Top Best Flight Schools in Tennessee 2024 – A Detailed Guide


Knowing the requirements to apply to the best flight schools, colleges, and universities in Tennessee will help you know what college you can apply to train to become a pilot.

In this article, you’ll get detailed information on the requirements to apply to these flight colleges/universities in Tennessee.


Every day, more and more people enroll in flight school because flying airplanes or helicopters for a living is a fantastic career.

Many aspire to be pilots as they grow up but decide against it as they age. They didn’t take the time to do their homework and figure out precisely what kind of profession they wanted, which is one of the main reasons they didn’t become pilots. 


Follow through on your desire to become a pilot, but first, be sure you’re cut out for the job. Gaining as much knowledge as possible help you prevent issues down the road, like wanting to change professional paths.

Therefore, this article has compiled the essential information you need on the best flight schools/colleges in Tennessee, how to become a pilot in this state, and the requirements needed to apply to these flight universities.

Read on!


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Is Becoming a Pilot a Good Career?

Being a pilot is an excellent career that will provide you with the most job satisfaction. 

One of the main advantages of being a pilot is that you can anticipate having a gratifying career. Every day is rewarding as a pilot in the cockpit, whether making your first solo flight, landing for the first time, traveling to a new location, or overcoming challenges. 

In addition, a career in aviation offers professional and personal development prospects. Pilots can earn good wages with options to advance their careers in the cockpit or widen their career paths into aviation administration.

Are there Flight Universities in Tennessee?

Tennessee is home to several flight schools, universities, and colleges. This state is among the best for pursuing a degree or receiving flight training. 

In addition, the universities and colleges in this state offer the best academic opportunities and high-quality education that may mold students’ lives and enable them to realize their aspirations.

How do I choose A Flight School to attend in  Tennessee?

As was previously mentioned, several flying schools, universities, and colleges provide the greatest aviation programs.

When choosing a good flying school, your objectives, finances, and schedule should all be considered. It’s important to do an extensive study before selecting a particular school.

These colleges, however, have various requirements, schedules, and even tuition costs. Therefore, determine these requirements and decide if one of these Tennessee flight schools is best for you before applying.

Becoming a pilot in Tennessee or any other state worldwide takes work and dedication. To start a profession, you should be prepared for it.

How Long Does It Take to Go to Flight Schools in  Tennessee?

How dedicated you are to the process will determine your length of time in flight school. Although the minimum FAA requirement of 40 hours of flight training time for the private pilot certificate (the national average is 60–70 hours) is required.

However, the entire process may take several months due to the flight school you chose, ground training, the program you’re doing, aircraft pre-flight, canceled lessons due to bad weather, airplane maintenance, etc. 

Your private pilot license could be obtained in 30 days if you’re committed and capable of learning with much focus. Some students finish it in six months and even a year. 

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What are the Requirements To Become a Pilot in Tennessee?

You must enroll in a flight school to learn how to become a pilot in Tennessee. It’s best to know some requirements before applying to these flight schools, colleges, or universities. These requirements include;

  • Be 16 years old to fly solo.
  • Be 17 years old to receive your pilot certificate.
  • Read, speak, and understand English.
  • Hold at least a third-class medical certificate for private and recreational certificates. 
  • Sport pilots must hold at least a current and valid U.S. driver’s license.

List of the 10 Best Flight Schools in Tennessee?

Without further ado, now that you know what requirements you need to apply to the Tennesse flight schools, colleges and universities, here are some of the top-rated aviation colleges accredited to train you to become a pilot.

#1. Murfreesboro Aviation

This flight school is situated in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, about 25 miles southeast of Nashville. They provide thorough training from Private up to Certified Flight Instructor ratings. 

This flight school serves as a fully operational training facility and is where the written tests and exams are also given. Professional-level training programs are created to prepare career pilots for positions in the aviation and airline industries.

Do you want to fly a plane? You can realize this fantasy with the aid of Murfreesboro Aviation


#2. Wings of Eagles – Nashville

Wings of Eagles aim to offer top-notch flight instruction and aircraft rentals with highly skilled instructors and properly outfitted aircraft. 

Additionally, they offer multi-engine transition training and basic and advanced flight instruction in aircraft with analog and glass cockpits. 

It is the only flight school in middle Tennessee authorized to provide VA benefits and is accessible to the general public. Hence, Wings of Eagles is not just one of the best flight colleges and universities in Tennessee but also recognized in the USA.


#3. CTI Professional Flight Training

This Flight Training gives their pupils their undivided attention because they are not involved in the aircraft rental industry. 

Their pupils use the flight simulator to experience a realistic flight mission while remaining on solid ground. This institution has FAA examination authority and offers classes for private and commercial multi-engine pilots.

All student deposits are guaranteed through their parent organization, Crew Training International, Inc.. The US military, NATO, and other clients can receive flight and crew instruction from Crew Training International, a worldwide organization.


#4. Elizabethton Flight Training Center

To accommodate the demands of any pilot, this flight training center provides a wide range of training packages. Private pilot, commercial pilot, instrument rating, CFI, and CFII courses are available from full-time instructors who are available seven days a week and offer flexible scheduling. 

The Elizabethton Flight Training Center can also handle time-based training, difficult endorsements, biennial flight reviews, instrument proficiency checks, and aircraft checkouts.


