10 Best Flight Schools in Wisconsin 2024 | How to Apply

If you are looking for the best flight schools in Wisconsin, read on to find out what it takes to become a pilot and the requirements needed to apply to these colleges and universities in this study guide.

This article fully reviews the best flight schools in Wisconsin, including the requirements, cost, and how to apply to these schools.

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Wisconsin is a fantastic area to live in due to its excellent schools, easily accessible metropolitan cities, stunning natural scenery, and Midwestern warmth.

Furthermore, a high-level job as a pilot requires not only the ability to fly but also the development of leadership abilities.

As a result, these flying colleges and schools in Wisconsin work hard to help their students acquire critical thinking, judgment, contemplation, problem-solving, communication, and other characteristics essential to leadership.

So, in this article, we’ll list the best flight schools in Wisconsin, how to become a pilot, and the requirements needed to apply to these flight universities/colleges.

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Is Becoming a Pilot a Good Career? 

It might be beneficial to consider a profession as a pilot. Although obtaining the necessary number of flying hours to earn the required pilot certificates takes some time for flight students, becoming a pilot necessitates a sizable time investment. The reward still justifies the effort after all these exercises. 

Being a pilot can provide a variety of advantages depending on the job. For instance, pilots who work for airlines frequently have the chance to take their family and friends on reduced travel chances. 

Consequently, if you appreciate challenges, enjoy exploring new places, and dream of flying. Your readiness for the aviation industry is complete.

Are there Flight Universities in Wisconsin?

Although, when compared to other states, Wisconsin doesn’t have many flight school options. However, flight schools/colleges offer most of the courses and programs to be a pilot in Wisconsin.

How do I choose A Flight School to attend in Wisconsin?

When selecting a suitable flight school, keep what you want to accomplish, budget, and schedule in mind. Before deciding on a particular school, it is critical to conduct considerable research. 

These colleges, on the other hand, have varying criteria, schedules, and even tuition fees. So, before applying, learn about the requirements and select which of these Wisconsin flying schools is ideal. 

Furthermore, because Wisconsin has few flight schools, selection will not be as constrained. 

However, before becoming a pilot in Wisconsin or any other state, you must first be prepared to put in maximum effort.

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How Long Does It Take to Go to Flight Schools in Wisconsin?

With zero flight experience, you can enroll in one of the expedited programs and be eligible to fly airline pilots in less than a year. Typical programs take two years.

However, the FAA requires at least 40 hours of flying instruction time for the private pilot certificate (the national average is 60-70 hours),

What are the Requirements To become a pilot in Wisconsin?

Enrolling at a flight school is a requirement if you want to learn how to become a pilot in Wisconsin. However, it’s recommended that you are aware of some specific requirements before applying to these flight schools or universities.

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Hold a private pilot certificate.
  • Be able to read, speak, and understand the English language.
  • Hold at least a valid second-class medical certificate.
  • Hold a total of at least 250 hours of flight time.
  • Receive a minimum of 20 hours of flight training.
  • Pass a knowledge test as well as the practical test.

List of the 10 Best Flight Schools in Wisconsin 

#1. Pilotsmith

Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin 

Pilotsmith offers cost-effective instruction that is of a high caliber. Additionally, they offer a ground school curriculum with helpful flight instructors willing to teach the pupils. 

Additionally, Pilotsmith welcomes students from abroad. As a result, Pilotsmith is the solution to your search for an economical flight school. 

Additionally, they offer instrument school once a year and private pilot ground school twice a year. 

Their fleet of aircraft consists of the following:

  • Cessna 152
  • Cessna 172
  • Cessna 175 
  • Piper Comanche

Programs Offered:

  • Sports Pilot (SPL/LSA) 
  • Private Pilot (PPL) 
  • Commercial Pilot (CPL)
  •  Flight Instructor (CFI / FI)
  • Instrument Rating (IR) 
  • Flight Instructor – Instrument Multi-Engine (Class Rating)
  •  Flight Instructor – Multi-Engine (MEI)
  •  Cirrus Aircraft
  •  CBT Training


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#2. ATP -Milwaukee Flight School

Location: Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Do you have no previous flying experience? From having no experience flying, this flight school can train you to become an airline transport pilot. 

