Top 10 Best Flight Schools in Maine in 2023 | How to Apply

Do you have the requirements to apply to the best flight schools, colleges, and universities and become a pilot in Maine?

Maine is a state located in the New England region of the Northeastern United States of America. It is the smallest by area (12th), and Maine is the 9th least populous. It is also the 38th most densely populated city in the United States.

It is also known for its unique seafood cuisine, like lobster and clams. Maine has a humid climate throughout most of the state.

In this article, you and I will quickly examine “Best Flight Schools In Maine.”

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Is Becoming a Pilot a Good Career? 

Of course! This is one of the highest-paying careers you can find around the globe. 

The exposure, knowledge, intelligence, and geographic navigation are mind-blowing; it takes people of strong will and hearted solid individuals to become a pilot. Therefore, count yourself blessed for having the idea of becoming a pilot.

Those in the airline piloting industry usually earn above-average stipends and travel bonuses extending to their families. 

Although this work requires extraordinary patience, focus, and concentration, pilots find their work experience exciting, fun, and dynamic; if you love playing video games, don’t sleep on this career.

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What are the Factors to Consider When Choosing a Flight School in Maine?

Choosing a suitable career is very important; there are factors to consider while Contemplating how to become a pilot in Maine or any state of your choice. They are; 

#1. Ability to Cope Under Pressure 

This career requires quick decision-making skills, patience, and focus since you will be responsible for the passengers onboard, and flying may be under unpredictable conditions.

#2. Working With Variable Schedules

If you are a pilot, your flying schedule may be unpredictable and irregular, and you will have to spend most holidays away from family and loved ones; if you’re okay with this, then you’re fit to choose this career path.

#3. Attention To Details

This is an exciting aspect as learning never stops for pilots; for you to do well as a pilot, being attentive to instructions will aid navigation.

Are there Flight Universities in Maine?

Even though Maine is the 9th least populous state in the united state of America, it has a good number of flight universities. 

Some of these schools contest as the best flight schools, colleges, and universities in Maine. However, each university has requirements to apply to flight schools in Maine, just like any other state.

You can choose any flight university in Maine to acquire a degree and have adequate education in flight and aviation. The requirements to apply to flight schools in Maine differ; if you want to know how to become a pilot in Maine, do yourself a favor by continuing to read this article. Besides, pilots pay attention to details, so fasten your seat belt; the journey has just begun.

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How Long Does it Take to Go to Flight Schools in Maine?

Generally, it takes about 3 to 4 dedicated years to become a pilot. The length of time can vary, although it greatly depends on the certifications you plan to acquire. Each rating requires a certain number of logged flight hours.

Similarly, the length of time can also depend on whether or not you intend to pursue a college degree. It often takes 4 years to earn a bachelor’s degree with full-time study in one of the best flight colleges in Maine. Most aviation programs guide you toward pilot certification while you make your degree.

Accelerated programs can allow you to receive your Pilot’s license earlier, but they do not prepare you for on-the-job challenges.

Through the UMA program, MIF will equip students with the following four Flight Aviation Administration (FAA) certifications:

  •  Private Pilot in the first year
  •  Instrument Rating in the second year
  • Commercial Pilot in the third year
  •  Flight Instructor in the fourth year

What are the Requirements to Apply to Flight Schools in Maine?

Here are some of the requirements to apply to flight schools in Maine and begin training as a pilot:

1. Complete High School Education

Pilots are expected to have completed secondary education (high school) and pass English, mathematics, and physics at GCSE.

2. Have the Personal Qualities

A passion for flight, self-motivation, discipline, technical aptitude, tolerance of pressure, and spatial awareness.

3. Have the Medical Certification

A medical examination to test your hearing, eyesight, vitals, coordination, and overall health status is part of the requirements to apply to flight schools in Maine. 

You will receive a valid Class 1 Medical Certificate upon completing the examination. All pilots are required to have this certificate throughout their flying careers. 

Some of the best flight universities in Maine will require this test biannually for people above age 40 and 4th yearly for those below age 40.

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4. Be at the Right Age 

Age and nationality eligibility Application is open for interested persons at 17, but training begins at 18. Depending on the program of interest, you must be eligible to live in the country your training program takes place; the best flight schools in Maine consider this.

5. Pass the Assessment

Assessment involving computer-based aptitude testing, personality questionnaires, teamwork exercises, and competency-based interviews identifies individuals most likely to succeed in pilot training and are suitable for an airline pilot career.

These and many more are the requirements to apply to flight schools in Maine. Therefore, if you’re on a journey to learn how to become a pilot in Maine, the above information shouldn’t be toiled with.

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How Do I Choose a Flight School to Attend in Maine?

There are various questions to answer while choosing a flight school to attend.

These questions are; 

1. Are You Eligible

You need to check the various requirements by the school to be sure you meet all criteria before commencing an application; requirements to apply to flight schools in Maine differ per college.

2. Consider the Geographic Location

Does the location of the school sit well with you? Are there histories of hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters in that area?

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3. Consider the Tuition/Training Fee

Think about it: some schools are more expensive than others; this could be due to accelerated training in your program. 

There are the best flight schools, colleges, and universities depending on the description that suits you; these schools may provide an on-the-job experience that makes you outstanding hence the fee.

