Top 10 Best Flight Schools in Missouri in 2023 | How to Apply

The best flight schools, colleges, and universities are open to students who meet the requirements to apply and train to become professional pilots in Missouri. 

Working as a pilot necessitates extensive training and licensing before you can practice in any state in the United States.

Thankfully, Missouri is close to many flight schools, colleges, and universities that will train you effectively to become a professional Pilot.

Missouri is located in the midwestern United States, sharing a border with 8 other states. The cost of living in Missouri is lower than the national average, especially housing costs making it a good place for students to thrive.

Knowing how to become a pilot in Missouri is very important because you must have a valid pilot license for a lifetime, unlike a driving license. 

So here in this guide, we have done our job and come up with details on becoming a professional pilot by applying to the best flight schools, colleges, and universities in Missouri. 

Also, we have discussed the requirements you need to apply to flight schools in Missouri. 

Let’s get started.

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Is Becoming A Pilot A Good Career? 

The answer is a capital YES!!! Airplane pilot is a great career path with promising benefits that extend to family members; pilots consider their jobs fun and interesting. Lovers of adventure, technology, and space shouldn’t sleep on this career path.

Stipends and travel allowances of pilots are captivating as they exceed the average earnings of other careers with a projection of a 13% increment from 2023.

Being a pilot comes with heavy responsibility, dedication, and personal commitment to work.

You will be required to pass rigorous training courses, followed by recurrent training every six months, to maintain the relevant license required for the job.

What are the Factors To Consider When Choosing A Flight School in Missouri?

Choosing a suitable career encompasses many physical and environmental factors; here’s the catch: are you willing to forgo ego and negative attributes that threaten your job and submit to great minds? Below are factors to put into consideration.

#1. Ability To Think quickly

Pilots are expected to be decisive as controlling an aircraft isn’t for babies; you need to think quickly when required. 

This has nothing to do with temperamental differences, as one with the correct thinking mindset will develop those areas of weakness, so your irritable weakness is not an excuse.

#2. Spatial Awareness and coordination

As an individual interested in becoming a pilot, one of the factors you should embrace is Awareness and, of course, coordination.

It takes these two to navigate an aircraft since it’s a complex system requiring focus and adequate coordination.

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#3. Self-confidence

Here’s the big one: you can’t get anything done without self-confidence. 

This is the consciousness of one’s ability, knowledge, and belief that nothing is too difficult to control. 

Although, people seem to abuse this soft skill by being too confident that they neglect basic instructions forgetting that it takes teachability to navigate an airplane.

#4. Pressure Management

Pilots are trained to remain calm despite the situation, as their motto is “don’t panic.”

 Panic comes with irrational thinking traits that becloud one’s sense of judgment, making them indecisive or mentally blank.

Flight school training is the ability to maintain calmness and deal with emergencies and unpredictable conditions following their activity.

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Are there Flight Universities in Missouri?

There are numerous flight schools in Missouri; amongst these schools are the best flight schools, colleges, and universities in Missouri. These schools have gained attention due to their competence in training pilots.

Do you want to know how to become a pilot in Missouri? Are you skeptical about the requirements to apply to flight schools in Missouri? Then this article is for you as it contains details of the best flight schools in Missouri and the criteria to apply to these flight schools.

Missouri has flight training centers that equip students with the correct flight experience and knowledge. More also, there are different certifications and degrees to becoming a pilot, so you decide to choose from the list of available courses.

How Long Does it Take To Go To Flight Schools in Missouri?

Depending on the certifications you plan to acquire, each flight training or degree program has a particular completion time.

For instance, a bachelor’s degree in aviation takes up to 4 years, so your choice of program matters greatly.

Also, the school and location have a significant role in determining the duration it will take to attend flight schools.

Furthermore, accelerated programs allow you to acquire your license in a short period but do not prepare students for job experience.

There are several types of pilots license, with each having a specific time of completion; they are:

  • Student Pilot 
  • Sport Pilot
  • Recreational Pilot
  • Private Pilot
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Airline Transport Pilot

For schools like St Louis in Missouri, their flight training program (Airline Career Pilot Program) will equip you with the necessary certifications for employment in just 7(seven) months. 