The Waukesha County Airport is home to one of Wisconsin’s largest flight schools. The school’s flagship, the airline career pilot program, seeks to take students without prior experience to obtain their air transport pilot license. 

Additionally, the school has recruitment agreements with more than 30 airlines and boasts the highest placement rate in the state for those seeking careers in aviation. 

The tuition for this recognized flight school is $87,995. The duration of their programs is roughly seven months.

  Programs offered:

  • Private pilot license 
  • Instrument rating
  • Commercial license 
  • ATP license 
  • Certificated Flight Instructor


#3. Gateway Technical College – Pilot Training

Location: Racine, Wisconsin 

Gateway Tech’s aviation program aims to prepare students for various high-demand positions in the state of Wisconsin, such as ferry pilots, flight instructors, and border patrol pilots. 

However, the program includes all the instructions necessary to get your ATP credential. The program offers access to several actual aircraft for its students and numerous authorized flight simulators that count as flight experience.

Furthermore, it is an FAA-accredited flight school with a tuition fee of $66,346 and a program length of 2 years.

Programs offered include:

  • PPL
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot License
  • Airline transport Pilot
  • Certified flight instructor 


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#4. Fox Valley Technical College 

Location: Appleton, Wisconsin 

This is FAA-accredited, with about 10,500 students. It’s one of the best flight colleges/universities in Wisconsin that offers job placement to their students after graduation. 

They also offer professional pilot programs, and most of their program length is roughly 2 years.

  • Private pilot license
  • Instrument Ratings
  • Commercial pilot license
  • Airline transport pilot
  • Certified Flight Instructor


#5. Lakeshore Aviation

Location: Manitowoc, Wisconsin

This full-service flying school provides courses in single and multiple-engine land aircraft and single-engine seaplanes. 

They provide instrument instruction, light sport training, and tailwheel endorsements. Additionally, they give all ratings, from LSA/Private to ATP, along with a highly qualified group of instructors. 

They also run a fleet of GPS-equipped, reasonably priced, well-maintained aircraft. Additionally, they enjoy a solid reputation among enthusiastic and friendly flight instructors.

Programs offered:

  • Sports Pilot (SPL/LSA) 
  • Private Pilot (PPL) 
  • Commercial Pilot (CPL) 
  • Flight Instructor (CFI / FI)
  • Instrument Rating (IR) 
  • Flight Instructor 
  • Instrument Multi-Engine (Class Rating)
  • Seaplane Rating
  •  Ground School Classes
  • CBT training
  • Tailwheel


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#6. Lakeland College

Location: Plymouth, Wisconsin

This is one of the flight schools in Wisconsin that provides a curriculum for aviation that is intended to help students advance from having little to no aeronautical knowledge to becoming professional pilots in the aviation sector. 

Students who complete the program can earn their pilot’s licenses and pursue a preparatory course of study that will broaden their knowledge of aviation sciences. 

A bachelor’s degree has become the usual industry standard for people who want to work in highly skilled aviation positions. Lakeland has structured the educational program for its flight students to meet these needs.

Furthermore, these students can finish their flight training while earning a degree in one of Lakeland College’s top programs. Students will graduate with a bachelor’s degree and flight certifications. 

Pilots with leadership skills and the ability to make split-second decisions are in high demand in the aviation industry. As a result, Lakeland’s aviation program enables students to develop their technical expertise and leadership potential.

Lakeland is the only four-year institution in Wisconsin to provide professional flight instruction. A total of 31 credits are needed to complete the aviation curriculum, consisting of ground school classes at Lakeland’s main campus and flying training at Sheboygan County Memorial Airport. 

