Fellowship Programs in Italy in 2021 – Tips and All You Need to Know to Become an Italian Fellow.

Fellowship Programs in Italy in 2021 - Tips and All You Need to Know to Become an Italian Fellow.
Fellowship in Italy

Although few, fellowship programs in Italy are top-rated. This piece explains all you need to know about Italian fellowships, how to become a fellow and tips to win a fellowship. Furthermore, you will discover some fellowship opportunities open for scholars in Italy in 2021.

Blessed with a great environment and pleasure spots, Italy is a vibe. Scholars get the chance to live a significant life and achieve their academic goals. Discover the fellowship opportunities available for you in Italy below.


Most Scholars Study Abroad in Italy for the dual experience. The academic opportunities open to both residents and international students are massive. The Master’s study program in Italy attracts over 1,000 application each year.

However, for fellowship programs in Italy, there are fewer opportunities. Keeping reading to discover how to become an Italian Fellow.

Fellowship Opportunities In Italy in 2021

Policy Leader Fellowship

Organizer: School of Transnational Governance

Open to: Policy Professionals.

Country: Italy

City: Florence

Duration: 3, 6 or 9 Months.

Fund: Fully Funded + €2,500 Grant.

Contact The Organizer: stg@eui.eu

Nationality of Applicants: All Nations.

Deadline: 22 February 2021

The aim of the Policy Leader Fellowship is to provide a unique opportunity for policy professionals to develop their policy work and professional skills. Fellows take part in workshops, trainings, skills development sessions, conferences and other events. There is also an opportunity to interact with the other Italian fellows, policy makers and the academic community at the EUI.

Interestingly, this is a competitive fellowship. Winning this fellowship program in Italy entails applicants to be in “A-Grade”. Also, fellows who win this fellowship MUST live in Florence.

No need to worry, the language instruction for the programme is English.

How Do I Apply for Policy Leader Fellowship?

Every fellowship program has its criteria. Therefore, Policy Leader fellowship in Italy has its eligibility criteria for applicants. Interested candidates MUST fulfill the requirements to stand a chance for CONSIDERATION.

To that regard, here are the eligibility criteria for Policy Leader Fellowship;

  • Applicants must be self-motivated.
  • You must not have EU citizenship.
  • There are no age limit restrictions.
  • Fluent in written and spoken English.
  • It is open to all applications from anywhere in the world, regardless of nationality.
  • The program is open to early or mid-career professionals able to show professional and potential experience for future excellence in the policy sphere.
  • They engage applicants in policy issues, especially those related to transnational governance.
  • Your Motivation letter should present a clear work plan on what you hope to achieve and how this work will have a ‘multiplier’ effect after the fellowship.
  • Applicants should be curious and engaged contributors. They expect fellows to be part of the EUI community daily basis and to take part in peer discussions on topics which may be beyond their expertise.

Application Procedure

Visit the website for more details. If you fit into the criteria stated above, send in your application file to stg@eui.eu.

Veronesi Foundation

Organizer: Veronesi Foundation.

Open to: Postdoctoral Students in Biomedical Fields.

Country: Italy

Duration: 12 Months.

Fund: €30,000.

Contact The Organizer: https://borse.fondazioneveronesi.it/grantaward/post-doctoral-fellowships-2020

Nationality of Applicants: All Nations.

Where to take scholarship: Italian universities

Deadline: 5th September 2021

The Veronesi Foundation comes with over 162 fellowship for 2021. This fellowship program in Italy gives an opportunity to international biomedical researchers. Their primary aim is to discover alternative methods for diagnosis and treatment of many diseases which include tumors, disease of the nervous system, and cardiovascular problems.

Also, projects investigating the onset of diseases and relationship between their cause and prevention are also welcome. Applicants intending to become an Italian Fellow through this fellowship must work on high-profile projects. However, this program is open to only POSTDOCTORAL STUDENTS.

Note: To qualify to apply for this fellowship, enroll in the University of Pisa.

Details of Funding

They usually send the fund to the bank account once you become an Italian Fellow. This is to say, once you win this fellowship program in Italy, you will send in your account details to receive funds. However, we employ you to consider the taxation policies.

Also, it’s important you know that the fund only covers the salary of the researcher. Therefore, it cannot be used to cover the expenses that include accommodation, lab supplies and other expenses.

How Do I Apply for Veronesi Foundation?

The eligibility criteria for the Veronesi Foundation differ from most fellowship opportunities in Italy. To qualify to apply, applicants must;

  • Pursue a postdoctoral research in the biomedical field before 31st December 2021.
  • Choose to study in Italian University.
  • They prohibit fellows from doing any other job during the program.
  • Applicants, except the ladies that have children, should not be over 43 years old as of 1st January 2022.
  • They require English language proficiency. This could be IELTS, TOEFL or GRE.

Application Procedure

To apply for this fellowship in Italy, you will provide your personal details. Furthermore, you will submit:

  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • Abstract of proposed project of only 2000 characters
  • Hosting institute’s letter of acceptance with clear signatures of the authorities.
  • CV (4000 characters Max. including spaces). You should mention dates for specialization.
  • A list of scientific peer-reviewed publications. They will only consider original papers with authentic reviews. In-press publications are eligible only if the editor provides a letter of acceptance and sends it to borse-at-fondazioneveronesi.it.
  • Description of the project, background, details of plan, sign of expected results and how it will provide help for future health applications (Max. 9000 characters).
  • Bibliography. (This isn’t a part of project description, it should be separate).
  • To research on animals, comply to protecting animal standards and get allowed animal protocols from the Italian Ministry of Health.
  • To research on humans, the approval from the local Ethics Committee or Institutional Review Board is necessary.

Other than the above, note that:

  • All written material must be in English.
  • Only one they permit application per candidate.
  • Files should be in PDF or Word format.
  • No corrections once you send the final application

Other Fellowship Opportunities In Italy

  • American Academy in Rome Prize
  • Bellagio Residency Program: Academic Writing, Arts and Literary Arts and Practitioners.
  • Etruscan Foundation Research Fellowship
  • EURIAS (European Institute for Advanced Study) Fellowship Programme
  • European University Institute Policy Leader Fellowship
  • Fulbright Schuman Program Chair at the European University Institute
  • Fulbright U.S. Student Program for Study/Research
  • Fulbright/National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellowship
  • Fulbright English Teaching Assistantships (ETA)
  • Jean Monnet Fellowship
  • Max Weber Fellowships
  • Raiziss/de Palchi Translation Awards
  • Story Rebels Writing Fellowship


Fellowship Opportunities/programs in Italy is an amazing experience. We employ you to look out for these fellowship programs in Italy and apply if you’re eligible. Your motivation letter should be interesting. We look forward to you becoming an Italian Fellow. Good luck!!!

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