Best Flight Schools in Washington DC in 2023 – A Detailed Guide

The best flight schools, colleges, and universities in Washington, DC are open to anyone who wants to train to become a professional pilot as long as they have the requirements to apply.

Beyond having any passion or desire to become a pilot you should also have the required training as fit to journey on that career path.

One of the fastest ways to get your license is to enroll in any of the university or aviation colleges to train to become a pilot.

Through this, you will be able to get your Washington, pilot license which will aid your career path.

So, in this article, we have conducted extensive research and provided information on how to become a professional pilot by first applying to the best flight schools, colleges, and universities in Washington, DC.

Let’s get started!!!


Is Becoming A Pilot A Good Career? 

The answer is a resounding YES!!! Being a pilot is a fantastic career path with numerous advantages that extend to family members.

Pilots earn above average when compared to other professions.

Although their retirement age is 65, the benefits enjoyed before and after retirement is worth going for.

Airline Pilots have access to health and free travel allowances that extend to family members even upon retirement.

Conversely, the annual retirement pension for pilots is $360,000 per annum.

If you can do well with the responsibilities that encompass this career then forge ahead.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing A Flight School In Washington DC?

There are a few reasonable factors and soft skills required for this career journey.

#1. Geographic Awareness

One has to be much aware of his or her dream career else one will never succeed in it.

Navigating an aircraft requires adequate knowledge, technical know-how, and coordination.

#2. Great Confidence

Self Confidence helps you see the good in your ability and capacity. It gives you courage and builds up strength from within.

Having healthy Confidence is key to becoming a pilot.

Also, too much of everything they say is bad, and too much confidence leads to catastrophe 

#3. Ability To Think Fast

Pilots are expected to possess quick decisive skills as being in charge of an aircraft isn’t for kids.

Are There Flight Universities In Washington DC?

There are many flight schools in Washington DC.

Washington DC has quite several flight training schools and centers that train students with the best flight experience and knowledge.

 However, these schools have different requirements to meet up to when applying to them, there are various courses and training programs you might be interested in.

The total flight schools in Washington DC is about 35 so you have quite a number to choose from.

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How Long Does It Take To Go To Flight Schools In Washington DC?

Depending on the program you plan to go for, each flight training has a specific time of completion.

Here’s an example, a bachelor’s of aviation degree takes up to 4 years to be completed so your choice of program matters a lot.

The school of interest alongside the flexibility of schedule is a vital key for consideration.

Below I listed a few pilot certifications having different completion times.

  • Recreational Pilot
  • Airline Transport Pilot
  • Student Pilot 
  • Private Pilot
  • Sport Pilot
  • Commercial Pilot

ATP flight schools offer accelerated programs that allow for early completion and certification in just 7months.

What Are The Requirements To Apply To Flight Schools In Washington DC?

Requirements to apply to flight schools in Washington DC depend on the school of choice.

Generally, there are non-negotiable requirements that determine whether or not you will be admitted into any of these schools and they are ;

#1. Medical Test 

Students are mandated to have a recent FAA – Second Class Medical Certificate to begin flight training in Washington DC.

If you’re looking for where to get your medical Test Certificate, Here’s the website of  FAA Approved  physician 

Where they test for the overall health status of students like eyesight, hearing, vitals, and coordination.

#2.  Age

Some schools allow students from the age bracket 16-17 years to apply for flight programs but then proper training commences at 18 for students who wish to study in Washington DC.

#3. Nationality And Eligibility 

Students who wish to study in the best flight schools, colleges, and universities in Washington DC must present evidence of nationality to the school before starting training.

You must be eligible to live in the country your flight training takes place.

For non-U.S. citizens, the Transportation Security Administration usually demands a background check and TSA approval before starting flight training.  

#4. Positive Traits

As an intending pilot, you need more than meeting up with the cost to enroll in the best flight schools, colleges, and universities in Washington DC. 

As part of the requirements to apply to flight schools in Washington DC, students must possess traits worthy of admiration.

 Characters like these listed  are watch-outs of flight instructors; 

  • Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Attention to details
  • Self-motivation
  • Pressure Management
  • Teachability

#5. Aptitude Test

This is a computer-based test that checks for teamwork, personality, and other vital traits and knowledge.

 Usually, they conduct such tests to identify qualified students who are suitable for the career path.

If knowing how to become a pilot in Washington DC is your priority, do your background work.

How Do I Choose A Flight School To Attend In Washington DC?

#1. Type Of Program 

This is an important aspect of research, there are various flight training programs to choose from so your ability to go for the one you need is wisdom.

Before applying to any school for flight training in Washington DC, do yourself good by taking into consideration the kind of license you need, the program that will give the quality experience needed for your career, and if the school of interest is offering such programs.

With this, you are one step ahead in your journey to know how to become a pilot in Washington DC. 

#2. Instructors Competence

Knowing the kind of instructors and staff in a school is vital as the competence of an instructor has a way of affecting your career for life.