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What are the Requirements To Apply To Flight Schools in Missouri?

Requirements to apply to flight schools in Missouri depend on the school of interest.

Generally, there are certain factors that determine whether or not you will be accepted into any of these schools, and they are ;

#1. Medical Test Certification

Students are required to have a current FAA – Second Class Medical Certificate to begin flight training. FAA medical certificates can be obtained from any physician authorized by the FAA to conduct FAA medical exams. 

Here’s the website of FAA Approved Physician

This medical examination tests students’ overall health status, i.e., eyesight, hearing, vitals, and coordination.

#2. Positive Character

As an applicant, you need more than finance to enroll in Missouri’s best flight schools, colleges, and universities. 

As part of the requirements to apply to flight schools in Missouri, students must possess traits worthy of admission.

 This career path embraces responsibilities, as an airplane captain is responsible for the passengers’ onboard safety.

Characters like the following are watched out for by flight instructors; 

  • Focus
  • Discipline
  • Coordination
  • Self-motivation
  • Teachability
  • Pressure Management

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#3. Age As a Factor

Most schools allow students from 16-17 years old to apply for flight programs, but then training begins at 18 for students who wish to study in Missouri.

#4. Nationality

Students who wish to study in the best flight schools, colleges, and universities in Missouri must submit evidence of nationality to the flight instructors before commencing training.

You must be able to live in the country your flight training takes place.

The TSA requires flight schools to verify a student’s citizenship for U.S. citizens.

For non-U.S. citizens, the TSA requires a background check and TSA approval before commencing flight training.

Contact for more details on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requirements.

#5. Assessment Test

Usually, there is an aptitude test that examines candidates who will likely succeed as a pilot. The assessment Test focuses on teamwork, personality checks, and computer knowledge, and the list continues.

 This is to identify students who are suitable for a career as an airline pilot.

If you want to know how to become a pilot, do not sleep on these requirements; get yourself ready.

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How Do I Choose A Flight School To Attend in Missouri?


Choosing a flight school to attend is based on certain factors that you should be okay with before applying to any school. These factors are;

#1. Experienced Instructors

An instructor’s experience determines how knowledgeable you will become at the end of the training. This is one of the critical checklists and requirements to apply to flight schools in Missouri. 

Some schools have instructors with little or no experience for reasons best known to them. Still, I know you wouldn’t dare to toil with your journey how to become a pilot in Missouri by falling into the hands of bad instructors whose safety measures are nothing to write home about; hence, do your research before applying.

#2 Cost of Training

Phew.. here’s the big guy; the saying cut your coat according to your size applies here; there are schools with low budget fees and others with high paying tuition fees; check your pocket before commencing registration as there may not be refunds.

Accelerated programs equip students with on-the-job experiences and hence require an extra charge.

If you want to attend the best flight schools, colleges, and universities in Missouri and you’re sure your pocket will see you through the proposed program, then go ahead as having the best instructors, airline fleets, recognized certifications, and a comfortable environment aids your career as a pilot.

#3. Location

The location of a school is critical to consider; the transportation distance from your aboard to the school is paramount.

 Also, some schools are not in good environments or geographic areas where the weather conditions do not suit your body type. 

On the other hand, natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, droughts, earthquakes, and what have you signal discomfort and hence are looked into.

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#4. Quality Of Degree

It’s not by going to flight schools; the question is, is that school recognized by the FAA? I know your choice of school is based on budget. Listen, proper research will give you information on recognized low-budget schools.

After completing a degree, can you work with it? Is it acceptable?

There are schools with an enviable track record of success and quality degrees, do not shoot yourself in the leg by settling for less. 

#5. Eligibility

I want to believe before you apply to a school, you must know the requirements to apply to flight schools in Missouri; knowing each condition by school gives you valid information and the ability to compare flight schools based on suitable needs. High-demand schools with requirements you cannot meet and others that suit your credentials. Choose wisely.

#6. Type Of Program 

Before applying to any school for flight training, do yourself a favor by answering the questions below.

  • What kind of license do I need?
  • Do I need to attend a training school or university?
  • Which certification is required for my career?

