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What is the Job Description of a Flight Attendant?

If you are seeking for a job as a flight attendant, you should carefully read this job description guide to know the duties and responsibilities to expect.

Flight attendants can also be called cabin crew and are responsible for the welfare of flight passengers.

Examples of their duties and responsibilities include performing safety checks, making information available to passengers and also ensuring that all passengers are comfortable.

They are also responsible for assisting passengers in the case of an emergency or crisis and acting compliance with flight safety precautions.

Ideal candidates for this job must be able to speak English accurately, quickly and confidently.

You must also possess good communication, interpersonal and customer service skills.

This is because these skills are essential for performing your duties and responsibilities.

In most countries, candidates below 18 years are not eligible for becoming a member of a flight cabin crew.

If you want to know what the duties and responsibilities of a flight attendant are, keep reading.

But just before we discussed that, let’s see what flight attendants do.


What does a flight attendant do?

Airlines are obligated by the government to provide a cabin crew, which is responsible for the safety and welfare of flight passengers.

The basic duties of these flight attendants are to ensure that passengers are comfortable, safe and well taken care of.

They are also in charge of ensuring that all passengers adhere to all relevant flight rules and regulations.

Some passengers may be very difficult to deal with, as such a good flight attendant must have problem-solving skills.

Also, some minutes before a flight takes off, flight attendants assist the pilot to give a flight briefing.

During flight briefings, passengers are told necessary flight information such as the rules and regulations and the number of hours the journey is expected to take.

Flight attendants are also responsible for serving food and beverages to passengers.

During the flight and just before landing, flight attendants ensure that all passengers fasten their seatbelts.

Now you know what flight attendants do, let’s go-ahead to discuss the duties and responsibilities of a flight attendant

Just before alighting from the plane, flight attendants are expected to survey the plane to ensure that everything is in good condition.

Also, they are responsible for preparing flight reports.

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What are the duties and responsibilities of a flight attendant?

It is necessary to take this section of this job description very seriously because it contains what your employer expects of you.

Here are some of the duties and responsibilities of a flight attendant usually featured in their job description:

1. Ensure safety measures are adhered to

They ensure that all activities in the aircraft are carried out in compliance with safety standards.

Also, they assist perform safety checks as well as passengers checks.

Also, they relate safety measures to passengers and resolve safety issues in the case of an emergency or crisis.

2. Provide information to passengers

It is the duty of the flight attendant to provide relevant information to passengers.

They provide safety guidelines to passengers and also updated flight information.

3. Provide in-flight services

Another responsibility of a flight attendant is to provide in-flight services.

Such services include serving food and beverages and also attending to the needs of the passengers.

4. Attend training programs

Periodically, airlines organise training programs for their staff.

Therefore, as airline staff, a flight attendant is expected to attend and participate in such training programs.

Usually, the aim of the training is to update staff on a new approach to ensure safety.

5. Ensure passengers comfort

It is the duty of a flight attendant to ensure that passengers are comfortable and well attended to.

But, a passenger’s comfort has to be in line with the company’s safety rules and regulations.

Other duties and responsibilities of a flight attendant usually featured in their job description

  • Staying abreast with emergency operations such as administration of first aid and aircraft evacuation.
  • Periodically conduct aircraft and passenger security checks.
  • Perform pre-flight and post-flight inspection.
  • Make sure all passengers fasten their seatbelts when it is required, like before landing.
  • Attend pre-flight briefing with pilots.

What qualifications do I need to become a flight attendant?

Although the minimum academic requirement for becoming a flight attendant is a high school diploma, employers prefer employing those with a college or university degree.

In the United States, flight attendants must not be less than 18 years old, some airlines have a higher age restriction.

Also, employers prefer employing candidates with some years of experience in public service.

Due to the work requirements of flight attendants, employers also conduct a physical examination before employing candidates.

You must be up to five inches tall and have a clear vision.

Even after you have been employed, you must maintain physical fitness and practise good hygiene and etiquettes.

Aside from age and physical examination, employers also conduct security verification on candidates before employing them.

In the United States, they perform a 10 years background check, drug and alcohol test and also fingerprint test with the police.

Successful candidates who are employed are then given training by their employer.

This training usually takes 3-6 weeks to complete.

After the training, they are then required to obtain a license to fly.

Before a newly employed flight attendant is assigned to a monthly assignment, they are put on a reservation.

Reservation implies that they are called upon to work only when an employee is absent, or when there is an extra flight.

This reservation may last for up to a year depending on the airline’s staffing.

Sometimes, a reservation may last for up to seven years. 

But, all things being equal, after some months or years of reservation, a newly employed flight attendant will be given monthly assignments.

What skills should a flight attendant have?

Aside from the above qualifications, there are certain skills employers prefer flight attendants to have.

These skills are essential in performing most of their duties and responsibilities.

Here are some of the skills usually featured in a flight attendant job description:

1. Communication skills

A good flight attendant must be able to relate relevant information such as safety precautions to passengers.

You should be able to communicate effectively verbally and in writing as well.

Also, successful flight attendants should have the good listening ability.

You should be capable of listening attentively in order to understand passengers and satisfy them better.

2. Interpersonal skills

Flight attendants are always expected to appear professional and cautious.

They should be able to relate well with colleagues and Interact well with passengers.

All of these boils down to develop the right kind of relationship with colleagues and passengers.

3. Customer service skills

Also, flight attendants are supposed to be customer-oriented.

They should be capable of seeing things from the passengers’ point of view and have their welfare and satisfaction as a priority.

But, passenger’s welfare must not be at the expense of safety measures and precautions.

4. Problem-solving skills

An ideal flight attendant must be a troubleshooter.

You must be able to handle passengers who seem to be difficult.

Also in case of an emergency, you are expected to stay calm and help salvage the situation.

5. Flexibility

The job of a flight attendant requires moving from one place to another.

Therefore, employers lookout for candidates who are flexible to the company’s needs.

Where do flight attendants work?

Typically, flight attendants work for commercial airlines.

They may also work for private affluent individuals who own private jets or choppers.

Government organisations and personnel also require the services of flight attendants.

Flight attendant vacancies are usually placed online on the website of airlines and/or recruitment agencies.

Also, they may be advertised on a local and national newspaper and magazine publications.

How much do flight attendants make?

On average, flight attendants make up to $50,500 per year which is $24.28 per hour.

Flight attendants salaries range from $26,860 per year to $79,520 per year.

These figures are peculiar to those working in the United States and may differ depending on your geographical location.

The salary of a flight attendant may be influenced by location, employer, qualification and experience.

Flight attendant work environment and schedule

Flight attendants are representatives of their company and as such they must always appear and act professionally.

Tattoos or body piercing aside from female earrings should not be visible while on your uniform.

Usually, flight attendants work in the cabin of aircraft.

Working during holidays, at weekends, in the evening and at night is one of those things you should expect as a flight attendant.

Newly employed flight attendants are expected to be ready to work anytime they are called upon.

Flight attendants following international flights should be ready to stay away from home for some number of days or weeks.

Flight attendant job outlook

Employment opportunities for flight attendants are expected to increase by 10% from 2016 through 2026, according to the U.S bureau of labour statistics.

This increase will be driven by the production of larger aircraft which will be capable of carrying more passengers at a time.

The 10% increase is more than the average 7% increase estimated for other occupations.

Conclusion: Flight attendant job description guide

Just before I put the final full stop on this job description, it is important to note that candidates who can speak more than one international language are preferred for this role.

Applicants are free to make use of this job description to prepare their professional flight attendant resume.

Also, employers are free to use this guide as a template for creating their own unique flight attendant job description.

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