4. What Flight Programs Do the School Offer 

The type of program per school differs significantly; you may need a bachelor’s degree in aviation, private Pilot certification, or training to become a commercial pilot. These variations should direct your application to schools offering such programs in Maine.

List of the 10 Best Flight Schools in Maine

Below is a list of ten top airplane flight universities in Maine and their locations.

#1. University Of Maine Augusta (UMA)

In 2013, UMA launched the UMA Bachelor of Science in Aviation program in collaboration with Maine Instrument Flight.

Also, in 2017, UMA started offering a program for remote pilots flying small Unmanned Aircraft or drones. Their 8-course UAS certificate program allows you to become a certified FAA remote pilot capable of being hired by many Maine businesses or establishing your own business offering aviation services. 

Visit UMA

#2. Southern Maine Aviation, Sanford Regional Airport

This school is located in Sanford, Maine. 

One of the best flight schools in Maine, or as many will call it, “among the best flight universities in Maine; they offer bachelor’s degrees in aviation, both manned and unmanned pilot training programs, making them outstanding.

Visit SMA 

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#3. Maine Instrument Flight, Augusta State Airport Augusta, Maine

Maine Instrument Flight is here to serve you from flight training to aircraft charter to providing a full range of FBO services and products. They have been providing high-quality, professional services since 1946. 

Maine Instrument Flight line staff undergo initial and recurrent training from NATA. Safety is paramount in the aviation industry and is their top priority every day that they serve you exceptionally.

Visit MIF

This is one of the best flight schools in Maine, offering professional airline courses. If you are willing to know how to become a pilot in Maine and the requirements that follow suit, visit this school website for more details.

Visit Airlink

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#5. Central Maine Aviation Pittsfield Municipal Airport Pittsfield, Maine  

Central Maine Aviation flight school offers excellent services or courses such as the following; Aircraft hire, Commercial pilot training, Flight instructor training, Flight simulators, Instrument rating, Private pilot license training, Discovery Flight, Flight Review, Ground Instruction, Ground School, Ground Training, Scenic Flights, Seaplane Rating, Seaplane Training amongst others. They are ranked among the best flight colleges in Maine.

Visit Central Maine 

#6. Maine Coastal Flight Center Hancock County Bar Harbor Airport Trenton, Maine

Coastal flight center trains with the best equipment in the marketplace, which guarantees students are learning to fly aircraft, that the industry uses daily, and is the safest and most reliable training school in Maine.


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#7. New England Aviation Academy (NEAA) 

This is Maine’s only official Cirrus Transition Center (CTC). NEAA is located at the Brunswick Executive Airport (KBXM). The school is on the Atlantic coast and an hour to the mountains in the western part of Maine. The aircraft used by NEAA to train students and rent to current pilots are all Technically Advanced Airplanes (TAA), having the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS).

Visit NEAA

#8. Eastern Slope Aviation Academy

The Eastern Slope Aviation Academy was developed to fill a need in the Mount Washington Valley for focused, affordable education and guidance in aviation. They also offer scholarship and mentorship programs to students with excellent performance hence why it is one of the best flight colleges in Maine.

Visit ESAA

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#9. Highlands Aviation, Maine

As a highlands Aviation flight school Maine student, you’ll enjoy an excellent learning environment and a staff committed to excellence in education. Visit their website for more information.

Visit Highlands Aviation

#10. Flight Services & Systems

This school is the least among the top ten best flight schools in Maine; remember, the requirements to apply to flight schools in Maine differ, but here you get to enjoy stress-free conditions. 

Visit Flight Services 

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Frequently Asked Questions About How To Become A Pilot in Maine

Are commercial pilots in demand?

Yes, of course!!! There’s a projection of an increase in employment of 13% from 2020 to 2023. Furthermore, there’s a yearly demand for over 14,500 commercial airline pilots, which is far above average for other occupations.

How much do flight schools cost in Maine?

This greatly depends on the school of interest, the same way an apple’s price depends on its seller.

There are best-flight colleges, schools, and universities in Maine with adequate learning facilities and degree programs. Here are examples;

Sport Pilot License – $3,000 to $5,000
Private Pilot License – $6,500 to $12,000
Private + Commercial License – $10,000 to $16,000
Private + Instrument + Commercial – $18,000 to $24,000
Private + Instrument + Commercial + ATP – $30,000+

How much do pilots earn in Maine?

Maine ranks 22 out of the 50 United States for Pilot salaries. Salaries vary with certification for pilots as there are many certifications and specifications; we have private pilots, commercial pilots, and what have you! Therefore, depending on the program of study, location, and qualification, one can earn above average compared to other careers.

Top earners make the sum of $233,362 annually in Maine.
Average earners earn $103,614 annually.
25th percentile earns $ 56,007 annually

With the above analysis, one can see that there’s growth in this career path which accounts for the variations in salary.

Must flight schools be accredited in Maine?

Aviation schools must use a structured training program syllabus to educate their students; for instance, bachelor’s in aviation degree programs are accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).


Knowing the necessities needed for individuals who wish to understand how to become a pilot in Maine since it’s a great career path, I advise you to visit the school website of interest for further information.


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