Fellowship in India 2022 – Tips on How to Win a Fellowship Opportunity

Are you interested in volunteering? Do you have a passion for public service? What if I told you there is an opportunity for you to volunteer in an organization for cash? Sounds not true, right? Fellowship opportunities in India give you such a platform. This is a well-articulated piece on fellowship programs in India in 2022 that will help you earn while you learn. You would discover tips that will help you win fellowship jobs in India on the first trial for international students

If you’re an international student, India is a grand study abroad destination. You need not worry if they would welcome you or not. It’s going to be an educative ride, welcome aboard!!!

Fellowship Opportunities in India


Fellowship programs are one platform that affords you an opportunity to carry out your passion and academic goals. Students who embrace fellowship opportunities not only enhance their skills, they get to practice theoretical knowledge in actual life situations.

In India, you get to find a variety of fellowship programs that can present themselves as jobs. Whether your passion is teaching in under-resourced or high-class schools, volunteering at NGOs in rural communities, studying climate change, or facilitating international relations, you will find a spot in India.

Fellowship in India affords you the opportunities to pursue your passion in a way that helps the community and furthers your career. It offers you a chance to learn and work at the same time. Either way, you gain.

Peculiar to India, some fellowship opportunities are open to only Indian citizens. We strongly advise you to apply to fellowship programs that are open to you. It’s a waste of time applying for a program that has no space for you. Aside from the fact that you will not consider yourself, you would waste time and resources.

Aside from the academic interest, India has a rich culture that would make your stay a memorable one. Great landscape and a serene environment. Who wouldn’t love that?

As you read on, you would discover the opportunities for you as an international student and an Indian citizen.

Check Out these Schools for Felllwship Programs

10 Fellowship Opportunities for Indian Citizens

Whoever studied in India is relatively good in their field of studies. Most India students are experts even before graduation. We can trace the level of authority gained in their respective fields to fellowship programs.

To improve the economy and educational quality, most they developed fellowship programs for Indian citizens. Most of these fellowship opportunities open for only Indian Citizens include;

Note: These fellowship programs are for Indian citizens. Both residents and those abroad. Most of the above mentioned fellowship programs accommodate international students. E.g. Young India Fellowship.

Before sending in your application, visit the websites as provided.

10 Fellowship Programs in India for International Students

International students are welcome to India for fellowships too. Most fellowship opportunities are open to International students in India. They regard India as a country with the highest number of international students.

Some fellowship programs for international students in India include;

We do not limit the fellowship opportunities in India to this few. These are the most popular and most applied for.

How Do I Find Fellowship Programs in India?

Clicking on this article means you’ve already found one. Finding a fellowship program requires work on your part. There are 100+ fellowship programs and jobs available in India. If you do not search for them, you won’t find any.

To find a fellowship opportunity, follow these simple steps.

  1. Search for fellowship opportunities via online mode.
  2. Visit your school’s monetary support office they have such information first hand.
  3. Attend conferences and seminars that are in line with your fellowship choice, you will hear of fellowship jobs available.
  4. Communicate with your staff advisors, teachers, or department head about that. The reason is not far-fetched; they know better.
  5. Some co-operation proposes fellowship databases which students can classify by minimum eligibility guidelines.
  6. Schools and other companies will post their fellowship breaks in online advertisement.
  7. Follow fellowships Sites and subscribe.

Note: If you have a school or academic institution in mind, follow them to see when they have an open fellowship available for you. School’s such as Cornell University and Columbia University often release listings for open fellowships.

Also, fellowship opportunities are advertised as fellowship jobs. Companies and organizations in need of fellows advertise fellowship programs in form of jobs. Therefore, lookout for fellowship jobs on job website’s or via the company’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fellowship in India

International Fellows in India

Why is Fellowship Important?

20% of the companies or organizations in the world today employ people with little or no experience. The current job market looks for experienced applicants more than specific and overbearing degrees on the CV.

This development has created a popularity for fellowships across the globe and specifically in India. Fellowship is important because you get to practice the theories you learnt in school in actual life.

Are Fellows Paid in India?

Yes, they pay fellows in India. Their monetary compensation is equivalent to an employee on entry level position. Fellowship is simply “Learn and Earn”

Depending on the organization, the pay differs and is not the same across India. Students in government establishments get to earn more than students in private organizations.

Is Fellowship different from Scholarships?

Yes, there is an enormous difference between fellowship and scholarships. Scholarships give you financial help to complete your education. Fellowship is an opportunity to learn and earn. Fellowship shows the financial assistance awarded to the students willing to investigate further on a special subject after they pass the prescribed exam.

Is Fellowship different from Internship?

Yes, internship is for undergraduate students whereas fellowship is open to graduates, early and mid-career professionals.

Is a fellowship considered employment?

Fellowships are not employment. That you won a fellowship program does not make you an employee of the firm, institution or organization. But, if you play your cards right, you can be retained afterwards. This largely depends on your hard work and output.

Which Fellowship Program is India Known for?

Although there are over 100+ fellowship opportunities in India, India is most famous for medicine related Fellowship.

How Long Does a Fellowship Program Last?

Most fellowship program lasts for one year. Some stretch to about 13 to 18 months. The duration depends on your organization.


Aside from the availability of a variety of fellowship programs in India, India has a rich culture you would enjoy if you’re not a citizen or resident. Fellowship fashion you for the work environment. Embrace this opportunity by clicking on the links above to secure a fellowship spot for you in India.

We hope you found this article enlightening. Share to friends and family. Good luck!!!

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