Top 10 Best Fashion Schools in Sweden in 2024 | How to Apply


Discover the top 10 best fashion schools in Sweden, offering exceptional education and training in the world of fashion. Find your path to success now.

No one can dispute the intrinsic sense of style that the Swedes possess. The focus is on quality, minimalism, and vintage inspiration to create a fashionable outfit. Both adaptable and enduring.


Well-known brands such as H&M and Acne dominate most communities and fashion weeks worldwide. Swedish design has made its mark on the world stage. Sweden has more to offer in fashion than just H&M and Acne.

Sweden is home to several truly outstanding fashion design schools. 


If you want to break into the fashion industry, here are the best fashion schools in Sweden to help you get there.

This article ranks Sweden’s top universities, colleges, and other educational establishments to provide the best fashion schools in Sweden.

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What are the Best Approaches to Finding the Best Fashion Schools in Sweden?

A college diploma from a well-known university can help you stand out from the crowd. As a result, you must closely examine all of your possibilities.

 It is common for a designer’s first opportunity to make an impression to come during their time in college.

The fashion sector should be introduced to students in college. You must enroll in a college or university that can assist you in achieving your goals.

Before applying for admission to Sweden’s premier fashion institutes, you can find the best schools in Sweden by answering these simple questions.

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How Important is a Strong Reputation and wide following for a School?

With a degree from a well-known and respected Swedish fashion university, you’ll have an easier time finding work in the country.

An opportunity for advancement, better marketability, specialized occupational training, and a greater sense of well-being in the workplace.

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Who are the Alums, exactly?

Alumni membership in the alumni club of Sweden’s most esteemed fashion school is a great perk.

Many business contacts and other university graduates can be made through an alumni network.

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What are your odds of working as an intern for a well-known designer or visiting fashion hotspots?

If you’re interested in a fashion industry career, the advice currently trending on Google is to acquire an internship.

Internships in the fashion industry are also a terrific way to meet people and gain knowledge. Not everyone has the option to take part in these initiatives.

Working as an intern for a well-known designer or attending one of Sweden’s top fashion schools is possible.

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How big will your portfolio be after you graduate?

In a graduate portfolio, a student showcases the skills and knowledge he’s acquired over his academic career.

The student’s portfolio also demonstrates how well he can combine his knowledge and put it to use in his chosen field of study.

A portfolio-building exercise encourages introspection about one’s learning preferences as well as analytical and critical thinking.

Portfolios are a better way to showcase your skills than a resume or interview. When you’re looking for a career, a portfolio is a way to show potential employers what you can do.

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How Much do Sweden’s Best Fashion Schools Cost to Attend?

Here are some things to remember if you want to study fashion design in Sweden.

According to the university and program, the cost of a year of higher education in Sweden varies greatly. Tuition in Sweden costs from SEK 80,000 ($7,915 or $9,523) to SEK 295,000 ($295,000). (or around 29,188 EUR or 35,117 USD).

The cost of living varies depending on the study location (larger cities tend to be more expensive), but the average monthly cost is $8,568 (848 Euros or around $1,020 US dollars).

How Long Does it Take to Graduate from the Best Fashion Universities in Sweden?

Bachelor’s degrees require three to four years of study at one of Sweden’s top fashion schools. In Sweden, the MBBS program can be completed in 5 to 6 years, depending on the individual circumstances.

What are the Best Fashion Schools in Sweden?

Suppose you intend to study at a Swede university while already in Sweden or traveling there. If you’re interested in attending one of Sweden’s top fashion schools, you’ve come to the right place.

This article lists the best fashion schools in Sweden for fashion studies.

(1) Lund University

Lund University is one school we regard as one of the best fashion schools in Sweden. At Lund University, fashion and sustainability are given special emphasis. Fashion has long been a topic of discussion in art history, sociology, anthropology, and philosophy. 

In 2006, fashion studies became an academic field, and in 2012, Lund University opened a BA program in fashion studies. They are among the greatest Fashion Universities in Sweden since they established a common ground for researchers interested in fashion.

 Inquiry rather than disciplinary boundaries define Lund University research.

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(2) Boras University 

Boras University students learn early on about the traditional design process. Boras University is where students study new methods and approaches to fashion design.

This new approach to fashion design also involves material knowledge or knowing how to use a material well. Boras University students study how materials work on moving bodies and which approaches to use.

Boras University’s well-equipped laboratories and skilled technicians make it one of the best fashion universities in Sweden. Boras University provides many opportunities to test and realize your ideas using industry-standard machines. 

They also have well-lit, spacious studios where students can work. Each student at Boras University has a desk for the duration of the program, which is another benefit that makes the work easier.

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(3) Aalto University School of Arts, Design, and Architecture

Students interested in pursuing a fashion or clothes design degree at Aalto University would take the Fashion Design Foundation course. 

This Aalto University Foundation course is perfect for anybody interested in high fashion, textile design, or ready-to-wear design. 

They are one of Sweden’s best universities for teaching students to think like Fashion designers. 

Aalto University students can access technology tools that help them create aesthetically pleasing and artistically high-quality presentations.

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(4) Stockholm University

Stockholm University’s Fashion Science program has been open to students worldwide since 2008.

Stockholm University has fashion designers who explore aesthetic, cultural, and sociological phenomena.

