10 Best Flight Schools in Ohio in 2024 | How to Apply

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This article fully reviews the best flight schools in Ohio, including the requirements, cost, and how to apply to these schools.

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Ohio is home to some of the best flight universities and colleges that train you to become a pilot, as long as you have the requirements to apply to these schools.

Ohio excels at flight training and has various options for your next flight school training. This state has some of the best-ranked flight schools in the country and is regarded as an excellent flying training institution. 

Many pilots received training from some of the top pilot schools and colleges in Ohio. This state also has great teachers with a lot of expertise who are willing to provide the instruction you need to become a professional or a pilot in the aviation industry.

Most flight schools, or more specifically, the best flight universities and universities in Ohio, have a strong culture of aircraft maintenance for pilot training. The aviation authorities have accepted their standard curriculum.

This guide will provide you with essential information on the best flight schools in Ohio, how to become a pilot, and the requirements to apply to these flight universities/colleges.

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Is Becoming a Pilot a Good Career? 

Being a pilot is a respectable career. As much as this profession can be demanding, there are lots of benefits attached to it. If you’re the type that enjoys traveling across the globe and meeting new people, you’d surely enjoy being a pilot.

Are there Flight Universities and Colleges in Ohio?

There are lots of flight universities/colleges in Ohio. These flight schools are scattered in various cities in Ohio. Most of these aviation schools provide licenses from student licenses to airline transport pilots. 

However, intensive research must be conducted before selecting the best flight school. Find out their basic requirements before you apply, among many other factors. As you read further, you’ll learn more things to jot down in your quest to become a pilot in Ohio.

How do I Choose A Flight School to attend in Ohio?

The task of selecting the flight school that’s best for you might be confusing. Especially if you don’t know where to search, however, there are some factors you can use to decide on the best flight school you want to attend.

You can start by researching the courses that Ohio flying schools have to offer. It’s possible that you can reduce your options by doing this. You can fulfill your aspirations of becoming a pilot with these training programs. 

Additionally, you may discover whether these flying schools maintain their aircraft by determining if they have the facilities required for flight instruction. In essence, the most outstanding flight schools support high standards for preserving aircraft to provide effective and efficient education. 

Finally, a good flight school has qualified, experienced flight instructors. 

Many flight instructors give you challenging and in-depth flying training so you can gain the most practical experience for a pilot career.

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How Long Does It Take to Flight Schools and Colleges in Ohio?

The FAA’s minimum flight training requirement for certification is 40 hours; however, it typically takes 65 to 70 hours to adequately prepare for certification and complete all required coursework, including ground school. 

If you sign up for an accelerated training program, this time can be cut down, but it can be demanding if you’re looking for a training tempo that goes faster quickly. It is entirely up to you whether you commit fully to training every week or over several months.

What are the Requirements To become a Pilot in Ohio?

If you want to know how to become a pilot in Ohio, there are some basic requirements you need to be aware of before you apply to any of the flight schools of your choice. The pilot requirements include the following;

  • Students must be at least 17 years of age
  • 40 hours of flight time (20 with an instructor)
  • 3 hours of night flying
  • 3 hours of instrument training
  • 10 hours of solo flying (5 hours of which must be cross country)
  • Pass a medical exam from an Aviation Medical Examiner
  • Pass a knowledge test
  • Pass a practical flight test

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List of the 10 Best Flight Schools in Ohio

The following are the 10 best flight schools in Ohio. Read through and find the best one that fits you and your lifestyle.

#1. American Wind Flight Academy

Location: Akron, Ohio

If you want to know how to become a pilot, you can attend this flight school in Ohio. Your ambitions of becoming a pilot might become a reality with the help of this flight school, 

The FAA Part 141 licensed flight schools in Northeast Ohio include American Wind Flight Academy. It is among the most outstanding flight schools or colleges for several reasons. You’ll find quality facilities, reasonably priced programs, and flight instructors with plenty of experience in Ohio. 

To make your training experience amazing with the newest aircraft and routine maintenance, this flight school in Ohio is one training school that is highly advised.


#2. Capital City Aviation Inc

This flight school is one of the prestigious flight

training schools in Ohio. The primary goal of Capital City, a pilot training and aircraft rental club, is to help students become professional pilots by employing one of the most modern aircraft types for training in the Ohio region. 

However, in this Ohio flying school, you must be dedicated if you don’t want to learn how to fly. 

This flight school is one of the best in Ohio for training pilots to fly high-end aircraft. It also offers private pilot licenses, instrument ratings, commercial ratings, and certification as a flight instructor.

Furthermore, they offer high-quality Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, and Cirrus aircraft for your flight school instruction and rental needs. 

Additionally, you will be trained by their flight training program not only to meet but also to surpass the FAA requirements for any pilot license and rating. Further, this school ensures that its flight instructors guide your training so you can pursue a career in aviation.


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#3. Fitch Aerospace Inc

This is one of the flight schools in Ohio that can be regarded as the best school to attend. You’ll receive fundamental instruction from a student pilot and an airline transport pilot. So if you’re interested in learning how to fly but have no prior experience or knowledge of the aviation industry, Fitch Aerospace has you covered. 

Begin pursuing your job in aviation and become a pilot. They offer knowledgeable and qualified flying instructors to train pupils in attaining their objectives. 

This aviation school in Ohio provides more than just pilot training, but different training programs from the ground for flight instructors and rating: night rating, instrument, and multi-engine instrument rating. What do you say? Visit their website and apply right away.