#5. Middle Tennessee State University

In this university, they lay the groundwork for a student to become an aviation professional and carry out their duties. They also provide courses for graduate students to major in aerospace and prepare aviation experts for the aerospace manufacturing and aviation industries.

Programs include specializations in aircraft repair, flight dispatch, professional pilot, aerospace administration, and various other courses. Each of these specializations equips graduates for a career in a particular aerospace industry.

The Aerospace Department oversees one nation’s biggest university AT-CTI (Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative) programs. Graduates of this program are eligible to be recommended for the FAA’s hiring and completion of the final training component for air traffic controllers. In organizations across the United States and abroad, recent graduates in the aerospace industry hold responsible positions. 

Because of their expertise and experience, the instructors at this school are well-known and well-respected in the business. Additionally, they have a reputation for being open to working with and offering advice to students, allowing them to profit from their expertise in the real world.


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#6. Multi-Engine Time Building

Are you aiming to become an airline or business pilot? Do you require the minimum amount of multi-engine flight time? Are you hoping to increase your budget-friendly twin-engine flight time as soon as possible?

Multi-Engine Time Building is here for you. They also assist pilots inefficiently, safely, and affordably in completing the required amount of twin-engine time for the airline. 

Multi-Engine Time Building has more than 36 years of expertise in flying and instructing with a focus on safety. Additionally, Multi Engine Time Building provides all Pilot-in-Command Multi Engine Time Building Rates at the Lowest Price. 

Multi-Engine Time Building is the ideal option for you in terms of experience, safety, and availability.


#7. Nashville Flight Training

Nashville Flight Training is one of Tennessee’s best flight colleges and universities. With the help of this flight training, becoming a pilot might become a reality for you. 

Nashville Flight Training provides reasonably priced education from FAA-certified instructors that work with you on your time, at your pace, and within your budget. 

The hardest skill to master and unquestionably the most satisfying is learning to fly. However, in training with Nashville Flight center, you will feel the rush of knowing that one day people will refer to you as a pilot as you progress through each step in becoming one.

They offer courses such as

  • Private Pilot License
  • Instrument ratings
  • Commercial ratings
  • CFI
  • Multi-Engine


#8. ATP Flight School

In just two years, with flying instruction from ATP, you may go from never flying to becoming an airline pilot. Compared to other flight schools in Tennessee, it is one of the flight schools that gives the most options. 

Furthermore, you will get a competitive edge as an ATP student by receiving airline-focused flight instruction at a fixed price in the least amount of time. Along with proudly flying the largest multi-engine fleet in the world coast to coast in an airline-like dispatching environment, you will also benefit from tuition from the best instructors.

Additionally, you receive a Guaranteed Flight Instructor Job with ATP after completing the program. You can make up to $42,000 yearly with tuition reimbursement and accumulate the required flight experience to meet the airline hiring minimums of 1500 flight hours.


#9. Downtown Aviation

This flight school provides you with the resources to benefit from specialized training by providing various programs. Their Private Pilot Certificate provides everything you need and more, whether you’re thinking about changing careers or want to sharpen your skills. 

One of the most challenging aviation certifications to earn is the instrument rating, but it’s well worth it. Whether you plan to fly your family for recreation or transport customers for a living, an instrument rating is necessary. As a result, their Flight Instructor Certificate tends to fill up quickly; as a result, be sure to enroll right away to secure your seat.


#10. Flying High Again

Flying High Again is a prestigious flight school with experienced instructors. They are dedicated to safety in their flight operations and providing top-notch, spotless, and well-maintained aircraft in the Nashville, Tennessee, region.

Flying High Again institution is dedicated to assisting you in making your dream of learning to fly a reality. They can teach you everything you need to know to be a safe, competent, and confident pilot.


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Frequently Asked Questions On The Best Flight Schools In Tennessee

Are commercial pilots in demand?

There is a significant need for pilots in this field, and many job opportunities are available to applicants, including companies that offer corporate and individual charters, air taxi flights, firefighting services, rescue operations, medical airlifts, and pipeline inspection, and flying lessons. 

Due to the range of career prospects, the employment outlook for commercial pilots is somewhat optimistic.

How much do flight colleges cost in Tennessee?

The cost of flight schools depends on the school and the flight program you opted for.

However, here’s the average cost of flight courses.

Sport Pilot License – $3,000 to $5,000
Private Pilot License – $6,500 to $12,000
Private + Commercial License – $10,000 to $16,000
Also, Private + Instrument + Commercial – $18,000 to $24,000
Some Private + Instrument + Commercial + ATP – $30,000

How much do pilots earn in Tennessee?

In Tennessee, commercial pilots make an average of $99390 each year. Typically, salaries range from $39080 to $164470. 

Additionally, the range for airline pilot salaries in Tennessee normally lies between $113,701 and $148,201, with the average being $131,301.

Salary ranges might differ significantly based on the city and several other crucial aspects, such as schooling, certificates, and the length of time you’ve worked in a given field.

Must flight schools be accredited in Tennessee?

To be recognized, these flight schools must have accreditation. The fundamental idea behind aviation school accreditation is to give students peace of mind that they will receive a high-quality education and be accepted by other universities. It also aids in establishing if a facility satisfies or exceeds minimum requirements for quality.

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