Take a tour around the school vicinity to examine their instructors and how friendly they can be. More also, you can ask past students for constructive criticism of the school of interest.

#3. Training Cost

You need to plan for yourself before applying to any school by first counting the cost.

Some schools are more expensive than others for reasons best known to them and some reasons we all know..yeah.

Do detailed research on how much the tuition fee is in your choice of school and for the particular program of interest.

#4. Quality Of Degree / Accreditation  

Going to flight schools isn’t a problem,  the question is, is the school recognized by the FAA and certification valid? I know your choice of college is budget-friendly.  Listen, good research will give you information on recognized low-budget flight training schools.

Acquiring an acceptable degree is oftentimes good luck.

#5. Requirement Criteria

I want to believe before you apply to a school, you must research the requirements to apply to flight schools in Washington DC.

Knowing the different requirements of school gives you great information and a sense of comparison between these schools. 

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List Of The 10 Best Flight Schools In Washington DC

There are numerous flight schools in Washington DC but we will be concentrating on the top ten best flight schools, colleges, and universities in Washington DC. 

#1. Metaphor International School

Experienced instructors at metaphor flight training schools make the difference. Their instructors will be sure to point out places of interest and discuss the basics of aeronautic principles.

Visit School

#2. Close Up Foundation

 Instructions are given by the most qualified instructors. 

instructors are professional and experienced pilots that love to teach and aren´t working to “just build time” for their next job.

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#3. Monumental Helicopters

The Flight Science concentration has flight courses and integrated advanced aviation courses, and it prepares the graduates for entry-level positions in the airline, military, or corporate aviation sectors. It’s an accredited school with a track record of success.

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#4. American Helicopter

 American Helicopters gives superior training from highly-trained instructors in a friendly, comfortable, and professional environment.

In American Helicopters,  instructors are professionals equipped for training you from Private Pilot to Airline Transport Pilot.

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#5. Dream Aero

This is one of the best flight schools in Washington DC, they have professional instructors who happen to be friendly, hospitable, and experienced. They offer various courses that will help your career path as a pilot.

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#6. ATP Flight School

ATP is known as a national leader in commercial pilot training with quick certification. Having accelerated learning programs that help you get started with your career more also,  its job placement opportunity will help ensure you earn a valuable and rewarding career. ATP is a national school with numerous advantages over the rest.

Located at Gig Harbor, Washington DC.

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#7. Rainier Flight Service

Rainier Flight Service is modified to prepare to intend commercial pilots for a rewarding career. This is one of the flight training schools that work with schools like Green River College to help you earn your logged hours while getting a college degree. The school will prepare you for the technical proficiency needed along with pilot skills. 

Located at  Renton, Washington DC 

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#8. Green River College

Green River College offers the opportunity to pursue a college degree in aviation in schools like Rainier Flight Service while earning your pilot license. This is a great benefit if you plan to advance your career beyond being a pilot.

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#9. Galvin Flying

Galvin Flying flight training school is an excellent and best flight school in Seattle, Washington. After more than 90 years of training pilots, the school is experienced in preparing both private and commercial pilots. 

 They have several programs available.

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#10. Aero Maintenance Flight Center

Aero Maintenance Flight Center has high ratings for excellent instructors, seriousness, and thoroughness. The school also offers discovery flights so you can learn more about becoming a pilot and see if it’s right for you. 

The class settings are such that students can ask questions and ensure the best possible chance of success.

Located in Vancouver, Washington DC.

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Frequently Asked Questions About How To Become A Pilot In Missouri.

Are commercial pilots in demand?

Yes yes yes!!! Commercial pilots are in demand. There’s a projection of an increment in the employment of pilots by 13% from 2020 to 2023. Furthermore, there’s a yearly demand of over 14,500  airline pilots which is far above average when compared to other occupations.

How much do flight schools cost in Washington DC?

There are best flight colleges, schools, or universities in Washington DC which have adequate learning facilities and degree programs they offer hence the fee. 

Averagely one will spend about $16,000 to acquire a private pilot license and over $80,000 for a commercial pilot license.

How much do pilots earn in Washington DC?

Salaries vary with certification and degree for pilots as there are many licenses, we have private pilots, commercial pilots, and airline transport pilots licenses, Therefore,  one can earn above average when compared to other careers. But note, there’s growth in this career path and yearly increment in salary.

Must flight schools be accredited in Washington DC?

Aviation schools are required to use a structured training syllabus to train their students; most of the best flight schools, colleges, and universities in Washington DC are accredited. Some aren’t accredited and are still in operation but for your safety go to accredited schools for any program of interest.  programs such as the bachelor of aviation are accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).


In conclusion, I advise you to visit the website of these schools as given in the blue highlight (visit School) to know more about the requirements to apply to flight schools in Washington DC. 

Congratulations on your first step to how to become a pilot in Washington DC. 


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