#4. Sundowner Aviation

One of the flying schools in Ohio that provides both flight training and aircraft rental is Sundowner Aviation, where you can learn to fly. Due to the well-kept aircraft used for their pilot program and the reasonably priced rentals, this flight school is one of the most well-regarded flight schools in Ohio. 

Additionally, this flight school will provide you with all the training necessary for flying an aircraft. Therefore, You can choose this flight school to obtain your private pilot’s license.

To help you get your private pilot’s license, they also offer you an introductory flight for a meager price. Advanced courses include multi-engine instructor, commercial pilot license, instrument rating, and certified flight instructor.


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#5. Premier Flight Academy 

Located at the Burke Lakefront Airport, Akron, it’s among the best flight schools in Ohio. Premier Flight is among the flight academies that provide standard, comprehensive pilot training programs that assist new pilots in completing their training. 

Additionally, the approach used by Premier Flight Academy in training pilots is a fully accredited FAA program. Thanks to this learning, the students are kept on track to achieve their flying objectives. 

You can enroll in Premier Flight Academy because it has some of the most cutting-edge planes and simulators in Ohio. 

They also have qualified flight instructors to assist you in learning with a disciplined approach for the most excellent possible flight experience.


#6. Flamingo Air Academy

With the help of this flight school, planning your next flight training and gaining more aviation experience will be simple. 

Another option among Ohio’s top colleges and aviation schools is Flamingo Air School. Prepare to embark on a brand-new journey with this flying school, whether you’re learning to fly for recreation or as a career. 

The objective of this flying school in Ohio is to help its students become qualified, safe pilots who are certified. 

Additionally, they have flight instructors who are CFI, MEI, CFll, and ATP certified and have years of professional expertise. Additionally, since they are constantly available to help with your needs, you may quickly get in touch with these flight instructors.


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#7. University of Cincinnati 

This university/college in Ohio offers degree programs and flying instruction to help you prepare for a commercial pilot career. 

In Cincinnati, Ohio, a public research university called the University of Cincinnati also serves as a flight school. 

Through internships, co-ops, and targeted career pathways, the University of Cincinnati Aviation Technology offers UC Pulpits unique educational opportunities and crucial chances to land future professional aviation jobs. 

This university offers advanced training, such as that for flight instructors and airline transport pilots, and primary education.

You will complete the demanding hands-on practice and practical test for FAA pilot certifications as part of the flight school training program. Due to the flight school’s close ties to local aviation organizations that occasionally post part-time job openings, you can enroll in additional programs, training, and jobs to increase your hours and become a proficient pilot. 

A huge benefit of attending this school is that you’ll receive standard job opportunities while still training.


#8. Ohio University 

Ohio University has also been ranked among the top-flight schools and universities. This university provides an aviation program that has produced trained pilots and efficient and disciplined flight instructors. 

The aviation department of this university was recognized as one of Ohio’s finest colleges. This institution is listed among Ohio’s top flight colleges/universities where students can pursue certification in the Part 141-approved aviation program flight schedule.

The school offers flight courses in business management, management information systems, meteorology, and certificates for everyone, from private pilots to certified flight instructors. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to enroll in more challenging flight training programs, including flight crew activities and corporate flying operations with university-owned turboprop aircraft. 

The University of Ohio has a private airport, which only a select few colleges or universities can claim to have flights. To ensure safety throughout training, they also carefully maintain their aircraft.


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#9. Access Flight Training Services

Access Flight Training Services is next on our list of the best flight schools in Ohio. This training facility has flight instructors who provide these pupils with conventional instruction and uses a novel approach to in-aircraft flying training. 

The flight school prioritizes safety and uses its most recent aircraft for training. This flight school’s reasonable tuition is one of its best features.


#10. Sporty’s Academy

Training at the Sporty Academy is also excellent as it allows students to gain flight experience. 

This school provides a variety of courses and training options. As a result, it’s one of Ohio’s best flight schools, offering high-quality flight instruction at a reasonable cost. 

Part 141 school with FAA approval is Sporty’s Academy, which provides flying training for about each year to hundreds of students, including students from other countries.

This aviation school is situated in Clermont, Ohio. 

Cincinnati’s County Airport/Airport Sporty offers a variety of standard flight training programs, including an airline pilot, commercial pilot, private pilot, instrument rating, and multi-engine transport pilot.


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Frequently Asked Questions on the Top 10 Best Flight Schools in Ohio

Are commercial pilots in demand?

Commercial pilots are always needed. They are in charge of maintaining the security of their cargo, passengers, and aircraft. Commercial flying is a fantastic and fulfilling career.

How much do flight schools cost in Ohio?

The range for the average tuition is $7000 to $14000. However, a standard private pilot license costs between $8,000 and $10,000 and takes around six months to complete to be able to fly an aircraft.

The time it takes to fulfill the prerequisites for certification successfully and how consistently you perform during training determine the cost of obtaining a pilot license in Ohio.

How much do pilots earn in Ohio?

In Ohio, a Pilot can expect to make $54650 a year on average. However, your income rises as you gain more expertise in this profession. 

Additionally, Ohio’s average airline pilot income is $141,101. But the range lies typically between $122,201 and $159,301. Salary ranges might vary significantly based on the city and several other factors, such as certifications and the length of time you’ve worked in a given field.

Must flight schools be accredited in Ohio?

If you’re prepared to start your flight training, an accredited flight school can provide you with the greatest learning environment.

Accredited programs can help you become the best pilot and position you for a lucrative career if you want to work in the aviation sector. 

An examination of a certified flight school confirms that its curriculum is rigorously developed in compliance with established standards.


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