10 Best Flight Schools in Virginia 2024 | How to Apply

Learn what it takes to become a pilot in Virginia; Are you searching for the best flight schools, colleges, and universities and the requirements needed to apply?

The people of Virginia are known to be highly educated, and the work market is seen as robust. It follows that moving there would be a reasonable proposition given this.

Near Washington, D.C.’s Dulles International Airport, Virginia, shares one of the busiest airports in the world. Many significant regional aviation firms are drawn to the area because they require qualified commercial and airline pilots.

Virginia has many institutions that offer aviation programs, making it difficult to find flight colleges there. 

We have decided to assist you, nonetheless.

The top-flight universities in Virginia offer affordable professional pilot training and support with job placement following graduation. 

Therefore, ten top flight schools in Virginia are provided here to help you better understand your path to becoming a pilot.

You can choose the educational path that best suits your needs while you work toward your objective of soaring the Virginia skies by looking at the locations, fees, admissions requirements, and course choices listed below.

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Is Becoming a Pilot a Good Career? 

A fascinating career is in the aviation industry. The industry of aviation is unusual in that learning never stops. It is also financially and personally gratifying work. Additionally, it is an exciting career that calls for extreme caution. 

After completing your training in flight school, you have a wide range of job options in the aviation sector. 

In addition, many aviation professions provide excellent pay and enjoyable workplaces.

Before applying to any Virginia flight schools, you must meet several standards, so keep that in mind. Much later in the article, these requirements will be listed.

Are there Flight Universities in Virginia?

Yes, there are lots of flight universities/colleges in Virginia. In actuality, Virginia has 39 flight schools and 8 aviation colleges, most of which are in the cities of Richmond and Newport News and the northern section of the state.

How do I choose A Flight School to attend in Virginia?

Choosing the right flight school for you may be challenging, mainly if you are unsure where to start your search. However, there are several considerations you can use to select the finest flight school for you. 

Find out the courses Virginia flying schools offer to get started. By doing this, you might be able to narrow down your alternatives. These training programs will help you achieve your dream of becoming a pilot. 

By confirming whether these Virginia flight schools, colleges, and universities have the facilities necessary for flight instruction, you can learn more about how well-maintained their planes are.

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How Long Does it Take to Go to Flight Schools in Virginia?

The FAA needs a minimum of 35 or 40 hours, depending on the type of pilot training school, before you may become eligible for a Private Pilot Certificate. The majority of pupils require more time, typically 60 hours of instruction.

What are the Requirements To become a pilot in Virginia? 

The FAA issues a pilot’s license as proof that a person has fulfilled all requirements for operating an aircraft and has completed all testing and flight hours necessary to get a professional pilot’s license.

However, before becoming a pilot in Virginia, you must meet the following requirements.

  • You need to be at least 17 years of age
  • Be able to read, write and speak English fluently
  • Obtain a 3rd class medical certificate 
  • Pass flight, oral and written tests.

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List of the 10 best flight Schools in Virginia 

Have you ever fantasized about learning to fly and exploring Virginia’s skies? It might not be as challenging as you think to obtain your pilot’s license. 

Your choice would be easier if you used the list of the top ten flight schools provided below.

#1. Hampton University 

  • Location: Hampton, Virginia 
  • Tuition Cost: $42,148

Hampton University is an accredited private college located in Hampton, Virginia. The school has 3,742 students enrolled, with 16 students on average in each classroom.

The fact that this aviation school helps its graduates find employment after graduation is a plus. One of Virginia’s top schools for aviation is Hampton University. 

Additionally, your chosen curriculum will determine how long it will take you to complete the flight training.

Here’s a list of their program and the length taken.: 

  • (B.S.) in Flight Education – 4 years
  • (A.S.) in Flight Education – 2 years
  • (B.S.) in Aviation Management, Airport Administration – 4 years
  • (B.S.) in Air Traffic Control – 4 years
  • (A.S.) in Air Traffic Control – 2 years


#2. Liberty University 

  • Location: Lynchburg
  • Tuition: $23,800

This is a private Christian university located in Lynchburg, Virginia. With almost 100,000 students enrolled, it is an accredited institution with an average class size of 20 pupils.