Additionally, the Aviation Heritage Center, a nonprofit focused on aviation education, is where flight training is carried out.


#7. Heartland Aviation 

Location: Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Heartland Aviation has a staff of Certified Flight Instructors that can teach you how to become a pilot in Wisconsin. Pilots pursuing their Recreational, Private, Instrument, or Commercial ratings can receive individualized training at this flying school. 

To better understand flying GA aircraft, they also provide a discovery flight for individuals just starting. 

Training can also be conducted at your convenience. You can finish your flying training in roughly six months, depending on how much effort.

Programs Offered: 

Private Pilot Certificate

Instrument Pilot Certificate

Commercial Pilot Certificate


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#8. Wisconsin Aviation

Location: Madison, Wisconsin 

The largest pilot training facility in Wisconsin is located at this airport. The flight training provided by Wisconsin Aviation is of the highest caliber and is constant. 

These instructors additionally possess a commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating, a certified flight instructor-instrument (CFII) rating, and a complicated endorsement, at the very least. 

A private pilot’s average total time is around 55 hours, considerably less than the national average of 70 hours.

Programs offered

  • Sports Pilot (SPL/LSA) 
  • Private Pilot (PPL)
  •  Commercial Pilot (CPL)
  •  Flight Instructor (CFI / FI) 
  • Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL)
  • Instrument Rating (IR) 
  • Flight Instructor – Instrument Multi-Engine (Class Rating)
  •  Flight Instructor – Multi-Engine (MEI) 
  • Tailwheel
  •  Cirrus Aircraft
  •  CBT Training 
  • Ground School Classes


#9. Romeo Aviation

Location: Cumberland, Wisconsin 

If you want to learn to fly as a pastime or to get started on the road to a career, this flight school is here to help. Romeo Aviation offers the following endorsements: Light Sport, Private Pilot, Instrument, Commercial, Seaplane, Skiplane, and Tailwheel. 

Their schedule can be adjusted to fit yours. This flight school has been at the Cumberland Airport for 23 years and has assisted many people in realizing their aspiration to become a pilot.

Programs offered:

  • Sports Pilot (SPL/LSA) 
  • Private Pilot (PPL) 
  • Commercial Pilot (CPL) 
  • Instrument Rating (IR) 
  • Seaplane Rating


#10. Elevation Air LLC

Location: Janesville, Wisconsin 

One of Wisconsin’s best flight schools is Elevation Air. Additionally, they offer flight instructors who can help you complete any certificate or program you choose. 

This flight school offers one-on-one, personalized flight training for sport, private, instrument, commercial, flight instructor, and ATP certificates and ratings.

Therefore, this flight school will guide you through if you want a basic license, want to buy an airplane, or want to fly for fun or career purposes.


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Frequently Asked Questions On The Top 10 Best Flight Schools In Wisconsin 

Are commercial pilots in demand?

As the business expands, there is a vast need for pilots, and many different kinds of pilots are available. Some people enjoy flying, while others do it as a job. The most in-demand experts in the aviation sector, however, are commercial and airline pilots.

How much do flight schools cost in Wisconsin?

Depending on how rapidly you want to advance, Wisconsin flight school could cost you between $50,000 and $90,000.

Also, the tuition fee for flight school varies in Wisconsin depending on the flying school you choose and the conditions you must meet to apply. Your flight instruction may also affect how much flight school will cost.

How much do pilots earn in Wisconsin?

The average salary for a Wisconsin airline pilot is $139,000. This equates to $11,500 per month or $2,600 per week.

However, this salary isn’t fixed. It gradually increases as you climb higher and gains more experience in the aviation industry.

Must flight schools be accredited in Wisconsin?

The excellence and high standards of teaching, student achievement, curricula, academic support, and other requirements are guaranteed through accreditation. To help you land a lucrative, fulfilling job after graduation, attending an accredited flight school should be your main objective.


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