Once you find sincere answers to the above questions, you’re qualified to do detailed research on the training schools and universities offering such programs in Missouri. Schools usually have programs ranging from private pilot certification to commercial pilot license and airline transport pilot.

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List of the 10 Best Flight Schools in Missouri

There are numerous flight schools in Missouri, but we will focus on the top ten best flight schools, colleges, and universities in Missouri. 

#1. Gateway Flight Training LLC

Training for career pilots is offered along with training in technologically advanced aircraft and aircraft systems. Training is provided at Creve Coeur airport (1h0) or locations convenient to gateway students.  

Pilots receive the highest level of training available. Experienced instructors at gateway flight training make the difference.

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#2. ATP Flight School

As a student at ATP, you will get a competitive edge with airline-oriented flight training at a fixed cost in the shortest period. The most qualified instructors give instruction, and you will proudly fly the world’s largest multi-engine fleet coast-to-coast in a dispatched, airline-style environment.

The multi-engine experience gained in ATP’s Airline Career Pilot Program is the most valuable, preparing you for the next wave of airline hiring.

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#3. Saint Louis University – Parks College of Engineering, Aviation & Technology

The Flight Science concentration has flight courses integrated with science and advanced aviation subjects. It prepares graduates for entry-level positions in the airline, military, or corporate aviation departments. Flight instruction is offered under an FAA-approved Part 141 syllabus. Students will earn private, instrument, and commercial pilot ratings within the concentration. 

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#4. St. Charles Flying Service

St. Charles Flying Service has been helping thousands of people reach their professional and recreational aviation goals since 1968. They offer flight training and single- and aircraft from light sports to airline transport pilots. You’ll get superior training from highly-trained instructors in a friendly, professional environment.

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#5. Jefferson City Flying Services

This is one of the best flight schools in Missouri; they have qualified, hospitable, experienced instructors. They offer various courses that will help your career path as a pilot; oh, sorry! Aspiring pilot.

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#6. Flight Safety International

FlightSafety’s St. Louis Learning Center, located near Lambert Airport, is rich in aviation history. Saint Louis offers a blend of great cultural and educational institutions and superb recreational opportunities. Our professional team is dedicated to delivering the best training possible to our customers during your training event.

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#7. Elite Aviation

Our instructor will be sure to point out places of interest and discuss the basics of aeronautic principles.

Following your flight, the session will end with a debrief, giving you time to ask questions and process your first flight! It’s a tremendous experience and an excellent way to initiate your flight story.

You’ll receive a logbook entry from our CFI that signifies the start of your pilot journey and the first of many to follow.

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#8. Aurora Aviation LLC

Aurora Aviation is in its 18th year of pilot training in its Aurora, MO, location. We have a program available for everyone from the beginner to the future professional pilot candidate. 

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#9. Flying KC

Every instructor is a professional pilot that loves to teach and isn’t working to “just build time” for their next job. Several programs are available, including accelerated training and flying club memberships. Call us today to find out what Flying K.C. is all about. 

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#10. Mizzou Aviation

At Mizzou Aviation, you will train in modern low-wing Piper airplanes. Our instructors are professionals equipped to teach you from Private Pilot to Airline Transport Pilot.

Courses Offered include light Sport, Pilot, Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, and Professional Pilot.

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Frequently Asked Questions About How To Become A Pilot in Missouri

Are commercial pilots in demand?

Yes, of course!!! There’s a projection of an increase in employment of 13% from 2020 to 2023. Furthermore, there’s a yearly demand for over 14,500 commercial airline pilots, which is far above average for other occupations.

How much do flight schools cost in Missouri?

There are best-flight colleges, schools, or universities in Missouri with adequate learning facilities and degree programs that offer the fee. 

How much do pilots earn in Missouri?

Salaries vary with certification for pilots as there are many specifications; we have private pilots, commercial pilots, and airline transport pilots; therefore, one can earn above average compared to other careers.

Must flight schools be accredited in Missouri?

Aviation schools must use a structured training program syllabus to educate their students; for instance, bachelor’s in aviation degree programs are accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).


In conclusion, I advise you to visit the website of these schools to learn more about the requirements to apply to flight schools in Missouri. 

Congratulations on your first step to how to become a pilot in Missouri…kudus 


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