Top 10 Flight Schools in New Jersey 2024 | How to Apply


To become a pilot in New Jersey, one must attend any of the state’s best flight schools, colleges, or universities to be trained in aviation.

Do you aspire to be an aircraft pilot, or perhaps you wish to advance your training and start a career as a commercial pilot?


There is a flight school in New Jersey ready for you to achieve your dream of becoming a pilot, no matter what type of flight training you’re looking for. 

Several questions need to be answered when deciding where to learn to fly. Which region of the nation would you like to attend school in? What area of aviation do you wish to concentrate on? What budget do you have in mind? Which aircraft do you want to train on? Which type of college experience are you looking for?


Looking for flight schools in New Jersey that are best for you might be difficult, as many universities/colleges offer flight courses.

So if you want to know how to become a pilot, this article has detailed information about the requirements to apply for flight schools in NJ.

We have included the top 10 flight schools, colleges, and universities in New Jersey and the requirements for enrolling in each.


Let’s Begin!

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Is Becoming a Pilot a Good Idea?

This solely depends on the perspective of the individual. Do you see it as just a hobby? Or you want to make a career out of it. 

Being a pilot appeals to many people for its adventure and excitement. After finishing your training in flight school, you can select from a variety of careers in the aviation industry. 

There are pros and cons to working in the aviation industry when deciding how to become a pilot. If being a pilot is your best career choice, only you can make that decision. 

However, if you thrive under pressure, have a passion for flying, and enjoy exploring new places, you might want to consider a career as a pilot.

In addition, many aviation jobs also offer excellent compensation and fun working environments.

However, it is essential to note that you need specific requirements before applying to any flight school in New Jersey. These requirements shall be listed much later in the article.

Are there Flight Universities in New Jersey?

Yes, there are flights, colleges, and universities in New Jersey.

This state is well-known for various characteristics, including its stunning beaches, congested roadways, delicious cuisine, heated politics, and rich cultural diversity. 

Additionally, having access to some of the most famous schools and universities to further our education in practically any topic imaginable is a massive benefit for student teachers in the New Jersey school systems.

Five universities offer the best degree programs in flight and aviation out of the 120 colleges in New Jersey. However, there are lots of flight schools in this state. That is, these schools only focus on flight training, and they teach courses about just flight alone.

Often, it’s advisable to apply to these flight schools in New Jersey, as they will train you thoroughly in the aviation sector. However, these flight colleges and universities in New Jersey might have criteria or requirements to meet before applying. 

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How Do I Choose a Flight School to Attend in New Jersey?

As stated earlier, many flight schools and even universities/colleges offer the best aviation programs.

Your goals, money, and schedule should be considered when selecting a suitable flight school. Before choosing a specific school, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research.

However, these schools have different requirements, schedules, and tuition fees. So before you apply to any of these flight schools in New Jersey, check out these requirements and know if it is best for you.

To become a pilot, whether in New Jersey or other states, isn’t a bed of roses; you need to know how to prioritize learning and your time.

How Long Does it Take to Go to Aviation Schools in New Jersey?

Your goals will determine how long you can complete New Jersey’s pilot training program. 

The 1,500 flight hours necessary for airline pilot certification must be accumulated over two years. Getting your Private Pilot License (PPL) can take as little as two to three months if you are learning to fly as a pastime. You would plan flights five to six days a week while training full-time in this scenario. 

If you want to start a career as a pilot, you must obtain a commercial pilot license (CPL). 

At least 200 hours of flying time are required for the CPL program.

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What are the Requirements to Become a Pilot in New Jersey

Becoming a pilot in New Jersey entails enrolling in a flight school. However, you should know the specific requirements before applying to these flight schools/colleges. These criteria include;


You must be 17 years old in New Jersey to enroll in a flying school. However, the minimum age to become a commercial pilot is 18, while the minimum age to become an airline transport pilot is 21.


You must be proficient in the English language in terms of reading, speaking, writing, and understanding. 

Since English is the common language of aviation, you achieve at least a level 4 before applying for your pilot’s license.