Stockholm University signifies individual identity and is crucial to economic commerce.

They use a variety of approaches and theories from other fields to study the subject’s intricate development. Undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral fashion education give a wide and comprehensive introduction to the industry and its social impact.

Fashion science teaches clothing design in various social and private contexts, locally and globally.

At Stockholm University, students can begin their studies with hands-on experience studying fashion as a social phenomenon. Stockholm University is One of Sweden’s best fashion schools; Stockholm University focuses on fashion as a social activity.

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(5) Linköping University

With no borders across academic disciplines, Linköping University has produced some of the world’s most innovative research settings and businesses. Aside from strictly scientific problems, we also focus on socially beneficial issues.

Linköping University intends to provide students with a solid grounding in fashion design and marketing at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Programs offered by Linköping University can help students realize their goal of becoming highly qualified fashion specialists.

Fashion design, marketing, international trade, and sales management are all possible careers for its graduates. They are one of Sweden’s top fashion schools.

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(6) Malmö University

Malmö University offers world-class instruction and research to help us better understand, explain, and shape society. Malmö University collaborates with other fashion designers to create and share about Fashion design. 

Fashion design at Malmö University showcases the university’s diversity and traditions.

Alumni of Malmö University International, one of Sweden’s top fashion schools, know firsthand the benefits of an international classroom design. Students who want to become highly qualified fashion specialists can do so at Malmö University.

They have alums that are a part of a worldwide network that spans the entire world.

Fashion design, marketing, international trade, and sales management are all possible careers for its graduates. In Sweden, they are regarded as one of the top Universities for Fashion.

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(7) Uppsala University

Thousands of students from all over the world come to Uppsala University each year to study fashion design. A student’s experience at Uppsala University goes much beyond academics.

 If you’re looking for an unforgettable college experience, this is the place for you. Modern facilities and laboratories for Fashion Design provide students with access to the most recent findings in the field. 

Uppsala University has a long legacy and a wide range of programs in fashion design. Uppsala University is poised to face the big societal issues of both the present and the future. 

The fashion sector is rich in possibilities because of the range of our research and educational experiences.

Uppsala University research helps us understand our fashion society and improves many’s lives. One of Sweden’s best fashion universities for research that offers new insights on bringing our inspiration and knowledge.

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(8) Ume Institute of Design 

Ume Institute of Design is a school with a reputation for having a lively atmosphere. The Ume Institute of Design offers exceptional prospects for creative fashion design studies. 

UID is located in the heart of the Ume Arts Campus. Ume Arts Campus is housed in a beautifully restored industrial building close to downtown.

 The expansive interiors and bright environment that it provides distinguish the structure. 

Ume Institute of Design features well-equipped learning settings and facilities due to its distinguished connotation, educational practice, and depth of training approach. Consequently, they’ve ranked their university as one of Sweden’s best fashion design schools.

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(9) Konstfack – University of Arts, Crafts, and Design

Konstfack, the University of Arts, Crafts, and Design, prepares students for textile careers. Specializations include spatial and physical creation. Konstfack – University of Arts teaches how to use textiles to develop novel interfaces and approaches.

Konstfack University of the Arts Textile-based courses alternate with artistic fashion projects. Concrete, function-based problem-solving alternates with art. The artistic process uses theory, methodology, and introspection.

Traditional handicrafts and high-tech industrial design use textiles. Konstfack – University of Arts is one of the Top Universities for Fashion in Sweden because of its well-equipped workshops. 

The Konstfack, – University of Arts, Crafts, and Design, educates students about employment in the textile industry. Konstfack specialties include the development of both physical and virtual spaces. It is possible to create new interfaces and techniques by using textiles.

Konstfack, a Swedish art university, offers courses in textile design in rotation with creative projects. Art and problem-solving are not mutually exclusive. Theory, methodology, and self-reflection play a role in the creative process.

Textiles are used in both traditional handicrafts and cutting-edge industrial designs. The well-equipped workshops at Konstfack—the University of the Arts, make it one of Sweden’s top fashion schools.

The majority of first-year courses are mandatory. Next comes a series of specialized projects that target particular areas.

A Master of Dyeing and Weaving Art Design has been awarded to several individuals. Consequently, they’ve ranked their university as one of Sweden’s best fashion design schools.

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(10) University of Gothenburg

Fashion design research and education at the University of Gothenburg have a long history.

It’s a veritable avalanche of ideas from our seasoned pros for each new assignment. They are adept at creating, enhancing, and enhancing various visual and theme designs.

Sweden’s top fashion university, Gothenburg University, is renowned for many subjects and objectives. In addition to large-scale installations, they also create smaller, more intimate works.

They have a wide range of themes and visual aids for ceremonies, conferences, and lectures, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Sweden’s Top Fashion Universities

Does the Best Fashion Schools in Sweden offer a lot of hands-on experience?

Internships with well-known designers are available to students at Sweden’s premier fashion schools. Opportunity to gain excellent experience and exposure in the industry.

Does Sweden’s Best Fashion Schools offer English-taught courses?

Several of Sweden’s most prestigious fashion universities offer degree programs in English for international students.

Is a portfolio required for admission?

No, Fashion University in Sweden does not look at portfolios for admissions. 

Can I apply to many UIDs?

Yes, you can apply to many programs/courses at once. If accepted to multiple schools, you can select where to attend.


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