Additionally, Liberty University was recognized as one of the top-flight schools in the nation by receiving the renowned Loening award. They also provide online education. 

They also focus on different aviation specialties: missionary, military, and corporate/commercial. Additionally, this university helps students find employment following graduation.

Their programs and the time taken to complete them include;

  • Aviation Maintenance Technician – 2 years
  • Aeronautics – 4 years
  • Aviation (Online) – 4 years
  • Aviation Administration – 4 years
  • Aviation Maintenance – 4 years
  • Aviation Management – Online – 4 years
  • Aviation Technology – 4 years


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#3. Averett University

  • Location: Danville, Virginia
  • Tuition Cost: $36,900

The third on our list of best-flight universities or colleges in Virginia is Averett University. This flying school provides aviation bachelor’s degrees and Virginia professional pilot certifications. 

It is also a flight school with accreditation, enrolling 893 students annually, with 11 students on average in each classroom. They also provide online education. It’s one of the Virginia flying schools that provides job placements for their graduates.

Their program and certificates given include the following;

  • Aviation Business – 4 years
  • Flight Operations – 4 years
  • Private Pilot Certificate 
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • Flight Instructor Certificate
  • Flight Instructor Instrument Certificate
  • Instrument Rating Certificate
  • Class Rating Certificates


#4. American Aviation

  • Location: Manassas, Virginia

Having been in operation since 1979, American Aviation is regarded as one of the best flight schools in the nation. They provide instructor and instrument credentials and individual and commercial pilot training. 

It’s one of the flight schools in Virginia that can teach you the fundamentals of flying. 

The price of obtaining a private pilot’s license varies based on the aircraft type. Nevertheless, the quoted fee includes all homework and materials.

However, the price of obtaining a private pilot license varies depending on the aircraft type. Nevertheless, 

The fee listed includes all of the assigned readings and materials.

  • Cessna 150/152 – $8,200
  • Diamond DA20 – $9,100
  • Piper Archer – $10,500
  • Cessna 172 – $10,700
  • Diamond DA40 XLS – $11,100

Also, this school is an accredited school that offers job opportunities to its students after graduation.

The following is the program length and time taken to complete the courses.

  • A private pilot’s license requires 50 flight hours and 25 ground hours (75 total hours) 
  • Instrument Rating: 50 hours of classroom instruction, 10 hours in a flight simulator, and 40 hours of actual flight time 
  • Two hundred fifty flying hours are required for a commercial pilot’s certificate, with a minimum of 100 being Pilot in Command flights, 50 being cross-country flights, and 10 being solo flights. 
  • Airline Transport Certificate – 1,500 total flight hours, with at least 500 hours of cross-country travel, 100 hours of nighttime travel, or 75 hours + 45 full-stop night landings.

Note: Each student receives individualized ground and flight training with an instructor.


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#5. Horizon Flight Center

  • Location: Chesapeake, Virginia
  • Tuition Cost: $15,000 – $20,000 

In Chesapeake, Virginia, there is a Part 141/Part 61 Pilot Training Center called Horizon Flight Center that has received FAA approval. 

In addition to multi-engine add-ons, they provide pilot courses, ground courses, pilot and instrument certificates, and pilot training certificates. 

Furthermore, students can apply for grants and scholarships. Additionally, it is a recognized flight school with employment options for graduates.

They offer the following programs in this flight school.

  • Private Pilot: 35-45 hours plus ground course time (6 months total, on average)
  • Commercial Pilot: 250 flight hours
  • Personal Pilot License (2-3 years)


#6. Bay Aviation

  • Location: Topping, Virginia

This is one of Virginia’s best-flight schools, colleges, and universities. They can help you earn the license you need to become a commercial pilot, an instrument pilot, a private pilot, or a flight teacher. 

Additionally, Bay Aviation’s qualified flight instructors and state-of-the-art facilities guarantee that your flight training is rigorous and enjoyable. 