Medical Exam

A medical certificate is necessary before you can start your pilot training. Therefore, you need a valid FAA third-class medical certificate. 

Contacting the flight school you wish to enroll in is the quickest way to achieve this, and they will help you with the necessary preparations.

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The minimum high school class that applicants must have completed is Class 12. This is the bare minimum level of schooling required.

Flight Training

To become a private pilot, you must start taking flying lessons and work toward acquiring the necessary information and skills. 

Additionally, after finishing your private pilot flying instruction, you must sit for and pass the computer-based FAA private pilot knowledge test. 

To take the test, however, you must first get permission from your flying instructor.

List of the 10 Best Flight Schools in New Jersey

Here is a list of New Jersey’s best flight schools/colleges that will aid both pilots in the making and new pilots in finishing their education requirements to become licensed pilots.

#1. Andover Flight Academy

This flight school is in the picturesque valley of Andover, New Jersey, which is flanked by two tiny lakes. A parallel grass strip is available for tailwheel use only in addition to the concrete runway. 

However, the training draws visitors to the Andover Flight Academy, not the picturesque surroundings. They employ knowledgeable teachers, some of whom have more than 10,000 hours of tailwheel experience. Consequently, they have become the top institution for teaching tailwheels globally.

Additionally, they provide flying training in disciplines like Mountain Flying, Aerobatics Tailwheel, Private Pilot (PPL), and Sports Pilot (SPL/LSA).


#2. Air Feet Training

In Fairfield, New Jersey, Air Fleet Training Systems is the best aviation school in the Northeastern United States. Students interested in obtaining their pilot’s license for recreational flying or in pursuing a career as a professional pilot can choose from one of their individually tailored flight training programs. 

You can be confident that you’re receiving the education you deserve because they also have committed instructors with a wealth of aviation knowledge. 

As the only certified Cessna Pilot Center in the region, this flight school upholds the strictest requirements established by the aircraft’s manufacturer.

Additionally, they provide instruction for Private, Instrument, and Commercial Training in addition to more advanced Professional Ratings like CFI, CFII, ATP, and Multi-Engine. To assist you in getting started, they also provide a large number of multilingual instructors.

Hence why it is one of the best aviation colleges or universities for flight training in New Jersey.


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#3. Century Flight Academy

Century Flight Academy is a recognized flight training facility with courses for Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multi-Engine, Flight Instructor, Airline Transport (ATP), and Career Pilot training. It is based in Fairfield, New Jersey. 

Additionally, Century is authorized to provide training for veterans, M-1 visa holders, and NJ State Workforce Programs hence why it is one of the best aviation schools in New Jersey to train you to become a professional pilot.


#4. Best In Flight

Have you ever wished you could pilot a plane? Your dreams can come true with Best in Flight. Situated in Linden, New Jersey, they provide a variety of flying adventures in Diamond and Cessna aircraft tailored to your goals. 

The four principles of flight—straight and level flight, climbs, descents, and turns, will be covered during your first flight. Once you have mastered solo flight, they will allow you to take off and land at rural airports. 

Finally, you will achieve your private pilot certificate by working with your knowledgeable and safe teacher, who creates a curriculum for you based on your individual goals and learning preferences.


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#5. Fischer Aviation

Whether you desire to learn to fly for leisure, a profession, or business-related reasons, Fischer Aviation is dedicated to supporting you every step. 

Since no two students are precisely the same, you will each receive specialized instruction from a specific flight instructor and a program adapted to your requirements. 

Nothing has been forgotten, from their spotless, well-kept aircraft to our contemporary classroom and inviting student lounge. As such, it’s one of the best flight schools in New Jersey that can skyrocket your zeal in the aviation field.


#6. Aero Safety Training

Visit Aero Safety Training at Lincoln Park Airport to meet welcoming staff members enthusiastic about introducing you to our aviation community and sharing the excitement of flying. 

This flight school is committed to helping you have a pleasant time while reaching your aviation goals, whether to fly a simulator or a small plane, have a bird’s eye view of New York City, or obtain your private pilot certificate.


