips like the New York fashion district and Atlanta merchandise mart. Common career positions include apparel or textile design, production, buying and selling merchandise, merchandise distribution to the consumer, fashion promotion, fashion editing, etc. 

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#2. East Carolina University 

Location: Greenville, North Carolina. 

This is yet another fashion school in NC. It is a public research university. Also, with an 88%acceptance rate. The major is solely in fashion Merchandising. 

Courses in fashion Merchandising cover buying, sourcing, pricing, quality analysis and control, textiles, consumer behavior, visual merchandising, etc. In other words, the fashion program covers all aspects of the fashion industry, from design to manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and retail.

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#3. North Carolina Central University 

Location: Durham, North Carolina. 

It is a public institution and has an 87%acceptance rate. North Carolina Central University is one of the fashion Merchandising schools in NC. 

Mainly, it majors in fashion Merchandising and Apparel designs. The Apparel design program is under the umbrella of family and consumer science. Students completing this program pursue careers in buying apparel and visual merchandising, retail sales, and management. 

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#4. Johnson and Wales University 

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina. 

This is a private fashion design school in Charlotte, North Carolina. It has an acceptance rate of 82%.Their fashion programs major in fashion Merchandising /Retail Marketing. Students are provided with the basic knowledge of applying marketing principles to fashion goods, evaluating the global fashion market, and identifying and analyzing future retail trends. 

Through internships, students gain creative and business skills. 

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#5. University of North Carolina 

Location: Greensboro, North Carolina. 

 The University of North Carolina is ranked No. 4 by the. Fashion org. Com. This institution’s fashion program covers Apparel products design, Global apparel and related industries, retailing, and consumer studies. Their fashion program aims to scope the industry and produce graduates who understand designing, manufacturing, marketing, etc. 

However, scholarships, financial aid, and study abroad opportunities are readily available to their students.

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#6. Meredith College 

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina. 

Meredith College is a private women’s liberal arts college with an acceptance rate of is also a fashion college in North Carolina. The fashion design and fashion merchandise program at Meredith combines academics with industry. Their students acquire a great foundation in practice and theories needed to explore the fashion industry. 

Also, Students have travel opportunities to the united states and abroad for skill acquisition. 

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#7. Mars Hill College. 

Location: Mars Hill, North Carolina. 

This is a private North Carolina fashion design school. On the contrary, It has a low acceptance rate of 67%.

This institution’s fashion program is solely based on Bs Apparel and interior merchandising. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Fashion Schools in North Carolina in 2023

What is the #1 fashion school in the world? 

Parsons, The new school for Design. The school offers fashion design, fashion science, and marketing programs. 

Which city is known as a city of fashion? 

Since the 16th century, Paris has been regarded as the world’s fashion capital. 

Is fashion merchandising a good career? 

This is a great career for those with an eye for fashion trends. Fashion merchandisers are responsible for several tasks including developing products and tracking inventory. 

Can I teach myself fashion designing? 

Well, if you have a great passion for fashion design, you can do it. Just follow some courses online to gain full knowledge of it. 

Can I study fashion design online? 

Yes, you can. Some schools make provisions for online classes. 


Choosing a fashion school can be tasking without proper guidance. Your task is made easy with this read. Also, it is important to know that no fashion major is better than the other; all are equal and work hand in glove. 

Nevertheless, Selecting a particular specialization in a fashion program should be based on your skills and passion.

In conclusion, Fashion is fun and reality. A degree in fashion is not useless. 

With that passion burning in you, Elevate your creativity by choosing the right fashion design schools around North Carolina.


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