They provide a variety of training packages, depending on your degree of experience.


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#7. Freedom Aviation

  • Location: Lynchburg

This flight school provides thorough training through our FAA & VA Approved Part 141 Flight School.

In addition, Freedom Aviation has received approval from most aircraft insurance providers for primary and ongoing training in high-performance and turbine-powered aircraft. 

Freedom Aviation offers a fleet of modern, well-kept aircraft for instruction and rental. Cessna and Piper single- and multi-engine aircraft are part of the fleet. Intercoms are available on every aircraft to improve comfort and safety. 

Additionally, they have qualified full-time flight instructors who can train you for any of the licenses above, as well as for rental check-outs, flight reviews, instrument competency checks, or the Pilot Proficiency Program.

Freedom Aviation offers flight training for the following;

  • Private Pilot License
  • Instrument license
  • Commercial Pilot License
  • Multi-Engine License
  • Airline Transport Pilot Licenses in both single and multi-engine aircraft.
  • They also offer all instructor rating licenses, including CFI. 


#8. Star Flight Training

Location: Roanoke, Virginia 

In addition to aircraft rentals, educational outreach, and other services, they provide primary and advanced flight training for everyone from the career-path pilot to people that want to learn as a hobby.

They use Diamond planes because of their reputation for safety, affordability, and dependability in general, as well as the cutting-edge training environment. 

Additionally, they have a welcoming team and independent, experienced instructors who are prepared to assist you in achieving your aviation objectives through a thorough, systematic approach to flight instruction.

The following are the programs offered in this school.

  • Sports Pilot (SPL/LSA)
  •  Private Pilot (PPL) 
  • Commercial Pilot (CPL) 
  • Flight Instructor (CFI / FI) 
  • Multi Pilot License (MPL)
  • Night Rating
  •  Instrument Rating (IR) 
  • Flight Instructor – 
  • Instrument Multi-Engine (Class Rating) 
  • Flight Instructor – 
  • Multi-Engine (MEI)


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#9. Rick Aviation Flight Training

  • Location: Newport News, Virginia

This flight school offers its pupils the best levels of comfort and safety. 

They also have excellent flight instructors that make sure they give their students top-notch instruction. 

The CFR part 61 and part 141 regulations apply to the FAA programs. 

They also have amiable and knowledgeable flight instructors to ensure their daily training is successful. Additionally, they have fleets that are kept in good condition for safety training. 

They have a fantastic team of committed, career-oriented flight instructors who give ground and flight training. They can provide you with expert training during every stage of your flight education.


#10. Norfolk Flight Center

  • Location: Chesapeake

This flight school is situated at The Hampton Roads Executive Airport in Chesapeake, Virginia. They are devoted to giving their students the most excellent possible educational experience.

High-quality, expert instruction is provided by this flight school for the private, instrument, commercial, ATP, CFI, and add-on ratings. 

Additionally, Norfolk Flight Center offers a complete fleet of luxurious and more recent aircraft rentals.


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Frequently Asked Questions On Top 10 Best Flight Schools in Virginia

Are commercial pilots in demand?

The need for airline and commercial pilots is anticipated to increase by 5%. As a result, its growth rate exceeds the national average for all occupations.
Consequently, the demand for commercial pilots never ceases. There is a severe lack of pilots in this field, and job searchers can choose from various openings.

How much do flight schools cost in Virginia?

The price of flight training in Virginia varies depending on the plane, the flight school, and the number of hours needed to feel confident flying. A private pilot’s license can be obtained for as little as $6,700 to $8,100.

How much do pilots earn in Virginia?

In Virginia, the average annual pay for commercial pilots is $87,440 ($7,287 per month or $1,682 per week), compared to $140,001 ($11,667 per month or $2,692 per week) for airline pilots.

Must flight Universities be accredited in Virginia?

Yes! For anyone to see these aviation schools, they must have accreditation. Aviation schools must be accredited to give students peace of mind that they will obtain a quality education and be recognized by other universities. It also helps determine whether a facility meets or exceeds the minimum requirements for quality.


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