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#7. American Flyers

Your first flight can mark the beginning of your journey toward achieving your lifelong goal of becoming a private pilot. 

This school offers ground and flight training programs for Private pilots through ATP. Through Nova Southeastern University, a four-year aviation degree program is also available. 

For the following certificates: Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI-and CFI-I, written exam preparation lessons are offered each month. Each one is eligible for on-site testing with immediate results.

Additionally, American Flyers provide focused academy programs for faster flight training. These courses offer excellent opportunities to obtain a Flight Instructors Certificate or to go quickly from having no experience to having a Commercial Pilot License. 

Every month, each school hosts an open house where prospective students and their visitors can see the campus and ask any questions they may have. Complimentary lunch and an optional aviation seminar are also available during this event. 

The American Flyers Online School offers classes in everything from written preparation to flight training, refresher courses, and at-home simulator instruction.


#8. Beyond Aviation

What better place to start than In Beyond Aviation? The most crucial decision you will make on your journey to become an aviation enthusiast is choosing the right flight school. This institution offers flying instruction that meets the highest industry requirements, which are acknowledged and appreciated.

This flight school is a full-time operation based at the South Jersey Regional Airport in Lumberton, New Jersey. They are a group of former military and current commercial and airline pilots educating the upcoming generation of private, commercial, and airline pilots.

Your instructors will walk you through obtaining your private, instrument, or commercial pilot license using the Gleim Aviation FAA-approved curriculum and in-person and online education. 

The flight instructors, who are both active-duty and retired military and commercial pilots, will assist you in learning to fly and make the process simple, enjoyable, and safe.


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#9. Elite Flight Experience 

Elite Flight exclusively uses brand-new aircraft to introduce you to the opportunities offered by flying. With our first-rate flight tuition, you will tour nearby locations and start to understand how using a personal aircraft may improve your personal or professional life. 

They have all been certified by Cirrus to train pilots in their aircraft, and each flight instructor has an Airline Transport Pilot rating and many hours of aviation expertise. Their instructors have a reputation for giving students excellent and enjoyable flight instruction.


#10. Freeflight Aviation

A flight school called Freeflight Aviation is located at the Flying W Airport in the Medford/Lumberton, New Jersey region, not far from Philadelphia. They are a distinctive flight school situated in the Flying W Airport Resort, an airport tucked away in the gently rolling farmlands of Medford, New Jersey.

Their instructors are prepared to take you on board whether you want to earn your first pilot license, an instrument rating, or pass proficiency tests. 

Freeflight Aviation aims to share its knowledge and foster an enjoyable and educational environment for flight instruction. Your life is altered by aviation, and this helps you develop personally.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Best Flight Schools in New Jersey

Are Commercial Pilots In Demand?

Becoming a certified commercial pilot allows you to have a career as a pilot for commercial airlines.

The demand for commercial pilots increases each year. Overall employment of airline and commercial pilots is projected to grow 13 percent from 2020 to 2030, faster than the average for all occupations.

About 14,500 openings for airline and commercial pilots are projected each year, on average, over the decade. Many of those openings are expected to result from the need to replace workers who transfer to different occupations or exit the labor force, such as retiring.

How Much Do Flight Schools Cost In New Jersey?

The cost of flight school in New Jersey differs in different flight schools and the requirements when you are to apply. Another factor determining the flight school cost is the type of training you need.

Nevertheless, the average cost of flight school should be between $12,175 to $32,250.

How Much Do Pilots Earn In New Jersey?

To become a pilot, you must undergo intensive training to acquire a unique set of skills. 
The average pay for pilots in New Jersey is $44,098, nevertheless. 

Pilots receive a yearly salary and participate in the company’s retirement, health, and life insurance programs. These benefits usually surpass those offered to employees in comparable areas.

Must Flight Schools Be Accredited In New Jersey?

According to organizations like the Aviation Accreditation Board International(AABI), accredited flight schools have set a minimum standard of conformity recognized nationally.

There are many benefits to selecting a recognized flying school. The best prospects for professional development are improved access to cutting-edge equipment and even more excellent work opportunities.


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